The Motel

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“I think we need a night out,” you suggest as I sit on the couch recovering from the intense session that had consumed most of our morning.

“Where would you like to go?” I asked.

“How about we just go rent a motel room and chill without the kids for one night,” you say as you get a devilish grin on your face.

“That is cool. We can have Jess watch Nate for the night. Maybe even get them some movies to watch. They will feel like they are having a night away from us,” I chuckle as the thought became amusing to us both.

“Ok, let me get some things together and we can get to the motel early so that we don’t have to make a reservation.” You get up and start packing stuff you think we will need.

I go and take a shower as you frantically start grabbing clothes. I get out of the shower to see that you have me a pair of baggy shorts and a tank top laid out for me to wear. “Where is my underwear?” I ask as I move towards my dresser to grab a pair.

“You are not going to wear any today,” you announced to me as you are climbing in the shower.

I hesitate for a second and then proceed to comply with the orders. Although it is kind of new to me, I find that the baggy shorts give me the feeling of being naked. I can still feel the fabric touch me lightly occasionally.

I begin watching television as the kids come home. You are getting dressed as I tell the kids what the plan is for the night. They immediately want to go with us but we explain that it is a kids night at home and a parents night out. Reluctantly, they agree that it will be fun and start making plans on what movies they want to watch.

We set the kids up nicely for their big night of fun at the house by themselves. They had pizza, snack cakes, and some ice cream to give them something to eat as their movie filled night was going to be kicked off about an hour after we left. They made a pallet on the floor so as to not miss a minute of the entire night. The more we got them prepared, the more they got excited about what they had in store.

We were about to leave and I noticed that you carried one small bag to the truck. You came back in and we began giving our final instructions for the kids before leaving. We both gave them kisses and hugs and walked to the truck.

The motel was about 20 miles away and the traffic was bad. I could see as your mind was preoccupied with thought. I was about to ask you what was going on in your mind when car cut me off.

“Fucking asshole!” I yelled as I leaned forward and displayed my middle finger at the dumb ass driver.

“Calm down,” you said as you grabbed my hand and placed it high on your thigh. “You need to save your aggression for later,” I heard you comment and my hand touched your bare leg. I looked to notice that you had decided to wear a baggy pair of shorts also. I could feel a slight wetness on your leg. I could see a small trail of fluid tracing back beneath your shorts. My dick began to twitch as my shorts began to move. You looked at my rising bulge as you had a slight grin on your face.

We were at the motel in no time. You grabbed the bag and I proceeded to go to the counter and get our room. As I was finishing up with paying and getting the key, you walked up behind me and stood next to me as your hand grabbed my semi hard cock from behind the counter. I immediately looked at you as you talked to the person behind the counter about room service and the hot tub and pool. My cock güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was increasing in hardness as I tried to concentrate on the final touches of paperwork. I could see that your nipples were pressing hard against your shirt. The clerk was glancing at them as if they were looking right at him.

“Your room has a great view of the countryside but the highway is right there but it is still a cool site,” he said as he tried looking at both of us but managing to sneak a peek at your rock hard nipples.

“Cool,” you said as you grabbed the key with one hand as you gave my dick one last squeeze and let go.

“Thank you,” I closed as we started walking towards the elevators. I could not conceal the hardening cock that was in my shorts. It looked like a was using it as a compass to guide us the way.

As we get to the door, my cock slowly starts to subside but is still noticeable. When we enter the room, I go to the window and look out. “If that highway wasn’t there, it would be an awesome view,” I exclaim as I hear the bathroom door close. I walk away from the window, leaving the shades totally open. “Are you alright?” I ask as I tap on the door.

“Yeah, see if you can get room service to bring us up some beers or something,” I hear you say in a sporadic voice.

“Ok,” I agree as I am a bit confused.

