Wild Ride

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“Would you like to come in?” I asked Mark as he dropped me off at my doorstep after our first date. I normally don’t invite guys in so soon, but Mark looked so cute in his tight, white t-shirt that I just wanted him right then and there. Not only did his muscles turn me, but the whole date had been wonderful: everything he’d said and done had just clicked with me. He was funny, charming, mysterious and…well, fucking sexy.

“Sure, that’d be nice,” Mark smiled.

“Ok, let me get the door,” I replied.

“Well?” he inquired after a few seconds of standing there.

“Oh,” I laughed, “I’m sorry,” I was so eager to have him that I hadn’t realized I’d been standing there like an idiot.

Recovering, I opened the door and motioned him in.

“Make yourself at home,” I told him and waved him to the couch. “I’ll be back in a second.”

He sat down and I headed to the bathroom for some last-minute adjustments. Everything had to be right –I didn’t want to blow my opportunity with such a sexy guy as we hadn’t even kissed yet. Remarkably, I could already feel my nipples getting hard for him. I’d never been so attracted to someone before.

After fixing my shirt (so as to not make my erect nipples so obvious) and performing a variety of other adjustments, I came out of the bathroom and walked over to the couch to sit next to Mark.

“Hi,” I smiled.

“Hi,” he said.

I giggled like a little school girl.

Thus began a series of questions and flirting back and forth for a few more minutes. He still didn’t kiss me, so I decided to be more aggressive and began to tease him by licking my lips and telling him about my bra…and how my boobs hardly fit in it, even though it was a 36DD.

“Oh, really?” He smiled and feigned ignorance. I pushed my chest out to reveal a mass of cleavage, then smiled back at him and giggled: Guys always love to hear about my boobs…and I always enjoy teasing with them. I love my boobs. They’re so round and firm and full. I usually have to squish them into my bras in the morning. When I wear a tanktop, my cleavage just looks so impressive. I usually stare at myself as I stand sideways in the mirror and just smile as my huge boobs look so sexy and jut out so far from my body. I’m not conceited, but I must admit that my juggs are fantastic. I get compliments on them all the time. And right now, from the looks of things, my tactic was working. I could see the lust in his eyes. He was enjoying every second of this.

Unable to resist any longer, he leaned over and went for the kiss.

Yes! I thought. About time. You’re all mine.

We proceeded to kiss passionately for what felt like an hour though was probably only a few minutes. In no time we making out as if the world was gonna end, tongue and all.

After a pause to catch out breath, I noticed a tremendous bulge forming in his pants.

Oh my God!, I thought as I stared at it, that dick looks huge!

As I marveled at it, he kept getting harder. I could feel my nice, 19 year old pussy getting really wet. It was already soaking into my lacy, black panties and wetting my crotch.

“MMMM that looks so good,” I said with a grin.

“You like it?” He asked….as if it wasn’t obvious. “You look so huge,” I added, “I want that in me.”


“Oh yea, wicked bad.”

“Why don’t you rub it first?” He asked.

I didn’t need further prodding. Reaching down, I began to rub my hand up and down that wonderful cock, feeling it strain against his jeans. The thing got harder as I did, and I swear it felt like it would rip through his pants.

“Oh…God,” he groaned.

“It’s so hard.” I said in a sultry voice, “It’s gonna rip your pants.”

“Oh yea,” he moaned again, “Keep rubbing baby.”

I gladly obeyed….his cock had to be at least 9 inches, and a good 3 inches thick. I began to get more excited as I rubbed it faster and faster, feeling my wetness soak through my panties and even noticed a small wet spot appearing in my tight jeans.

“Oh God, give me that dick,” I moaned.

“I don’t know,” Mark said as he gasped from the pleasure, “You might have to really convince me you want it,” he smiled.

“Oh yea,” I said, playing along with his teasing and inflating his ego, “I need that nice cock far in me, I need it really bad.”

“Take it then, baby, feel all of it,” He added, and with a loud groan.

I felt his cock stiffen even more and heard a loud tear….his jeans had actually ripped from the pressure of his amazing member and his cock came flying out to slap loudly against my forearm.

“Does it feel good to be free?” I asked with a laugh as I gazed at his cock. It was even bigger than I’d thought…a good 11 inches, anyway, and nearly as thick as a coke can. Veins were bulging from it, pulsing with blood. I grabbed it and could feel it throb in my hand.

