The New Game Ch. 08

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Chapter 08 – Revenge

When I woke on Sunday morning my angel was still curled up next to me and everything felt right. As the sun peaked through the blinds, I could not help but think of how perfect a moment this was. I did not want to move but gladly shifted over slightly when Penny crawled into bed with Brooke and me. The three of us laid there for what felt like an eternity. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Our Sunday was lazy and comfortable around the house and I definitely felt the balance and buzz return. I was crazy about both of these women and didn’t have to hide it from either of them. I felt on top of the world.

The work week saw me hitting the office with renewed life and all the women noticed. Leslie could not help but giggle every time she saw me. It was as if they were all in on a joke and I was the punchline, only I was laughing with them. Finally things felt like they were back to normal. I feared that only meant that something else was coming.

Something did come.

Late Tuesday, after most of the women had gone home for the day and only Leslie and I remained in the office, the front door opened. I looked through the glass window in my office to see Mindy come into the suite. She was crying and she rushed immediately into Leslie’s office. I sat, fighting the urge to bolt from my chair, waiting; wondering what had her so upset. I decided that it was better to let her talk to Leslie first, before I went barreling into Leslie’s office, trying to be a hero. Several minutes later I got an indication that something was very wrong.

“SON OF A BITCH,” I heard Leslie holler.

I sprang from my chair and walked swiftly to her office. Mindy was seated in one of the chairs in front of Leslie’s desk and Leslie was behind her desk staring at her computer screen.

“What is going on,” I asked hurriedly.

I noticed that Mindy was still crying as she stood up and ran to me. She threw her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I held her and looked towards Leslie, who had anger in her eyes.

“It seems we have a situation to deal with,” Leslie said to me, as all of the sudden she became very calm. “It seems that the video you made of Melinda was not her first leading role on film. Apparently young Bradley is in possession of a video of the two them and has decided to share it with the world.”

Leslie turned her computer screen towards me and on it was the video of Brad and Mindy having sex. In that moment it all made sense. Mindy was shaking in my arms. Leslie had frustration on her face. My mind was racing at a mile a minute.

“Can’t we get an injunction to have the website shutdown,” I asked Leslie in my best wannabe lawyer voice.

“He is a participant in the video which makes him the legal owner of the film,” Leslie informed me. “And since he isn’t selling it for profit and Mindy had knowledge that she was being recorded, we would have a very uphill battle.”

Mindy pulled away from me and walked over to Leslie. She hugged her aunt and tried to control her tears. As I watched this, it occurred to me that Mindy brought her problem to the woman she trusted most in the world and not to her own mother. That was a sad statement. Leslie tried to calm her niece, but it was not working.

“I’m so sorry,” Mindy said through her tears.

“Don’t be,” I encouraged her. “He’s a scumbag and I am sure this was not entirely his idea.”

“I had that same thought,” Leslie growled. “Those bitches!”

“Mindy, hold your head high and don’t give him the satisfaction of getting to you,” I suggested. “I know it is tough to do, but you are a tough lady. Fuck him. He only showed it because he doesn’t have you anymore. Don’t let him know you are upset.”

“Yeah, that sounds good, but he emailed the link to the entire school directory,” she revealed. “Professor’s included.”

“WOW,” I exclaimed. “That was a very stiff statement.”

“You should have seen the looks I was getting,” Mindy snapped.

“Ok, we need a new strategy,” I conceded.

I looked at the video on the screen and then back to the face of the beautiful woman Mindy had become. This was a shame. She was going through a brutal public branding and it was not her fault. She was just being an experimental young woman who trusted the wrong guy.

I looked back to the screen again.

“I am going to call Bill,” Leslie announced.

I looked back to Mindy.

Leslie picked up the phone.

I looked back to the screen.

“NO,” I yelled. “Wait.”

I looked back at Mindy. As I stared at her, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

“How old were canlı bahis you when you made this video,” I asked her.

“I was 16,” she admitted softly.

