Cindy’s Journey Ch. 01

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A few months after her graduation, Cindy left her college behind, with all the bad memories. She sold or gave away all that she didn’t want. She just wanted to get to New York City, to be with her sister: Sandy had told her that they had plenty of room. She had moved to New York a few years prior to live with their cousin Shanda.

They were both tall, blonde, and curvy, they looked glamorous to her. Sandy was five years older than Cindy. Cindy was the petite version of her. At 5′ 8″, Sandy had ‘legs for days’, she started modeling when she was 22.

She had those prominent, full lips. Sky blue eyes and a slim nose sat on a round face with high cheek-bones. Her light blonde hair was cut to just below her jaw line. When she curled it, she resembled Marilyn Monroe.

Cindy was greeted warmly by them. They shared a group hug in their lobby. Sandy shared a penthouse with Shanda, their cousin. Shanda gave her a kiss on the lips, which surprised her. She had not seen Shanda in over 5 years. She was getting lines on her face, but she was still a stunning beauty, with a voluptuous body.

They took the elevator upstairs. When they walked through the front door, Cindy was amazed. The place was bigger than her childhood home. Opulent and well decorated, with rich red, brown and cream colors. There was a big living room, with an immaculate kitchen with the newest appliances by the dining room. It had a beautiful oak dining table that seated 12 that sat in front of the big picture windows that overlooked the city.

Sandy walked her down the main hallway to her room. She was overjoyed with how nice it was, it was fully furnished with a plush carpet. She even had her own bathroom.

“Thank you so much for inviting me.” Cindy beamed at her sister. “I love this room!”

“You’re very welcome.” Sandy smiled back. “After everything you’ve been through, it’s the least I could do.”

Shanda walked in. “I don’t mean to interrupt, but Cindy your boxes are here.”

“Ohh OK, umm, just tell them to bring them in here Shanda.” Cindy said.

Shanda had hired a couple of young men to bring her stuff upstairs. They left her boxes in the corner of her spacious room. The handsome one smiled at Cindy as he left. Cindy started unpacking her clothes and put them in her new dressers.

After a while, she was called to dinner. The lobster and salad was amazing, and the expensive wine made her tired. She got up from the cushy chair that sat alongside the couches near the fireplace.

“Thank you for everything, again. But I am tired. It’s been a long drive, so I’m gonna go to bed.”

Shanda got up and gave her a big hug. “Welcome to New York Honey.” She kissed her on her forehead and looked into her eyes. “Go get some sleep.”

“OK, thank you. I will. Good night Sandy.”

“Goodnight sweetie.” Sandy raised her glass to her and smiled.

Cindy deeply admired her sister’s beauty. She would always turn heads, causing jealous girlfriends when they caught their boyfriend’s staring. She had the ideal ‘renaissance period’ body. Like a master sculptor had chiseled her in his wet dreams. Her thick thighs curved up into a wide bottom. Her natural 38DD breasts had a sensual roundness to them. They rested above her flat stomach. She worked out hard, and it showed.

Cindy walked back to her spacious new room. She decided to strip. There was a full- length mirror on the wall, so she looked herself over. She had started running every day a year ago. She had lost some fat, and was nice and toned now. Her athletic legs and tight, round butt was the result of a lot of squats in the gym.

She looked at her nipples. Puffy and shaped like small funnels, they were highly sensitive and protruded off her firm 36D breasts. They always looked like they were going to burst out, she had finally become comfortable with her body after all her struggles. She had been shamed a lot when she was younger.

Catholic schools are the fucking worst, she thought. The teachers were so mean to her, most of the other kids teased her and shunned her. She often sat alone at home and sobbed quietly. Her mother was a bitter and verbally abusive widow. Cindy had cut herself a few times, it helped to stop the pain. But the hurt always came back.

She breathed in deeply, bringing herself back to the mirror. Her hands roamed down to her stomach, and she slid her fingers over her trimmed pubic hairs. They were light blonde, and tickled her fingers. Her phone beeped, breaking her focus. She reached for her purse, digging for her phone. Then her blue vibrator fell out, she had forgotten about it.

She checked her messages and put her phone on silent. She put it down, and picked up her vibrator. It was small, but the motor was powerful. She turned it on, feeling the smooth tip. It was slightly curved and soft. She pressed it to her left nipple, pinching the other with her free hand. She circled it on her nipple, her pussy lips began to drip. After a few minutes, she moved it down to her etlik escort clit. Her clit was super sensitive, as blood swelled her genitals. She slid the vibrator into her wetness, she started to shake.

