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A polite knock on the door raised the young woman’s attention from her magazine. She smiled when her employer walked into the room of the massage parlour, looking up at the older woman with large, chocolate brown eyes.

“Reiko? Your two o’clock, Kazuma-san is here,” the slightly older woman, dressed in a simple but elegant black dress, informed the dark haired girl. Reiko nodded and smiled, setting her magazine to the side almost instantly. The name of her regular client alone was enough to cause her to break into a wide, cheerful grin, and Momo-san, the owner of the massage parler where Reiko worked, didn’t miss the twinkle in the young woman’s eyes. Although she clicked her tongue with disapproval, a hint of a smile could be seen on her cherry red painted lips.

“Oh, he’s here? Great, could you send him through please, Momo-san,” the young woman said in a cheerful tone as she rose to her feet and soothed out the possible creases in her mid thigh length dress. It was a simple white flowing dress, appropriate for work but still attractive, as Momo-san wanted for the parlour. The elder woman nodded and flicked her bobbed black hair before she quietly left the room. Room number six of Gemini Parlour was probably one of the best ones ; it looked more like a neat little bedroom rather than just having the usual decor of these kinds of places. The massage table itself was covered with floor length dark brown sheets, which fitted very well with the general ‘box of chocolates’ theme. Two plush brown chairs stood beneath sparkling wall lights, and little three legged tables held the necessary massage oils around the room.

Gemini Massage Parlour was certainly one of the best in central Tokyo. Although due to its downtown location most of the customers were either Yakuza or sex obsessed salary-men, but the parlour had a very firm rule that was never broken. It was strictly a massage parlour, with experienced staff. Nothing else would happen, that’s what the hostess bars were for.

The two knocks on the door made Reiko jump even though she was expecting it. She turned around and cried out ‘come in!’ as she stood by the bed, her hands crossed over one another a few inches under her stomach. Reiko was smiling now, her bright, cheerful grin being the first thing that Kazuma noticed as he entered the dark room. He’d always been somewhat uncomfortable by the mood lighting which was always on throughout the whole club. It amused him slightly, mostly because Momo-san had claimed that the parlour was so sophisticated and serious, yet everything about the place screamed sex.

“Hey, Reiko,” Kazuma’s voice was so deep, it practically vibrated off the walls.

Kazuma could tell that his masseuse was a little nervous, and it made him stretch his lips in just a little smile. The young Eurasian woman took a step forward towards Kazuma-san, her eyes focusing over his tall, handsome form. Although Reiko got her mother’s genes where height was concerned and fitted in at quite a Japanese average of 5″3, Kazuma absolutely towered over her. He was 6″2 exactly, and was about 250 pounds of pure muscle. The fact that he always wore suits made him just a little bit more intimidating.

Kazuma wasn’t unique for this neighbourhood. He fell into one of the two categories, he was a Yakuza rather than salary-man. As far as Reiko knew, he was the soldier for the Asai family. He was in charge of the worst work.

“Nice day, isn’t it, Kazuma-san,” Reiko smiled, her wide eyes looking up into his as she took his suit jacket and moved her small form to the changing area behind a carefully painted board.

She hung up Kazuma’s suit jacket, privately marvelling at how broad the shoulders were. “Would you like a drink, Kazuma-san?” she asked politely and peeked from behind the board, smiling as her fingers touched the towels that were waiting for him there.

He smiled back, but only slightly.

“Orange juice, please,” he gave the answer that she expected. Kazuma never drank during the massages. He walked over to her now as his fingers worked on undoing his tie. Reiko blushed, but didn’t move her eyes away from his handsome face. His hair was short, about an inch and a half, jet black and always neatly jelled. His eyes were dark and showed very little emotion. He was handsome by any woman’s standard, and the other girls felt a mild irritation towards Reiko when she first arrived because after two weeks of her being there, Kazuma-san had switched to only ever getting massages from the young half Asian woman. He’d been going to her weekly for four months now, half because she was a truly amazing masseuse, and half because Kazuma was oddly attracted to the girl.

He smiled as she left the room and slowly began to undress. Reiko’s highlighted hair was always tied back neatly for safety reasons, the middle parting making her hair frame her face and show off her brown eyes perfectly. Her eyes were larger than that of a Japanese person naturally, and whilst it got her taunted yenidoğan escort at school, after the awkward adolescence, her eyes became her best features. Her nose was a little large for her face, but not enough to stand out. And her body… Kazuma groaned slightly as he slid out of his trousers. She was curvier than a Japanese woman, with larger breasts and a shapely pair of legs and ass.

