Christina Looks for a College Ch. 06

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As you look around the room all you see are four beautiful, satisfied women and a floor soaked with the evidence of their love making.

Meanwhile while the girls have been enjoying the company of each other, Rachael has been upstairs enjoying the company of Matt and Will.

Christina Looks For a College Chapter 6

Rachael is a cheerleader and member of a sorority. She lives in the sorority house with her sisters. She is 5’6”, with long brown hair and eyes. She has a 46DD chest and curves to match its intensity. She is well liked by her sisters and teammates. She is very popular with the men around campus and they have her on their top ten lists of women to date.

She is a sophomore studying pre-law. She has been a cheerleader since she was in junior high. She is currently co-captain of her college squad. She has just gotten back from the store picking up a sample of the new uniform that the cheerleaders are going to wear. This is why she missed the dinner with Christina and her parents.

She goes up to her room and closes the door behind her. She takes the cheerleading outfit and lays it out on her bed to look at it. It consists of a blue and yellow vest with the schools name across it. The skirt is made up of alternating blue and yellow strips of fabric. Rachael smiles as she begins to picture herself and the rest of the squad in these uniforms, cheering on the various teams of the school.

Fifteen, young, beautiful women in short blue and yellow skirts, short enough to allow people in the nose-bleed sections to get a glimpse of their panty-clad pussies. Add the tight, blue and yellow tops just straining to keep the fifteen sets of heaving, full, youthful breasts of various sizes from escaping from their cover and you have a tremendous feast for the eyes.

Just the thought has brought instant moisture to her very center and chills up and down her spine. She decides that she has done enough looking and now it is time for some self-modeling. She slowly begins to unbutton her shirt revealing her luscious DD breasts; covered in a green, lacy bra. Her nipples instantly stand at attention as the cool air hits them. She then reaches behind herself and sets her bounty of beauty and pleasure free. She sets her bra on the floor and reaches for the uniform top. She slowly slides it up and over her head until it envelopes her body. She looks in the mirror and loves what she sees. Her breasts are pushed together and higher in a perfect balance under the top. They accentuate the letters of the school well as they run across her bountiful breasts. It is as if the letters were sewn on exactly for being displayed on her body.

She next starts to pull down the zipper of her jeans revealing just a hint of a matching pair of green, silk panties. Rachael undoes the snap on them next and then slowly starts to pull them down the full length of smooth, sexy cheerleader legs. Instantly the room is filled with the sweet smell of her own nectar coming from her now soaked panties. She looks at herself in her full-length mirror, wearing nothing but green panties and the new cheerleader top. She smiles to herself as she likes what she sees. She slowly reaches for the waistband of her panties and begins to bring those down the length of her legs. Her scent becomes even stronger as she pulls the panties past her feet and then directly up to her face.

She takes in a deep breath as she smells her own sweet scent emanating from her green panties. She begins to feel her pussy juices run down the inside of her thighs and legs as she sticks her tongue out to taste the wet-spot in her panties. She licks her lips and tastes some more. Little, soft moans begin to escape her sensuous lips as she takes a few more samples of tuzla escort her intoxicating love-liquid. Rachael then reluctantly puts her soaked panties on the floor and proceeds to pull the cheerleading skirt on.

She looks in the mirror now to see the full outfit and it looks fabulous on her. Her breasts heaving under the cover of the top and her smooth, sexy legs coming out of the skirt like two pieces of ivory. She is a knockout in the new uniform and cannot wait to see the other girls on the team in them as well. She looks to see if the length of the skirt is what she thought it would be and to her slight surprise it is a little shorter than she expected. But this does not change her mind on how hot she looks in it. The skirt just covers what it needs to if she is standing still and that is it. But the moment that she moves you can see Rachael’s entire world between her legs.

She twirls around a few times and does a few short cheers to see how the new uniform looks in action. It responds well and she likes the freedom that she feels moving in it. She then sits on the end of her bed to see how the uniform looks while sitting and just how much or little is left to the imagination in this position. She looks into the mirror and instantly realizes that you can see almost completely up the skirt revealing her most sacred place for all to see. She is not sure what she thinks of this, but decides that she will get used to it and moves on.