She came with a series of low moans, her body tensing up. She pushed up on the balls of her heels, her whole body surrendering to the powerful impulse. She gripped the dresser to steady herself as her eyes rolled back. “Ahhhh, fuuuck, yesss….mmmmm.” More orgasms came quickly, as she cried out.

Her thick juices were running down her leg, and she hoped no one had heard her. She went to the bed and laid down, still fondling her large breasts. She loved touching herself. She flopped onto her bed and watched herself in the mirror, caressing her pussy. She tasted herself with her fingers, it was intoxicating. Then she made circles on her wet clit, and started frantically finger fucking herself.

She didn’t know, but she had forgotten to ensure her door was completely closed. Her door was cracked. After a few minutes, she laid on her bed relaxing in post orgasmic bliss.

Then more pleasant memories came back. She then remembered Mindy, Mindy’s family moved in when she was 16. They met at school and became fast friends, Mindy was very sincere towards her and always showed her kindness. One day, she told off a group of students that were bullying Cindy. Cindy almost burst into tears because she was so touched by her compassion. They did everything together, those were the happiest days of Cindy’s life.

A few years later, Cindy was 18 and in her Senior year of high school with Mindy. The morning after Mindy’s 18th birthday, Cindy awoke next to her. They kissed each other and Cindy felt a tingling all over her body. They laid next to each other for a few minutes in a tight embrace. Then Mindy’s mom called them to breakfast, but Cindy couldn’t stop thinking about their kiss as she ate her pancakes.

After that day, every time she saw Mindy, she couldn’t stop looking at her body. Mindy was a bit taller than her at 5′ 7″, puberty had been kind to her. She was thin like Cindy, but her breasts were bigger. When she wore a T- shirt in the summer, they looked ready to pop out. She was always nervous that Mindy would catch her lusting after her.

A few weeks later, they graduated. And they had a lot of time together, she felt her feelings for Mindy blossoming into something deeper than friendship.

And while Mindy didn’t say anything, her body language towards her had changed. She had kissed her a few more times in a teasing way, but seemed unsure how to make the next move.

Mindy came back from a short family vacation, just in time for their friends birthday at the lake. They went to the lake to swim with Mindy’s friends. They later walked to Mindy’s house hand-in-hand, Mindy smiled at her with a glimmer in her lovely eyes. They went into her room to change. Mandy just dropped her wet bathing suit right in front of her. Cindy gasped at the sight. Her thin frame had the most beautiful breasts she had seen in person. But also she had a thick, brown bush of pubic hair, around the pussy she had dreamed about.

Cindy felt her pulse quicken, and she looked nervously at Mindy. The body she had thought of naked was right in front of her. It all became so clear to her at that moment: why she wasn’t attracted to boys, She was in love with Mindy. Mindy had always been so good to her, she had fully accepted her.

Mindy didn’t appear shy at all. “Cindy, you can look. It’s OK, you’re my best friend. I like your body too.”

Cindy felt a flood of emotions in that moment. She tried to keep her composure, and she still felt a bit awkward. “You-you do?” She asked.

Mindy walked the short distance to her. Surprising her by holding her head softly, she looked at her with her big doe eyes. “Yes honey, I really do. You know, we’ve been friends for a few year’s. But I’ve only kissed you on the lips fully, a few times.” She caressed her pale skin. “Can I kiss you my love?”

Cindy’s breathing became shallow, her skin flushed with blood, her bare nipples hardened from being wet. She wanted her mouth more than anything, she was quivering with anticipation.

Her cute voice became a whisper, her mouth watered “Yes Mandy, kiss me please.”

Mandy grabbed her neck and planted her wide, thick lips on Cindy’s, pushing her tongue into her wanting mouth. Cindy squirmed and moaned, groping her friend with awkward lust, fondling her breast and grabbing her nice ass.

Mindy took a gasping breath. “Have you ever done this before?”

“No” Cindy said “I’ve wanted to so badly. To be honest, I thought of you.”

Mindy smiled, a tear rolled down her cheek. “Awww, my love. I thought about you too. But today, your fantasy comes true.” She kissed her again, with burning love and desire. Then she led her over to the bed.

Mindy gently pushed her down. She stood there over her, her large nipples fully erect as she rubbed her thick, long pubic hairs.

“Ohh ankara eve gelen escort fuck baby, I’m so wet for you.” Mindy held her fingers out, her thick grool dripped off her fingers. She laid next to Cindy, Cindy grabbed her hand and licked it all off her fingers. Mindy’s pussy throbbed from watching her eagerly taste her.