There had been a mutual attraction from the start, and whenever they were alone like this, the sexual tension was so strong.

Kazuma had come to love their teasing mind games almost as much as he loved the massages. He’d even started to miss Reiko when gone for too long.


Reiko knocked three times on the door before she entered with a jug of orange juice and a glass of ice. She smiled at Kazuma, who sat on top of the massage table now, a towel around his waist. Usually, he tended to keep some sort of modesty and keep his boxer shorts on, unlike a lot of the customers who chose to ‘surprise’ the masseuse.

“Your drink,” the girl poured out the orange juice and passed it to Kazuma, who took it with a polite bow. He watched her body move around the room as she collected oils and creams for the massage. The room itself smelt so very fruity, so very Reiko. The Yakuza smirked a little ; if she had used any of the creams that she wanted to use on him, the boys would taunt him for days. Reiko was a fan of strawberry and coconut in particular, never together, but Kazuma refused to have them either way. She had her influence, nevertheless, and the creams were always honey based, so Kazuma still remained smelling just a little bit feminine. Reiko had always argued that first of, there was no such thing as a masculine smelling oil. Secondly, what Kazuma had chosen [ lavender, spice, sea breeze ] was all incredibly old fashioned.

“Okay, ready when you are,” Reiko beamed as she dried her hands on a soft cotton towel. Kazuma quickly finished his drink and set it aside, before he lay face down on the massage table, his broad, tattooed back exposed to the young masseuse.

Reiko smiled as she stood by the table and squeezed some of the oil onto her hands, soothing it into her skin before she touched Kazuma. He was the first Yakuza she had ever massaged. In her training, she’d never come across a person with so many tattoos, or so many scars. His whole back was covered with a compulsory design to show his status and affiliation, and when Reiko had first seen it lying in front of her like this, she didn’t know where to begin. The scar tissue was even worse. Kazuma had scars from just about everything, and Reiko had actually got upset over the possibility of hurting him due to the scar tissue.

He spent almost an hour trying to reassure her, in his own special way, that it was alright.

Now that he lay before her the way that he did, Reiko smiled. He had the most beautiful body for massaging. She would do his back, his neck, his arms, his shoulders, and then sometimes his chest, depending on how long he was staying for. Kazuma never wanted his legs doing, so everything was always purely above the waist. Nevertheless that hadn’t stopped them from getting into a few interesting predicaments during some of their recent sessions.

“You’re really tense, Kazuma-san. More than usual,” Reiko complained as she ran her oily fingers along his broad back. Kazuma grunted in response, his eyes closed as he focused on the small hands outlining his back. She was very careful, her nails never scraped the skin and it never felt uncomfortable.

“I’ve been working, Reiko-san,” Kazuma mumbled into the cushion, his eyes opening slightly to peek at the young woman. He was level with her legs, where the dress came to an end at her thighs. “I’m still in, uh, work mode. That’s helping though…”

The masseuse smiled a little, her fingers kneading over his back, trying to push away the knots now. “How long do I have you for today, then?” she asked in a joking tone, causing Kazuma’s back to twitch twice, indicating amusement.

“For as long as you want… but Momo-san only put me down for an hour,” now it was Reiko’s turn to laugh as she shook her head slightly. Her blush was gone, mostly, and she was concentrating on relaxing Kazuma. The first half an hour wasn’t quite as gentle as it could have been, but the gangster couldn’t have been more grateful. Whilst he loved it when the young woman was clearly excited from massaging his body, sometimes he really, really needed a proper massage.

Fortunately, Reiko knew that. Reiko knew a lot about his body, more than anyone else, Kazuma thought. She knew how to send him into that state of sleepy arousal, where half of him wanted to doze off under her hypnotic touch, and the other half wanted to pin her up against a wall and fuck her.

She knew which parts of him were particularly sensitive, which were particularly painful, and which ones caused his dick to stir. The first yenikent escort time that Kazuma got hard at a massage was a little embarrassing for him, as the little towel over his boxer shorts did a pretty bad job of hiding anything. Especially since Reiko had been massaging his front, too. He didn’t know whether or not to scream or laugh as her hands massaged down his stomach, so painfully close to his obvious embarrassing hard on.

