The Lush Factory: According to Josh

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“Time to wake up babe! It’s nine!”

I wake from a dream, still tired. I frown and bring my hands to my eyes, blocking out the bright light illuminating from the window.

“What time is it?” I barely get out.

“It’s nine!” Danielle exclaims, “We have to be at the gym at ten. You promised me you were going to work out with me, remember?”

“I almost forgot,” I laugh.

Danielle sits down next to me, and we kiss. She’s wearing a black sports bra, pink at the sides with matching jogging pants on. Her long brown hair is swept up in a high bun, and her crisp hazel eyes give her face a youthful appearance against her tanned skin. She looks like Snow White, or however they describe her in the fantasy books, with black hair. She’s so sexy and beautiful. Always energetic, and waiting for something new.

I massage her sides, and cannot keep my hands off of her. She playfully pulls away and giggles.

“Come on hun, not now, we have to be out of here in fifteen minutes.”

“Just a quickie.”

“Last time we did that, we didn’t go anywhere. Remember?”

“How about when we come back?” I ask.

“It won’t be a quickie then, will it?” She teases, “We’ll do something tonight.” She gets up, and throws my workout clothes at me, “Come on, I made a light breakfast.”


After I wash up and put my clothes on, I head to the kitchen. On the plate is a single piece of toast, a boiled egg, and celery sticks.

“This is breakfast?” I ask as I pick up the plate of food, examining it.

“Yes!” She says drinking a homemade milkshake.

“Did you forget that I don’t eat eggs?”

“Oh how silly! It’s a good source of protein Babe!”

“Good source of indigestion too.”

She laughs, “Okay fine, you don’t have to eat it.”

Danielle is a vegetarian, and aspires to one day go Vegan. She’s a freak when it comes to health, working out, and skin. She teaches yoga and a dance class for teenaged girls and women of all ages.

“So, this is fattening?” I ask.

“Breakfast is never supposed to be fattening,” She answers, nibbling on a celery stick, “That’s what lunch and dinner is for.”

Since we moved in together, Danielle has a rule that I can’t eat meat. I’m a man! She says that eating meat upsets my ph balance, as if she knows anything about mine! So everything we eat is vegetarian. The only time I do eat meat is when I’m out, and not in the house.

I eat, whatever is on the plate, and drive Danielle and I to the gym. I love this gym, because it has everything. Danielle looks so cute in her fitted pants. Her ass looks so good, makes me want to grab it. I’m already horny.

Danielle puts on her workout gloves, and goes over to one of the tread mills. I go to the back where all the weights are, and lift. I can bench press 350 lbs of steel. As I’m lifting, I notice a woman staring at me. She’s wearing shorts, and a baggy gym shirt. Her hair is red, in a ponytail, and she’s with a friend of hers, who is equally cute like she is.

“Wow you’re strong,” Redhead exclaims.

I grunt lightly, “Thanks.”

“I love a man who can lift.”

I don’t respond. Thank God Danielle doesn’t hear her.

“Leave him alone,” Her friend remarks, “He probably has a girlfriend. He’s too good looking to be single.”

Her friend starts to walk away, but Red Head is still standing there. Her friend turns around and calls her name. Redhead turns around reluctantly, and goes with her friend.

Thank god she’s gone! I don’t like annoying females.

After a while I’m done lifting, and decide to go to the track. Danielle is still on the treadmill, with her headphones in her ear. She looks so sexy as she’s lightly sweating. Light sweat glistening on her chest and face. I wink at her as I leave the room, and she smiles and focuses on the machine, pressing the button to go faster.

I go to the track, and a few people are walking. I never could understand why people do that. I ran track in high school and college, and trust me, a track is not for walking! I like to tease that I’m going to run over people if all they do is walk. The track was made for running. So the first thing I do is, I stretch, and sway my arms back and forth to prepare for my run. I like to run for at least thirty minutes. It’s my favorite exercise. I put my headphones in, go to my workout playlist on my Ipod, and the minute a hard rock song by Korn comes on, I start running.

I run, I run, and I run. My heart is beating, and my entire body is feeding off the benefits. I breathe. That was one of the first things they taught us back at track meetings, to breathe. As I’m running, I notice a woman running my direction. Her hair is in a braided ponytail, and she seems to be in her own world; not paying attention to anyone or anything around her. She looks awfully familiar, and that strikes a nerve. I look behind me, and a few people are running my direction, so I run lightly to the side and let them pass me.

