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Note: Hey everyone, this is just my second attempt at writing an erotic story so I know it might be a little rough around the edges. I appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism, just don’t be a jerk about it. Let me know what you guys think! I look forward to your feed back!


Veronica had been working late every night since she got her job at the office, first as an intern then when she was hired full time. She was proud of her work ethic and was determined to work her way up the ladder. Her official title was HR Assistant, but that really meant office assistant. The long hours had cost her a boyfriend, but she was convinced that it would pay off in the long haul.

During one of these long nights at the office she stared at herself in the mirror in the bathroom. She is a bigger girl, curvy in all the right places through. Sexy hips, and a great set of D sized tits to balance it out. She looked at herself appraisingly. Smoothed out her silk blouse and straightened her pencil skirt. She checked her make up one last time and laughed to herself. “Why do I bother?” she thought to herself “Everyone else is long gone anyways.”

She walked out of the bathroom and back to her desk. She only had a little left to do before she could go home. She picked up the packets she had arranged for the meeting in the morning for accounting. She made her way up stairs to the conference room and organized everything for the meeting. After everything was set up neatly she turned and walked out of the conference room content with her work. As she closed the door she noticed a light was on in one of the offices down the hall. Thinking someone had just left their light on she went to turn it off. When she got closer she heard a quiet moaning noise. The office door was open so she looked in curiously but hesitant. She was not expecting to see what she saw.

There in his office was Danny, one of the engineers. He had his phone out and was watching porn! Veronica couldn’t help but watch, as if she was mesmerized. As she watched her curiosity got the best of her. She let her eyes wonder down from the scene on his phone to his other hand. Sure enough his other hand was wrapped around his exposed cock as he masturbated furiously. Veronica knew she should look away but she couldn’t. She found herself impressed with his cock, it had to be 8 inches and it was thick too. It had been so long since Veronica had gotten laid and seeing Danny’s cock reminded her of that fact. Everything in her told her to turn back and go back to her desk but for some reason she couldn’t. Her eyes stayed glued on Danny’s thick cock and she felt herself getting wet. Veronica was in a daze, turned on beyond belief, her hands started moving on their own. She reached down and pulled up her skirt a bit, just past the top her stockings and her fingers slid through the side of her panties and quickly found her clit.

“What am I doing!” she thought to herself, but despite logic she just couldn’t help herself. She stood there fingering her clit watching Danny jerk off. It was so unlike anything she had ever done, it was such a rush. She heard Danny start to moan and Veronica knew he was close, she wanted to see him cum now. She saw Danny go rigid and there it was. His cum shooting in thick ropes landing on his hand and he kept going. That was all Veronica needed to push her over the edge. She was lost in the moment, waves of pleasure pulsing through her as her orgasm came. The exhilaration of the moment making it easier for her to cum. She was feeling so good, lost in the ecstasy of the moment when it happened. She heard herself let out a moan, without even meaning to.

Everything was silent. She opened her eyes mortified. There was no doubt that Danny heard as he was staring right back at her. They were both terrified. Danny clumsily put himself away as Veronica turned and walked away as quickly as she could back to her desk. She was straightening her blouse and skirt as she walked. “What have I done, what have I done, what have I done!?” she asked herself repeatedly. She was convinced she would get fired, after all she was just an assistant. Why did she let herself get carried away? She was sitting at her desk hurriedly trying to get her things together and rush home. She got up and reached for her purse. She was shaking with embarrassment and nerves. In her rush she dropped her keys. She spilt her purse as she bent over to pick them up. As she was cleaning up she heard a voice.

“Let me help you with that.” A male voice said. She looked up and saw a pair of dark green eyes looking back at her. It was Danny. “Uuuuuhhhhhh” was all Veronica could respond with. She was horror struck. This was so embarrassing.

“Look, this is a little awkward and embarrassing but I do think we should have a chat about what just happened, don’t you?” Danny asked gently. Veronica continued staring down while feeling herself go red. “How about I make some coffee and we can just talk about this like adults?”

Veronica was too embarrassed to talk so she just nodded slowly. They gathered the contents of her purse and walked to the break room. Danny proceeded to make the coffee as promised. yenidoğan escort An awkward silence was growing. Veronica was on the edge of running out when Danny spoke. ” So, to break the ice, I am going to apologize for you seeing me in such a compromising position. I have a project due tomorrow, I didn’t know anyone else was around, and well there no real excuse for doing that hear but I was just so stressed and well…… yeah”

Danny was going red now, clearly embarrassed as well. Veronica summoned up the courage to speak “Well, its ok, I mean well not ok but yeah. I’m sorry too. Heat of the moment and what not” she said awkwardly.