“You have an incredible touch baby,” he whispered, “Now give that cock a lick.” Leaning forward, I used my tongue and licked the head of his cock. demetevler escort Precum was already moistening around it. “Mmmmm…tastes good.” I said. He put both his hands in my head and I slowly fit that thing in my mouth….it was so large that I literally had to open my jaw as wide as I could just to fit it in.

Wrapping my lips around it, I began to slowly get inch after inch of it down my throat. Having never experienced such a hung stud before, it was more difficult than I’d imagined. As I felt his head push against the back of my mouth, I began to gag, which I’d never done.

“Oh yea,” Mark added, “Gag on that dick.”

At first I wasn’t sure if I’d puke, but I was so eager for him that I complied, letting him thrust far into my throat again and again, choking and sputtering as he did. Oddly enough, the more he thrust and the more I gagged, the more I enjoyed it. After all, I knew I was probably the luckiest girl in the world to get to suck such a massive piece of meat.

So I gagged, again and again, until tears were streaking down my face. But, as I did, he urged me on, challenging me to fit even more in my mouth. I knew I couldn’t disappoint.

As the suck-fest went on, I began to ease up, and eventually found that I was taking nearly eight inches of him down my throat!

Developing a rhythm, we began to work together. He slowly thrust his tool far into my mouth until I could fit no more, then he’d hold my head there for a good five seconds, and I’d form a tight seal around his shaft with my lips while he hardened up even more, pushing down on my head as he thrust upward at the same time in an attempt to force more of himself into me…I which point I couldn’t help but gag. Mark didn’t seem to care. He was solely focused on receiving pleasure. I knew I was being treated as a sex object, yet I loved every second of it.

When he finally allowed my mouth some rest, I pulled him close to me and kissed him, letting him test his precum. Though I knew some guys didn’t like that, Mark loved it. He eagerly kissed me back, grabbing the back of my head and pushing our faces together in a passionate, horny frenzy.

At this point, we began tear each other’s clothes off.

“Fucking shit,” he said as he got my shirt off, finally getting glimpse of me in a tight, red bra. “Those are the best tits I’ve ever seen.”

Wasting no time, he then began to rub my breasts through my bra, making me even more excited. My nipples became so hard and pointy that I could’ve cut glass with them.

Taking my bra off, Mark then proceeded to suck on one of my breasts as he fondled the other.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned as he tongue caressed a nipple, “I can hardly fit those in my hand. They’re so big and squishy.”

I moaned an intangible reply. My pussy was pulsating.

He proceeded to suck and play with my tits for a good half an hour as we kissed again and again. During that time, I indulged him as often as I could, frequently sucking and licking my own nipples as he pushed my big tits together and held them up against my chin.

Finally, he managed to get down to my jeans, which now had a huge wet spot in the front. I’d be lucky to even wear them home.

“You’re so wet,” he observed.

“Mmmm, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard,” I replied.

He was in no rush. Instead of giving me that wonderful dick like I wanted, he began to rub my nice wet spot.

“Oooohhhhh,” I moaned. His fingers felt magical. “Don’t stop.”

He rubbed deeper and faster, and I felt myself nearing a climax.

“FUCK YEA!” I screamed, “I’m gonna fucking cum!”

He rubbed some more and I felt my pussy squirt its juice all inside my panties and all into my jeans. “Yes, yes, yes!” I screamed as I cummed again and again. The wet spot doubled in size!

Now, Mark was ready to fuck me.

He easily picked me up and stripped the soaked pants off of me, revealing my juice-stained panties. With his big cock poking out of his fly, he then pressed his body against me and let his hard cock slip between my legs, rubbing against the fabric of my panties. My entire body shuddered. I cummed again.

“Get that nasty juice all over my dick before I fuck you, baby,” Mark commanded.

I dry-humped him as hard as I could. In response, he grabbed the edges of my panties and pulled them upward so they were wedged into my pussy.

“Oooohhh,” I moaned some more.

“I’m gonna fuck that pussy so hard,” he replied as he continued to rub his dick against me. “I’m gonna make you cum harder than you ever have.”

“Oh, yes,” I said as I reached down and jerked him with my left hand while rubbing myself with my right. “Fuck me like a fucking little slut. Put that huge dick in me.”

Sliding my panties to the side, Mark pulled me toward him and began to lie on the couch, letting me take the top. As I began to lower down onto him, I could feel my pussy stretching to accommodate his head.

“Fuck that’s so big,” I said. Even dikmen escort as wet as I was, it still took me a good three minutes to even fit his head in. Looking down, my pussy lips were as stretched as I’d ever seen them and I still had to somehow take the rest of him.