Reiko had been embarrassed too. But she had also been turned on, and during the next few sessions she tried especially hard to arouse the yakuza, and it worked very well. A session that stood out the most was when she wore the exact same white dress as today, Kazuma had remembered. By the time the massage was ten minutes in, they were both breathing heavily, with him shifting his painfully hard dick into the massage table as her fingers trembled over his skin.

She said to him that she couldn’t reach his neck very well. They had a new massage table, and it was just a little too high. So she got a stool and stood over him, but then the table was too low. Nevertheless those two minutes of watching her legs made Kazuma crazy.

He had joked that she should just get on top of him. His tone didn’t indicate any humor though, and Reiko didn’t take it as a joke either. She made a few compulsory, polite rejections but then went on rambling, saying how that was actually quite a good idea. She was breathless as she spoke, and her eyes were half closed, Kazuma remembered. Usually a little clumsy, Reiko made no mistakes or slips as she climbed up on the stool, then onto the massage bed with him. It was a strong bed, made for big men, so it held her up on top of him easily.

Reiko had sat herself on his bottom, with her legs dangling on either side. Kazuma had never been as turned on as when he realised that as Reiko moved up and down to massage his neck and upper back, her sex moved up and down on his ass, too. And when he realised that his towel was actually getting wet from where she was moving, he almost came right on the massage table.

The rest of that massage hadn’t been a massage at all. It involved Reiko moving up and down on his ass, rubbing herself as discreetly as she could, as his fingers reached out for her dangling legs and caressed the ankles softly. The only thing that stopped Kazuma from fucking her there and then was the fact that he had respect for the parlour’s rules, and Momo-san, who would not hesitate in banning him and firing Reiko if she’d found Kazuma in-between Reiko’s legs, eating her out.

It never happened again, not quite to that extent. Reiko had been thoroughly embarrassed, but she still enjoyed it very much when Kazuma would leave to get changed with an erection.

“Do you want me to do your front?” the young masseuse smiled as she ran her fingers along the broad back. She massaged gently, moving her hands in long, circular motions along the length of his back. The muscle there was relaxed now and Kazuma was in a sleepy state. His dark brown eyes blinked open and he groaned in response before he slowly turned onto his back, a small, comfortable smile on his lips.

“Yeah,” he responded softly, closing his eyes as Reiko squeezed some oil onto his chest. Her hands were completely stretched out on his chest as she massaged slowly, her fingers moving over his nipples as he hitched in a breath and bit gently onto his lower lip. “Yeah, that’s better,” the yakuza was almost groaning now. Reiko smiled gently and stroked down his stomach, his muscles tensing out of habit at her touch. He had such a firm stomach, hard muscle still perfect against the skin even at his thirty six years.

“Reiko…” her name escaped his lips and made her raise her head. The young woman smiled at him with a soft ‘hmm?’ as Kazuma looked at her, a tender smile curving her lips. He said nothing but watched her with a firm gaze as he moved the hand closest to the young woman onto her lower thigh, just a little above her knee. His eyes seemed to be asking permission for the touch, and her own eyes responded with approval.

Kazuma knew it wasn’t allowed. He knew that he shouldn’t have touched her in such a way, and she shouldn’t have allowed it, but the want was obvious in both of them. Reiko’s cheeks were bright apple red as her fingers moved over his hips, the shape of his body absolutely delicious. Her eyes shifted away just for a moment, looking at his large, tanned hand against her own smooth skin. The gangster’s fingertips made invisible patterns against her thighs as his hand moved further up, his palm applying a firm pressure against her skin. Kazuma’s hand slid beneath her dress and unconsciously Reiko parted her legs, allowing him space. Never would she have let another client touch her like this, but Kazuma’s touch was addictive. Her eyes shifted from the arousal that tented Kazuma’s towel, to his face and the shape of his upper body. Kazuma still lay down but his eyes yenimahalle escort were fully open, watching her as her hands worked on his hips, his stomach, hesitating on whether or not to move lower and finally press her hand against his firm sex.