They both laughed awkwardly. “Well hey, we are both adults here right? It was just am embarrassing situation right? Nothing we need to go to HR or corporate about right? No need for us to lose our jobs over something like this right? We can keep this between us?” Danny asked.

“Yeah, no need to tell anyone. Just between us.” Veronica responded gratefully.

A wave of relief washed over both of them. Danny looked at Veronica appreciatively. “It might be a little late for this, but I’m Danny by the way” Danny said with a casual and friendly tone as he extended his hand.

“I’m Veronica” she said shyly, shaking his hand. With that they started talking. They talked for what like felt like forever but in reality was only a couple hours. They got more relaxed with each other as they learned more about each other. Danny was very similar to Veronica. Hired as an intern and hired on. Dedicated to climbing the corporate ladder. Danny’s fiancé had left him for working too much the same as Veronica’s boyfriend had. Now they were feeling much more friendly Veronica was bold enough to ask “So, why does a man like you, so attractive and doing so well need porn anyway?”

“Well, I suppose its easier than dating. I don’t have time for dating. The job takes up top much of my time, but I am still a guy so I have certain ‘needs’ like anyone else. I know it seems juvenile but its easy and free. How about you? A beauty like you gets so turned on just by watching? What gives?” He responded.

“Same for me I suppose. No time for dating, and well its been too long since I’ve had anyone to ‘fulfil my needs’ as you say.” Veronica responded with a giggle.

They both sat there quiet for a moment. Danny looked at Veronica in a very serious way. She watched as Danny eyed her up and down. His eyes started at her long straight brown hair, then to her sweet and sexy face, down to her cleavage and her sizeable tits, to her curvy hips, and all the down her stocking covered legs and her feet in her heels. Veronica felt a rush as she knew he was checking her out without any subtlety. She smiled a little, curious what he was thinking. She didn’t have to wait long.

“I have an idea Veronica. Since we both feel that we don’t have time for dating and relationships, but we both agree we have ‘needs’, why don’t we help each other out?” Danny said in a matter of fact tone.

Veronica giggled a little “What? Like fuck buddies?”

“Yeah, friends with benefits. No strings, no dating, just taking care of each other’s adult needs. We have already seen each other that way. Why not? We can be adults about it. What do you think?” Danny explained.

Veronica couldn’t say she was surprised. Danny had a point too. They had already seen enough of each other that they kind of broke the ice on that one. She wasn’t sure if it was the fact that she was tired from being at work for so long, or maybe it was because she was still left wanting more after the situation from before, or maybe it was because Danny was so cute that she actually wanted it. Whatever the reason was, she felt compelled to say yes to the offer.

“Hmmmmm, it sounds tempting. If I were to say yes, could you promise that it would stay quiet?” Veronica asked seductively.

“Our little secret.” Danny assured her.

Veronica had never considered herself a slut, but she did have a healthy sexual appetite. That appetite needed to be fed now. She had only a little taste before and it had sent her over the edge. With such a real possibility of having that need felt being readily available to her, she wanted cock and she wanted it now.

“Ok then.” She said with a smile. Veronica started walking towards Danny. Danny looked back very confused wondering if this was her way of saying she would think about it or that she wanted it. Veronica leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear “I wouldn’t mind a closer look at your office.” Then she stood up and walked slowly out of the break room towards the stairs to the offices. Danny quickly followed after her. Watching her ass sway and she walked teasingly slow and exaggeratedly. They both were excited an nervous. They knew what they were about to do and neither could help but get excited and the notion of having their need met. Veronica was nervous but chose to trust Danny at his word. She decided she would be the best fuck he ever had to leave him wanting more so he would keep quiet. She smiled with excitement at her plan.