I looked at Leslie and she immediately knew where I was going with this.

“How do we play this,” Leslie asked me.

“You’re the lawyer, what are our options,” I inquired.

“If we call the cops then the kid is going to jail for a while,” she explained. “Or we could consider calling them and coming to an agreement.”

“Tough choice since we don’t exactly trust them,” I exhaled.

“JAIL,” Mindy exclaimed. “For what?”

“Mindy, you were not of legal age in that video,” Leslie reminder her. “So, technically, he is broadcasting child pornography. It’s a federal offense.”

“Oh my god,” Mindy gasped. “Are we really going to send him to jail?”

“That’s up to you,” Leslie deferred to her niece. “If you want to I will call the cops right now. Or, we could do our homework and see if we can really leverage this. I don’t think he acted alone here. I don’t believe it for one second.”

“I don’t know,” Mindy whimpered. “I don’t want him to go to jail, especially if those bitches put him up to this.”

“Ok,” Leslie accepted. “What do you want?”

Mindy looked at me and then back at her aunt. She thought hard for a long moment.

“Well, I want the site taken down,” Mindy began. “I would like an apology. And I want him to be punished.”

“I thought you said you didn’t want him to go to jail,” I recapped.

“I don’t,” Mindy confirmed. “I want a different kind of punishment.”

“What did you have in mind,” Leslie asked.

“I want him out of their game,” Mindy explained. “And he should have to pay for me to transfer to a different school. I think that is fair.”

“That’s a lot to ask for,” I summed up. “What are the chances we will get all that if we ask for it?”

“That depends on one thing,” Leslie explained. “Who owns that website? If Brad owns it, then you can guarantee that they will hang him out to dry. But, if they were stupid enough to buy it, either personally or through their business, then they are right in the middle of this thing and we have them by the balls.”

“How do find that out,” Mindy questioned.

“Bill,” I declared.

“Bill,” Leslie repeated.

I walked over to where she was standing and took Mindy by the hand. I led her out of the office and shut the door behind us. I guided her to Nikki’s desk and she sat in Nikki’s chair. She looked up at me with very watery eyes.

“I am so embarrassed,” she wept.

“Stop it,” I chastised her. “You are a strong, confident woman. Now is the perfect time to prove that. Don’t give in and don’t apologize. There was nothing wrong with that tape except the guy on it didn’t deserve to be with a woman like you. Prove me right.”

The water in her eyes disappeared. She stared at me intently. I was somewhat surprised at myself for having said those things but I believed what I had said. Mindy’s expression changed and she smiled at me, then her smile turned crooked. She stood up and walked to me. Before she could say or do anything else Leslie’s office door opened and Leslie emerged.

“What did Bill say,” I asked quickly.

“He is going to get us all the details,” she informed us. “He should get back to me in an hour or so.”

“Ok, should we order dinner and have it delivered,” I suggested.

“No, I would prefer if you took Mindy home and waited for me there,” Leslie requested.

“I can do that,” I agreed.

Mindy was nodding her head in agreement as well.

I returned to my office and grabbed my briefcase. I returned to find Leslie hugging her niece gently. When she let go, Mindy grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the door. We climbed into separate vehicles and I followed her home. When we arrived, she parked in the driveway and I put my car in its familiar spot in front of the house. Before I could even open my car door, Mindy was waiting.

She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the front door. She opened the door and pulled me inside. As I closed the door behind me, Mindy pressed me up against it and kissed me firmly. She let her hands run all over my body as she molested me with her mouth. I kissed her back aggressively and pulled her into me. This was passionate and powerful.

We kissed and stumbled into the living room as Mindy ripped off my shirt. I tore off her tiny tan tank top and tossed it aside while she unbuttoned her jeans. I slammed my tongue into her mouth as she undid my belt. I tossed her white bra aside, setting her lovely breasts free. Mindy pulled bahis siteleri away from me and knelt in front of me, pulling my pants and boxers to the floor.

