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“Sarah, can you come into my office please?” the intercom on Sarah’s desk voiced. It was her boss, Jake, who she had been flirting with for weeks. She put her dress jacket back on, and started towards his office. She worried that she was in trouble, because she had lost a large client earlier in the week. Her pulse quickened as she got closer to his office.

“Jake, you asked to see me?” she said as she stuck her head in the door. He stood.

“Yes, please come in, and shut the door behind you.” Once Sarah took her seat, he returned to his. “I understand that you have lost the Johnsons. I am interested in what happened.” His etched jaw looked as if it was made of stone as he looked into her eyes.

“I honestly do not know why they decided to take their business elsewhere. I was polite, and helped them to the best of my ability. They were asking some very outlandish things, from a legal standpoint, but I did the best that I could.” Sarah found herself breathing faster, worried for her job and the closeness of Jake to her.

Jake stood from his desk and started to walk around the room. “The Johnsons were a very good paying client. I am disappointed in you for losing them. What do you think would be good punishment for you concerning this manner? I have demetevler escort something in mind.” He stopped directly behind the chair she was seated in.

Sarah turned in her chair, looking up to Jake. “Please, just don’t fire me. I will do anything, but I cannot lose my job!” she began to beg. She was terrified in this moment of what would happen. Jake only smiled and reached for her hand. She knew this was it, she was going to be canned.

“Anything you say?” he replied as he rubbed Sarah’s hand along his pants, lingering on the growing bulge in his crotch. Sarah nodded, realizing that he had a different type of punishment in mind. Sarah took her hand back, and began rubbing his thighs through his pants. He sighed heavily as she began to move her hands upward and stroked his enlarging cock through his pants.

He took her arms and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her earnestly. She moaned into his mouth, grinding herself on his leg. He pulled back and unzipped his pants. As his cock fell out, Sarah’s mouth fell open at its size. She had never seen such a large penis in person, and had never had the chance to experience one so large either. She slowly slid down to her knees. She took his cock in her hands, and stroked dikmen escort it before slipping her tongue over the tip. Jake grasped the chair that Sarah had been sitting in, as she took his member into her mouth. She moved up and down along his cock, paying attention to the tip, and as she stroked his dick, she took one of his balls into her mouth. He gasped as she released his scrotum from her mouth and returned her attention to his cock. She bobbed up and down, professionally maneuvering her mouth to his delight.

Once he had had enough, he took her face in his hands. Sarah feared that this was all he wanted, and she would have to go back to fantasizing about her boss. Jake answered this question as he directed her to stand. He moved her to face his desk, and in one swift motion had her skirt around her ankles. She held onto the desk for support as he tore away at her pantyhose and panties. Sarah was dripping with anticipation, wanting his gigantic cock deep in her cunt. Jake pushed her over, moving her ass to a good position, and began to rub the tip of his dick along her slit, careful to circle her clit. She moaned in pleasure, moving along with the motions of Jake to enhance her pleasure. When Jake stopped, Sarah whimpered a little before ankara escort feeling the warm searing feeling of having her cunt filled full with his cock. Jake didn’t move for a moment, allowing Sarah to adjust to his size.

Once Sarah began moving back and forth, Jake took her hips and began to thrust, softer at first, and then harder and harder. Sarah moaned loudly, and moved herself harder and harder, quickening her pace with each thrust. Jake thrust equally as hard against Sarah’s ass, holding onto her hips for support. Sarah held onto the desk for dear life as her cunt was pounded relentlessly by Jake’s enormous cock.

As his pace quickened, Sarah could feel his cock swelling. She moved a hand to her clit and began moving her fingers in circles, enhancing the pleasure from Jake. He began to violently thrust against her, and shuddered as he pumped his seed deep into Sarah’s throbbing cunt. At the same time, Sarah reached her climax and screamed loudly.

Jake pulled his cock out, and walked back around to his desk. Sarah was still breathing heavily, wondering if her fingerprints were going to become permanent in the wood of his desk. She slowly straightened up, and began to fix her clothing.

Sarah looked at Jake, who simply smiled and said “It is close to the end of the work day, why don’t you go home and reflect on your negligence concerning the Johnsons. And if you want to keep your job, you will see me in my office tomorrow.” Sarah smiled and walked out of the office, wondering what he had in store for her in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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