They walked into his office. This time, yenikent escort he shut the door behind him and locked it. After he turned around Veronica was in has face already, kissing him. Her lips were moist and soft against his. Their mouths parted and her tongue invaded his mouth. They kissed hard, and long, with an intensity neither of them felt in so long. They both wanted this. Veronica’s hands were at Danny’s belt, undoing it. She slid his belt off and took him over to his desk chair and pushed him down. She kissed his neck and started licking from his neck up to his ear. She kissed his ear seductively and whispered “I wanna suck your cock so bad baby”

Danny was instantly hard at this statement. Veronica untied his tie and threw it on the desk. She unbuttoned his shirt, when she got to his pants she saw the enormous tent that had formed. She smiled. She undid the button before pulling the zipper down with her teeth. She grabbed both the waistband of his pants and boxers and pulled them down together. Danny’s thick cocks sprang out after she pulled off his boxers. After discarding Danny’s pants she grabbed his shaft and started pumping with her hand. She knelt down in front of him and brought her face to his cock. Danny felt her warm breath on his cock and the anticipation was building. Veronica stopped quickly and put her long straight hair into a ponytail. She didn’t want anything to get in the way of her enjoying this. With her hair back she grabbed his cock again and pointed it straight at her face. She lowered her lips to the tip of his cock and kissed it softly. She then pressed a little harder and let his cock slide into her warm mouth as she swirled her tongue all around the head. She worker his cock slowly all the way down as she felt it starting to hit the back of her throat. She gagged a little but controlled herself. Then she began pumping her head back and forth. Sliding her wet lips up and down his shaft as she sucked hungrily. Danny gripped the arm rests of his chair hard as Veronica fucked his cock with her mouth. He was in heaven. She let her spit coat his cock thickly as she sucked harder and harder. Occasionally she would stop and move to his balls, licking them and sucking them into her mouth one at a time while stroking his saliva covered rod. Veronica knew Danny was getting close when he felt his hand on the back of her head. She picked up her pace. Sucking furiously taking him deep in her throat every time. She felt him go rigid as he yelled “Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” Veronica took his load in the back of her throat. She felt rope after rope of thick cum hit her throat as he filled up her mouth. She was surprised at the amount of cum he was producing. She wasn’t complaining though. She loved the taste of his cum. It was so sweet. After swallowing his load she stood up and sat on his desk.

Danny looked at Veronica with amazement. It was the best blowjob he had ever gotten. He felt his dick go limp and knew he needed time to recover. He then pushed Veronica into a laying position on his desk and wheeled his chair closer. Danny pushed up Veronica’s skirt. He grabbed her silk thong and pulled it down. After throwing her panties to the side Danny pushed Veronica’s legs apart and put one on each shoulder as he brought his face to her pussy. He was drawn in by the sweet smell of her cunt. He smiled as he saw that she had it completely shaved. She was already so wet and so hot, she was ready for this. Danny slid is middle finger deep into her hot snatch and began fingering her until he found what she liked. Once he found the g-spot with his finger he lowered his mouth to her cunt and began to eat her pussy. It took a little effort but he found her clit and attacked it with his tongue. When coupled with his finger Veronica was in complete nirvana. Here she was having her cunt eaten by a man she barely knew while up on his desk. He knew how to eat pussy too. It had been years since anyone had gone down on her. He knew exactly what buttons to push. Danny felt his cock begin to harden again. He doubled his efforts to make Veronica come for him. He slipped a second finger in her wet pussy and attacked her g spot as hard as he could. At the same time he concentrated his tongue on her clit even more, swirling it around her clit then flicking it hard with the tip of his tongue. Veronica wrapped her fingers in Danny’s hair pulling his face even harder against her snatch. Her back arched and her legs clamped together trapping Danny in her thick thighs. She was cumming hard. Danny lapped it up as her pussy squirted just a little as she came. Danny began stroking his cock to be ready as soon as she recovered.

Veronica came back to her senses as she recovered from the best orgasm she has had for as long as she could remember. She looked at Danny who was smiling and stroking his thick cock waiting for her to be ready. She got herself off his desk and bent over it. She pulled up her skirt, looked back at Danny and with a sexy smirk said “Come take this pussy baby!”

That was all Danny needed to hear. He stepped up behind her and ran the head of his cock along her slit. Teasing her pussy and driving yenimahalle escort Veronica crazy. Veronica began rubbing her pussy over his cock in an effort to get him inside of her. Danny was playing a cruel cruel game, letting the anticipation build. “Veronica, you sure you want this? I don’t want to make you….” Danny started with a grin.

“Just shut the fuck up and fill me with that thick cock already!” She shouted at him.

