Your Touch

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I come to semi-consciousness slowly. My lids are heavy and closed. My dreams try to drag me back to their realm.

My flesh lays bare to your perusal. I feel your hand stroking my body. Your fingertips whisper against me; speaking a language of their own. My nerves come alive, sensitive to your touch. It relaxes and arouses at the same time.

I feel your hand capture my wrists. My muscles obey your movement, and my arms are held above my head. You place your hand on my neck. My body arches in ecstasy at its ownership. Your murmurs of approval reach my ears. My body blushes in pleasure.

I feel your hand travel down to my breast. Your fingers splay on its side, while the pad of your thumb strokes it to a stiff peak. “Keep your hands there.” The command is spoken softly, yet brooks no argument. I feel you palm my other breast. I gasp as your mouth closes around its nipple.

You satisfy your sadism with this act. You coax my need, and stoke my fire. The way you suckle, lathe, and tease is designed to bring me into submission, and beg for more. More of you. More of what you desire. My needing you for my completion.

Your hands etlik escort leave my breasts. They feel achy and hollow. Your hands travel over my stomach and hips. My body pushes against them. “Patience, love.” Your words reassure my mind, but my body craves more. I feel your hands on my thighs. My legs open of their own accord. I hear you chuckle.

I feel your fingertips press into the muscles in my legs, dragging downwards. They flex reflexively, loving the attention. Your thumbs press into the soles of my feet. My eyes roll back into my head. I moan. You knead and work them, until I am a boneless puddle.

Your hands work their way back up my thighs, giving my legs the same attention that you showered on my feet. Tense muscles become loose and relaxed. My mind shuts everything out, hyper-focusing on the sensations that you are evoking.

You cup me with your hand. I feel inundated with warmth and electricity. I push myself against you wanting more. You stroke up my slit with your fingers. Liquid coats them with each pass. I feel as if my entire being is centered where your hand is.

Your head comes down, stopping within ankara eve gelen escort a hair’s breadth of my face. You look into my eyes. I feel your finger slide in to me. I gasp at the invasion. Your lips come down on mine, staking your claim. Your tongue strokes mine, while your fingers explore me.

I feel your fingers hook my pelvic bone, and I whimper. I squirm against them deepening the pleasure.

You clasp your hand around my neck, making me focus on your eyes. “Tell me what you desire. Tell me what you need.”

I struggle to find my voice. Laden with desire, it sounds foreign, thick, and guttural to me. “I need you. I desire only you.”

You move to sit between my legs. Your hands spread my thighs, then lift me up from my bottom. Your fingers grasp my cheeks, spreading me open. You sit there, looking at my quim; watching my arousal drip down. I feel your fingers dip into my wetness. You slip them into my mouth. I suck the sweet, slightly salty taste from them.

You lean down, kiss my lips, and I feel you growl against my mouth. You enter me; waiting while I adjust to you. Your hands move to ankara escort my hips, rolling them to meet your thrusts. My hands dig into the mattress above my head, my back arches, and I bear down. You move faster and rougher. I am a greedy slut for you, and I want more.

You pull out of me, and flip me onto my tummy. You push my knees forward to my sides, lifting my ass into the air. Your hand grabs my puss roughly. Your thumb pushes my clit in. I water onto your hand. You spread my cheeks apart. You plunge into me without apologies. I cry out in sheer delight.

My hands claw into the mattress. I push backwards against you. Liquid drips down my thighs, as you drive us both to completion. I feel you going deeper and deeper inside me as I open to you.

Use me. Fill me up. I was made for your pleasure.

I try to hold back, prolonging our union. Your hand reaches forward, wraps itself in my hair, and pulls back. It makes my puss clench around you, and I come. The orgasm rips through my body. I feel you swell inside me. Your own orgasm hits, and you start pounding me. It brings on a second orgasm, and a scream is ripped from my throat.

As the last of my orgasm fades, I feel you holding yourself over me panting. Our cum drips out between us. My arms and legs give out, no longer supporting me. I feel you rest your weight on me. You leave a trail of kisses on my back, signaling your appreciation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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