Heather Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Heather 1: Gentle Nostalgia

NB All the characters in this story are over 18

As I lay on my back in my bed, gently exploring my hardness, I thought back to that first time with Heather, when everything began…

Heather was a friend of my mothers, with two daughters much younger than me. Her husband Ken knew my father too – it was one of those neighbourly friendships. Heather was originally from Yorkshire, and her accent was still there despite some years in the Midlands. She was in her mid thirties, with a friendly manner and ready smile. She was short, with mid-brown wavy hair cut quite short, and she was a touch on the dumpy side: ‘well-rounded’ is probably how she would describe it.

I had been fascinated with her for since she’d moved in, partly because she was there, partly her smile and her cheeky wink which implied so much more, and partly her love of wearing sweaters. Whether they were jumpers or cardigans – or both – Heather ‘s body was nearly always covered with soft wool of some sort. This made me want to touch her all the more, and stroke the beautiful bulges where her rounded breasts pushed forwards so attractively under the soft wool.

One Saturday my mother asked me to go down the road to Heather’s, to pick up some clothes that she had got for us. Heather ran a mail-order scheme, and quite often we’d get clothes this way – but I’d never been to collect them before. Not knowing quite why, my heart was beating nervously as I approached her front door and rang the bell.

Heather opened the door. “Hello pet!” she smiled, “What can I do for you? Would you like to come inside?”

My thoughts raced with lots of alternative answers about coming inside, but I just finished up with: “I’ve come to collect the clothes that my mum says you’ve got for us.”

“Oh yes,” Heather said, with a little wink that made me feel kind of embarrassed and excited at the same time: “I asked your mum if you could come down, as I’ve a little job for you to do for me. You’d better come on in, hadn’t you?”

And with that she led the way into her living room, after shutting the door behind me. Just waiting while she brushed passed me seemed so arousing, letting me take in more of her soft curves.

She was wearing a plain pale grey cardigan that buttoned up to her neck, with a little collar folded down. The wool looked like angora or something – very soft and feminine. Her cardigan was quite tight, and showed off her breasts beautifully as she pulled the hem down to straighten it. She certainly had gorgeous breasts and her sweater just made them stand out so nicely. She wore a matching grey knitted skirt, and simple slippers completed her outfit. But the wool just looked so soft and inviting, I could feel my eyes drawn to her bosom.

“Actually since I spoke to your mum, I’ve just had another delivery. It was only yesterday, and to tell you the truth, I’m not sure which clothes are for you, and which for my other customers – so we’d better go upstairs and have a look.”

She smiled as she spoke, and looked me intently in the eye. “Come on pet, I’m sure you don’t realy want to look through a pile of clothes, but it’ll be the easiest way to sort out what’s yours. You just follow me!”

As she walked passed me again I stifled my urge to stroke her soft wool-covered body, but was recording it all in my mind for playing back later when I was in bed on my own… God she was so sexy! She led on upstairs, with my eyes riveted to her bottom, amply filling the tight skirt, and revealing a little crease at the edge of her panties as she stepped upwards. My heart was beating faster and I was aware of my groin waking up.

I followed her into the small back bedroom, my eyes taking in the single bed, a simple wooden chair next to it, a mirror on a stand in the far corner, and a tall wardrobe next to it. On top of the wardrobe were various cardboard boxes, and another unopened box – presumably the newly-delivered clothes – was on the floor next to the bed.

“Well I think the clothes you want are probably in one of the boxes up there.” she said, pointing to the top of the wardrobe. “And that’s what I need you for, to give me a hand to get it down. Everyone else is away for the day.”

She moved the chair over to the wardrobe, then stepped precariously on to it.

She wobbled a bit. “Oh Andrew,” she said, sounding slightly alarmed “Come and steady me please!”

I walked over to her, not knowing quite what she had in mind. She was facing away from me, and twisted her head round as I approached.

“Just put your hands around my waist and I’ll feel much safer then.” She smiled down at me, so nervously I lifted my hands up to touch the softness of her wool-covered hips.

