The Bridge Ch. 1-3

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Chapter 1

The tornado had left the town in ruins…as most tornadoes do. People walked around in a daze, speechless. How could this happen so quickly? Why were they not warned?

Erin Waters adjusted her sunglasses and stared up at the bright blue of the sky. Not a cloud in sight. It seemed almost unreal that just six hours ago the same sky was a haze of green and yellow, almost sickly looking. And that was the sky she’d never forget.

As the wind blew through her short blonde hair, she squinted her deep brown eyes as the memories overtook her. She’d never forget the clouds, the way they swirled, faster, and then faster still, in an orbit around an invisible pole. She’d never forget the way the dark mass formed a point, and the way it slowly snaked its way downward. She had watched in horror and fascination as the funnel stopped just above the ground, sucking up mud from the plowed field. Her car, nearly a thousand yards away, had shook, and she felt for the first time the fear a natural wonder can produce.

The funnel had then lifted up as quickly as it had appeared. Erin was on her cell phone in record time, but the storm had knocked down the neighboring cell tower and all she heard was a beep-beep-beep.

And so…the unsuspecting citizens who happened to be outside saw the approaching storm, had seen the funnel touch down yet again, had seen the debris fly a half mile in the air. The siren had sounded then, but not soon enough for most people. The town was nearly flattened and hundreds were wounded, a few people dead.

Erin shook her head softly. Such a tragedy. And yet, she remembered that moment in the storm when the funnel touched down. She had felt the animalistic fear knawing at the pit of her stomach. And her cunt had clenched. She laughed softly to herself now. Danger and fear never failed to get her hot. And in such a time as this. Why, if people knew…

Erin glanced across the street now at one of the few places left standing…the local newspaper office. It was bound to be a flurry of activity, presses running, photos of the storm being downloaded for later use. Possibly she should see if she could provide some information, she thought. And so, with that idea in mind, she made her way to the entrance.

The bell dinged softly as the door closed behind her. She could hear the distant hum of the presses printing the special edition. “Hello?” she called out.

A head popped up from behind the nearest cube. A shock of red hair contrasted the white face of a young man. His blue eyes looked rather startled at first, then darkened slightly. He looked almost irritated, Erin thought. “Be right there,” he muttered.

As he walked around the corner, Erin got a good look at his lanky frame. Thin as a rail, almost eccentric looking. Nice contrast, she thought appreciatively.

His eyes, she noticed, had quickly floated down the length of her body, then up again. She almost grinned at the glint in his gaze now. She knew he’d taken in her long legs, her tan skin, the way her lips pouted out gently. Her leather pants hugged her ass and thighs, seeming like second skin, and her breasts jutted out softly from her tee shirt.

The man cleared his throat, holding out his hand in greeting, “I’m Drew. Sorry if I seemed rude. It’s just…” he hesitated.

“I know. Busy.” Erin chuckled.

“Yeah,” he grinned.

“Well, anyway,” she began, “I won’t take up much of your time then, but I saw the storm as it was heading toward town and thought you might like an exclusive or something like that.”

“Oh absolutely! C’mon back.”

Erin settled herself in the armchair across from his desk and watched as he deftly poked a few keys on his computer. Seems like quite an intellectual canlı bahis individual, she mused. She found this even more attractive.

Drew took a deep breath and turned on the recorder on the desk. “Alright, tell me some details of the storm. How did it start out? What did the sky look like? How did it make you feel?”

Erin related her experience, and as she recounted the fear she had felt, she realized she was fidgeting in her chair. She stilled herself, only to realize that once again, her pussy was sopping wet, this time soaking right through the silky thong. The reporter must’ve noticed something’s wrong by now, she thought. He was still looking at her with the same steady gaze, however, giving none of his thoughts away.

It was her turn to clear her throat, praying that the husky tone that always developed when she was aroused wouldn’t give her away. Jesus, but she was horny.

It was too late for hiding her thoughts, though, as her voice deepened slightly and her words came more slowly. She found herself talking about the excitement she had felt when the storm touched down, and the drift of her mind was not lost on Drew.

He shifted in his chair, unobstrusively adjusting his pants over his expanding cock. God, she was beautiful. And from what she was saying, she was a wild one. Although she looked too sweet to be his type.

