Bobby’s Babysitter

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The first time I saw Bobby he was about eighteen months old and I was eleven. Bobby and his mom lived a crossed the hall from mom and me. Bobby’s mom was single but not by choice; she was a war widow; a victim of Viet Nam like my mom.

Our mothers were students at WMU in Kalamazoo. Mom and I watched Bobby during the evening if Sarah, Bobby’s mom, had to work. By the time our mothers graduated Bobby was five and starting school. We moved in together in a nice but older three bedroom house on Park St. about four blocks from our schools. Bobby started kindergarten at Pine Street Elementary and I started high school at Central. I walked Bobby to school for the next four years.

I did well in high school; very well. Besides straight A’s I did very well in my sport of choice; diving. I received scholarship offers from six of the Big Ten schools as well as Notre Dame. I chose OSU. Some might be surprised by that at first but when they learn that my dad was an OSU grad it starts to make sense. I enrolled in nursing school and also Army ROTC. Just following family tradition; both my father and his father served in the Army.

I saw Bobby quite a bit while I was in school but after earning my degree and commission I only went back to Kalamazoo twice in the next six years. Both times he was still the scrawny little brat he had always been but things were definitely different when I returned home after completing my six year commitment. Bobby was no longer the skinny, red haired, freckle faced pain in the ass he was as a kid; he had filled out nicely!

About five eleven, maybe six feet tall and a little under two hundred pounds he had the chiseled look of a wrestler which he was. He still had the red hair and freckles and his cold grey eyes sparkled when he laughed but took on an entirely different look when he put on his game face!

I moved back in; temporarily I said, just until I decided which job offer to take. Late one afternoon I came home from a job interview and being in a hurry bounded up the stairs to change before going out with friends from my high school days. When I turned the corner at the top of the stairs there was Bobby sitting on my bed; naked and holding a pair of my panties.

I was outraged. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I screamed at him. “Get out of my room. Get out now!

He scrambled out of my room like a scared dog with his tail between his legs. He wouldn’t even look at me he was so ashamed. As mad as I was I couldn’t tuzla escort help but notice that he had matured nicely; exceptionally well in fact. As a nurse I’d given my share of army physicals and his cock was above average in length and thick; some where between smoked sausage and summer sausage. I couldn’t help but wonder what it might taste like or even better, feel like. I told myself that I had to put those thoughts out of my mind. Bobby was like a kid brother; a brother whose diapers I changed when he was a baby.

I didn’t see or hear from Bobby until dinner time. Sarah and my mom sat at opposite ends of the dining room table. It was a nice dining room with a credenza at one end and a table that could seat six easily without the extension leaf. We took our meals there because the kitchen was too small to eat in. Bobby sat opposite me and was exceptionally quiet; so quiet that his mother asked if something was wrong.

I knew what the problem was but I just kept my piece and watched him squirm.

“It’s nothing, mom, I’m just thinking about an assignment for my freshman English composition class.” Bobby was trying to deflect attention.

“That was never my favorite class when I was in college.” I said, “Is there a topic you have to discuss or are you free to pick your subject?”

“Nothing specific.” Bobby answered.

“Why don’t you write about the problem of growing up as a boy in a houseful of women?” I suggested with a hint of a smirk on my lips.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, Lauren. Bobby would be writing about something he knows a lot about!” Sarah agreed.

‘I’ll think about it.” Bobby replied softly, not even glancing up.

Changing the subject my mom asked, “How’s the job search coming?”

“I had a great interview this afternoon at Bronson; I’ll be going back tomorrow morning to meet with the head of the ER. It looks very good.” I answered.

“Well, good luck! It would be great if you could stay in town, we’ve really missed you while you were in the army.”

“We’ll see, mom, you know I’d like to stay home too.”

There was more idle chit-chat for the rest of the meal and when it was over Bobby excused himself to do homework.

“Not so fast young man!” His mother scolded. “Elaine and I made dinner. You and Lauren can do the dishes.”

“Come on, sport,” I agreed, “I’ll wash, you dry, we’ll be done in no time!” I stood up and took my dishes to the kitchen. Sarah scraped the rest of the dishes pendik escort and handed them to Bobby. “You heard the lady, get a move on.”

We worked in silence for a few minutes before I finally broke the ice, “Bobby, I want to apologize for barking at you this afternoon.”