She slowly crosses her legs and loves the revealing show she is giving herself. More chills run up and down her body as she sees her thick, pink pussy lips spread open each time she uncrosses her legs. She decides to grab her poms from her closet and try out a cheer in her new threads.

She starts her cheer as she tries to watch every movement of her body in the mirror. She jumps and screams out the cheer until the end when she ends up doing the splits on the floor. Immediately an electric shock of pleasure rocks her body as her bare pussy and very sensitive clit make contact with the soft rug on her floor. This brings a soft moan to her lips as she rubs her throbbing clit against the soft rug. Her moans become louder as she rubs more and her poms fall to the floor.

She then slowly gets up from the floor and makes her way onto her bed. There she spreads her legs wide; exposing her dripping wet pussy to the cool air. More chills rock her youthful body. Her hand finds its way down to her personal piece of heaven and immediately she begins to run two long fingers up and down the full length of her love button that is just screaming for attention. She rubs a little harder and adds a side to side motion to her repertoire. After a few more strokes her two fingers are replaced by her thumb as the two fingers find themselves further south. She slowly slides her two thick fingers into her tight, drenched hole. She lets out a long moan as her thick lips spread apart like an oyster being opened for its pearl. Her fingers slide deeper and deeper into herself until they can go no more. Her warm fluids flowing out of her like a gentle waterfall.

She allows herself to get used to the fullness that her fingers now provide; her thumb rubbing her engorged clit like someone rubbing a lucky penny. Moans continue to fill her bedroom as they leave her sweet lips; a puddle of her enjoyment beginning to form on the sheets below her sexy body. She starts to slide her fingers out of her tight pussy; feeling every nerve inside of her light up like Christmas lights on a tree. She pulls her fingers completely out of her pulsating center; a flood of her nectar coming out with them.

She slides her two long digits back into her soft center and pulls them out again. She starts to get into pendik escort a rhythm of her fingers sliding in and out of her pleasure center as her thumb continues to bring joy to her throbbing clit. She increases her speed as her moans begin to turn into screams and waves of pleasure slowly take over her body.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and then it opens. Two, handsome young men enter her room. Their eyes widen as they see the sight to behold in front of them. Here is a hot, sexy cheerleader lying on her bed, masturbating. Their thick cocks rise to the occasion almost instantly.

Matt and Will stand there in complete awe as Rachael is lying on her bed in a cheerleading outfit with two of her long, thick fingers sliding in and out of herself; her sweet smell filling the room. At first Rachael does not sense their presence as Matt closes the door behind them. They slowly slide into the room and make their way over to her desk. Once there they each grab a chair and set themselves right at the foot of Rachael’s bed. Her spread pussy lips staring right back at them as her fingers continue to slide on a slick track of female perfection.

The noise of the chairs being moved brings Rachael out of her concentration; as she opens her eyes, she sees the images of her boyfriend Will and his friend Matt staring back at her. She opens her eyes more and takes a better look to make sure she is seeing correctly. She now clearly sees the handsome face of the man she so dearly cares for and his friend.

Will and Rachael have been dating for just a little over a year now; they met at a social function for freshman last school year. It was love at first sight. Will is about 5’11” with wavy brown hair and brown eyes. He is not very thin or overweight; he is of average size for a guy of his height. He carries the extra baggage where it counts. He is a business major and adores Rachael with all his being. His friend Matt on the other hand is one of the guys almost every girl wants to be with on campus. He is 6’2” with short, blonde hair. He is also a sophomore and studying to become a P.E. teacher. He is the all-star second baseman for the school’s baseball team. He is very well built and has blue eyes that any woman would get lost in. He is currently single as he finds it hard to just choose one woman to commit himself to.

Will and Matt are roommates and Matt has hung out many times with Will and Rachael. The two of them were just coming by because Rachael wanted Will’s opinion of the new cheerleading uniforms. They certainly did not expect to walk into Rachael’s room and see this.