Finally Erin was done with her recollection and she looked up, suddenly meeting Drew’s gaze. For a split second she couldn’t breathe and her nipples hardened under his stare. Hot damn! The air nearly crackled between them until Drew averted his eyes.

“Listen…I’m going to the old bridge across Stone Creek this evening. Gonna take some more pictures. I’d…uh…love to have your opinion on some of the damage. What is it you do, by the way?”

Erin smiled at the open invite. This would certainly be fun, if she had anything to do with it. “I work in advertising sales. But I’m a weather spotter on the side. I had tried calling my unit on my cell when the storm struck….but…the tower…was…”

“I know.”

Erin blinked back sudden tears at the loss of life she could have prevented. But that was in the past now, and couldn’t be changed. She stood up.

“Well, Drew, thank you for your time. I hope this is of help to your stories, and I’ll try to swing by the bridge tonight to give you….ummmm….some opinions.” She grinned as she uttered those last few words, and Drew winked.

“See you later.”

Chapter 2

Erin looked in disdain at the pile of clothes covering her bed. She wasn’t sure why the hell she was even meeting Drew, but she needed to get going. She just needed to find SOMETHING to wear.

Finally her black leather skirt caught her eye. It wasn’t as short as her leather mini…she didn’t want the poor man to think she was a slut or something, she grinned. She settled for the skirt, sans panties, and threw a sweater on overtop. It was thick enough for her to go without a bra, and she had always loved feeling her 34B size breasts sway gently as she walked. As she drew on knee-high black leather boots, she felt her anticipation building. Drew seemed nice enough, and was obviously quite taken with her. Hmmmmmmmm……

A half hour later Erin pulled into the park near the bridge. Her heels clicked on the pavement as she made her way past twisted tree branches, overturned picnic tables, a general scene of mayhem.

She spotted Drew on the far side of the bridge, clicking away. She drew nearer, “Hey there.”

He turned with a smile, “Hi. I’ve gotta keep going before the light disappears. Be just a minute or two.”

“That’s just fine.”

His gaze lingered, however, on her leather clad feet, and obvious nipples. Damn, she was hot.

He bahis siteleri turned his body from hers, then, unwilling to let her know just yet how much he wanted her. Still, he had a feeling that she already knew.

Darkness was starting to fall as Drew took his last few shots. “Hey come down here…there’s a good angle under here,” he heard Erin call out from under the bridge. Drew picked his way among the rocks and found her in a flat space directly under the road.

“Light’s not right,” he said, turning to her. “But then….you already knew that….didn’t you?”

Erin tried not to giggle, but failed. “I guess you caught me. And just what is it you do to women who succeed in trapping you below a bridge?”

Drew’s grin widened, “I can think of plenty I’d like that woman to do to ME.”

Erin’s gaze narrowed and her look became more serious. “Is there now.”

“Yes,” Drew’s voice was a whisper.

Erin slowly walked toward him, the look on her face causing him to retreat, until his back was against the cold concrete wall behind him. Erin put her hands on either side of his shoulders, pinning him to the wall with her gaze. She saw his eyes darken, and let her gaze slide to his lips. They were half-open, panting even, and if Erin wasn’t aroused before, she became so in that instant.

She lowered her lips ever so slowly to his, stopping just a millimeter away. They were both holding their breath, and when she backed off slightly, Drew gasped in air. “You want me, don’t you?” she murmured.

Drew nodded. His pants were uncomfortably tight now, his cock ready to burst free. He felt her hands on the side of his face, then one on his shoulder, then her whole body pushing against him. Oh God. He felt the cold cement on his back and her soft warmth on his front. Never had he known a contrast to be so erotic.

Her lips paused above his again, and this time she didn’t hesitate. As her mouth landed squarely on his, he parted his lips to feel her tongue swirl softly into his mouth, tasting him, teasing him. She moaned softly and arched her back into him, crushing her breasts on his chest. The kiss continued, tongues lashing wildly now, mouths wide open, searching, tongues fucking. Both of them were grinding into each other, pelvis to pelvis, hip to hip.

Erin paused for breath, “Whew. Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

Drew answered in a shaky voice, “Oh…here and there.”

They shared a laugh which was smothered as their mouths met once more. Erin lifted his arms above his head, clutching him to the wall, pinning him. Oh, how he loved being at her mercy.

Erin could feel the rigid hardness of his dick pressing against her pelvis. He was just the right height. She ground against him, feeling him shake.