The woman stops, gets off the track, and takes off her headphones. canlı bahis I walk to her, a little confused. I could swear I know her from somewhere.

I take off my headphones and wrap them with my Ipod, putting it in my pocket.

“Excuse me?” I ask. She doesn’t turn around.

“Excuse me?” Louder I ask.

She turns around, and when she sees me her face goes blank. So do I. It’s Diana, my ex.

“Diana?” I ask surprised.

She inhales, then exhales, as if preparing for the worst news of her life, “Hello Josh.”

“Hi, I didn’t know that was you.”

“Yeah.” She looks different with her highlighted blonde hair. Really different, “I’m new here.”

“I see. I like your hair.”

She doesn’t blink an eye, “Thank you.”

“You look really nice.”

“Thanks, so do you. Still running I see?”

“Yeah, I do this daily.”

We go a moment without saying.

“Well,” She takes her gym bag, “I’ve got to go. Nice seeing you again.”

“Yeah, you too.”

She leaves. God she looks amazing! Who knew that little shy Diana, now went blonde? Working out at the gym? Major transformation. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a man.

“Whatcha’ lookin’ at?” Comes a teasing voice. I turn around, and it’s Danielle, smiling.

“Hey Babe.”

She puts her arms around me, “I’m done with my workout. Are you finished running?”

I kiss her on the cheek, “No, you want to run with me?”

“Yeah, let’s!”

“If I win, you have to do what I want. If you win, it’s the same; deal?”

“Got it partner!”

I end up winning.


We don’t shower at the gym. We decide to do that at home together. I can’t wait to finally have her. We’re not even in the bedroom, but the minute we step in, I kiss her, and she obliges. Deep, hungry kisses are what we are giving each other. Damn, she tastes so good. I put my hand on her ass and squeeze. She whispers sweet nothings in my ear, and bites it. I pick her up with my big, strong arms and carry her to the shower. On our way to the bedroom, we are taking off each other’s clothes. We’re still kissing, while I fiddle with the knob. The water turns on, and I reach down to feel the temperature. Danielle likes the water more warm the hot, and I like it the exact opposite. We decide on a near hot temperature and step inside.

I kiss her all the way down, giving her kisses on her neck, shoulders, breasts, stomach, thighs, and her pussy, which is the main course. I love playing with it. I look up and she moans, with her head back. Her jet black hair is wet, and she looks so sexy like that.

I bring my lips to her pussy, and make out with the lips before sticking my tongue in. That makes her go mad. It drives her crazy, so I go a little deeper, as I finger her. Her leg is on the edge of the bathtub, giving me full access to her V spot.

“Oh god!” She screams, “Yeah, I like it like that.”

She brings her hands to my head, and I wiggle my face in it. Her juices are very sweet, and I suck up every drop, making her shake.

I bring my hands to the back of her ass as the hot water pours down on us, creating a steamy atmosphere, and I slap her ass with one hand.

“Oh you’re so bad,” She giggles.

“You like that baby?” I ask, before putting her clit in my mouth. She’s so wet. Danielle moans orgasmically, and massages my head while I work my tongue on her pussy. I love to punish her with my tongue. God she tastes so good. That vegetarian lifestyle is really paying off.

“Oh my god,” I mumble before going at it again. Her juices flow down. After a while, she sucks my cock. It feels so good. I especially love receiving head in the hot shower. Something about it makes the feeling more effective.

I gently take her hair from her face, and pull it behind her head. It’s in a bundle in my hands. I frown and clench my teeth. This feels so good. My breathing becomes more shallow, as she continues. She looks so sexy, sucking my cock with those sexy hazel green eyes. She smiles naughtily, licking the head, before taking the full thing in her mouth.

“Awh yeah!” I hiss.

She continues, bobbing her head, going lightly, then bobbing her head again.

“Awwww fuuuuuck,” I moan. Her hot mouth is on my cock. She takes the entire thing in her mouth, and gags. She rubs it, and puts it in her mouth again.

“Oh yeah Babe,” I say, “Put the whole thing in!”

She does. She does it well. Very well.

I’m pumping her from the back as I massage her breasts. My big arms are around her, and she kisses me. She puts her tongue in my mouth, and I suck on it. I pump faster, and feel the blood rushing to my cock as I go faster in that tight pussy. Her perky ass feels so good against my skin.

She gasps, and screams, “Oh my god, right there!Right there!”

I can feel her juices coming down, before I pull out, and blow my load on her ass. She moans like a sweet kitten, and we kiss again. We end this session by washing each other off. As her leg is bahis siteleri on the edge of the bathtub, I kneel down and wash her pussy.

