A Cruise Sexcapade!

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The air on the portside was invigorating! After running 30 laps around the perimeter of the ship, I rinsed the sweat off in a cool topside shower, swam a few laps and ordered a cold St. Pauli Girl. This trip to Alaska out of Vancouver, BC. was really quite the complete experience, I thought… (little suspecting the actual veracity of my observation!) I sat on a long chaise lounge in the dark and lit a cigar. The cool ocean breeze pulled the smoke in sinuous, winding clouds toward the stern of the ship. I sipped my beer and thought of what I might do this evening to break the boredom of being on a companionless trip. I still don’t know what set of circumstances found me here and I decided it better to not try to decipher them. I WAS HERE, that much is certain. My beer was cold, the breeze refreshing, the moon rising full to the starboard, and all indications were that the evening was laden with portents of intrigue.

An elegantly dressed woman in black evening wear with a luminous string of pearls walked in front of me and made me aware of my casual attire. It WAS getting close to the time of the Captain’s party and I SHOULD get into my tuxedo. I actually looked forward to that!

Damn… I looked good in that monkey suit! It was fun playing James Bond for the night! Martinis (shaken, not stirred!) Macanudo cigars, beautiful women dripping off my arms! My sudden Walter Mitty reverie was disturbed by the returning footsteps of the young lady who had most recently passed by. Leaning forward to address me, her pearls swayed in the moonlight and her dress opened as she bent forward… enough to allow me a peak at her sumptuous breasts! Yes! What was she saying???? “Excuse me…” she said, “Can you tell me where the porter’s station is located? I have a trunk to bring up from a friend’s cabin.”

“Never mind..” I said non-chalantly. “I’ll bring it up for you.”

“Oh…Don’t go to the trouble! You look so relaxed!”

“I am, but I was just about to get up anyway. I’d love to help out!”

She looked me over and seemed pleased with what she saw. I certainly enjoyed the view from behind as I followed her down a deck to the cabin that held her trunk. She looked back at me with a smile as she fumbled with the key to the cabin. “I never get these things on the first try” she stated. I smiled back and as I looked over her figure from behind I secretly undressed her in my imagination.

The lock yielded and the door swung open on a lovely cabin. It smelled of perfume and I almost forgot why I was here. She brought me back to reality when she said “Well, here’s the trunk that I’m bringing up to my cabin from this one.”

“And this cabin belongs to?” I inquired.

“My good friend Jennifer. We both took this trip hoping, welllll… hoping to meet guys.”

“And you have!” I replied. “My name is Michael, but I prefer just Mike.”

“OK, just Mike,” she laughed. “Thanks for helping with the trunk!” Any thoughts I had of immediate seduction were temporarily shelved with that statement and, true to my word, I heaved the trunk over a shoulder and strode out the door and along kocaeli escort the walk to the cabin she pointed out. I bent and dropped the thing at the foot of the bed in the other cabin, noting with some private pleasure that her room was number 269. “Perfect,” I thought… “Two… for sixty-nine!”

“I’ll meet you at the dinner-dance tonight?” I asked hopefully.

“Count on it!” she said perkily. I retired to my room for a hot shower, a martini and a moment of silent fantasy.

I felt the hot spray of the shower melt my tension away. Tense? On a cruise? Well… I never feel totally relaxed unless a compliant woman with similar libidinous predilictions is swimming upstream with me toward our spawning rendezvous! I soaped myself up feeling the sleek, wet, sensation of the scented soap imbue my skin with a healthy hot-water blush, and my hand unconsciously stroked my large member as I thought about the night’s possibilities! The girl on deck seemed a likely prospect. I rinsed, toweled dry, brushed my hair (what’s left of it!) splashed on some after shave and pulled on a fresh tee shirt.

I had, for the occasion, a slick, black tuxedo with matching shoes, cummerbund and tie. I trimmed my goatee, checked the mirror one more time, and slurped down the last of my Bombay Sapphire Martini.

I exited the cabin and the fresh ocean breeze was invigorating! My head was clear, my intentions focused, and my chances quite favorable!

I have always found that a quick wit, good sense of humor and attention to small details like her dress, her hair and her immediate concerns will win over the most fickle member of the fairer sex.

It isn’t rocket science… it’s basic human relations! I sucked a lungfull of ocean air, shook my head in the breeze, and slid through the door to the ballroom where the Captain’s reception was underway.

My enchantress from the afternoon, was sequestered in a corner with a number of single men boxing her in like some hot filly at Churchill Downs that might bolt down the track without a rider! I determined to rescue her from what seemed to be certain, life-threatening, boredom!

I pressed a button on a fake pager which I brought for just such an opportunity. It beeped loudly and I strode forward toward her purposefully. “You have a call from our office! You can make it with my cell phone from the deck.”

One of the would be suitors queried: “You came on a cruise with your boss? Or is he just some clown from marketing?” She looked directly into my eyes.

“Oh… he’s a clown… but he’s not from marketing… he’s from Human Relations!” She winked as she said this and we escaped into the cool night on the deck.

“Human relations, eh? Pretty good way to put it!” I said.

“Well, that IS what you have in mind, isn’t it?” she said sweetly.

“I’m more of a romancer than THAT..” I protested. “A little wine, a little music, a dance perhaps?”

“You dance Michael? Or wait… you prefer ‘Just Mike’ correct?”

I rolled my eyes. “Well, you can leave off the JUST. Sometimes I’m not!”

“Ohhh… Intrigue… I LIKE kocaeli escort bayan it!” she enthused.