Somehow her waist seemed too intimate, as it was hidden somewhere under her cardigan, so I held her body just above her hips. The wool felt so soft under my fingers, and her body soft beneath the wool as I grasped her. She smiled again, then put her hands kocaeli escort over mine and eased them up slightly towards her waist, just under the hem of her cardigan. I was in heaven with wool stroking the back of my hands and her womanly body in my grip. Suddenly I was remembering every micro second and every feeling, and getting more aroused.

“That’s better,” she said, “Now grip me firmly – I don’t want to slip!”

I needed no second request, and held her tighter, feeling the softness of her cardigan hem stroke the back of my hands as she moved, and the softness of her body under my grip as she twisted to reach upwards. My eyes were wandering all over her bottom, now only inches away from me, as she reached up for the nearest box. She seemed to spend ages pulling and pushing at the boxes – but it was probably only a second or two before she pulled one to the front. All the time I was careful to keep my grip on her. It was too nice to stop!

“Here, can you take this please pet?” She asked, lifting the box, and twisting as if to pass it down to me. “You’ll have to let go of my waist now, but I’ll hold on to the wardrobe while you take it.”

Reluctantly my hands left her hips, and took the box. It was not heavy, so I simply turned around and put it down on the bed. Heather carefully stepped down from the chair, and started rummaging through the various bags and loose clothes.

“Right” she smiled, “I think these work shirts are for you – size 15?”

“Yes,” I said, “That’s my neck size.”

“And I think you’ve got a choice of one of these two checked casual shirts as well, Andrew. Do you prefer the red or the blue?”

I looked at the two shirts, which both looked OK to me. “Er… maybe the blue one, please.” I said, thinking that was it.

“Well I think you’d better try it on for me, to make sure it fits you properly. Can you just slip your shirt off for me please, pet?” She smiled that knowing smile and held up the new shirt, and waited, smiling, almost savouring my embarrassment.

It was only taking my shirt off, but somehow, in front of her, in her bedroom, it was so much more. Saying nothing I began undoing the buttons, then took my shirt off and put it on the bed.

“My – you are grown up aren’t you, pet?” said Heather, looking at my bare chest, with its few proud but wispy hairs.

I smiled awkwardly.

“You’ve got such big broad shoulders now, haven’t you.” she continued, eyeing me up and down, “and you’re looking very manly – not like when I helped to bath you when you were younger! You always liked it so much when I soaped you between your legs – do you remember?”

I reddened at the memory, which I still found arousing and had helped me masturbate on so many occasions. But I didn’t know quite what to say, now she was just talking about it and I was standing bare chested in front of her.

“Errr…” I reddened more, “Well I certainly remember you washing me in the bath. Sometimes you and mum washed me together…but it was ages ago now.” I trailed off, hoping she’d talk about something else.

“Well I remember it so clearly – especially that little winkle of yours that would always spring to attention when I soaped you down there!” She was clearly not changing the subject, and now my ‘little winkle’ was as hard as a board and the size of a well formed banana.

“I suppose I shouldn’t tease you with these memories – but it was great fun for me, as I only have little girls of my own to look at, apart form Ken or course… Now, let’s get this shirt on you!” she smiled, and held out the shirt for me to put my arms in, helping me on with it and patting my shoulders and arms to smooth it down.

“Now turn round for me!” she smiled, and began buttoning it up for me, then pulled gently at the cloth in various places to see that it fitted. I felt so good as she touched and stroked me, even through the shirt. And her attention also meant I could study her bosom from different angles as she moved her arms about stroking the shirt.

“That seems to fit you fine, doesn’t it? Now you just unbutton it while I see what else I’ve got for you…” Her voice trailed off as she searched in the box, and I began to undo the shirt, letting it hang open.

“There’s still some clothes for you that I haven’t found.” she muttered, as she continued to search through the clothes.

It was just so good to watch her body as she moved and twisted, looking at her tight wool-covered arms as she searched through the box, with glimpses of soft grey breast as she bent forwards in her searching.

“Somewhere in here are your new underpants, if only I can find them… maybe they are in this new box.”

And with that she moved to the side and opened the new box on the floor, then knelt down by the side of it before starting to pull out the various packs of clothes and put them on the bed.

There seemed to be jumpers and shirts and underwear – even frilly ladies’ things, I noticed, spotting a white bra kocaeli escort bayan and suspender belt, and getting further aroused. I put a hand in my pocket to ease myself more comfortably erect, but Heather looked round at my trousers at just the wrong time, and then looked up at my face.