She kissed her and asked. “What do you want to do first?”

“Please Mindy, sit on my face. I want your beautiful bush in my mouth. Just like the porn I watched.”

Mindy laughed. “Yes, sounds good to me.”

She got up and straddled Cindy’s face. Her cunt smelled so good to her. The pubes tickled her nose as Cindy found the dripping labia, she licked slowly at first. Then quickly, like she was dying of thirst and that pussy was her fountain. She sucked, licked and pulled on her pussy lips. Mindy bucked her hips, moaning and gyrating, as her cream ran over Cindy’s lovely face and into her mouth. She shifted forward a bit as Cindy licked her very hairy ass crack like a wild whore.

Mindy shuddered and let out a loud moan as her orgasm washed over her. After a moment, she sat back on her ass, the sopping pubes making a wet spot.

“Oh my god baby, you’re a natural.” Cindy smiled at the compliment, in that moment she was in heaven.

Mindy turned around, and straddled her again, with her ass in Cindy’s face. “I wanna make you cum too baby. Let’s do 69 for a while.”

Cindy gasped as Mindy swiftly buried her face in her hairy blonde cunt, she felt bolts of ecstasy shoot through her body. It felt amazing. She just laid there, enjoying it for a moment. Then white grool dripped onto her face. She felt so sinful and dirty, but so loved and desired. If I’m going to hell, I might as well enjoy this she thought. She lapped again at the pussy in her face.

Unbridled young lust gripped both of them as they both orgasmed together. They then scissored each other, their wet cunts grinding together. Mindy’s bed was soaked from their forbidden love making.

Later Cindy cried tears of joy as Mindy held her close in bed. She held her tight, Mindy was her true friend, her love. The one who yelled at her with tears in her eyes, telling her to stop cutting herself. That was the day she had first kissed her so softly on the cheek. Telling Cindy she loved her. Cindy was in disbelief. The only love she had felt was from her sister. But they weren’t close like this. Pouring her heart out, she told Mindy everything. About her being tormented at school, how she cried alone at night. How her mother was widowed and angry, a drunk and a hypocrite. So she took it out on her. All her fears, hopes and dreams were like treasures that she trusted her with.

A few weeks later though, something happened.

It was a hot, sunny afternoon in July. Mindy’s mother was out of town for her job. Her father was working too, he would be gone all day. Mindy invited her over, Cindy walked over in a hurry. Mindy grabbed her at the door, Cindy melted into her arms, moaning and kissing her young lover. They went to the brown leather couch, Mindy pulled her shirt off. She licked and nibbled at her breasts, Cindy fell onto her back, and let Mindy pull her shorts off. Mindy tossed her shorts aside and pulled her top off also.

“I love you baby.” Mindy gazed lovingly at her.

She laid over Cindy and opened her mouth, Cindy welcomed her loving affection. Mindy’s tongue caressed and filled her mouth. Cindy took a sharp gasp, as sparks fired again in her body and soul. She felt such deep longing for her. She had not seen her in two days, it felt like months.

“I love you too, now and always.” Cindy was putty in her hands, her heart felt at home with her.

Mindy kissed her way down her body, Cindy writhed and giggled with pleasure. Mindy stroked her pubic mound. Wet kisses landed on her pink petals, making her shiver and groan. Her tongue licked Cindy up and down, with little circles also on her asshole. Cindy closed her eyes and pushed on her head, barely able to speak.

“Please, do-don’t st-stop baby.” Mindy was driven wild by those words, she looked into Cindy’s eyes, her face wet with her cum. She pumped her fingers in and out of her, driven by her young lust. She desperately wanted to make her lover cum on her. She looked into her eyes with adoration. She went harder, rocking her beloved’s body against the couch.

Cindy’s body tensed, she dug her nails into the leather. Her whole body was shaking as she pressed her hips into Mindy’s hand. She started sweating as she gasped and clenched her teeth.

‘”I’m go-gonna cum! Mmmm, fu-fuck me!” Her orgasm started as a wet trickle, her pussy spasmed as she let out a long scream. Then Mindy felt her clenching down on her hand. She soaked her lover with a big stream of her fluids. Mindy sat and watched her body trembling with pleasure, she rubbed her soaked hand on Cindy’s face. Cindy licked her fingers off, then Mindy kissed her again. They laid there holding each other in a tight, wet embrace.

After ankara escort a few moments, Mindy reached under the couch. “I wanna show you something. This is the surprise I told you about.” She zipped open a black duffel bag. She pulled out a few sex toys.