“I’m sorry” I said, “I didn’t get your name.”

She smiled…”I didn’t offer it! But… since you ask… It’s Jayne!”

“Well, Lady Jayne… ” I intoned… “I’m pleased to meet you!” We both turned and faced the sea. It roiled off of the portside as the boat steamed (actually it dieseled, but that doesn’t quite summon up a romantic image) Northward toward the vast Alaskan peninsula. The breeze was moderate as was the temperature. We were less than a day out of Vancouver, so the moderate weather continued. There was an abundance of stars visible just above the horizon and the faint glow of the sunset was finally overwhelmed by the evening’s onset. She put a tentative hand over mine and smiled again. “Keep doing that and you’ll get wrinkles early!” I quipped.


“Yup!” I countered.

“I like to smile when I’m happy, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah.. when LeClair scores the winning goal, when my stocks go up, when…”

“Shut up!” she commanded as she melted into my arms and she leaned her face up so we could kiss. Sometimes I just miss the signals! I pulled her closer and our tongues probed each others and our lips moved with each nuance. I could feel her breasts against the thin fabric of my shirt and my cock stiffened in automatic response.

She felt it… I could tell by the way she twisted her body. Not to avoid it, but to feel it press into her. After minutes of an embrace that definitely had an effect on my ego and my libido, we broke apart as another couple smugly slid near us disturbing the solitude. “Damn… I whispered. 100 yards or more of rail and they have to pick this piece of real estate to get chummy.”

“I have an idea!” she said with a wicked look. She pulled my hand and led me up the stairwell to the top deck which is where the pool, shuffleboard courts, golf tees and other amusements were located. There was a small alcove that admitted you to the area. At the bottom of the stairs leading up, she instructed me to place a deck chair, as though the staff had cordoned off the area. I did so wondering at her plans. She then pulled me into the alcove and kissed me hard. “No one will bother us now!” she said breathlessly. I kissed her again and soon felt her hand smoothing the pleats of my tuxedo pants to inquire of my “condition.” “Still an excitable boy?” she sniggered.

“You have THAT effect,” I conceded.

“Well Mr. Eveningwear… ever fuck a girl in your tuxedo?”

“Nope. I’ve never even seen a girl in my tuxedo.”

She pushed me, laughing. “I’m not going to wear your tuxedo!” she countered… “I may wear it out… but you are going to stay dressed for the most part. I, on the other hand won’t.” She pulled open her evening jacket and unbuttoned the dress buttons in back with one deft move, and allowed her dress front to drop. Her tits were beautiful and I could just barely see in the dim light the taut nipples. She leaned forward placing two hands against the side of the alcove wall kocaeli escort and hiked her skirt up. “Like what you see, sailor?” I pushed her panties down and let my hand caress her ass. My other hand reached up and felt her breasts and a shiver ran through her. I knelt so that I could ply my tongue between her legs from behind and she moved her feet apart to allow me better advantage.

I licked her downy morsel and let my tongue explore her cunt from behind. She appeared to like the novelty and thrill of possible exposure. My cock was straining to get free of my pants. I unbuckled my belt and I rubbed the huge head against her ass cheeks and slid it against the moist cleft opening. She responded by pulling me closer… reaching behind her with both hands and grabbing my thighs to pull me forward! My cock entered her slowly… she whimpered as I nudged into her, feeling the wet, warm, welcome of her cunt. I pressed hard against her ass and she balanced herself, feet apart, hands splayed on the walls to brace her. Her tits dangled enticingly. I reached up cupping them in my hands as my cock drove forth into her, withdrawing slowly on each stroke only to push hard into her on the return. My shaft was rock-rigid, a full 8″ long and the head swollen and near purple in the dim light. The knob appeared even larger than normal in the murky lighting and it seemed to be possessed of a will of it’s own…taking me and this lovely woman on a sexual thrill ride that neither had control of completely. I held her by her hips and felt the cool air on my exposed balls and heard the soft slap of these orbs as they banged against her ass cheeks. We began to work up a sweat and I could hear her begin to moan softly as she felt an orgasm beginning to tug at her.

“Ohhhh… damn!” she said, “Damn… that’s good! Keep fucking me baby… that’s it… keep that big damn cock fucking me hard! I LOVE it…. yes, baby… please….” I love it when a woman begs for more! It’s such an ego builder and such an aphrodisiac that my own climax began to make it’s presence felt.

“Fuck…” I said. “You feel so great baby… you look so great! Fuck…..” A long ululating sound escaped her breathless lips building to a wail. I could feel her shake uncontrollably and the excitement of seeing this lovely lass in this condition programmed my own response. I felt my cock strain inside of her and suddenly I went stiff as a hard pulse of ejaculate shot into her… “Ohhh, baby… YES! That’s it… give it to me baby!”

My cock strained again and again as each succeeding wave of cum-juice filled her pussy. We fell against each other as she could barely hold herself up. I slowly withdrew and some of my warm cum trickled down her leg. I was surprised when she scooped it up with a finger and lifted it to her lips. “MMMMMMM…. Nothing at the Captain’s table tastes THIS good I’ll bet!” We smoothed our clothes, held each other for one more long kiss. (I could taste my own cum as we kissed) and we strode from out hideout. It was perfect. We were not at all detected.

I laughed as we walked past the “lovers” whose presence caused us to move in the first place. They were quarreling! The self-absorbed couple was having a war when we were having a “piece”. Sometimes life was grand! “Now what?” I asked her.

She grinned lasciviously at me and asked… “Have you met my companion Jennifer yet?”

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