“Take as much as you can baby,” he added as I gradually eased my way down.

“Ooohhhh, Oooohhhh, wow……wow…..wow!” I moaned as I began to feel him fill me up. After the initial wave of pain, I began to slowly slide up and down on him, taking a little bit more of him in me as my pussy got accustomed to the giant dick.

Soon, he was fucking me back and I was gladly bobbing on the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Even with my pussy stretched as much as it would go, and with him hitting my cervix with each deep thrust, I still couldn’t take all of him. Hell, looking down, I was amazed to see the sheer amount of dick that actually entered me!

Fucking shit, I thought as I rode him and occasionally glanced down at my stretched lips, My pussy will never be the same again….not that I truly cared. His cock felt so good, it was the only thing I’d ever need the rest of my life. I wanted to fuck that big dick five times a day!

After a good hour of non-stop fucking while I bounced on him and he fondled and sucked my breasts, Mark took me off him.

“Turn around,” he said. “I want to fuck you doggy style.”

“Ok,” I complied.

Getting on all fours, I stuck my nice, round, tight ass out to show off to him. He promptly smacked and squeezed it, then gave it a lick. A second later, I felt his big dick penetrate my pussy once more.

“Oh yea, you like getting ridden from behind, don’t you?” Mark said as he groaned.

“I love it.” I replied, feeling somewhat ashamed, but so horny that I didn’t really care.

“You’re a dirty little girl aren’t you?”


“You want to be fucked like an animal, don’t you?”

“Yea, keep fucking me like that,” I told him, “you fucking like that view?”

“Oh yea, you’re so fucking hot.”

“You like slamming far into that pussy and feeling how tight it is?”

“Fuck yea,” Mark added.

Ten minutes later I was cumming again as I felt his cock ram far into me and felt his large nuts slap against my ass.

“I want to fuck your ass,” Mark said as I gasped loudly.

Oh no, I thought, I’ve never done that before and there’s no way he’ll fit!

“But you’ll tear me apart!” I protested.

“I’ll go easy.” He assured me.

A second later, before I could protest anymore, he was using my pussy juice as lube and shoving a thumb into my tight, virgin butt hole.

Oddly enough, I kind of liked it.

Next, he fit two fingers in. Then he was using both hands to condition my ass for his cock. Finally, came the moment of truth…..

“AHHHHH! FUCK!” I screamed as I felt him start to enter my forbidden zone.

“Easy baby, relax and let it go in,” he replied.

His cock felt like it was going to ripe my ass wide open!

“Rub that pussy to take the pain away,” he replied.

I hastily did as he told. Although he hurt like hell, I wanted to do everything with him. I wanted to offer my tight ass to that big dick, no matter the cost.

In a few more minutes, I was taking several inches of that dick.

“Wow, your ass is gaping so wide,” He said as he pulled out one time.

“Yea,” I added, feeling embarrassed but turned on.

“You look so fucking hot!” He said. “I want to rail your ass so fucking hard.”

“Do it baby,” I responded as I began to like the feeling. “Stretch my tight ass out.”

He began to thrust deeper and harder into my ass. I was amazed that I was willing to endure this humiliation, but his cock felt so amazing I just had to let him use me.

I soon found myself taking the whole length of his shaft in me, and was bucking back against him, eager for even more!

“Oh yea,” Mark moaned while pulling my hair and pounding me, “I love your ass.”

“Yes, yes!” I screamed in ecstasy, “Fuck my asshole!”

“You’re a little ass-whore, aren’t you?” Mark said as he slapped my cheek and drilled me so hard I thought he’d break something.

“Yes!” I screamed, amazing myself. “I love having my ass fucked. I am an ass-whore. Now keep going until I cum again!”

“Oh fuck!” Mark groaned. He pulled all the way out of me, and I could hear my ass popping and feel the cool air rush into it. An instant later, I felt him barrel his shaft all the way in. Again and again he thrust me just like that, all the way in, then all the way out. Each time, I felt my ass gape a little more. I knew I’d probably never shit right again, but it didn’t matter. I cummed as I felt him slam me. Then I cummed again, this time squirting juice all over him.

“OHHH…AHHHH!” I screamed as I experienced the best orgasm I’d ever had, with my pussy spraying for a solid minute

“Stuff my ass some more,” I begged as I finished, “And shoot some nice cum in it!” I ordered.

I ankara escort felt him enter me again. This time, I did the nastiest, filthiest talking I could think of, begging him to stuff my ass and fill it with jizz, moaning, screaming and panting, feeling my ass have insane orgasms of its own as it anticipated his cum.

