The Photoshoot

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As I climb the steps to the first floor apartment, I tuck my hair behind my ears with nervousness and my steps falter. I guess anyone would be anxious if they were to pose nude for the first time.

I am 24 years old and have been modelling since the past year after finishing college. However, lately there has been a drought of modelling assignments. It was a fellow model Melissa who informed me of this opportunity to do nude modelling. The money offered is double the rate of a normal magazine photo shoot.

Thinking about the money renews my determination and I cross the corridor towards the second apartment on my right. After all, I have already modelled lingerie so how difficult could it be.

I ring the bell and a middle-aged man with a DSLR in his hand opens the door. “Come in, you must be Rose. I am George,” he says brusquely. He is wearing a black T-shirt and faded blue jeans and seems to be in his early 50s.

The apartment has been converted into a studio. We are standing in what should be the drawing room. The L-shaped hall is littered with light stands, umbrella heads, reflectors, collapsible background stands, two tripods and other photo shoot equipment. But what catches my eye is a bed with satin sheets and a sofa.

“So, I think we should get started immediately. The room on the right is a changing room cum storage room. You can keep your clothes there. There is a dressing gown hanging behind the back.”

I go to the changing room and nervously remove the sleeveless knee-length dress I am wearing. It is followed by my lace bra and panties. I find two kimono style dressing gowns hanging behind the door and wear the ink-blue one. Tying the sash loosely around my waist, I am conscious of my nudity. Taking a deep breath, I step out. George is fiddling with his camera when he spots me.

Pointing towards the bed, he says “Let’s start. Remove the robe and sit on the bed.” I quickly untie the sash and shove the robe down my arms. In a flash, I sit on the edge of the bed with my hands on my knees. My long brown hair is loose and covers my breasts. “This is the first time I am doing a nude shoot. So, can we take it a bit slow?”

George eyes my long, white limbs and says “Look, I have done dozens of such shoots. So, you don’t need to worry. Now, this shoot is for an adult magazine. The pictures need to titillate and entice the male readers. Once you start posing, you will forget the fact that you are naked as a newborn baby.”

“Now, to get over your fear let’s do a Superman pose. Come on… stand up and push your hair behind your shoulders. Don’t hide your tits… yes that’s it… pull your shoulders behind… thrust your titties forward… you got to flaunt them if you got them… now place both your hands on your hips. I don’t want you to cover your pussy! Yes, that’s it… show me your cunt…”

I can feel myself blushing as I hear him carelessly use words like ‘tits’ and ‘cunt’. But I do as he tells me and stand up staring ahead. I hear the camera’s click and feel the adrenaline pumping in my body. Here, I am standing stark naked in front of a man I have just met when I should be running away from here. It is as if someone else has taken over my body.

“You have a nice pair of tits, honey! What are you? 40D?”

I gasp at his frank words and feeling conscious again I cover my breasts and pussy.

“How… how did you know my bra size?”

He chuckles and says, “Experience. I have seen them all.”

“Now, come and sit on the sofa…”

When I am sitting down, he shocks me again when he says “Spread your legs apart…”

I slowly do as he says, but he immediately instructs me, “Remove your hand from your pussy… yes, yes honey that’s it… show me your lovely pink pussy…”

As I slowly open my legs wider and hear his crude words, my pussy starts to throb and my nipples tingle. Thinking of this man looking at my pussy is making me aroused.

“… Lean back a little and thrust your tits out… mmm… Give me a seductive smile… great… great… open your legs wider …”

Hearing his last words, I feel my pussy getting wet as I push my legs further apart and completely expose my pussy. I feel the cool air against my thighs and a desperate urge to rub my clit. My breasts feel heavy and nipples tight. Oh God am I getting aroused? The clicks and flashes of the camera barely register on my mind.

“Now cup one of your juicy tits in your hand and pinch your nipple. Yes… yes… Keep your legs open… lovely… now use your other hand to open your pussy lips wide…”

I feel the cool air against my pussy as I do as instructed. “Excellent… love that pink cunt… “. Thinking of him looking at my exposed pussy is getting my pussy wetter and I feel my nipples become tight.

“Now finger your pussy…”

I gasp and sit up.

“You want me to masturbate?”

“No. Just pretend that you’re playing with your pussy. Come on go back to your last position… yes… cup your right tit… here …” He takes my fingers and places bahis firmaları them on my pussy to demonstrate while he explains.

