The Last Run of the Night

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Double Penetration

Carla sighed, twirling a strand of dark brown hair around her finger. The only thing worse than waiting for a bus, was waiting for the last one of the night. It always came an hour after the second to last one and there were no restaurants or stores around in which to kill time. All you could do was sit. There were other things…at least Carla had Dan with her. She turned back to him, sitting on the bus stop bench, absently going through his backpack, probably counting his library books, again.

They had just come from the campus library and he was so obsessive about leaving things behind. He flipped through his research texts and with a satisfied sigh, closed his bag, checked to make sure it was closed, and then smiled up at Carla.

“So, when’s that bus coming?”

Carla growled under her breath and checked her watch.

“Another 50 minutes or so.” She took one more look down the street, a few cars, nothing else. Dejected, she stomped back to the bench and plopped herself down on it. “I hate waiting for this bus.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling. I can’t wait for my car to be out of the shop, then I won’t have to ride with all the other poor, unwashed losers. Oh, and you Carla.” He grinned his joking grin and she gave him the finger, showing him her pearly whites in return.

“Yeah, just as long as you give me a ride in to campus when its back.”

“Anything you want, babe.”

“A ride will suffice.” Carla kicked a pebble in front of her, looked up for the bus again, knowing it wouldn’t be there, and looked back down at her feet.

“So, what do you want to talk about?”


“To pass the time,” Dan had that look on his face that he got when he thought people should know what he was talking about. Carla looked away from his almost bulging eyes.

“I dunno,” she said, kicking another pebble, and then toeing a crack in the sidewalk. “So, um, how’s your dog?”

“He’s at the vet overnight, surgery.”

Carla gave Dan a hard look.

“Is all your stuff in repair shop?”

“Just about.”

Carla turned her vision back to the crack in the sidewalk and they sat in timid silence. Carla was bored and her watch indicated no reprieve in the near future. She looked around, traffic was dwindling and there was no one on the sidewalk.

“Um, Dan?”

“Um, what?”

“Dan, would canlı bahis you like it if I gave you a blow job?”

Dan looked up at her, his eyes wide, as if to say something that should be obvious to her, and his mouth came open but his jaw just hung there, and no sound came out. Carla licked her lips. “That’s not in the shop too, is it?” Dan closed his mouth and rolled his eyes.

“No,” he croaked. She smiled, turning her eyes away.

“It’ll pass the time, and no ones around.”

He looked over his shoulder to be sure, and turned back slowly.

“Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

Carla smiled, and leaned down over his waist. Dan settled back on the bench, resting on his arms, the muscles in his forearms bulging from his tension. She plucked at the button on his jeans and he lifted his hips slightly to help her pull down his zipper. She reached her hand through the opening and massaged his already waiting hardness through his boxers. She smiled up at him, knowing his excitement, and he smiled back, trying to look worldly, but his eyes said:

“For God’s Sake, suck me!!!”

So she did. Carla pulled the waistband of his boxers down to his zipper and his stiff cock rose above her hand. She licked her lips, eyes widening.

Dang, she thought, I should have asked Dan sooner.

He was hard and thick, throbbing in time to the heart thudding in his chest. She lowered her face to him and he sighed as her lips touched his head, peeling open around him as she went further, popping his head into her mouth. She reached in and stroked his shaft with one hand, balancing with the other. He held her against him, his fingers tracing her nipples under her t-shirt, his other hand, resting on her hip.

Carla hummed low and quiet, tasting him, savoring his musky scent and the sweet precum which was flooding from the tip in her mouth. She went lower, wetting his shaft and pulling the skin down as she went. Dan moaned loudly, his fingers clutching at her hip and hand squeezing her breasts with blind arousal.

Carla’s hand came up to meet her lips, then fell away as her mouth rose on his hard meat, pulling him two directions at once. Her tongue flicked out, slapping and circling around his head. She lapped the vein underneath, making him jump, both in her hand and on the bench. He was groping her mindlessly now, reaching for bahis siteleri her own zipper with shaking fingers. Carla took her cue from his helplessness and dove in on him, taking in his entire length with a single thrust and then pumping up and down with her lips and hand in time, up and down, lightly on the upstroke and deep and forceful on the down stroke, forcing him into her mouth, driving him into her while he squirmed and cried out.

