With My Best Friend

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“You’d love to stick it in, wouldn’t you?”

“Err, stick what in…?”

“The… mm… well the key, what else?” says my best friend with the most mischievous smile ever.

“Sure, sure” I fumble through my keychain and I “stick” the correct key in the lock and open the door. I swear she is always teasing me like that. And just when you think she really means it, she abruptly changes her demeanor and shows me it’s just one of her jokes.

“Well let’s go to my room, I guess?” I offer tentatively.

“About time we got a room.” Here she goes at it again.

“Well it’s all you and your sense of humility, I mean we could do this against the wall, or on the street?” Well two can play that game and truth be told we do play it very often.

“Well sure, but do you think it will last that long? I mean, you DID say that with maximum use all you can do is an hour right?” Here she is actually referring to my notebook.

“Okay then, I’ll plug it right in” In response I get only a slight purring. Honestly sometimes I think she wants me to rape her or something.

Anyway, back to reality, I hand her a pair of slippers and we enter my room.

“Gosh, I do have to tidy up…” I try to excuse myself.

“It’s not like it’s the first time I’m here and this is the usual state so don’t go surprising me or something…”

Okay by this point you probably have no idea what’s going on, so I am going to fill you in. I’m back home from campus (which is 200 km away). I rarely get home, so when I do, I make it a point to catch up with all the people close to me. And she is my best friend so obviously she is on the top of my list. I’m 21 and she is 20, we have been very close ever since high school, where we actually met.

So we basically watch YouTube videos, movies or just browse random stuff on my notebook and catch up. And the main topic is always… sex. How are things going with her boyfriend, with my girlfriend and so on.

To get you some idea about how we look – I’m 1,83 meters tall and weigh about 90 kg, blond hair and blue eyes. She is with… no idea what the colour of her hair is… I guess black with a shade of… oh well I don’t get colours. Her eyes are green and she sometimes makes a totally sweet look, like that cat from Shrek. She has B cup breasts, nice ass and well is pretty much a chick. However there is that quality she possesses that would make you like her even if she was ugly and that she most certainly isn’t.

I turn my notebook toward my bed and we both sit down and get comfortable.

“So what do you want to do?” I ask, wondering what to offer myself.

“How about a movie, then?”

“Hah, sure that’s a lovely suggestion, only do tell me a good movie I haven’t watched.”

Choosing a new movie is always hard. I have watched almost every good movie there is, so choosing one may take hours. Somehow the conversation drifts Game of Thrones and specifically the actor playing Khal Drogo.

“Ahh, how I wish I could have met him! And then some…” – she says blissfully.

“You really like them movie stars don’t you?” – I retort, a bit bored actually, as this movie actor drooling is kinda actually annoying for me, but oh well, who am I to judge with all the eryaman escort gorgeous actresses around.

“Soo speaking of movie stars you want to fuck, how about I show you some of my favorite moments of some movies.”

She just smacks her lips in reply and flashes me a mischievous smile in confirmation. God does she look mischievous! Wearing your typical high school type skirt with an awesome tank top and I can’t help but imagine what panties she is wearing. Which reminds me when we were in the 12 grade I used to ask her for a whole week what panties she was wearing every single day. In was an interesting experience. Not to say very arousing… Anyway back to the story. I don’t know about you my fellow readers, but I am bored from your typical porn which starts with the models half naked and the chick is cumming even before she is penetrated. So what I like is amateur clips that at least resemble reality or simply erotic or pornographic scenes in normal movies or tv shows – sth like erotic scenes from normal movies, which look, well believable.

A few fast clicks and I open a pornsite which of course has all interesting moments of most celebreties, which is in fact the most interesting part of the given movies. Well not always, but it is what I am about to show Linda. I haven’t mentioned her name, have I?

So we start off with Basic Instinct and particularly the scene where Michael Douglas fucks the chick from Internal Affairs. At the point where he bends her over and penetrates my friend comments:

“Ohhhh, that’s gotta be nice, being dominated and fucked like that.” Sometimes she astounds me with the comments she makes, perhaps because I am least expecting them. The reaction is of course… Well I love to see a girl get aroused even if she’ll never say it is so.

“So you use this site then?” She asks me while keeping her eyes glued to the monitor.

When you enter my room the 1st thing you see is my desk where I put my PC or laptop (in this case both) and to the right are two beds against the wall. We are sitting on the bed near my desk with our backs against the wall and relatively close to each other.

“Mhm, I’ve been using it for quite some years.” I answer in the affirmative.

“I guess I have to show you what I use, then.” When the clip is over she types in a site (which name I won’t mention as I don’t want to advertise) and picks a very hardcore porn clip.

“Now this is how I like to get fucked: hard, fast and furious!” Now over the years we’ve got used to talking in such a manner to each other and as most of you would only see the innuendo, which certainly is there, this isn’t actually a “fuck me” offer, we are simply commenting. Although we have done this before I don’t recall ever watching porn more than 5 minutes and this particular day we spend more than 5 hours doing ONLY that. Now needless to say I got very turned on, so turned on I was on the verge of bending her over, moving whatever panties she had aside and sticking it right in. I can’t help but wonder how she was feeling while we were watching all these clips, sitting ever so closely to one another.

Probably I should mention that we both USUALLY have regular sex like a few times esat escort a day and just so happened that none of us had had sex for more than 2 weeks.