“… place two of your fingers on your pussy lips like this… move them up and down as if you are playing with your clit… yes… superb… superb… “

Following his instructions, I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings and I sit up in surprise. As George goes to open the door, I quickly put on the robe.

A tall, well built man with blonde hair and blue eyes enters the apartment. He is wearing a tank shirt and cargos. His chiselled biceps and chest immediately catch my eye. He greets George affectionately.

“Rose this is Mark. Mark you came at the right time. I have taken a few initial shots with her. Go and change quickly and we’ll get started.”

I am bewildered by this turn of events. As Mark disappears in the changing room, I exclaim, “Wait George, is he also part of the shoot?”

“Of course honey, a shoot for a porn magazine will feature a couple also… isn’t it?” “But… but I thought… I’d be alone…” “Look, if you are not comfortable you can leave.”

“No, no I will do the shoot.”

My mind starts working furiously. I am supposed to pose with this model with both of us nude! Oh god, what I have got myself into? I should have thought this through. But I need the money and I cannot back out.

Just then Mark appears wearing only a towel. My eyes widen as I note his perfect six pack abs. Despite my apprehension, I cannot ignore the fact that he is a handsome man!

“OK both of you… drop your clothes.” As his towel falls, my eyes widen further when I see his long, thick cock nestled in a thatch of blonde hair. Suddenly an image of his cock fucking my pussy flashes in my mind. I feel my nipples tighten. I quickly look away and quell the erotic thought. This is not the time to be having such thoughts.

He does not seem to have any inhibitions standing naked! I avoid his eyes and turn around to untie my robe. Quickly I cross my arms to hide my breasts and pussy and turn to face him.

“All right… now Mark stand behind Rose… yes… Rose drop your hands from your boobs… Mark cup her juicy tits in your hands…”

I stutter in surprise, “Wait, George, what …”

“Look Rose if are you going to question my every instruction… “

“No.. no I’m fine. Please continue.”

“Okay… Mark cup her titties… Rose raise your right hand and cup Mark’s neck… Rose give me a seductive expression… come on you should look aroused not nervous…”

I am conscious of Mark’s hands on my breasts and the warmth of his naked body behind me. Something is poking the top of my butt. I realise it is his cock! My body becomes rigid in his arm as my mind goes blank. What am I doing standing naked in the arms of this stranger? I can hear George shouting at me to give him a seductive expression but my mind cannot process anything. I don’t think I can do this…

Suddenly, Mark whispers in my ear, “Relax, girl.”

I whisper back, “I can’t… I have never done this.”

Mark steps back from me and addresses George, “Hey George, can we take a 5 minute break. I think I can help Rose with her anxiety.”

“All right we’ll take a break. But look I have to finish this shoot today… so you better be quick.”

So saying, he walks to the door opposite the changing room, which I realise might be a bedroom.

When George leaves, I quickly sit down on the sofa. But Mark stops me.

“Wait Rose, come and stand here. We’ll practise the pose that George wanted us to do.”

When I am standing, Mark steps behind me. I wait for him to cup my boobs and my nipples harden in anticipation of his touch. But he doesn’t touch my breasts. Instead he pushes back my hair from my right shoulder and I feel his breath on my neck. “What… what are you doing?”

“I want to try something… just enjoy what I am going to do now…”

Suddenly, I feel the cool lick of his tongue on my neck and gasp with shock. I try to turn around but his hands on my shoulders hold me in place.

“Shhh! It’s okay… just loosen up and enjoy…”

Immediately, he lowers his head and his tongue glides along the column of my neck to my shoulder. I shudder in reaction. His mouth starts moving over my shoulder. The quick laps of his tongue back and forth… back and forth… back and forth on my skin start to drug me with pleasure. When his tongue reaches the place where my shoulder meets my neck, he sucks that spot hard and I gasp loudly with pleasure. My pussy is dripping wet and my nipples are hard. My breasts rise and fall with my quickened breathing.

He changes direction and starts licking and sucking my left shoulder. He bites my neck lightly and a shiver courses down my body. I arch my neck to give him better access and he sucks hard on the sweet spot between my neck and shoulder again. He continues to again and again lick and suck… lick and suck that sweet spot and my pussy pulses with pleasure.