“Everything all right, pet?” she asked.

“Oh, yes,” I stammered, “I just had a tickle.”

She smiled a knowing smile: “Well that’s alright then…. Now, where are these underpants?” she said to heself, before starting back looking through the clothes.

“Ah yes, here they are, six pairs!” and she held up the white cotton underwear. “The only trouble is I’ve got some for you, some for Nicole’s boys up the road, and some for my Ken, and I don’t know which sizes anyone ordered. I think that the ‘medium’ size must be for you – but do you think you could just try them on for me? I’d hate you to have the wrong ones!”

By now I was so aroused I would have done anything, but knew I couldn’t strip off in front of her as my hardness would be just too embarrassing.

“But should…” I began.

“Don’t worry,” she said, reading my thoughts, “I’ll go downstairs and put the kettle on while you strip off! But don’t be long…” She smiled again, then left the new white underpants on the bed and, pulling the door to behind her, she went outside and downstairs.

With heart racing, I slipped off my shoes and socks, pulled down my trousers and then my underpants. My cock was fully hard, with a little dribble already appearing. I eased it upright and, gripping the shaft at the base, pushed down hard against my body, praying that she didn’t walk in just now. God it felt good! I quickly pulled on the new underpants, which felt pretty tight, and was glad that the new shirt hid most of them, especially the bulge at the front. Then I heard her footsteps coming back upstairs: she must have had that kettle ready quickly.

“Ready now? I’m coming in!” she spoke and opened the door at the same time, walking in and taking in the view.

“Well let’s have a look at you.” she smiled, as she walked up close. “But I can’t see anything with your shirt like that! Just turn to face away from me so I can see your bottom, and pull your shirt up for me, will you, pet?”

So I faced away from her, and lifted my shirt tails up.

“No, higher than that! I want to see all of your underpants, Andrew, and check that they’re not to tight on your bottom.”

So pulling up my shirt, I suddenly felt her fingers touch my bottom, fingering along the edge of the pants. I was in heaven with her touch – it was just so erotic. Her fingers felt cool as they touched my skin, but so electric at the same time. And she just moved her fingers slowly up and down the elastic around the leg, rubbing smoothly against my skin as she followed it.

She seemed to be talking to herself almost: “Hmm, they seem a bit tight here.” And she pulled the material away from my bottom cheek.

Then she stroked her hands over my hips: “And they’re tight here too, but they are quite a good shape on you. You have got a very nice tight bum, haven’t you!” she giggled, giving my bottom a little pat. “Now turn round for me and let me check the front.”

It was the moment I had been waiting for, yet dreading. I turned to face her, and she smiled her cheeky smile again as she looked straight into my eyes.

“Lift up your shirt again pet – I need to see you properly to make sure the underpants really fit you nicely!”

I knew what she would see, but did as I was told. As I lifted up my shirt, I knew she could see all of my bulge where my hard cock was pressing forwards. Her eyes went straight to my groin and she put her hands on her hips, staring at me.

“Oh, Andrew, there’s not much room in there, now is there?” she chided, looking up into my eyes again, with that twinkle I’d seen so often before. “Here, let me feel…”

And she just reached her hand forward, and stroked under my balls, cupping them in her hand and smiling up at me as she squeezed me gently. I gasped at the pleasure. It was so audacious and arousing and wrong yet wonderful.

“No, they are much too tight here…” she said, then her fingers followed the edge of the material from my balls to my hip, stretching the elastic out, “- and the elastic seems very tight here.”

She let the material snap back to my skin.

“But the main part that’s too tight is just here.” she said, and she just grabbed at my erection through the thin white cotton.

I gasped out loud again, as I felt her squeeze my cock. It felt so gorgeous and so embarassing at the same time. There she was, her wool-clad body just in front of me, reaching out to hold my erection through the underpants. And it was a long firm squeeze too, like she knew what she wanted.

Then she put her other hand under my balls again, gripping my shaft more tightly with the other hand. It arched in response and I could feel kocaeli escort myself reddening more as she explored my groin and throbbing cock.