“Erm, I gotta ask you… If we weren’t so close… what wo…”

“I would have had your cock in my mouth some 4-5 hours ago.” She cuts in and interrupts me and she stares into my eyes. Ahh the intensive green eyes stare, you gotta wonder what she really means.

“So what you mean is we would have been fucking after just watching 15 minutes?” I ask her incredulously.

“Ohhhhhhh, don’t get me started we might actually end up fucking.”

“Hm, well that doesn’t sound THAT bad I might add…”

“Shut it” She does sound convincing. As keep pushing it and I will bash your face in. A tone I am rather familiar with.

“So you are not wet then?” I do want to know. I am guessing she is, but I want her to say it.

“We’ve been watching porn for the last five hours, talking about sex, fucking, rape and what not. How do you think?”

“I know I’m hard as a rock, but you are rather evasive. So are you wet or not? It’s a pretty straightforward question.”

“You know I have a boyfriend, right? I don’t cheat and neither do you. C’mon, we know each other. I could never do that to him, nor can u.”

“I guess you are right.” I know she is. I’d never cheat on my girlfriend, no matter how horny we both are. “Still… I didn’t ask you if you want me to fuck you right now, simply are you wet? You know it’s a big turn on!”

“I’m so horny I feel, like I’m drunk! But wait! I think I thought of something that will answer your question. Close your eyes!”

I do as I am told and listen for any sounds that may betray her intentions. I can feel her shifting around and the she says:

“Open your mouth.”

I do as I am told and then I can feel her inserting a finger into my mouth. Only its dripping wet! I open my eyes and I meet her dirtiest look possible. My eyes stare back in equal measure as I ever so slowly lick the sweet liquid off her finger. She tastes great, better than I would have imagined.

“Does that answer your question?” Her voice matches her look perfectly. I feel mesmerized and lean in, my mind is screaming against it, but its overruled.

“No.” She pushes me away and I stare confused.

“This was okay, what you were about to do is not.”

“I see. Then there is something I’d like to tell you. It’s a bit too much, but I guess if what you just did is okay then so is this.”

“What is it?” I can see the curiosity in her look.

“Close your eyes first.” She does as I ask.

I lean in and gently hug her from behind and put my lips a millimeter from her ear and whisper seductively:

“I’d love to see what panties you are wearing right now and just how soaked they are. In fact I’d love to have a taste.”

She stands up abruptly and turns around. I feel like I’ve crossed the line. Said and done too much. I can’t bring myself to face her.

“Look at me.” It’s a command, not a request.

I do so and am amazed to see that it’s not fury in her eyes but sheer fire. Then she does the craziest thing – she slowly reaches beneath her skirt and peels off her panties without breaking ankara escort eye contact. The sexual tension is at its peak, I feel intoxicated. I wonder what she will do next.

“Careful what you wish for.” She says and advances towards me. She straddles me with her legs spread and stuffs her soaking panties in my mouth and thus rendering me voiceless. My cock is hard as a rock and I can feel the heat from her naked pussy above my jeans. If only I could see it…

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be right back.” She stomps off and I hear her closing the toilet door behind her. I wonder if she is going to masturbate, but I sure as hell am.

I get her panties out of my mouth and examine them. It’s a skimpy red thong. I love thongs, they are so fucking dirty and sexy. I imagine it wrapped around her curves and especially the source of all these wonderful juices… and the scent! Don’t even get me started on the scent!

I lie down on my bed and unzip my jeans and pull them down. I notice there is a wet patch where her pussy has been. I bring her panties to my nose and take a whiff. My cock is out and I start stroking it slowly while I enjoy her scent. I have the feeling I’ll have enough time as either she’s doing the same or there is always the chance she will walk in on me and then… we’ll have to see what happens.

I’m immersed in her sweet scent and I hardly notice how I quicken up the pace and in no time I can feel my orgasm building up. Then it hits me, how to retaliate in kind. As I am about to cum, I lower her panties and wrap them around my cock and pump as fast as I can. I cum so hard, that my entire body strains and I can feel my feet twitching. Spurt after spurt I completely fill her panties with my jizz. I leave them on the desk and stand up to get fix my clothing. Just as I finish zipping up, she enters and shoots me a wondering look:

“What were you doing?” I just smile coyly in response and look her in the eyes.

She seems more at ease and has a certain glow about her. She definitely did it too.

“Well never mind, where are my panties?”

“Over there.” I point to my desk.

As she passes me to retrieve them I observe her closely. She is just about to pick them up when she notices what I have done. At this point I am at a loss as to what her reaction will be, but I definitely was not expecting what she did.

She picked them up and turned around facing me.

“So you cummed in my panties¸ you pervert.” Just as she finishes the sentence she brings her soiled thong to her mouth and licks a portion of my semen off. A moment passes and I am completely beside myself with sexual tension. I can feel my cock stiffen up for an instant.

If this amazed me then what she did next shocked to the point I had to check myself whether I was dreaming. She slowly raised one leg and ever as slowly as she had taken them off she put them back on, only this time they were stained with my thick sperm.

“Mm that feels very nice.” She says with a shudder. She keeps looking at me and closes the distance between us until our noses are touching and keeps staring me with that horny look of hers.

“You know I’ve wanted to fuck you for quite some time. Should we ever both be single again I will FUCK your brains out. I will not spare a hole and will have you feel me up with that thick white jizz.”

Just I as I am about to lose it and do something I might regret. She hugs me and then walks out, puts her shoes on and leaves without saying another word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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