Finally, I felt that big dick throb inside me and, with a loud yell, Mark began to cum.

“Oh yes,” I moaned as I felt his slippery jizz shoot into my ass, “Give it there.”

He throbbed again, and again, and continued to throb for another fifteen seconds. In no time, I could feel the cum dripping out of my asshole, and down over my wildly-stretched, horny pussy. He’d filled my ass entirely with cum! God it felt so good.

My ass had never been happier.

“Taste that ass, you sexy bitch,” he said as he pulled out…he was asking me to do something else I’d never done…or even considered. I was unsure, but he looked so hard and good, I had no choice.

Wrapping my mouth around that dick again, I began to suck it, tasting the musk of my own ass and finding that I loved it! God, I felt like such a nasty slut, but it felt so fucking good.

When he’d finally gone limp, it was time for a break. We both caught our breath and fondled each other on the sweat-soaked couch.

“You’re so good,” he panted.

I smiled back at him, still lusting for that dick and wanting to cum yet again.

“How’d you get so huge?” I asked him in wonder. He laughed then responded,

“I take some vitamins.”

I laughed and kissed him. Minutes later, he was getting hard again. I aided him by using my hands to rub his balls and shaft. He then lied on his back, and I began to finger his asshole as I sucked him. When I did that, his dick seemed to just keep growing bigger! It got so big that we both began jerking it as he lied on his back and moaned. Seeing it go so far up his stomach, I then realized how easily he’d be able to suck it himself.

“How’d you like to taste your own dick, baby?” I asked him, getting wicked wet by the thought of that. His eyes filled with mischief. “Go ahead, give it a lick,” I prodded, getting even more excited. I knew he wanted to.

Leaning forward, Mark licked his cock head.

“Wow, that’s fucking hot!” I said with a grin. “Keep going!”

He did as requested, and soon we were both stroking his massive shaft while he licked the head of it. God, he’s so hard that he feels like a tree trunk! How can we have four hands on that thing and still have room to spare?

“OH YEAH!” He yelled and began to lick more furiously.

“Suck it for me baby, I want to see you suck it.” I begged. Leaning forward some more, Mark took his humungous cock head in his mouth and began to suck it as hard as I had earlier, slurping noisily.

Joining him, I too leaned forward. In seconds, we were both licking around his cock head and taking turns sucking on it. I felt myself climaxing again at the thought of Mark’s dick and how kinky this was. I left his cock head for a moment and traveled down his shaft with my tongue, and he eagerly took over sucking on his member, getting a good 3 inches of it down his throat.

“Oh yea,” I moaned in-between fondling his balls and rubbing his shaft with him, “You’re so thick and strong and hard. I love that dick. I love how it stretches my pussy and ass to the limit….I can barely fit it all in me.”

“Oh yea,” Mark gurgled intangibly in between sucks.

“I want to have your babies. And take all your cum,” I added, feeling hornier than I’d ever been. The thought of getting pregnant by that massive cock was almost enough for me to cum again.

“You like my cum?” Mark added as he paused and moaned again.

“Oh yea,” I said, “Let me see you shoot it all in your face and mouth baby.”

“Ok,” Mark agreed, so horny that he didn’t think otherwise.

Putting both my hands on his cock, alongside his, we started to jerk it really hard. I knew he was close to cumming again. Together, we worked on his cock, sucking away with fury. I could only imagine the unbelievable pleasure he was feeling as we cranked and sucked on it.

When I realized he was about to cum again, I verbally urged him on, “Go on baby, release that juice!” I yelled “Do it, do it now! Let it all out!”

With a massive groan, I felt Mark’s cock throb and he began to spurt all into his mouth.

“OOHHHH,” he yelled as it shot three huge bursts down his throat. With another yelled, he began to shoot all over his face, spurt after spurt….I counted as I urged him on….nine…ten…eleven.

In no time, his face was covered in his goo. I was dumbfounded that he still could cum with such ferocity after releasing a sizeable load into my ass…yet this load made that look like nothing. As he kept shooting, I realized that he couldn’t handle much more and leaned forward to take over for him. Spurt after spurt went into my mouth. Greedily, I tried to swallow every drop, but I realized that I couldn’t possibly take it all…it was just too much. Cum began to drip out of my throat, down my nice tits and all over me. It was in my hair, my eyes, my face, and still Mark kept cumming.

“Holy shit!” I laughed. “I’ve never seen so much cum before. Not even in pornos.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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