As I stood naked in front of her, she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the floor. She kissed me again as she shoved me to the carpet. She tore off her jeans and panties in one fluent motion before laying her body on top of mine. She kissed me firmly as her breasts pushed into my chest and my rock hard cock was pressed between us.

She pulled away and sat up slightly. She looked down at me with the same crooked smile I had seen at the office.

“I am a strong woman,” she declared. “I am confident. And right now, I have to have you.”

She quickly squatted over my swollen member and guided it to her soaked box. As I entered her sweet spot I groaned loudly. Mindy wasted no time moving herself up and down on my cock. She was insistent and forceful as she fucked me. I swelled inside of her as she impaled herself repeatedly on my prick.

She fucked me fast and hard with no regard for sentiment or feelings. I loved it each time she crashed down on my pole and then released it again. She squealed loudly as her climax built. She continued to ride me relentlessly as she spasmed and twitched through her waves of pleasure.

Her peak arrived and she crashed down on my midsection. She worked her pussy muscles and hips on my cock until I erupted inside of her. I rocketed jism into her hole with heavy, thick powerful streams. It was very intense. Mindy did not move for a moment as she stared down at me. She had a very sensual look in her eye.

“Now, show me how strong and confident you are,” she encouraged me. “I fucking dare you.”

The look on her face when she said that was unmistakable. I grabbed her by the hips and guided her up and off of my dick. I stood and led her to the couch. As she went to sit down, I moved her around the side and bent her over the arm of the couch. I stepped behind her and jammed my still firm rod into her flooded opening.

I rocked back and forth, driving my shaft in and out of her cunt. I vigorously crashed into her again and again. I grabbed her hips and pulled myself in with even more force as I attacked her flesh from behind. I loved fucking her. I loved fucking her this hard and I was being as sadistic as ever as I continually injected my cock inside of her.

Mindy began to scream, getting louder with each vicious thrust. I erupted suddenly inside of her again, spewing whatever goo I had left in me. I pulled out and crashed onto the couch. Mindy did not move for several minutes. When she did, she headed upstairs without a word.

I dressed and waited for her return. Mindy returned after a few minutes. She was wearing a t-shirt and short and she appeared to have showered. She sat next to me on the couch and laid her head on my shoulder. A short while later, the front door opened and Leslie appeared before us.

“We are all set,” she announced.

“How so,” I asked.

“Bill found out that the site is owned by Samson Holdings, LCC,” Leslie informed us. “That’s Kylie’s former husbands company, which she now owns.”

“Well, that certainly makes things interesting,” I admitted.

“We have a meeting with Sienna, Kylie and Brad tomorrow morning at 10am,” Leslie continued.

“Define ‘we,'” I requested.

“The three of us,” she clarified. “Their only request is that they come to our office.”

I looked at her, very perplexed by that request. Mindy stood up, walked to her aunt and kissed her on the cheek. She then moved past her and went back up the stairs. I stood as well.

“I guess I will see you in the morning,” I surmised.

“You will,” Leslie confirmed.

I moved past her and out the front door. When I got home the events of the late day weighed on me. I didn’t say much to either Penny or Brooke; though I got the impression they knew what was going on. I spent most of the night in my room, alone.

The next morning, when I arrived at the office, there was a buzz. Everyone now knew who was coming today and why. I waited in my office for the clock to strike 10, getting nothing accomplished. When the front door of the suite opened, I tried not to look directly at the three people walking in.

I watched through my peripheral vision as Nikki led them to the conference room. The door to Leslie’s office opened and both Leslie and Mindy appeared, dressed in terrific looking suits. I rose from my chair and joined them on the march to the conference room. When we entered, our three counterparts were all standing. It was awkward bahis şirketleri to say the least.

“Please have a seat,” Leslie offered to them.

Everyone sat down, the three of us on one side of the table, the three of them on the other.

“Let’s get right to it,” Kylie opened. “You said you wanted to reach an agreement that was fair.”