Once Rachael has confirmed that her eyes are seeing correctly, she smiles at the two men at her feet and tells them to enjoy the show. Matt and Will look at each other and smile as that is what they are exactly going to do.

They look back Rachael’s way and see that she is slowly returning to her world of self-pleasure. Her eyes are closed and her lips are letting out sweet, little moans. Her fingers are once again sliding in and out of her tight center as her thumb break-dances across her very sensitive clit. Slowly they watch as her other hand pulls up on the blue and yellow vest covering her ample bounty. She reveals her two mountains of pleasure to their hungry eyes as her nipples are perched on top of them like the flag’s of the nations that claim them. They watch as she starts to gently rub her left breast and nipple with her thick fingers. The moans of pleasure increase from her pouty lips as she now also adds a third finger to her already stuffed pussy. She picks up her intensity as she drives her three fingers in and out of her long, dripping wet, pulsating pussy. Her fingers sliding all the way inside of her and coming aydınlı escort out only to be returned to their enclosure; with an increased force. Rachael’s throbbing center continues to empty her sweet-tasting juices all over the sheets below her spread legs with each stroke of her three long, thick digits.

Matt and Will are definitely enjoying the sight before their eyes. Both men now have raging hard-ons and are gently rubbing them through their jeans. Will decides that enough is enough he cannot take it anymore and slowly begins to unzip his jeans and open them up. He reveals a pair of silk boxers and reaches in to pull out his center of attention and he definitely has nothing to be ashamed of as he pulls out his 8” long and very thick manhood. His hand immediately wraps around it as he begins to stroke its full length in rhythm with Rachael’s busy fingers. Soon Will’s moans of pleasure are joining in the chorus of Rachael’s as they fill the room together.

After another minute of watching and rubbing and Matt decides that he also cannot stand it any longer either and he opens up his jeans and brings forth his manly tool for all to see. His is a little longer than Will’s but no where near as thick. He takes all that he has to offer into his hand and joins in the group masturbation session around him. Before he knows it, the room is overwhelmed by the sounds of impending sexual release of three people.

Rachael is still driving her three long, thick fingers in and out of herself like the pistons on a well-oiled, V-12 Jaguar engine; her screams getting more and more intense and her breathing becoming shallower by the second. She opens her eyes just enough to see if the two boys are still in her presence. And there they are; eyes closed, dicks out and hands rubbing up and down them at a steady pace. She smiles to herself and decides that her fingers are just not enough. She reaches under her bed and pulls out a locked box; once opened she reveals her plethora of sex toys and videos. She carefully looks over her collection and reaches for a light pink vibrator with a bunny-shaped clitoral stimulator. She then rolls back over onto her back and turns the knob on the toy as it comes to life.

She then checks on the boys again and sees that they are still lost in their own world. She quickly moves the humming toy between her legs and once there she immediately pushes it deep into her very center. She lets out an extended moan as she feels the toy stretching every inch of her pussy, hitting every nerve and filling her up till there is no more to fill. She lets it just sit inside of herself enjoying every vibration that it gives off; causing waves of electric pleasure to pulsate throughout her whole body. She then turns up the juice a notch and is immediately taken over by its power.

She slowly begins to slide the toy in and out of herself, her wetness coming out with every stroke. She makes sure that the little bunny does its job too and takes her body to overload. She increases the speed of this sweet intrusion as it hits her pulsating love trigger with every move. Her screams of pure pleasure become loud and consistent as she feels her whole body tense up in anticipation of the fruits of her sexual labors. She pounds her self harder and harder with the toy until she can take no more.

At that moment her whole body becomes stiff as a board and her ass lifts off of the bed as she screams out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! more, pound me more, more!!! Yes!!!”

Her whole body shakes violently as a flood of her wonderful release comes pouring out of her tight, throbbing pussy; all the time still pounding it with that great toy of hers. She has wave of orgasm upon wave of orgasm as they torture her body with their earth-shattering pleasure. After a few more she slowly starts to come down from this ultimate high; just in time to see Will and Matt approaching her with their throbbing, rock-hard dicks in hand.

To be continued…

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