Reiko’s eyes shot up and her shy smile widened when Kazuma’s thumb skimmed the mound between her legs, before he repeated this motion a little harder. Reiko’s lips parted to release a small gasp, and she parted her legs even more. Kazuma’s dick twitched and hardened to it’s full length now. It moved towards his stomach, almost touching the young woman’s hand. Her trembling fingers finally dared to touch, and the small palm was pressed to head of Kazuma’s aching sex, her fingers wrapping firmly around the organ through cloth.

Kazuma watched her even as his lips parted and he released a quiet groan. They were both almost completely silent, but their breathing was very audible throughout the room. The cotton of Reiko’s underwear was wet, and Kazuma wanted to feel the warm skin underneath. His fingers slowly pushed back the fabric and the index finger slid across her warm pussy lips, how wet Reiko was totally taking him by surprise. The groan that he released was loud when the young masseuse slid her small hand underneath the towel and straight into his boxer shorts, taking hold of his stiff sex. Reiko could barely stand up now as the gangster traced his middle finger between her lips. Her natural lubrication made it easy for him to move the tip of his middle finger to her clitoris, just as she began to stroke his cock hard, from the base to tip. Although she could barely stand up, Reiko couldn’t help but pay total attention to the stiff erection in her hand. She pushed her thumb along the head, running it over the slit and massaging gently. Reiko’s fingers caressed Kazuma’s stiff arousal, tracing the vein gently before she applied a little firmer pressure.

“Kazuma-san,” the young woman suddenly breathed out, her free hand grabbing onto the table as Kazuma slid his middle finger past her clitoris and into her tight, wet entrance as his thumb made circles against the hard little clit. Reiko was biting down on her lower lip, whispering the Yakuza’s name gently, over and over. He smiled and let out shaky breaths as the soft, padded cushion of her thumb began to spread his pre-come everywhere.

Kazuma was painfully hard now, and when her insides clamped around his middle finger as she approached orgasm, Kazuma had to push her hand away to stop himself from coming all over himself. Instead the fingers of his free hand linked with hers and he leaned over, allowing her to breathe and whimper into his chest as he brought her to orgasm, her juices leaking over his fingers and his palm now.

“Kazuma-san…” Reiko repeated after a moment of silence as Kazuma withdrew his hand, stroking her sensitive clitoris just once more before he released her fingertips. They looked at each other now as the young woman turned bright red, her hands resting on his stomach as she shifted her gaze to his still hard cock.

“I don’t want to make a mess,”the gangster grinned and Reiko nodded, standing up on her shaking legs as she calmed from orgasm.

Kazuma’s time was nearly up.


It had just gone ten pm and Reiko wrapped her scarf around her neck. It was cold outside. It was winter, so the young masseuse wore her thick warm coat and gloves. She shuddered uncomfortably at the thought of standing at the bus stop for hours, since public transport was just as unreliable in Tokyo as it was in any city.

When the young woman took her shoulder bag and turned off the light in the massage room, she was ready to go home. The shift was long, and Kazuma-san had certainly been the highlight. Reiko hadn’t stopped smiling since then, and whenever she thought of the handsome Yakuza, she found herself shivering from head to toe.

“Reiko.” Her employers tone startled the young masseuse, but she looked up at Momo-san with a soft smile. Momo-san didn’t look quite as cheerful. Her dark eyes were narrowed in a thin line and her lips were in a full pout as she eyed her employee with an obvious distaste. Her look made Reiko nervous, so the young woman bowed her head respectfully.

“He finger fucked you, didn’t he?” Momo-san spoke with a serious expression. Instantly, Reiko moved her dark eyes away, her cheeks blushing in a deep red as she parted her lips, trying to think of a valid excuse. Of course Momo-san knew of what happened during Kazuma’s appointment ; Momo-san knew everything.

“I’m… he… I’m… Momo-san,” Reiko bowed her head, her curled hair falling over her shoulders now. “Kazuma-san, he…. I’m sorry Momo-san. I didn’t mean to, neither did Kazuma-san. I’m sorry…. but how,” she was mumbling now, talking quickly as Momo-san stood in front of her with that firm pout.

“I could smell you on his fingers when he paid me, Reiko,” the employer spoke, and the dark haired Reiko bowed her head in embarrassment and apology. “If it happens again, you’ll lose you job, and Kazuma will be banned. It’s not acceptable, Reiko. If you want to be a whore, you can be a hostess. This isn’t acceptable,” Momo-san repeated as Reiko nodded vigorously, repeating her apologies until her employer finally excused her.

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