“That’s correct,” Leslie agreed. “Fair to us.”

“Then get an injunction,” Kylie snapped.

“We both know how hard that would be,” Leslie conceded. “But we also know some other things.”

“Like what,” Kylie snapped.

“Like who owns that website,” Leslie divulged. “And how old my niece was when that video was made.”

“What are you getting at,” Sienna asked, seemingly surprised at where this had gone.

“Unless Bradley and the Senior Officers of Samson Holdings, LLC, all want to go to jail for broadcasting child pornography, then I would say that we have the leverage,” Leslie explained.

Both Kylie and Sienna turned and looked at Brad. His head was down and he would not make eye contact with either of them or any of us. We sat quietly waiting as they took in everything Leslie had just laid on them.

“It would seem that you do have all the leverage,” Kylie admitted. “What, exactly, will it take to settle this privately?”

“We have some terms you will need to meet,” Leslie pressed.

“Name them,” Sienna demanded, very protectively.

“First, obviously, the website will need to be shut down,” Leslie stated. “The ownership of the domain will be turned over to us.”

“Obviously,” Kylie repeated.

“We also want full payment for Mindy’s transfer to San Diego State,” Leslie continued.

“That’s acceptable,” Sienna approved. “What else?”

“I want him out of your game, as well,” Mindy chimed in.

Brad finally picked his head up and he looked directly at Mindy. There was a look of shock on his face, which was mirrored by Sienna. Kylie, however, had a very sick smile on her lips.

“That’s a very bold play, little girl,” Kylie countered. “What if we refuse that point?”

“I will call the district attorney myself,” I interrupted.

“Alright, tough guy,” Kylie mocked me. “Go ahead and call them.”

I stared right into her eyes and grabbed the speaker phone in the center of the table. I buzzed out to Nikki.

“Ms. Barnes, would you please get the District Attorney’s office on the phone and patch them into the conference room, immediately,” I requested.

Kylie looked at me with a glare that could have killed.

“Alright, then he is out of our game,” Sienna interjected.

Kylie looked at her in what could only be described as disgust. I pushed the button on the speaker phone once again.

“Ms. Barnes, we no longer need the DA’s office, thank you,” I announced.

“Is that all,” Kylie asked very sharply.

Tears were now streaming down Brad’s face. I knew now, that for the most part, this was not his idea. He was caught in the middle of a bad dream. He was in hell and there were no angels in sight, only the two devils that owned his soul, sitting to his right.

“There is one more thing,” I added.

Both Mindy and Leslie turned to look at me. They both seemed unsure of what I was about to request.

“You have us over a barrel and I am beginning to feel taken advantage of,” Kylie growled at me.

“This will cost you nothing but pride,” I advised her. “Mr. Page must send a sincere letter of apology to Ms. Adams via email and copy the entire school directory, to which he also linked the website. If the letter is not to my expectations or in any way derogatory, then we have no deal.”

“You are getting awfully pushy,” Kylie barked.

“I’ll do it,” Brad exhaled, though it was barely audible.

“So we are agreed on all points,” Leslie offered.

“We are,” Sienna confirmed while Brad sat with his head in his hands.

“It’s been a pleasure seeing you ladies,” Leslie said as she stood from the table. “Please see yourself out.”

I followed Mindy and Leslie out of the conference room. As I went back to my office, I couldn’t help but smile.

As I sat at my desk I noticed Sienna and Brad exiting through the front door. I turned my focus back to my pc, but there was an immediate tap on my door. I looked up and was shocked to see Kylie standing in the doorway.

“Can I help you,” I asked peacefully.

“I wanted to tell you something,” she declared.

“By all means, go ahead,” I urged.

“I wouldn’t mind being over a barrel if you were behind me,” she remarked with a twisted grin. “That offer is still good anytime.”

As she turned and walked away, I couldn’t help but think of our trip to Vegas. She was one confident woman, even in this, the most hostile of places. I knew it was not the last time I would see Ms. Samson.

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