A Day Within The Corporate Empire

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As the empire corrodes our individuality and vitality, we continue in our drudgery in the workplace: same stupid catch phrases, different faces masking the same pompous, elitist personalities, the same ludicrous Christmas songs playing in an endless loop dispensing with spirituality and religion for the sake of corporate profits. However, as the same repetitive cycles brainwash the masses, two individuals reach out to one another, perhaps to try to remind themselves of some common humanity. However, with the destruction and demystification of our common humanity, only one animal instinct survives that joins us hearts, minds, and genitalia:

He: “I though of you last night while I was making love. I couldn’t stop.

She: “So what were you thinking?”

He: “Describing to you how I want to tie you up. Very passionate kissing—me on top fucking you hard, kissing your neck, biting your tits, pounding your pussy, talking dirty to you, telling you that you belong to me—you’re my little girl, my property. Holding you as tight as I could, pinching and grabbing your ass, pulling your hair tightly, telling you to look me in the eye and call me your daddy. Fucking you hard and finally pulling out and coming in your mouth

She: “Oh, but daddy, it’s too much cum. It’ll dribble all down my chin and onto my tits. I’m sorry, I’ve been such a bad girl for letting it spill. I guess you’re going to have to punish me further. izmit escort bayan I willing bend over awaiting my punishment. I feel the warmth of your hand caress my awaiting behind. And then you whip your arm back and spank me, the sound of the slap of skin against skin perfectly crisp. I yelp out more in surprise than in pain. You do it two, then three more times. Then again you caress my behind, feeling the warmth emanating from the now deep pink cheeks.

He: No spanking will take place without binding you. Have you on your knees with your hands behind your back and bind your wrists with daddy’s necktie. Then bend you forward so that our big tits rest on pillows so that your naked vulnerable ass is in the air. Ankles and elbows need to be tied also. Your white smooth ass cheeks helpless. You wait for the moment that we both know you crave. I lightly kiss and caress your beautiful naked soft baby girl ass. I rub my face over it as I lightly touch your pussy from behind. Do you love your daddy? You hesitate to answer and at that moment I strike. I show no mercy in my slap to that beautiful ass that I love. You scream. I ask again, you again hesitate—we both know you love and adore your daddy but you find it hard to admit. I strike again hard. I give you a break to lick and caress your ass. I kiss your hole and tell you that I love my little innocent baby and that daddy would never hurt you except to the extent that you want izmit eve gelen escort to be hurt. You moan. I kiss your red ass cheeks and then strike again. I move in front of you and put my hard cock in your mouth. You suck frantically as I beat your ass with my belt. I then move behind and spread your legs apart and enter you from behind. I fuck you hard and fast while spanking your beet red cheeks. I ask again in the middle of the frantic fucking and as you and I cum together I slap you once more and you scream out that you love me.

She: Honey, I would never hesitate when telling you how I long for you. I beg for your merciless, yet loving punishment. And as you slide your throbbing cock in and out of me, slamming your body against my behind, I scream my prayers to the heavens that you never stop. (yeah, I know, but religion just seems right with sex…it’s why Baptists and Catholics, and Lutherans have so many kids…oops tangent…where was I?…ah yes…) I can taste my sweat and your cum mixed together on my lips as an orgasm rolls through me. I bite my lip and go silent as it seizes me. Tears sprout to my eyes as I collapse forward. You slip your still hardened cock out of me and slide up to lay behind me on the bed. You slip your cock between my thighs and cum. I feel the warm, sticky fluid rush down the inside of my thighs. You know how I love that feeling. Thank you for training me right izmit otele gelen escort daddy. We lay there together holding one another as heartbeats slow down. I roll over and start kissing your cheeks and your upper lip and your forehead, licking the salty sweat off. You lay on your back taking just a moment for a deserved rest. I crawl up on top of you and start kissing you everywhere: your face, your neck, down to your chest, slowly playing with each nipple with my tongue. I continue kissing down your stomach and crawl between your thighs where I gently start kissing and licking your penis and your testicles, nursing you, preparing you for a third round.

He: Explain to me what type of arrangement we should have. What type of relationship do you think about with me? What type of schedule should we keep? How badly do you want to be lovers? I want you more than ever. I need and want ownership over you—is this possible? Do you love me? If your feelings are not this deep tell me. If you want to be my little girl, explain fully…

Ah, yes, at the end of it all just a desperate cry for love in a loveless world; a desire to keep something for one’s self in a society that strips one of one’s very being; a longing for concrete knowledge within a corporate empire of smoke and mirrors and taxes. As Karl Marx laments: “the external character of labour for the worker appears in the fact that it is not his own, but someone else’s, that it does not belong to him, that in it he belongs, not to himself, but to another…As a result, therefore, man (the worker) only feels himself freely active in his animal functions—eating, drinking, procreating…in his human functions he no longer feels himself to be anything but an animal.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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