Room service is there in about 20 minutes. I give the guy a tip as he hands me six bottles of beer in a bucket of ice. This is a new experience for me. I have never had room service before. I hear the door open as you walk out with only your shirt on. I can see that your nipples are even harder than earlier. I see as a couple of trails of wetness are cascading down your legs. Your face is flush and a slight glaze of sweat is noticeable on your face.

“You ok?” I ask as you go to the bed and sit down.

“Yeah, hand me a beer,” you say as you hold your arm out.

I hand you a beer and see as your shirt rises up and exposes a small glimpse of your pussy lips. I can see as you are soaking wet. My cock begins to straighten out as I look at your pussy almost pulsating. You open the beer and take a big swallow as if you had been without something to drink for a week. I see as your lips wrap around the mouth of the bottle and you neck moves slightly as you swallow in gulps.

“What would you like to watch?” I ask as I grab the remote and turn the television on.

You turn to the night stand and place your beer down as you sit next to me. With an evil look on your face, you look me in the eyes say, “I want to watch you stroke that big fucking cock right now.”

Surprised but excited, I raise my eyebrow and rub my stiffening cock in my shorts.

“No, let me see it,” you demand as you grab my shorts and yank them down my legs until they fall to the floor. My cock jumps to attention as a cool breeze hits my balls from your swift movements. “Stroke that meat. Get it hard and wet for me,” you start demanding as my hand slides up and down my shaft. “God damn that fucking dick is fucking beautiful. Get that fucking cock hard as hell.”

I notice that your fingers are sliding up and down your slick pussy lips as my hand massages my rock hard cock. I see your juices coat two then three of your fingers. You reach over and smear your juices over the head of my cock. The slickness helps as my cock begins to thicken even more. I can smell your sweetness as you lick the remaining juices güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri from your fingers.

“Stop, Stop, that is not what I want to see,” you spurt out as you jump from the bed.

“What? What is wrong?” I ask as the confusion hits me again.

“I want to see you eat this fucking tight pussy,” you explain as you jump on the bed and straddle my face.

You begin grinding your wet pussy lips against my mouth before I even get a chance to stick my tongue out. I can feel your big hard clit slap my nose as you fuck my face with immense force. I can feel your juices covering my face. Your taste is intoxicating as I lap up as much of your sweet syrup.

“Yeah, tongue fuck me fucker,” I hear you demand as your hips gyrate on my face. You grab the headboard for balance as you bring your legs up so you are squatting over my face. Your pussy is about an inch from my mouth as my tongue reaches up to lick the folds of your lips. “Look at that pussy in front of your face wanting to cum,” you say. I reach up and grab underneath your ass as my thumbs open your lips to reveal your swollen clit. “Make me cum, asshole,” you demand as you tilt your head back and close your eyes. My tongue darts in and out as I grab each drop of moisture from your pussy. I feel your juices coat the inside of my mouth as you raise and lower your pussy on my extended tongue as it slaps your clit and invades your hole. “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I want you to eat my cum. Drink that fucking pussy juice. OHHHHH, FFFFuuuuuckkkkkk!” Your pussy squeezed tight as your first orgasm hit. Your fluids splashed on my face as you tried to maintain your balance above me. I lapped and licked as fast as I could so that I didn’t miss any of your deposits. Your legs quivered as your body bucked and shook.

You collapsed on the bed next to me as your body continues to shake. Your orgasm was still rocketing through your body as your pussy spasmed. Your juices continued to ooze from your pulsating pussy. I rolled over and began licking your pussy so as to keep your orgasm going. I tasted more and more of your sweet nectar as your struggled to catch your breath. My tongue slapped your engorged clit as the waves of pleasure traveled through you body. Your head swayed from side to side as my tongue ravished your pussy.

As I positioned myself to get better access to your cunt, your head glided across my cock. Your eyes opened and saw as my knob was drenched with precum. You reached out with your hand and grabbed my soaked meat as your mouth began licking and wiping my goo.