His kaçak iddaa hands move down to my hips and slowly glide up my stomach to cup my tits. My breasts seem to swell in his hands, my nipples hard as pebbles. He starts massaging and kneading my breasts. A moan escapes me as my head falls back on his shoulder. My body is now leaning against him, his tongue and hands working magic on my body. I writhe against him in pleasure.

Suddenly he pinches my right nipple and a jolt of pleasure passes from my nipple to my pussy which throbs with desire. He continues to pinch and pull my nipple and sparks of pleasure course down my body towards my pussy.

Soon, his other hand starts playing and rubbing with my left nipple and then he is pinching both my nipples at the same time. The double assault makes me twist and turn in his arms with pleasure as he relentlessly plays with my nipples.

The sound of a door opening registers and his hands quickly drop to my hips. It takes me a while to step down from the seventh cloud as my breathing slows down to normal. Till then George is in the room. “Well, I hope you have been able to help her get over her nervousness…”

“Yes, yes, I think she is over her nervousness…”

I avoid Mark’s eyes as I realise what I just did… allowed a complete stranger to fondle and make love to me. However, my sore nipples and wet pussy remind me of the sharp disappointment I felt over our aborted lovemaking.

Mark takes position behind me. I am conscious of his delectable body behind me. When he cups my breasts as George instructs him, again they seem to swell in his arms. I raise my right hand to cup his neck and look up with remembered pleasure. George exclaims, “Excellent… great expression Rose”.

“Now, pinch her nipples.” A silent gasp of pleasure escapes me as Mark does as instructed. He alternates between pinching and twirling his thumbs over my nipples … round and round… and I slowly begin to twist in his arms, aware that George is clicking away merrily.

“Lovely… you guys go well together… great expressions… now let’s try something else… Mark move your right hand as if you are fingering her pussy and continue to cup her tit with one hand…”

When Mark’s fingers brush against my pussy, I worry that he will know how wet I am. His fingers lightly trace my pussy lips, moving up and down. I push my feet apart unconsciously to give him better access. Slowly, one finger glides inside me and my hips jolt in shock and pleasure. He finds my clit and starts rubbing it rhythmically. My hips undulate slowly, matching his rhythm as the pleasure builds inside me. With one hand he kneads my tit and pinches my nipple while with the other he plays with my pussy.

I seem to have lost any inhibitions; no matter that George is witness to our lovemaking even as he is clicking us.

“All right, now both of you sit on the sofa.”

When we are seated face to face, George shocks me further.

“Mark kiss her nipple while holding her other tit in your hand. Rose thrust your titties out.”

Mark wraps his hands around my tits and suddenly rubs my nipples with his thumbs. I gasp with delight. Then he lowers his head to kiss my left nipple. His fingers continue to play with my right nipple. “That’s it… hold the position both of you.”

As George continues clicking, Mark licks my nipple. I gasp again when he takes my nipple in his warm, moist mouth and starts sucking on it. My head falls back as I spontaneously thrust out my chest further. His heated suckling makes my pussy throb again.

“Great going… how about some pictures of you sucking her other tit.”

Mark begins suckling my right tit and playing with my left nipple. All the pleasure seems to be centred at the hardened tips of my breasts. His mouth and fingers on my nipples make me twist and turn with pleasure. He pushes my tits together so that the nipples lie next to each other and suddenly sucks on both my nipples together. I clutch his hair as he continues to suck my nipples and waves of pleasure cascade down my body to pool in my pussy.

“Now let’s click you going down on her…”

I feel a jolt of anticipation hearing George’s words. Mark releases my breasts and sits back.

“Rose open your legs… Mark sit down between her legs. First let’s click some close up shots of her lovely pussy. Use your fingers to open her pussy lips wide… mmmm… yes show me your pink pussy… “

I feel Mark’s breath against my pussy and then suddenly the cool glide of his tongue. My hips jerk in pleasure. His tongue glides up and down… up and down … and then finds my clit to circle and lick in rapid movements. My hips start moving as his tongue torments my clit. With a quickened pace, his tongue laps at my pussy and I feel like I am about to cum. Suddenly, he sucks on my clit and I take a swift intake of breath as darts of pleasure burst forth through my body and I hurtle towards the heights of bliss. My hips continue to move as I ride out my orgasm with Mark’s kaçak bahis tongue continuing to lick my drenched pussy.

As my breathing slows down, George says “Now, let’s move to the bed.”