We do it again in bed, and again after that. Danielle never fails to please. She’s trying to control her breathing, and I kiss her head.

“I’m hungry.”

“It’s okay, I’ll cook something for you.”

“Nah, don’t cook. I’m in the mood for pizza.”

“Spinach pizza?” She hints.

“That too…”

She kisses my chest, and we take a nap. I wake up before her, and deliver sweet kisses on her face. She doesn’t budge. I guess working out so heavy made her tired. I quietly lay her down, and put the covers over her shoulders, and order pizza and fries.

Danni wakes up a short while later, and I’m in my jeans at this point.

She’s cuddling the pillow and looking at me getting a shirt out of the closet.

“You are so sexy.”

“Don’t start this again,” I laugh, “If you do, we’ll have to have another session!”

“Maybe that’s what I want,” She teases.

“You’ll get it soon enough.”

“Come here, handsome.”

I walk over to her, and she pulls me to her and we kiss again. Now I’m hard. Again! A knock comes at the door.

“Oh shit, that’s the pizza!”

The pizza guy is this older Chinese male. I take the hot boxes of pizza with the brown bag on top, and give him a tip.

“Thank you,” He smiles, before walking away.

“Danni,” I yell, “Food’s here.”

As we’re talking, Danni is telling me about some club called The Lust Factory.

She chuckles, “Lush Factory.”

I bite into my pizza,” Oh.”

“But it’s not necessarily a club, I heard about it and I want to go there Friday night!”

“Okay. Sounds like a strip club.”

“It’s not a strip club, it’s more demure. It’s a mansion that hosts your wildest fantasies. Anything you’d ever want, you’ll experience it there.”



“So if I wanted to experience three women with big boobs because that’s my fantasy, I’ll get it?”

She shrugs, “Yeah, if that’s what you want.”

“Hmm,” I finish my pizza, “That sounds a little strange. I mean I can just go into a strip club and watch. That mansion sounds like it’s hosting a wild porn scene.”

“Might as well. I’d like to go though. I’d like to try Mistress?”


“Mistress, she’s the woman who owns the mansion. She’s supposed to be really good.”

“We’re going to have sex with her or something?”

“A threesome! That should be fun.”

I nod, and grab four more slices of pizza, “Does this Mistress have a real name?”

“No one knows her real name, she’s a very private person.”


“But since it’s our first time there, we can just watch. You know, walk around and see what’s there?”

“I’m getting hard thinking about it, we’d have to check that out.”

“Let’s,” She feeds me a piece of her pizza.


Danielle goes about calling this Lush Factory. Up until now, I’ve never heard anything about it. She’s answering questions, which I think is weird.

“It’s me and my boyfriend,” She answers the guy on the phone, “Yes, we would like to try Mistress.”

She puts the guy on speaker, and he has a deep, baritone voice.

“Mistress is already booked for Friday. Sorry.”

Danielle lets out a disappointing sigh, “Okay, we were really looking forward to it.”

“I know, but Mistress is a very busy person. Sometimes she’s not even here.”

“Well, okay. You can just list us as visitors.”

“Gotcha,” The guy answers.

The guy goes rambling on about terms of agreement, blah blah blah. Friday comes, and I’m wearing a navy blue shirt and blue jeans. Danni says I look so handsome. Yeah, I guess. I usually don’t dress like this, but she picked this shirt out for me to wear. She looks damn good in the fitted green dress she has on. I can eat her in that dress! I’m thinking about this Lush Factory and what it would be like. It sounds a little corny to me, and boring. Danielle talks about it being in a mansion, and she’s enthralled by that fact. Mansions really don’t do anything for me, but high rise condos do, and penthouses. I’m not a mansion person. I imagine a mansion as a place where filthy rich old folks live and eventually die. Not for me.

I’m driving to the mansion. Danielle put the address on my GPS system. It’s on a hill, and it’s very big. It’s get bigger and bigger as we approach. I drive slowly, and the gates slowly open as I pull in. The place is crowded. Cars are everywhere. I feel like I’m at a drive in almost. Brings me back to my teenage years.

“There’s an empty spot,” Danni points out. I slowly pull in, and put the car on park, before turning it off. We get out, and we’re amazed by how many people are coming in and out. It seems like everyone is having the time of their lives. By god, there are even old bags here. Yuck! Why would Danni drag me into something like this? We hold hands, and walk up to the mansion. The music playing inside bahis şirketleri gets louder, and the parking lot is illuminated by the bright lights from inside.