I straddled your head as my face became nested into your warm dripping snatch. With on sudden thrust, my cock penetrated your lips and quickly found the back of your throat. I felt as your hands grabbed my ass and pulled me harder into your silky wet mouth. I could hear you gag as my pole stabbed at your mouth. You body bucked and shook as my tongue was massaging your clit with my tongue and fingering your puckering lips.

My cock exited your mouth as I heard you gasp for air. You began licking and sucking my balls as my cock rest between your big tits. “Oh, yes. I am going to cum on your face again. Lick my cunt faster. Come on, make that pussy scream,” you instructed as my balls bounced on and off your wet tongue. “Oh, shit. There, lick it there. I am cummmmmiiiinnngggg!” I felt as a sudden wave of heat covered my face and your cum was squirting into my mouth as my güvenilir bahis şirketleri tongue slapped and smacked your clit. “Oh, Oh, fuck. I want you bad. I want you real bad,” you exclaim as your juices flow from your bald pussy and soak the sheets.

I stood up from the bed as I walked around where your head was hanging off the edge. Your eyes have a dazed look about them. I drop my cock in your panting mouth as my balls rest on your face. “Feed on that cock bitch,” I command as I sink the entire length in your salivating mouth. “Suck me. Suck me hard,” I grunt as my cock fills your mouth. I smack your big tits as they sway from the thrusts of my pelvis against your face. You can feel the sharp pain on your nipples that make them get even harder.

Your hand reaches down and begins stroking your clit fast as my meat enters and exits your mouth. Your fingers get easily covered in your fluids as your spit covers my swollen member. Two of your fingers are buried in your hole as your other hand works over your big clit.

“Get your fucking ass up,” I say as I step a couple of steps back.

“Fuck, I need your hot load,” you request as you roll off the bed and walk towards me. You reach out to grab my erect cock.

I grab your hand and spin you around until your arm is behind your back. I press you against the wall as your head is turned. I press my body against you as your feel my hard cock rests between your ass cheeks.

“You want it or you need it?” I ask as I grind my pelvis against you.

“I want your cock and I need your cum,” you answer as you juices start dripping down your leg.

I bend down enough to have the tip of my cock resting at the opening of your sopping cunt. With one hard thrust, I bury my entire length in your pussy. The sound of your wetness smacking against my base fills the air. I let go of your arm as my hands grab your waist. My pressure still holds you to the wall as I lower my length down and then thrust powerfully back into your cunt.

“I am going to wreck your fucking guts bitch. You are going to be begging me to stop,” I insisted as my cock continued to ravish the insides of your canal.

“Yeah, tear that pussy up. I want to see your abuse my cunt. Oh, yeah. I want that meat so give it to me now,” you demand as my pace quickens. I can feel the pressure of my load growing in my balls as I continue to slam by meat in your hole.

I exit your cunt and spin you around. I spit between your tits and shove you on your knees in front of me. Smearing the spit between your breasts, I start gliding it up and down your chest. My balls swell as my load builds quicker. “Fucking bitch, you are going to get it soon.”

“Cum in my mouth you bastard. I need to taste that hot load. I need it now,” you demand as my cock springs from your chest and aims at your mouth.

“Oh, fuck. Here it comes. Take it. It’s yours,” I grunt as my hips thrust forward.

You open your mouth as my cock stands just out of reach of your tongue as the first spurt of cum rockets to the back of your throat. “Mmmmm,” moans from your mouth as the second shot hits your upper lip and trickles into your mouth.

I shoot about three or four more shots that end up on your chin and some falls to your huge tits. You continue to swallow and gulp as your fingers spoon up all of the splatters on your body. You grab my cock and stroke it faster down its entire length until it goes totally limp. Your lips encircle my limp cock as you pant and moan.

“I want more. I need more. Give me more cum,” you demand as you try to get every last drop from my spent limb.

I think to myself, this sleezy bitch is cum hungry and I don’t know what to do about it. Maybe I can recover fast and satisfy her appetite before she goes insane.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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