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I met her at a New Year’s Eve party.

I had shown up at the party with the intention to fuck. My girlfriend and I were not getting along. In fact, we had been fighting for months. She was on the East Coast visiting some family of hers and I was here, in California. I was so fed up with her that I finally decided, that night, that I was going to fuck someone else.

I was twenty three, but most of the people at the party were nineteen or twenty. My friend Sammy was throwing the party. He was three years younger than me, and normally I don’t hang out with people younger than me, but he and I had become good friends recently so here I was.

Before I got to the party, Sammy asked me if I could buy a case of beer on behalf of some girl at the party. When I showed up with the case, the girl turned out to be extremely hot. She was short, wearing a flower print dress, brown hair, tan skin, and the most perfect, round ass. She gave me a hug and said, “Thank you so much!”

As soon as she was out of earshot, Sammy said to me, “She’s fuckin’ hot isn’t she?”

“Uh, yeah,” I replied. “She have a boyfriend?” I didn’t care if she did, but it was a way of finding out if there were any obstacles standing in the way of my fucking her that night.

“No dude. But you already have a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, I’m not talking about being her boyfriend.”

“Oh, for sure,” Sammy said with a grin.

I chased this girl around for half the night, even managing to dance with her for about thirty seconds. But as I followed her around, I watched her kick back one can of beer after another. And this was a small woman. Within a couple hours she was shitfaced and seemingly oblivious to everything and everyone, including me. When she sat down on a couch I noticed she could barely stay conscious. I’m the type of guy who likes my women fully conscious, so I said “fuck it” and walked away.

I walked outside, into Sammy’s backyard, into the cold winter air. California cold, meaning you should put on a sweatshirt. I was becoming fed up with the party. It felt like I was back in high school, and I was not into that. I was thinking about leaving when Sammy’s dog ran up to me. It was a huge dog, I don’t know what kind, but it had long, white fur and loved to be petted. I kneeled down in the grass and pet the dog—out in the chilly air, under the moonlight. It was kinda nice, actually. Almost put me in a peaceful mood.

“You two are getting along well.” I looked up to see some chick standing behind me, smoking a cigarette and watching me pet the dog.

“Yeah, he’s very friendly.” There was a long pause as this girl and I stared at each other. It was hard to make a full assessment in the dark, but she seemed fairly attractive. Short, quite slim, long black hair, pale skin, dark brown eyes, a pretty but not beautiful face, a friendly smile. She was wrapped in a large, black winter coat, kind of overdressed.

I stood up straight and took a step closer to her. “You wanna pet him?” I asked her.

“No, I’ve pet him many times before. I don’t want to get his hair all over me.” We both smiled. “What are you doing out here?” she asked me. “You’re not enjoying the party?”

“Not really. Not really turning out to be what I wanted it to be.”

“And what did you want it to be?”

“Well, there’s this girl in there I wanted to fuck, but she’s so drunk I don’t want her anymore.”

“And there’s no other girls in there you want?”

“None that aren’t paired up with their boyfriends.”

“So now you’re stuck out here, alone, petting a dog, at a New Year’s Eve party?”

“Yep. You’re out here too.”

“I wanted a cigarette.”


Just then her phone rang. She answered it and walked away from me. I stood there for a while, the dog nuzzling my leg trying to get attention, and I thought to myself that if this girl doesn’t come back soon I’m gonna bounce.

A couple minutes later she came back. “I have to go,” she said abruptly. “I wanted to tell you that I have a boyfriend.”

“I have a girlfriend.”

She paused for a second. “Here’s my number.” She handed me a piece of paper with her number already written on it. Yasmin, it said her name was.

She walked away. It was kinda cool, the way that went down. But it was obvious I wasn’t going to fuck her that night, and there was no one in the party I wanted to fuck. So I left. Didn’t even stay for the ringing in of the new year. I went to bed alone that night, my plans to cheat on my girlfriend surprising unsuccessful.

A few months went by. My girlfriend and I were still together. It was OK. We fought a lot but we always made up and had great make up sex.

I never called Yasmin. Things were going well enough with my girl, and besides I’m not the type who usually cheats. I had cheated only once before in my life, and I had felt bad about it afterward.

Then one day I was on Facebook and suddenly I got a friend request. It was Yasmin. It took me a few seconds to even remember who she was. As soon as bahçelievler escort I did, I accepted her request.