With that Danny grabbed Veronica by the hips after putting the tip of his cock at the entrance to her dripping pussy. He then pulled her hips back as his slid his cock into her. Veronica moaned in pleasure as Danny’s thick cock filled her pussy. It had been so long since she had a real dick inside of her. Her dildos were enough to get her off but nothing compared to the feeling of Danny’s enormous dick stretch her pussy. She was so tight after not having any real dick for at least 3 years. Even then, her boyfriend wasn’t exactly what you would call well endowed. After burying his rod into Veronica completely, he gave her a moment to get used to his size knowing he was about to pound her pussy like his life depended on it. He enjoyed the feeling of her pussy wrapped tight on his cock, it was almost like her pussy was pulling him in, wanting more. Veronica moaned “Your cock feels so good in my pussy baby! Please fuck me baby, I want it, I want you to fuck me!”

Danny needed no more invitation. He pulled his cock almost completely out of her until just the head was left inside and then plowed his cock into her as hard as he could. Then he did it again even harder. He continued to build his pace with each stroke getting faster, and each stroke he would drill her pussy harder. Eventually he built up a solid rhythm. Each time be pulled back he would pull her hips back into him as he drove his cock back inside of her. Each time Danny slammed into her pussy waves of pleasure shot through Veronica. She didn’t realize how much she missed getting fucked this way. Words started coming out of her mouth without her meaning to “That’s it, fuck my pussy harder, fuck my tight little pussy Danny, fuck my cunt hard, pound my pussy til you cum!” she screamed.

Danny loved hearing a woman talk dirty like that. It was half the reason he watched porn in the first place. He gripped her hips harder and began fucking her faster. He punished her pussy, drilling her g spot with short quick thrusts. This sent Veronica over the edge. She came hard. Her pussy clamping down on Danny’s cock as she began to squirt again. Danny pushed harder to keep up his pace despite Veronica’s massive orgasm. Veronica’s head was spinning in pleasure. She never imagined cock could feel this good. She came down from her orgasm to feeling of Danny taking slow hard strokes in and out of her dripping pussy. This pace kept on for what felt like forever, sending Veronica into countless orgasms. Danny fucked Veronica’s pussy until it was almost raw. Veronica knew they had to leave soon before the morning clean up crew came. She could hardly take any more of Danny’s relentless pounding of her now sore snatch. She started the dirty talk again intentionally this time to help him cum. She raised herself onto her elbows and looked back at Danny with a sexy and sultry grin. “I want your cum baby. I want you to cum in my pussy!”

Hearing this revved Danny’s engine in the best way. It turned him on so much to hear a woman tell him she wanted his cum. “Fill my cunt with your cum Danny. I want it! I want your cum now!” she continued to urge him. Danny played along “You want my cum? Keep begging for it like a good little slut!” he ordered.

Veronica didn’t even care that he called her a slut. It actually turned her on even more. So, she kept going with it. “I need your cum Danny. Fill my slutty cunt with your cum. This slut wants a cunt full of cum baby. Fill my slut pussy with your cum! Make me your slut Danny! Fill your sluts cunt with your cum!” She yelled, making herself cum with her own dirty talk.

Danny felt his ball tighten and knew he was about to cum. He burring his cock deep in her pussy and unloaded. Rope after rope of thick hot cum filled Veronica’s cunt. She felt Danny’s dick pulsing with each shot of cum that he emptied into her hungry pussy. She was suddenly very thankful for her birth control ring that allowed her to enjoy the feeling of cum inside her pussy. She came again feeling Danny’s cock spasm and twitch inside of her.

Danny pulled his deflating cock out of her creamed pussy and sat back in his chair. They both were silent for a while as they caught their breath. Danny got dressed and Veronica straightened her skirt and blouse. She picked up her panties and slid them into Danny’s pocket while whispering into his ear “Our little secret remember?” With that she kissed him on the cheek. She walked out of his office, down stairs to her desk and gathered her things. She felt his cum still inside of her as she got her car and she loved it. She always had a healthy sexual appetite, but now she felt different. She felt alive with excitement and sexual satisfaction. It was like she was coming down from a high. She wanted more. It was 3:30 in the morning but she wanted more. Even on the drive home she was fingering her dripping pussy and licking the creamy left over cum from her fingers. She started to realize she didn’t care if it came from Danny or anyone else but she wanted more. She was ready to take whatever opportunity came up next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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