“Now whatever have you got in here?” she whispered, looking up at me. “This doesn’t feel like that little winkle I used to know! It used to be so small like a pencil – but now it feels like a grown man’s hardon to me! I think I’d better have a little look inside and see what you’re hiding in here.”

And with that she just grabbed the waistband with both hands, pulling it out towards her then down in a single movement, so that my cock was exposed to her gaze, throbbing stiffly in front of her.

“Oh, my goodness, Andrew!” she smiled, sounding surprised, looking up into my eyes again. “No wonder the pants are too tight – you’ve got a great big hardon! And haven’t you grown up so much – it’s not a little winkle now but a real man’s cock!”

She thought for a moment, smiling, watching my cock as it throbbed gently in front of her.

“Well I don’t think we’re going to fit this back in your underpants like this, now are we? I think there’s only one answer and that’s to get rid of your hardon, so we can see if your underpants fit a bit better, or whether you need the bigger size. So let’s take these right off first, before they get too stretched…”

And with that she moved her wool-clad arms to the side of my pants, and just pulled them down to my knees, leaning forwards with her head just inches from my cock. She stood back up and smiled again.

“Now you just step out of them… and hand them up to me.”

I did as I was told, loosing my grip on the shirt which thankfully came down to hide me a little, although she could still see my cock pushing forwards.

“There, that’s better! Now, do you know the best way to get rid of this hardon?” she raised her eyebrows, inquisitively.

I was lost for words, my cock throbbing and she just looking at it and smiling.

“Well, I think you’ve probably just got too much spunk in there, haven’t you? A growing lad like you… so I need to pump it out of you. You know what I mean, don’t you?” she asked, then, not waiting for an answer, “You do masturbate, don’t you pet?” she asked, looking straight in my eyes again, and smiling that flirting smile.

I didn’t want to answer, but could hardy say no. “Well, yes, I guess so.” I replied, with panting breath.

“I knew you did really,” she confided, winking at me, “Because your mum told me just the other day about the stains on your sheets and all the tissues by your bed – you naughty young thing! Now lift up your shirt again so I can see you properly.”

And as I lifted up the shirt, so she reached forwards and grasped the base of my cock firmly with one hand, then placed a finger and thumb half way along my shaft, and began gently but firmly tossing me.

“Now how do you like it, pet? Is this the way you do it yourself?”

I cried out in pleasure – it was just so fantastically good having her cool fingers firmly touching my erection and beginning such a well-practised motion.

“Sorry, did that hurt?” she asked, keeping her hands firm on my cock.

“No – it was just so unexpected,” I managed to say in between the panting. “But if you keep on touching me, I’ll…”

“No need to tell me what you’ll do,” she interrupted, “That’s just what I want you to do, to get rid of all the excess spunk you must have in this big young cock of yours.”

I was dumbstruck, and began breathing harder, trying to take in the exquisite moment: the sight of her body, the tight grey wool buttoned tight over her breasts, her pink wrists with the wool hem stretched tight over her skin, the feeling of her expert fingers on my cock, the total embarrassment of her touching me – and exciting me so much.

“Now I don’t want you messing up your new shirt – or my cardy either! So you’d better slip off your shirt and just lie down on the bed and I’ll finsh you off.”

So, totally embarrassed and yet totally aroused, I slipped off my new shirt and sat back naked on the bed, before lying down as she’d instructed.

She had been watching all this, hands on her hips, with her chest pushing provocatively forward, as if to attract my attention even more. Once I was lying down, she came alongside the bed, then looked down at me.

“Well, you are a very big boy, aren’t you? And that hardon of yours is as long as my Ken’s, and nearly as fat too! It’s grown so much since the last time I saw you in the bath!” she smiled, still standing their looking down at me.

“My – you will make some girl happy one day, I’ll be bound. But it’s no good trying on underpants with a hardon like that, so I’ll just help you get it off. You can pretend I’m washing you in the bath all over again, just like before!”

So she ast down next to me on the bed, her wool-covered hips pressing against my naked hips, and the soft wool pressing against my bare skin. Her fingers quickly came back to my cock, one arm brushing against my thigh as she gripped me and resumed her practised jerking motion up my shaft.

“Come on now, Andrew, put your hands behind your head and be a good boy for me. I think we had better have this spunk out of you in extra-quick time, hadn’t we?”

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