“You want to apologize?” Bobby answered incredulously. “I’m the one who should be apologizing!”

I agreed, “You’re right, of course. You shouldn’t have been my room and you shouldn’t have been playing with my panties but you weren’t doing anything that millions of men haven’t done. I just wasn’t expecting to see you like that.”

Bobby blushed, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“I accept your apology, Bobby. I won’t say anything to your mother; it will just be our little secret, ok?”

“Ok. Thank-you. Ah, I really am sorry, Lauren. I thought I was in really big trouble! Ah, thanks.” Bobby struggled to find the right words.

“We’re good, Bobby, it’s alright, go do your homework.”

That should have been the end of it but I just couldn’t get that sight out of my head! His wrestler’s body, his deer in the head lights look and that cock! Especially that cock! I knew it wasn’t right but I decided to do something about it. I came home early again and Bobby was in his room. I put a Band-Aid on my finger and knocked on his door.

“Are you in there, Bobby? I have a favor to ask.”

Without opening the door he asked, “What is it?”

“I cut my finger and I need help with this zipper.” It was lame, I know, but it was the best I could think of.

He opened the door shirtless and barefoot and wearing gym shorts. For a brief moment I was speechless. At eighteen going on nineteen he looked like a young Robert Redford. I held up my right hand. “See, with this Band-Aid I can’t get a grip and my left hand seems not to want to work. Can you get it for me?”

“Sure, not a problem.” His eyes seemed to see right through my ruse. I turned and held my collar length hair out of his way. He wasted no time lowering the zipper. “That should do it.”

“Thanks.” I mumbled as I stepped back and turned towards my room.

“No problem.” He smiled and stepped back and closed his door. “Any time.”

I closed the door to my room and stripped down to my bra and panties before lying down on my bed. “There had to be a way to see Bobby naked again, but how?” I thought. My hand slowly stroked my slightly swollen vulva as I thought about his young cock. “Was aydınlı escort he a virgin? Doubtful.” I thought as I started to tap my clit. “He’s got to have a girl; what girl in her right mind wouldn’t be attracted to his rugged good looks?”

I felt my nipples hardening against the fabric of my bra. “Are you girls getting restless?” I thought. “Of course you are! Would you like Bobby to come over and play? Should Bobby lick you and kiss you and suck you?” I pulled the straps off of my shoulders and cupped my breasts with both hands; first squeezing then mashing them with a rolling motion then gently pinching them.

One hand began lightly stroking my belly as the other continued to tease first one nipple then the other. “Bobby could do this so much better,” I thought, “and I could get my hands on that lovely dick!” My hand played in the curls just above my vulva; teasing my clit, stroking the crease between my thigh and taint.

“Why don’t you just strip down and knock on his door?” I thought as my heart rate increased creating a soft pounding in my ears. “He’s probably lying on his bed with dick in hand right now! What’s the worst that could happen?”

My finger dipped into the moisture escaping my vagina and drew circles around my clit. “He might think you’re too old; he might laugh. He might think you’re not attractive. He might already have a girl.” I worried as I continued to tease myself. “Nonsense,” I argued with myself, “He’s a boy, a man really; a horny man. He needs you. He wants you to play with his beautiful dick.”

My fingers slipped into my moist pussy. My thumb still on my clit I made little fucking motions. “Bobby’s dick would feel so much better!” Three fingers probed my cunt; in and out, over and over. “Bobby’s dick would fill me up.” I thought, “Dicks are better than fingers and Bobby’s dick is so perfect. Just long enough; just thick enough, perfect for fucking.”

My tongue licked my lips as I thought about Bobby’s dick. My fingers continued to work their magic as I thought about licking Bobby’s balls and sucking his dick. I fucked myself with one hand as the other came to my lips. I closed my eyes and sucked my thumb. “You’d like that wouldn’t you Bobby? You’d like Lauren to suck your cock. You’d like the girl who changed your diapers to get on her knees and suck your beautiful cock! You’d like to empty your balls into my willing, hungry mouth.”

I took a deep breath and held it as waves of pleasure washed over me. My pussy clenched around my fingers and my legs trembled just a little. “That was nice.” I thought. “Not as nice as the real thing, but nice.”

“Lauren….. Bobby….. It’s time for dinner.” I scrambled to get dressed and join the others.

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