“All right, Rose lie down on your back… open your legs wide. Mark kneel between her legs. Now, place your cock near her wet pussy as if you are about to enter her.”

Mark takes his thick cock in his hands and probes my pussy with the pink head of his cock. I feel a rush of wetness in my pussy as I imagine what if he hadn’t stopped and gone ahead and entered me.

George starts clicking immediately. “Wonderful… now Rose lie sideways and place one leg on Mark’s shoulder and Mark you kneel between her legs. Now place your cock as if you are entering her pussy… “

With my leg raised, my pussy seems stretched wide open. When Mark touches my pussy with his cock my pussy throbs. Slowly, he moves his cock up and down along my pussy lips. My hips start moving as he continues to do so. The camera continues clicking.

“You guys will scorch the pages… now let’s do something else. How about a titfuck?”

My eyes widen in surprise. Mark releases my raised leg and sits back on his heels.

“Mark kneel above Rose… now place your cock between her juicy tits… Rose with your hands push your titties together to squeeze his cock… great…”

Even as I smoosh my tits together, Mark slowly starts moving his hips and his cock begins gliding between my boobs, with its pink head tantalisingly close to my mouth. He pinches my nipples and I gasp. Slowly, he picks up pace and starts thrusting his cock faster and faster between my tits. His laboured breathing and moans of pleasure make my pussy pulse again.

“Rose… raise your head and kiss his cock…” George’s sudden request arouses me further. I lift my head and Mark pushes his cock up between my tits and stops. I kiss the pink head visible above my tits and I shock myself when my tongue licks his head. Hearing his swift intake of breath my nipples harden. My tongue circles the head of his cock round and round and then I take his head in my mouth and start sucking on it. He groans in delight and I start sucking harder and faster. A shudder passes down his body. He starts moving his hips again and I release my tits to encircle his thick cock in my hands even as I continue to lick and suck its head. Suddenly, he groans and quickly pulls his penis out of my mouth and I feel his hot jizz on my tits. He sits back on his heels, stroking his cock and trying to catch his breath and I sit up on the bed.

George throws a towel at me. “Here clean yourself up. Rose, would you like to earn even more?” When I nod my assent, he says “Then, you will have to agree to full penetration…”

“You mean I have to have sex with him?”

“No, not fuck him but allow him to penetrate you, that’s it.”

When I hear the fees being offered my doubts start to dissolve. Besides, I have already given him a blowjob and received one myself from him. When I have come this far then why not? Also, the thought of Mark’s cock inside me arouses me further, even though it will be for just a few minutes to click the photographs.

I immediately say yes.

“Great… then let’s finish quickly. Rose lie on your back as before. Now Mark sit between her legs and enter her…”

Mark pushes my legs wide open and I wait in anticipation as his engorged cock probes my pussy. Slowly, his cock enters my pussy and I feel the length of his cock fill me completely, my drenched pussy eagerly taking him inside. “Lovely, now Mark grab her tit and… hold..” The camera clicks away even as I am conscious of Mark’s cock inside me. I feel an urge to start moving my hips but I control the impulse. I wonder whether Mark doesn’t feel the urge to start moving his cock and fuck me for real.

“Okay now try the other position too…” Mark slides his penis out slowly and I feel a spark of pleasure.

I lie down sideways and Mark lifts my left leg and places it over his shoulder. He kneels between my legs and his cock glides inside me. In this position, his cock seems to penetrate deeper and touch my womb. I feel the urge to rub my clit and satisfy myself. I didn’t imagine this would be so difficult. I didn’t consider that i would feel so horny…

“Wait… I’ll be back in a minute… Bathroom break…” So, saying George disappears in his room. Mark and I look at each other even as his cock is still inside me. “We can try another position…”

“Oh! Which one?”

Mark doesn’t answer but drops my raised leg and takes both my ankles to raise my legs straight up. Then he pushes them wide open in a V. I feel my pussy stretched wide open and then his thick cock enters me. I squeeze the insides of my pussy and his eyes widen.

He pushes my legs further down and I feel stretched further open… my body open for his view. He takes his cock out and thrusts it inside again. Then again quickly he takes his cock out and thrusts inside me.

Every time a spark of pleasure lights me up. Slowly, he gathers speed. I clutch his shoulders as he rams his cock in my pussy again and again. He cups my tits and pinches my nipples even as his cock thrusts inside me. I gasp with delight at the double assault.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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