I started looking at her pictures. Immediately, I was shocked. One of the first pictures that came up was of her in a bikini and there it was: she had huge tits! How had I not noticed them the night I met her? She did have on the big coat, and it was dark. Wow, I couldn’t believe they had snuck past me. But there they were. I’m not great with breast sizes, but I would guess maybe F’s. And like I said before, she was fairly short with a slim body, so that made her tits look all the more impressive.

I felt a stirring in my dick. I really wanted to fuck her.

I looked at her current city. Some town in Washington. That sucks. Too far away to fuck.

Just then a message popped up from her. “Hey there! I had to search through all of Sammy’s friends to find you. Sagittarius huh?”

I guess she had looked at my birthday. Zodiac signs were usually a lame topic of conversation some guys used when trying to pick up girls. I was surprised she was bringing it up, but whatever.

“I study astrology a lot,” she continued. “I’ve heard good things about Sagittarians.”

“Really, like what?” I wrote back.

“Hmm…let’s save that conversation for later…you never called me.”

“Yeah.” Lame response, but that’s all I came up with in the moment.

“I’m gonna be in town soon. I’m coming home for Spring Break. Wanna hang out?”


“What’s your number?”

I gave her my number and a couple weeks later I got a text. “Still wanna hang out?” “Yes,” I replied. “How’s Friday work for you?” “Friday is good.”

Friday was good. My girlfriend, a grad student at Cal, was going to an architecture conference in Santa Barbara. She was catching the Amtrak train early Friday morning.

Friday came. I woke my ass up at 6AM and drove my girl to the train station, kissed her goodbye and told her I would miss her. I got home, took a shower, and as I was getting out of the shower my phone rang.


“Hey. It’s Yasmin.”

“Oh, hi. How’s it going?”

“Good. How are you?”

“I’m good.”

“What are you doing right now?”

“I just got out of the shower.”

“Oh.” Her voice dropped a little. I could tell she was turned on. “You have any plans today?”


“So…can you meet me at noon?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Do you know the park at Lakeshore and Mandana?”

“Yeah I know it.”

“Can you meet me there?”

We met at the park and talked for a good twenty minutes. As confident as she was at the party, now I was seeing the nineteen year-old girl come out. Still a little nervous with a new guy, and with cheating on her boyfriend. After twenty minutes she asked me if I was hungry and wanted a bagel. She explained that the bagels were at her house.

We stood in her kitchen, eating bagels and cream cheese. I noticed the Jewish iconography all over the house.

“Yeah, my mom’s a Conservative Jew,” Yasmin explained. “So there’s like five levels of Judaism, and Conservative is the second-most strict. We were never religious until my parents divorced. Then my mom got super religious and became Conservative.”

“Do you practice?” I asked her.

“I don’t like any of that shit. I used to hate it when my mom would force me to do all the things. Now I go along with it to make her happy and it doesn’t bother me so much any more.”

“So you don’t believe in it?”

“Hell no. I think religion is, I don’t know, a crutch people use to give their life meaning. It’s like, they let someone else tell them the meaning of their life instead of finding out for themselves, because finding out for themselves is too scary or difficult.”

I gave her a little “that’s nice” smile. What she was saying was interesting, but I was horny and we had been talking for almost an hour. The bagel was a good idea, though. I would need my energy.

“So, you said I was a Sagittarius?” I asked her.

“Oh, yeah.”

“And you say you’ve heard good things about Sagittarians?”

“Uh, yeah. I study it a lot. I found this book about the signs and what they mean sexually.”


“Yeah, let’s see. First of all, Sagittarius men are ass men.”

“Oh.” I tried not to show any reaction to that one. I was an ass man, but she didn’t have much of an ass so I didn’t want to make her feel bad. I wanted to focus on her amazing tits.

“Sagittarius men like to plow the field.”


“When they’re fucking, they tend to just plow away.”

OK, I thought. I guess that could describe me, but couldn’t it describe just about any guy?

“Anything else?”

“They tend to be fairly well-hung.”

Oh, I liked the sound of this. I didn’t think it had anything to do with my sign, but somehow she had guessed correctly.

I gave her a naughty smirk. “Fairly?” I replied.

After a long pause she said, “Wanna see my bed?”

Next thing I knew, I was sitting balgat escort on the edge of her bed, shirtless. She was in my lap, her arms and legs wrapped around me, and we were kissing. She stroked my fit, lightly-haired chest. “You’re so fucking sexy,” she whispered.