“You know….we would probably be more comfortable…..elsewhere….like…at my place,” she said. “Would you like to venture further into the fire?”

“Hell yes.”

They barely made their way to her car before they were making out again, wet, sloppy kisses igniting their lust. Erin could feel her wetness running down her legs now, and she silently cursed herself for not wearing underwear. They piled into the car at length and headed down the street.

Chapter 3

Erin’s apartment was a mess, as usual. It wasn’t that she didn’t care…she just had too many other, more important things to attend to. Drew didn’t mind, however, and barely noticed the surroundings. “Make yourself at home…and…don’t mind the mess,” Erin said with a grin.

Drew noted the pictures on the walls. A lone wolf done in pencil. A portrait of a beautiful woman, also in black and white. He commented on these and was pleased to find out that Erin had drawn them with her own bahis şirketleri hand. He ventured further into the living room, noting the leather loveseat. Erin saw his look, “Yeah, I DO love leather!”

A couple figurines on the glass coffee table caught his attention next. The first was a statue of a woman on her knees, looking up at the man in front of her, seeming to plead for his attention. She was nude except for a studded collar around her neck. The man was tall, dressed in black, and held a leash attached to the collar on the woman. He was smiling only slightly and the glint in his eyes was captivating. “Interesting,” Drew murmured.

He moved on to the second figurine. This one was smaller, more intricate. “Holy fuck!” Drew’s jaw dropped as he realized what he was looking at. A naked woman, petite, blonde, and large-breasted, was on her hands and knees. Her head was thrown back and a look of intense lust was visible on her face. But behind her. Holy shit, Drew thought. A dog. At a closer look, he noted that it was a Great Dane. He was poised to enter the woman below him, his cock thick and shiny.

Erin walked over. “I thought it was extra kinky, so I bought it. I actually found it at the Thrift Shop on Main. Can you believe it? The clerk gave me a REALLY weird look when I bought it.”

Drew managed a feeble smile. He wasn’t sure what he thought of this woman, but his cock sure seemed to like her, since it hadn’t stopped throbbing the minute they’d walked in the door. He turned to look at her…and stared. She’d changed from her sweater into a sheer tank and Drew could see her nipples plain as day. They jutted out proudly, hard as rocks. He reached up and rubbed his palm slowly over her breast, enjoying her look of arousal. He pinched the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, making her gasp.

“Jesus. You make my cunt run.”

Drew was amazed at her forthrightness. Never had he been with a woman so “out there,” he thought.

As if she read his mind then, she spun him around by his shoulder, forcing him down so that he landed on the couch. She straddled him, entwining her fingers in his hair, pulling his head back, grinding her pussy into his lap.

Her lips touched his lightly. He wanted more…so much more, but he couldn’t move his head. The way she was pulling his hair hurt…more than a little. Erin realized this, and that was her intent. She released her grip on his hair as she deepened the kiss immensely. The pain in Drew’s scalp gave way to the soft plunging of her tongue in his mouth.

Erin moved her mouth downward, kissing his neck, biting every now and then, causing Drew to jump. She gently moved his hands above his head, over the back of the sofa. Her tongue was once again in Drew’s mouth and that’s all he could think about. Her kisses, her carresses…then he heard metal on metal, clicking, and suddenly he couldn’t move his arms.

Drew felt the metal handcuffs around his wrists. Tight, but not too tight. “Don’t even try to get out of them. They’re real…and here’s the key!” Erin held it up for his inspection. “And the cuffs are attached to a rope tied to the sofa legs. You’re mine now!”

Drew felt delirious at the thought of being at her mercy. “You know…this is what I’ve wanted for a long time now,” he said.

“Good! Time to fill some of those needs!”

Then her eyes flickered and a grin passed over her lips, “Is this a good shirt?”

“No…not really.”

“Good!” With that, Erin ripped the front of Drew’s shirt wide open, exposing his nipples. She flicked them lightly with her tongue, then sucked harder. Just when he began to arch his back, she bit…hard!


The she resumed the soft suction. “See? Pleasure, pain, pleasure. Feel the contrast and realize how they feed each other.”

She showed him again, only she bit harder this time. “Yessss….” he groaned.

Erin glanced down at his crotch. “Yes…you seem to be catching on quite nicely!”

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