Manju and my Sweaty Dreams

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So basically Manju was a senior to me in school while she was only 20 and I was 19. I saw her for the first time when she joined the same school van as I travel to school. At first we just spoke normally and everything was going good. But one day, I don’t know what happened but something started to go in my mind and gave me wild thoughts about Manju. Talking about Manju, she basically looked like a busty whitish Aunty while was only 20 and going to High school. She probably had a 36D boobs size and for most of the time while coming back from school, based on what I have noticed, her underarm folds of her school shirt was atleast most of the time Sweaty and a dusky smell was coming from it all the time. To say I have an Armpit fetish myself and seeing this woman with big tits and sweaty armpits along with nice jet black traditional hair, I was on cloud nine to be honest. So that was the day I decided to somehow fuck her in the van itself.

I was trying for ways and ways to get chance cuz in the school van along with both of us, another 7 more people come with us and everything seemed like fucking Manju was a dream in this situation plus she also doesn’t know my true intentions so now I was in this double header situation where I had to look for a chance to seduce Manju and disperse the other students in the van. So on one hot Tuesday while coming back home, there wasn’t that much students in the van and as usual me and Manju were sitting in the back seat of the van and talking normally. As you guys can imagine the view I was watching through my eyes on this very hot day is immeasurable. Sweat drops were dripping from her hair and her shirt was wet af plus there is not even AC in our van so everyone was sweating and Manju the Sweat Goddess was taliking to me.

I first asked her casually do women like to shave normally, and her reply turned me to a rocket. She said that most etlik escort of the women do shave but in her situation she hasn’t shaved her body in the last 7 years and I can clearly see the wild hairs grown in her legs and her arms so I probably imagined that she must be having an Amazon forest both in her pussy and her armpits. So I just for fun asked her can you show me your body hair and then she tapped my head and asked me whether I had gone mad or what like and started laughing vigorously. This time we were sitting closely and I tried my best to make all moves. Then next I told her that I can see some black ink mark in her shirt near her armpit region and she raised her arm innocently. My goodness it felt like a nuclear bomb was detonated as the dusky smell that was coming from her sweaty armpits hit my nose directly and I went close to examine the black ink mark but was silently smelling her pits. Bad thing was that she was wearing her shirt and if there wasn’t anyone in the van probably I would have tore her shirt and sucked her milky big tits and would have eaten her armpits.

I touched the wet part of her armpit and brought my finger back to my nose and smelled it and her expression was like chiiiiiiiii. Then we both had the last stop to get down from the van and when the student before me got out of the van, suddenly the van ran out of petrol in the middle of a forest type farmland and our van driver with the help of another friend told us that he’ll fetch petrol in the nearby station and said that it would atleast take 2 hours to be back and I was going nuts thus readily agreed and he left. There onwards my main masala starts as there was no one in the van except me and Manju. Since it was sweating heavily I removed my shirt in the van and she was like what the hell are you doing and I replied for fun, if it was sweating you can also remove your shirt and ankara eve gelen escort I wouldn’t mind since we are close friends. She again was furious but was giving a wicked smile which gave me a green signal. Then I said let’s play Dare only extreme version where anything can be given as a dare and she also agreed to play. Firstly she gave me the dare where she asked me do a pole dance in the seat. I was like damn she’s not innocent as I danced while she was looking at my sweaty chest. Next it was her turn and I gave the option since it is warm and sweating heavily she should take off her shirt. She was like she can’t do that but I replied dare is dare and she was like fine and started to unbutton her shirt and opened it for my surprise. She was wearing a white bra and raised her arm to tie a knot in her hair and guess what, she had an Amazon hairy armpits drenched in sweat.

I lost my mind and accidentally I put my hand in her right armpit and started to pull out her jet black armpit hair and she was giving out moans. Next I put my left hand under her skirt and started to finger her pussy over her panty. Both of us were now enjoying then I started to lick her hairy armpits vigorously by pulling out those hairs with my teeth, and she started to scold me in abusive words like you naughty chutya and many more but I was having the time of my life. Then I started to puddle her boobs while the white bra was on like a chappati and she liked it a lot then I took off my pants and gave my big cock to her mouth but firstly before giving to her mouth, I rubbed the head of my cock in both her hairy sweaty armpits and then only stroked it in her mouth. She was like tasty mmmmmm and she sucked my dick nicely while I raised both her arms and placed it behind her head and was just running my fingers through the hair in her armpits. After she sucked my dick I took ankara escort off her skirt and removed her brown panties which were already wet only the discover the Amazon in her pussy which was also pre-cummed and wet. I started off by eating her clit which was pretty big and she was moaning wildly. Trust me this was one of the tastiest hairy pussies I had in my life which could be worth millions and then I placed the head of my dick in her chut. Her pubic region was so hairy that the tip of my dick got lost the forest and if she had to shave her pussy and armpits, a normal razor wouldn’t work as she would probably require a grass cutting machine HaHa.

Anyways coming back to the story, when I started to rub her pussy with my cock she started to moan out and asked me to tear apart her pundai (pussy). I slowly inserted and started to fuck her boldly as I wished before. While fucking her, I tore her white bra and directly placed my mouth on her dark nipples, and damn it felt like eating donuts. I was sucking milk from her big tits while pounding her hairy pussy with my big dick. This continued for a few more minutes before I felt like cumming and asked her where can I cum, like a good girl she raised her right arm and told me to cum in her right hairy armpit since the van driver was coming back and if he sees semen in Manju’s face then both of us will get in trouble. So I released a huge load in her hairy armpit and she brought one of her finger and spreaded the cum all over the armpit and brought the finger back to her mouth and tasted my cum. She was like, this is a healthy load and both of us were laughing. Then I wore her panties while she can’t wear her white bra since I tore it so she just wore her sweaty shirt only and her skirt with no panties since she also didn’t realize that I wore it. We both dressed up and in 5 minutes of time, the van driver came back and filled the petrol. Damn that was a close finish and then he started the vehicle and drove to her house plus before Manju got down from the van, I raised her skirt and spanked her bare ass without the driver knowing and then only she realized about her panties and got down from the van.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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