I didn’t say anything. I just started unbuttoning her white blouse. It fell to the floor to reveal her massive, pale white breasts covered by a black bra. Her very long, straight black hair reached down past her breasts, and some of her hair rested on her breasts, obscuring my view. “Pull your hair back,” I told her. She did as she was told, holding her hair behind her head with one hand. I made it completely obvious that I was staring at her breasts. I sat there for a few moments, staring. I was taking it slow, savoring the sight. I could tell she liked it.

I unhooked her bra and let it fall. Her massive tits spilled out. The areolas were huge and brown, contrasting against her porcelain skin. The breasts sagged just a little, but they looked very firm. Yasmin didn’t have an ounce of extra fat on her body, and she was young, so it made sense that her huge tits would be extremely firm. I squeezed them with my big hands, then immediately started sucking on one nipple, then the next.

“This is so sexy,” she said in a horse and whispered tone.

I devoured her tits. I buried my face in them, squeezing, licking. It was like I couldn’t get enough. She moaned, louder and louder. She wrapped her arms around the back of my head and pulled me in tighter. It was like she was nursing me and I was a very aggressive baby.

“You’re tits are so big,” I told her.

“You like them?” she asked.

“I fuckin’ love ’em. I could suck your tits all day.” I buried my face in them again. I really was loving her tits. My girlfriend had small tits, and my girlfriend before her had small tits. It popped in my head that I hadn’t sucked a really big pair of tits in almost three years. In fact, I had only sucked one pair of tits in my whole life that were bigger than the tits I was sucking right now.

As I kept sucking and licking her nipples they stuck out more and more. Almost an inch long, I think. “You have the longest nipples I’ve ever seen,” I told her.

“You like them?” For a moment she seemed insecure.

“I love them.” I did. I never thought nipple length made a difference, but sucking on these big, long nipples drove me crazy. Yes, I thought to myself, these were the best tits I had ever encountered in my life.

She was moaning loudly now, almost screaming. Suddenly she pulled me off her breasts. “Lay down,” she said. I did as I was told, scooting back on the bed so I could lay out fully. She straddled me, topless but still wearing her black yoga pants. I was shirtless but still had my jeans on.

“I wanna tell you something,” she said. “I was sexually assaulted once. Not raped, but assaulted.” I listened attentively. “So I have to be on top.”

“OK,” I replied.

“That’s OK with you?”

“Sure, absolutely. Why wouldn’t it be?”

“It’s just some guys need to be on top.”

“Oh, I mean, I like being on top. I like all positions. Top, bottom. I like it all.”

“Good,” she smiled. She stood up on the bed, standing over me, and took her pants off. She wasn’t wearing panties. I looked up to see a dark black bush, her pussy lips just barely visible. I could tell she trimmed a little, but she still had a lot of hair down there. “I’ve been growing it out. I got tired of shaving it bare. I was wondering, ‘Why does everyone shave it bare like a little girl?’ So I grew it out.”

“Cool,” was all I said. I really didn’t give much of a shit. I think I prefer something like a landing strip, or bare, but a bush doesn’t bother me. Especially if I’m not going down on the girl, which at this moment I wasn’t.

She sat down, straddling me again. I saw that she had a small tattoo of a violin “S”, above and to the left of her pussy. I touch it gently. “Oh, did I tell you I’m a singer?” she exclaimed, looking down at her tattoo. “No,” I said. She put her hands on my hard abs and ran her fingers along the indentations of the muscles. She lightly pulled the hair on my stomach, following it down to the top of my jeans. “I’ll tell you about it later,” she said as she undid the button on my jeans.

Slower she pulled down the zipper. I wasn’t wearing underwear. The first thing she saw was my somewhat sizable mass of brown, uncut pubic hair. Next came the top of my thick shaft. My girth is seven and a half inches around. Almost freakishly thick. She gasped when she saw it. To see the rest she had to pull my jeans down. When she got past the big, bulging pink head, the whole dick popped out, rock hard, and pointed up toward my head. My dick is eight and a quarter inches long, to be exact. Uncut, a tan-ish pink, with a bulging head and massive, hairy balls.

“Oh my God!” Yasmin exclaimed. “I had a feeling you were well-hung but not this…” she trailed off as she gripped ankara escort my shafted and stroked it very slowly. She fondled my balls with her other hand. “So hairy. I love it. Why don’t you shave?”