“Oh my god!” Cindy smiled as she handed her a butt plug. “Where did you get these?”

“My Friend Miranda, the one you met a few weeks ago. She picked them up for me. “

“Oh yeah, the cute little brunette. So which one do you wanna try first?”

Mindy held up the long red one, with a round end on both sides. “We can use this one together babe.”

“Oh, that looks like fun! So we both just put it in?”

“Yes. I’d say so.” She opened a bottle of lube and applied some.

Mindy dropped her skirt on the floor, and laid back on the couch. Putting her thighs over Cindy’s, she pushed the fat dildo into between her legs. Cindy guided it against her pussy., and they both started pushing. They both quickly got used to it, soon they were both sliding back and forth on it. They had one orgasm after another, together that day. Then they fell asleep in a naked embrace, that would be their undoing.

Cindy awoke a few hours later, she heard a car door slam. She looked across to the kitchen window, and someone was outside. Her heart pounded with sudden fear. She swiftly grabbed a blanket to cover herself. “Mindy! Mindy wake up!” She shook her hard, but it was too late.

The kitchen door opened as Mindy sat up. “SHIT!” she yelled. Her dad walked in.

“Hey Mindy are you-” He saw them laying there, looking terrified, Cindy clutching a blanket in front of her, and his daughter trying to cover her body with a small pillow. His face went from shock and confusion, to rage.

“What the fuck is going on Mindy?” He demanded while crossing the room. Mindy froze, she wished she could just disappear into the couch. His handsome face turned red and he scowled at her. “Answer me god dammit!”

“Da-daddy, I know you’re mad, but please…please. I -I love her daddy.”

He snatched the butt plug from the table. “This? You call this love!” He threw the toy at her in disgust, it bounced off the couch. He was raging now, he suddenly lunged at Mindy. “Get over here!’

Cindy whimpered, she was scared, She didn’t know what to do. He grabbed Mindy by the hair and pulled her off the couch. “Get away from that filth!”

“Cindy, get your clothes and get out!”

“Don’t daddy, please daddy stop!” Mindy’s tears were pouring from her face, she looked at Cindy with dread on her face.

“Shut the fuck up Mindy!” He slapped her hard across the face, she cried out and fell into a chair.

He was still holding onto her hair. Cindy’s hurt and fear boiled into anger, she stood up and grabbed him by hand. Desperately hoping to break his grip on her. But her foolish courage was no match for his strength. “Leave her alone you fucking bastard!”

“Get off me you little whore!” He shoved her violently away, she stumbled and fell backwards, and bounced off the couch, She hit the floor hard. She looked up from the floor in a daze.

“Get out Cindy! Don’t ever come back!” She looked around frantically for her clothes, but her shorts were behind him on the floor, she found her t-shirt and yanked on her underwear.

“Now Cindy!” He growled with menace. Desperate to get away from him, she grabbed her flip flops and bolted out the back door. In her haste, her shirt caught a nail on the porch’s railing. It yanked her off balance. She fell off the steps and hit the concrete hard. She almost broke her wrist while breaking her fall.

Loose gravel dug into her bruised skin. As she tried to get up, raw skin and blood was on her aching knees. Tears burned in her eyes, she was a weeping mess as she finally got up. She saw him glaring at her from the window. She panicked and pulled her shirt from the nail, it ripped as she yanked it free.

She clutched her flip-flops to her sternum, and started walking. She tried to cover her breasts with her shirt, but the red fabric barely covered anything. She stopped to look up at Mindy’s window. She said “I love you.” in sign language. Cindy just waved, with a deep sobbing sigh she started walking. Mindy fell into a heap and cried on her bed.

Cindy was numb, she felt lost inside a living nightmare of heartbreaking pain. She didn’t feel the hot sidewalk on her bare feet or the hot sun on her back. The pain in her body didn’t matter. She started walking faster, as if she could outpace her overwhelming sadness. She didn’t take notice of people staring as she walked by. Nothing mattered to her at that point. Not even what people would say when they found out.

She wandered aimlessly, not knowing where she was going. Mindy was her lover, her friend and her anchor. She felt like a ship adrift in a stormy sea.

Sandy was heading back to her hometown, on a break from her Senior year in college. She wanted to surprise her little sister early with a visit. She missed her more than their mother. Then she saw something, and almost crashed her new car from the shock. She slowed down upon seeing someone in their underwear. She recognized that long, blonde hair. She looked carefully to make sure it was really her. She put her car window down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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