She let up on him, looking into his glazed, loving eyes, his trembling fingers resting in her dark hair.

“I’m going to suck you dry, luv.” She leaned down to make good on her promise, but he stopped her, firmly tangling his hand in her tresses.

“Um, C-Carla,” he stammered, “do you think I could, you know, fuck you? It’s going to sound stupid, but I’ve wanted to since we started on the project together. I mean this is nice, but,” he paused, trying desperately to explain without blowing the whole thing, swallowing a lump in his throat in the process, “please?”

Carla’s eyes lit up with devilish fury. “Ok,” she said quietly, and stood up. “Come over here,” and she motioned to the side of the bus shelter. He followed her, raging hard on sticking out to the blessedly empty street. Once in the improved shadow of the shelter, Carla unzipped her jeans and slid them down her legs to her ankles. She was pale, a stark contrast to her dark hair, but with the yellow street lamps she looked like she was on fire. She turned away from him and slipped her black cotton panties over her rounded rear and let them tumble on top of her jeans. She leaned forward slightly, grabbing a pole on the shelter for support, her legs spread as much as her jeans would allow.

Her panties were soaked; they could both smell it and Dan had to steel himself not to lose it, at the sight and scent of her. He caressed her milky hips and she gyrated slowly in his grasp. He pressed his burning cock against her cheeks, rubbing it against her as they both cooed and moaned, a shining line of saliva and precum trailing on her firm tush.

Dan grabbed his cock and slid it underneath her pelvis, feeling for her now sloppy slit. He stroked her from outside a few times, rubbing himself along the length of her slickness and then let go to tickle and palm her clit. She groaned, pressing back against him, reaching down to bahis şirketleri grab his throbbing cock and press it against her hungry hole. Sensing he was in line, he pushed, and like finely crafted parts, they slid together without fail, his cock driving to its length in her pussy. She gasped and pushed back harder, grinding back against him, letting out low guttural growls of glee. Dan closed his eyes, stroking with abandon, certain he would be pushed over at any moment but not caring, needing to hammer her for everything he was worth.

Carla’s legs and arms trembled as Dan pinned himself to her, driving in and out of her slit with animal ferocity. She reached down and massaged her clit, pressing her head against the pole and clenching her teeth under the bombardment of her senses. Their scent was thick in the area as they stroked each other, Dan fucking her hard and deep, and Carla lifting her hips and driving back against him, engulfing him.

They lost track of time as Dan’s thrusts became slower and deeper, his breathing more ragged and his words less coherent and he finally came to a sweaty shaking halt as he buried himself into Carla and erupted in a thick hot flow. Carla bit her lip, trying to lever against his shaking hardness, milking him from her exhausted box. When he finished, his hands rose to her hair and he brushed out her tangled mane. She cooed at his touch and relaxed against him, two commuters huddled together waiting for the bus.

Finally, he pulled out and they quickly adjusted their clothes, taking a moment to hold each other, their hearts slowly coming down to a normal pulse. A few minutes later, the bus arrived and they got on board.

The bus driver looked at the sweaty, disheveled couple and his eyes spoke volumes.

What the hell happened to these two?

“Did you get into a fight?” he asked grumpily. It seemed everyone hated the last run of the night.

“Yeah,” Carla said, “he won.”

The driver left it at that. They deposited their fee and sat down. Dan was beaming.

“Uh, so, what do you want to do tonight?”

“Besides you?” she replied, grinning her mischievous grin.

“Well, yeah. You know, my dog’s in the shop, so I’m kind of alone at home.”

“Right. I suppose I could stay the night, but I don’t know any tricks.”

“You could have fooled me!”

“Well,” she said, still grinning, “I don’t come when called.”

“Hmm, then I’ll have to find some other way.”

He gave her a kiss on her warm, glistening forehead and they waited out the ride to his stop in silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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