“My girlfriend asks me not too. Says it’s more like a real man.”

“Does she shave?” The way Yasmin said it, I could tell she was getting turned on by the conversation. With my jeans around my ankles, Yasmin was now sitting so she was straddling just one of my legs, her hairy pussy resting against my muscular thigh. She was now gripping my shaft with two hands and stroking it gently. She began to grind her pussy against my thigh and I could feel her wetness.

“Yeah, she shaves everything completely bare. She says a woman should be bare and a man should be hairy. She won’t let me shave my face clean either.”

“I bet she can’t get enough of this big, hairy dick.” She ground her crotch harder into my thigh.

“No, we fuck like three times a day. And she sucks my dick every day. She actually promised me that she would suck my dick every single day as long as we are together. Even if we’re not getting along she still sucks my dick.”

“She’s a lucky woman. My boyfriend…” She trailed off as she tilted her head back and kept grinding into me. She wasn’t really stroking me anymore. She seemed to be too lost in pleasure for that, though she kept one hand holding on to my dick.

“I should tell you, Gemini women, when they have sex, they kinda seem like they’re just masturbating by themselves.”

“Oh yeah?” was all that came out of me. I was tired of talking, and I didn’t care how she seemed when she was fucking. I just wanted to fuck.

Luckily she had the same thought. She brought her pussy over my dick, and holding it up straight, she slowly lowered herself down. No condom. I had never had sex with a girl outside of a relationship without a condom. It was never a question for me. But here was this girl, just putting it in, and it was fucking hot.

The head went in slowly. She was extremely tight. Small girl, maybe 5’3″, skinny, small hips. I had thought initially she might be afraid. Bigger girls than her had been. But she showed no fear or hesitation. She kept pushing down, slowly squeezing me inside her. She bit her lip, scrunched up her face, and only let out a small whimper. She got halfway down, where my shaft is thickest, then came back up. She did this once more, getting halfway down then coming up.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked.

I thought to myself, “Maybe she just had to have a taste of it bare before putting the condom on.” I took my jeans off all the way and got one out of my pocket. She laughed when she saw I had brought a strip of five.

I put the condom on, and this time I held my dick up for her. She dropped down slowly, this time taking me all the way inside her. She kept the whole shaft in and very slowly started to grind her hips. She moaned quietly at first, but quickly got louder. I started rubbing her clit with my thumb, and with my other hand I grabbed one of her massive tits. She moaned even louder.

She grabbed the headboard and started thrusting her whole body forward, bouncing up and down on my dick. The headboard slammed into the wall with every thrust. I put my hands on her thighs and just enjoyed the view of her tits swinging back and forth. She started screaming with every thrust, and I looked to the side and saw her bedroom window was wide open and there was an apartment building maybe ten feet away. I couldn’t see any people from my vantage point, but I wondered if anyone could hear or see us. I hoped they could.

I was too amazed by the sight of her huge tits swinging and the sound of her screaming, along with the pounding of the bed into the wall, to do anything but watch and try not to cum. She said nothing the whole time, just kept screaming. I almost came at one point, but I was able to stay completely relaxed and it went away.

Finally her screaming reached its peak and she collapsed onto me, her tits pressed against me and her long hair fanned out across my face. She held me tight as her breath slowed down. Finally she came up and gave me a long, passionate kiss. The kiss felt loving, actually, which had not been the nature of our previous kissing. In all, I don’t think it took her five minutes to cum.

She laid her head back down on my chest. Neither of us said anything. I hadn’t come and I was still inside her, hard. It was the afternoon and I could hear birds chirping outside the window.

Then a phone rang. It wasn’t mine. She sat up and grabbed her phone off the nightstand. She sat up straight, still on my hard dick, still completely naked, and answered the phone.

“Hi Mom…” she said. “Yeah, OK…Yeah, bye.”

“My mom’s coming home,” she told me, a disappointed look on her face. I was disappointed too. “She’ll be back in like twenty minutes. You have to go. She will freak if she sees you. I told you how she is.”

“Yeah, OK,” I said. We stayed in that position for a little while, not saying or doing anything. It was obvious neither of us wanted me to go.

“I didn’t cum,” I said. “Can we go a little longer, so I can cum?”

“OK,” she said and she rolled off me and laid flat on her back, spreading her legs. “But be gentle. Remember what I told you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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