We pass the security guards, showing them identification and telling them that we are just visitors. I guess if you arranged something at this place you have to pay. It’s a beautiful mansion. The decor is really nice, and in the middle is a long staircase, Cinderella style. There are many types of people here. Most of them are in a sexual, flirtatious mood. Some are even walking around naked, or half naked. Many beautiful women catch my eye. There’s a woman with a short haircut sitting at the bar area, wearing a short blue dress, revealing gorgeous legs!

“Josh,” Danielle says, “Let’s get something to drink and walk around?”

“Fine,” I answer, my eyes still caught on the beautiful woman. Her eyes are seductive, and she’s flirting with me. We walk to the bar, and there’s a voloptuous brunette with large breasts serving drinks. Her boobs look pretty real to me. I like this place already. After she serves someone, she turns to us and smiles.

“What can I get for you?”

“I’d just like a glass of red wine,” Danielle answers.

“A beer for me.”

She smiles again. Beautiful smile. Great teeth.

“Coming right up.”

She serves us our drinks and we look around. After paying, we get up and decide to walk to all the rooms. We walk into a room that’s on the lower level, where we are, and it’s an orgy of twenty people. There’s a lot of sucking and fucking going on. The smell of sex is very strong, and I can’t bear it. A few people are just watching, and some of them are married couples. As we walk out, Danielle points to french doors that lead out to the back, where the swimming area is.

“Come on.”

We’re holding hands, and we open the french doors that lead to the swimming pool. Everyone is naked. Some are throwing beach balls at each other and catching it, and others are playing “Chicken.” There are people in the jacuzzi as well. A man has his arms around two women, that are sucking his ear. He’s enjoying it. Lucky bastard. The girls are gorgeous!

A blonde is sitting on a handsome guy’s shoulders, playing Chicken with another female, who is sitting on the shoulders of a black man. Blondie uses her force to push throw the girl off into the pool, and everyone cheers. She notices me, “Come in! Play with us!”

Danielle and I look at each other.

“It’s more fun watching,” Danielle says, before taking my hand. We leave the pool area, and go back inside. We pass a woman kissing a guy that looks like he’s young enough to be her son. He’s sucking on her breasts, and her head is tilted back in enjoyment. She licks her lips, before putting her tongue is his mouth.

“Wow,” I say, “This place is…something.” We notice a woman receiving head on the far end of the stairs. Looking at her long legs she must be six foot tall, and a shorter man, is eating her out, while fingering her. She uses her hands to force his head in more.

“Let’s go in that room.” There are many people standing on the outside of the door inside the room. It looks to be pretty crowded. The light is red. We go in, and gently excuse ourselves to get in. Wow. Everyone looks in awe. There is a black woman, dancing on a pole. The pole is hers, and she makes it hers. She does this thing where she’s upside down at the top, and she slowly slides down with her legs wide open. She’s wearing a thong, and I can damn near see her pussy, which is shaven. Her hair is long and black, and her figure is petite. Her breasts are not big, but they’re nice and perky. Her stomach is nice and flat, and she has an ass to die for! I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I’ve been to many strip clubs, and have seen them dance. But I don’t think anyone can top this girl.

A slow, R & B hit is playing, and she dances to the beat of the song. My dick gets hard, and my breathing gets a little shallow. I’d love for her to dance on me that way, while my dick is inside her. I glance at Danielle. Her facial expression is blank, and she looks a little bewildered.

“You okay?” I whisper.

She gestures towards the dancer, “I wish I can do that. I see how you’re looking at her.”

“I just think she’s a good dancer is all.”

“Maybe I’m jealous, she’s very sexy.”

The black girl grinds on the pole, and licks it. Before I know it, she jumps on the pole like it’s a man, and swings around it, before putting herself in an upside down position again. She hangs on, and climbs to the top of the pole, swings again, and uses one leg to swing around, before slowly coming down again. People cheer and applaud her. The song comes off. The lights in the room turn on again. Danielle and I leave.

We go to another room, and quickly get out. Two men were having sex with each other. Not my cup of tea! There’s another room that we go into, and it’s full of lesbians. The room is very big. A man is behind his lady, massaging her breasts. I see wedding rings. Her eyes are fixated on the women on the bed, and she massages her pussy. All of the girls are on one big bed that’s heart shaped. Two girls are rubbing their pussies together.

“Get it baby!” Someone in the crowd screams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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