A Christmas Pick up

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This is my first time submitting to Literotica I hope you all enjoy the story. I look forward to any feedback you might have. Thank you and hope you all enjoy.


I’ve been a courier since I left high school it was one of the few jobs available to drop out football star with a blown knee. The pay isn’t great but I can keep my knee up when it needs it and apart from the really wet days it didn’t bother me all that much anymore. A call went out Monday afternoon, they needed volunteers to work Christmas. So I radioed in at once and volunteered, it was the out I was hoping to find Christmas with the Family wasn’t my favourite thing. The gruff, cigarette enhanced, voice of the dispatcher said she’d pass it along and that she’d let me know when it was decided. An hour later she read out the three names over the radio “Steve, Carl, and Jeff” the last one was mine

The first pick up of the day was scheduled for early in the morning and wasn’t all that far from her place, so I dropped off her present in the mailbox on my way past. The snow was really coming down in big fluffy flakes. It was wet and sticky snow that clung to everything it touched. I pulled my van into the driveway and double checked the invoice. A heavy sigh passed my lips read the item description ‘Large screen TV still in original package.’ On the way out I grab my wheeler and walked up towards the house. I pressed the buzzer and heard a voice shout out from inside “Just a minute.”

“Sure thing” I answered kicking some of the snow of the stairs.

A minute or so later the door opened, the woman on the other side was wrapped in a large fuzzy mint green robe with her hair up in a towel. Water still ran down her body making any of exposed tanned skin glisten in the overhead light. “Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt your shower, the waybill said 8am pick up. He glanced at his watch a little worried that he might have been late but he wasn’t.

“It’s my fault I was just trying to wake up. Please come in, you’re letting in the cold.” she was right the cold had been blowing in past him and had left her nipples pressing up against the fabric of the robe. It had a bit of give in it but I could clearly see the small impression they made. After stepping inside escort izmit she pushed the door shut behind me. “The TV’s downstairs I’m sorry to say. My ass of an ex-boyfriend told them to put it there thinking that the TV was for us. I got home just in time to stop him from opening it. Can I get you a coffee?”

I chuckled as she told me what her boyfriend had done, it kept me from wanting to scream at the idea of bringing up a big screen TV by myself. “Coffee sounds great thanks.” Standing just inside the door I looked around at her apartment the hardwood floors, lush cushions on the sofa and pillows topping everything off, A small fire place was built into the wall opposite the sofa, where he would have expected a TV to go. There wasn’t one anywhere to be seen.

“If you don’t mind could you take you boots off I really don’t want it tracked all over the house.” she didn’t wait for answer just walking off to the kitchen.

Sitting on a small bench I undid and pulled my boots off as I watched her walk off. The whole bottom half of the robe swayed with each step she took while the rest of it clung to her body outlining her shapely frame. “Not a problem,” I assured her.


I picked up the wheeler and walked down the stairs. The basement was a lot like the main floor lots of hardwood and soft surfaces. Everything around the room seemed to have a different texture to it. Smack dab in the centre of everything was a large cardboard box labelled Bravia, and proudly proclaimed 52 inches.

“At least its a flat screen,” her voice said from the stairs behind me as I looked at it.

“Yeah that will make it easier,” I assured her as I turned. She’d come down halfway and was sitting on the highest possible step she could while still being able to see down in to the basement. She held a cup of coffee in each hand and her legs where spread apart just enough that the robe hang open slightly. Had the lights been hung differently I would have been able to see everything, instead of just a hint.

“Coffee?” she asked holding out the cup to me.


As I walked towards her she shifted slight and pressed her legs together. Stepping up on to the bottom step I reached out blindly for the coffee, my eyes where slight locked on crevasse where izmit darıca escort her legs met the rest of her body. A small tuft of public hair poked out from between her legs. I realize my hand should have reached the cup by now and glanced up, it was still a good 6 inches away and she’d been pulling it further back as I got closer. I quickly steadied myself on the ledge or I would have fallen into her.

“I was wondering if that was going to throw you off balance or not.” I followed her eyes to the growing bulge between my legs.

“It might when I’m hauling up your TV, it can get awful heavy when it’s that big.” I answered jokingly wondering if this could really be happening. The whole scene felt like something from a bad porno movie.

She smiled up at me a big toothy smile. Reaching back she arched her back and set the two mugs down on one of the steps. Her breasts pressed and strained against the robe. I reached down and cupped them, giving them a slight squeeze as she slide down a couple of set of stairs and pulled them from out of my reach. There she sat for a moment or two looking directly at the front of my groin. Leaning forward she pressed her lips against him through his khaki pants. Her hands slide up his legs brushing across his pants which rose up with her hands until they couldn’t go any further. When her two hands reached his cock she outlined it rubbing it up and down for several long seconds.

I moaned under her handy work and struggled to keep myself upright. My hands were outstretched wrapped around the stairs ledge to keep from falling. It wasn’t long before I felt her hands fumble with my button and pull down my fly. She’d pulled them down part way and I strained against my boxer briefs.

I could feel her hot breath blowing down the length of my shaft. It only lasted for a couple of seconds before she slid her mouth down over the end of my head. Her tongue worked it’s way around my shaft. My knees went limp in that first instant and I was grateful I’d been holding on. Then she pushed her head forward slowly taking me all in.

I couldn’t help but look down at her as her head pushed forward and I teased the back of her throat. She paused for a moment holding her mouth stead where she was. The pause izmit rus escort in movement didn’t even for a moment include her tongue which continued the feel its way across his cock. I could feel her moan travel from up into my shaft, and all the way through my body.

The towel fell from her head down on to the stairs behind her. Blonde hair spilled down her back and over her shoulders. Just then she pushed forward again taking me all the way in to her mouth, I could feel myself bumping against the back of her throat. A couple of her slender fingers wrapped around the base of my shaft touching her thumb. After that with every bob of her head came a pump of her hand..

My body tensed and my fingers dug in to the frame of the stairs. My knee flared up and I nearly tumbled down the stairs as I exploded into her. I could see her throat constrict as she swallowed down every drop. She pulled back slowly letting me slip from her mouth. A thick glob of my juices oozed from the head of my shaft and was connected to her mouth by a glistening string. Her tongue darted out of her mouth and licked her lips. Along the way it touched the string and she sucked it up into her mouth and slurped it down.

She looked up at me as the last little bit disappeared between her lips “Merry Christmas.”

“That was a very Merry Christmas.”

“Thanks, I love waking up to a mouth full.”

“So do you think you can get the television upstairs.” She slide up a couple of stairs letting her robe fall back over her.

“Yeah,” I hobbled back down the stairs and she disappeared upstairs pulling her robe shut as she went.

With the TV strapped to the wheeler I pulled it up the stairs. By the time I’d reached the top she was already dressed in an awful Christmas sweater that had nearly three dimensional snowman on each of the lapels. Her hair was pulled back into a bun and a pair of horned rimmed glasses rested in front of it. There were two steaming travel mugs resting on the counter. She stepped to the side as I pushed her TV past and then followed along behind with a mug in each hand. Loading it into the van wasn’t difficult and she hand me the mug in the doorway after signing for the pick up. She leaned in close and kissed me on the lips. The saltiness I’d just spilled into her was still there for me to taste. “Merry Christmas” she whispered as we parted.

“Merry Christmas,” I replied in kind pulling the door shut behind me. A great start to Christmas I decided and couldn’t help but wonder what else the day would bring.

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