Sally That Girl Ch. 01

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Group Sex

Many of you have heard the song. Well this is the true story behind the song.

Sally started being curious about sex early on.

At 18 she finally decided to experiment with the wondrous feelings her body could generate. She started with various toys of various sizes and shapes, anything and everything she could find found it’s way into her blossoming form. The hunger she was feeling was never ending. She was always craving something more. So after a few months she decided to go out into the world to find the thing she craved. More contact with other people. So she packed her bags and left the farm, her Brady like family, and her world as she knew it.

She went west. California was the place where all the beautiful people went. She was a very beautiful young woman. All along the way she met many people. Many of whom she learned new things from. And most of all she got the one thing she was looking for. CONTACT. With lots and lots of people.

The first person she made contact with was the police officer who pulled her over for driving naked in a convertible.


It was sooo hot, her sweat had plastered her clothes to her body. You can’t drive though the desert in a car without a/c. So she pulled over on the empty road and stripped. She put the top down and laid her clothes on the back seat to dry. She climbed in and got about 80 miles away before she spotted the first car. A group of young guys passed her and started honking furiously. She slowed down and stood up waving. They seemed like a nice group of guys, maybe they could teach her a few things to sate the hunger of her lithe body. She started to sit back down when she passed the billboard that was hiding the cop. He saw her high firm breasts glistening in the sun as she drove past. Three seconds and he was behind her with his lights flashing and the car full of guys had disappeared when the siren had blared.

Sally sighed impatiently and pulled over. She was anxious to get gölbaşı escort on the road again to go find those guys. She was already starting to feel the hunger building in between her legs. She looked in the rearview mirror as the cop got out of the car. She looks him up and down and was amazed at how well he filled out his uniform. As he walked up to the car she couldn’t help but feel her nipples tighten about being caught in such a vulnerable position.

Joe was so amazed at his luck. A young woman with a golden tan sitting topless in a classic ’57 Chevy. As he approached her he saw her smile and he couldn’t help but feel like her was being drawn in. And how he wanted to be drawn in, deep inside of her glowing body. She was leaning on the door to cover up her body when he got to the car.

“Miss, I don’t know what’s proper for you where you come from but it’s not proper or legal to go driving around here topless.”

“I’m sorry officer but I was just so hot and this old car doesn’t have any air conditioning. I didn’t know what to do.”

“Well Miss I can certainly understand that but like I said it’s still not legal. May I see your ID?”

Hmm… if she’s of age I might just offer her a deal.

“Sally, please call me Sally, officer. In order to get my ID I need to get to my purse but I locked it in my truck. Also, I should tell you something. The laws regarding driving topless really shouldn’t apply to me.”

He backs up allowing her to open the car door.

“Sally why is that? Are you some kind of diplomat with immunity?” He asks worried.

She laughs,”Oh, no. But it shouldn’t apply to me being as I’m not topless.”

“You’re not?”

“No”, She says as she steps out of the car, “I’m naked”.

Joe almost fainted.


All the blood rushed from the other parts of his body to go directly to his already engorged manhood.

She giggled as she pranced to the trunk. Joe followed her watching the sway of keçiören escort her perfect ass. She braced her feet about two feet apart and bent over to open the trunk. Joe could see the swollen folds of her bare cunt. She opened the trunk right before he started to hyperventilate. As she opened the trunk she dropped the keys. She slowly squatted down to pick them up causing her to open up allowing him a glimpse of slippery pink skin. She straightened up and he let out a groan.

“Officer are you all right?”

“Um mm, yeah I’m fine. Can you please get your ID for me now?”

He wanted to get out of there as soon as possible so he could go sit behind the billboard and release the pressure building in his balls. If she kept this up he might do something he’d regret. But damn would he enjoy it.

She could see the fear in him. She could smell it. She wanted this. He was her prey.

A glance at his straining fly told her all she needed to know. She turned around and leaned almost all the way into the trunk to get her purse. She still couldn’t reach it and had to prop one high heeled foot on the bumper and as she grabbed her purse she heard a strangled moan. She climbed off the car and turned around to see the cop leaning against his cruiser with his hand moving up and down his shaft staring at her. She’d never seen a cock before. She walked over to him and he slowed his pace, panic crossing his face. Even while he was scared his hand still made slow strokes. Up. Down. Up. Down. Sally was right in front of him now and handed him her ID.

“I believe you wanted this?”

He snapped out of it and tried to stuff his cock back in his pants,

“I’m so sorry Sally. I didn’t mean any offense. Really. Please don’t report me.”

“Officer, why ever would I do such a thing. You were just getting ready to teach me the basics of a strip search and since I’m already stripped why don’t you instruct me on how to do one to you?”

Joe was afraid ankara escort the heat had effected his hearing. It took her hands unbuttoning his shirt to convince him he wasn’t dreaming.

She had his shirt off and his pants around his ankles before he knew it. She was on her knees in front of him examining his member.

She looked up at him expectantly licking her lips. He nodded to her and soon he was enveloped in her hot little mouth. Her tongue made circles around the head of his cock and her bottom teeth scraped the ridge under it sending him closer to the edge. She sucked and licked till he thought he couldn’t take it anymore. He had to pull her off of him. He was so close that he knew when he came it would be the only time for a few hours.

“Sally stop. Come here.”

He had her lean over the hood of his cruiser and placed one of her legs on the front bumper leaving her wide open. He cuffed her hands behind her back. Her clit was mashed against the corner of the hood.

“Now hold still baby.”

Joe slid his cock deep into her tight virgin cunt. He stuffed her little box repeatedly. In. Out. In. Out. With every in stroke her clit was stimulated by the hood. She never knew such fulfillment. Her little toys at home never stretched her out like this.

“Harder officer! Harder! mm….. Oh god …….”

Over and over again he slammed into her. He used her like a rag doll. She came and came and came and came. She lost track of how many climaxes she reached. When Joe started to feel his balls tighten up he pulled out and ordered her to lay flat on his hood as he jacked himself only to cover her in cum.

After he was dressed again he uncuffed her and she took a handful of cum off of her tummy and put it in her mouth.

“Yummy, just what I needed. Thank you officer. “

“Anytime. Here’s my number. Give me a call next time you’re in the area.”


She wobbled back to her car and drove off in the direction the car full of guys went. After that episode with the cop she needed to clean up but she didn’t want to spend the night all alone.

But that’s a story for another time.

Please let me know what you think as this is the first part of the series. Your feedback rates how many chapters Sally has.

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