The Boss’ Son: Seduced Again

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All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.


When David Henderson returned to work the next week he was a very distracted young man. He tried hiding out in his little office cubicle, working on whatever project Mrs. Fletcher’s secretary passed on to him. But it wasn’t long before his boss, Debra, found him and asked him casually how he was getting on. There was an amusement in her eyes that made David flush with embarrassment. He couldn’t help but avert his gaze as he mumbled that everything was fine, thank you. She stopped by a few times over the next couple of days but she never made any reference to the torrid evening they had spent in her office the previous Friday when she had fucked him nearly unconscious. She was so reserved with David that he assumed that what had happened was just a one time thing, something that wasn’t to be mentioned between them. Then there was the whole boss and employee thing. The simple fact was that David was way too shy to initiate any sexual overtures towards Mrs. Fletcher without at least a hint of encouragement from her.

And then there was Miss Allen. Gloria also made a point of finding David in his cubicle but she was more demonstrative about what was on her mind.

It was just after noon on Monday when David raised his head from his computer screen as he found himself enveloped in a cloud of musky perfume. He was amazed to feel a satin covered breast pressing warmly into the side of his face as Gloria leaned closely against him from behind.

“You didn’t call me lover! Was it something I said? I thought you might come by my place for a coffee over the weekend. I’m not much of a coffee girl myself unless there’s a lot of cream, but you knew that didn’t you David? …” the blonde purred. Her warm breath gusted in his ear as she snuggled closer, making her not so veiled reference to their brief tryst the previous week where she had jacked him off in the coffee room.

David was getting an awkward hard-on in response to Gloria’s suggestive remarks and the feel of her sumptuous boob nestling against his ear. His voice was a faint croak as he replied…

“Geez…I meant to Gloria…but then something came up… I mean…it was too hard to get away…ahhh…not too hard … I mean… it was just hard… Godd…you know…like I couldn’t!…”

“Relax sweetheart!…It’s O.K.!…I know it’s hard sometimes. That’s why I was hoping you might come and see me. I love taking care of those… things….” Gloria murmured, her little hand gliding down over the front of David’s shirt towards the crotch of his pants

“I’m good at it David… very good at dealing with… hard… problems… like …this!…” she whispered, giving David’s cock a lingering squeeze that made him gasp with arousal..

“David!…Have you finished with the MacIntyre brief yet?…”

It was Mrs. Fletcher’s voice barking at him over the intercom on his phone. David jumped in his seat, trying to compose himself as he reached for the intercom/open button. Gloria ignored the interruption and reached down further, gripping David’s balls and massaging them in her lewdly pressing hand.

“Aahhh!…” David grunted in response, his cock straining through his pants, his finger trembling against the phone button.

“I…I…Yess!…It’s…Ohhh!…I just have to find it!… Wait!… Don’tt!.. Ahhh…Wait!…” David stammered as Gloria moved her hand and started jacking his now throbbing tool through his pants.

“Oh look!….I’ve found something baby!…It’s big and hard!…I’ll bet this is what that bitch is really looking for?…” Gloria whispered in David’s ear.

“Stop!…Not here!…I mean…Here!…Here it is!…I’ve got it right here, Debra… Ahh… Mrs. Fletcher!…” David stammered, trying to disengage himself from Gloria’s lewd groping.

“David are you alright!…I’d like to see that file now!…I mean right now…in my office young man!…” and there was a loud click as Debra hung up her phone.

“Ohhh!…Does that mean you have to go?…And we were just starting to have some fun!…” Gloria pouted, pinching David’s swollen knob between the tip of her thumb and forefinger and giving it a devastating squeeze.

“Naaahhh!…Gloria!…You’re killing me!…Ahhhh!…That’s feels so good… but….Ahhh!… I can’t!…” David moaned, lurching haltingly to his feet as Gloria continued to fondle him through his pants.

“What a shame!…But there’s always later…” the blonde said, stepping back to let David gather up his paper work. She looked down at the front of his pants and smiled broadly.

“I hope the old tart doesn’t notice that!…”

David looked down and groaned miserably. His cock was bulging obscenely through the front of his pants and there was a wet spot about the size of a fifty cent piece just below his belt. He juggled the pile of papers he was carrying to try and hide his evident arousal. His face flushed with embarrassment. David turned and smiled weakly at canlı bahis Gloria.

“I’ll call you…later. Maybe we can, you know… like… do something…later…O.K.?…”

“Call me!…We’ll see what comes up…” Gloria replied, staring with amusement at David’s bulging crotch. She gave him a naughty wink as she walked by him and back towards her boss’s office.

David waited a moment, grateful to feel his aching hard-on starting to go down. He turned to bring the files into Mrs. Fletcher. As nervous as he was he resolved to call Gloria as soon as he had a chance and try and get a date with her on the weekend.

The week seemed to drag on endlessly for David. Mrs. Fletcher kept him hopping with work and never made any reference to their steamy Friday night. Gloria ambushed him a couple of more times in his cubicle. She was very playful and teasing but she knew how to get what she wanted and what she wanted was for David to fall hard for her. After all he was the boss’s son and she had no scruples whatsoever about using him any way she could to get ahead in the firm. She knew that he was aching for her and she couldn’t have made it any more obvious that she was willing to put out for him. But she wanted him to make the next move. And of course she was right. David was in an almost continuous state of sexual arousal whenever she was around, wishing desperately to feel her hands on him again. By Thursday he couldn’t stand the tension any more. He called her at her desk from his cubicle.

Debra Fletcher happened to be walking by David’s cubicle just as he was finishing up.

“….So tomorrow night around 7:00?….Sure…You really don’t mind staying in…I mean we could go out and see a movie or do something…Well yeah, I guess we could stay in and do something…Sure!…Yeah!…I love Italian…Should I bring something?…Well I mean other than that…I do too…Great!…I’ll be there Gloria… Terrific…Bye….” and then he hung up.

Debra had just stopped long enough to hear the conclusion of this one sided conversation. She didn’t linger but headed back to her office.

On Friday David had barely a minute to himself. Mrs. Fletcher’s secretary spent the morning summoning him back and forth for one thing or another, and just before lunch she deposited a vast stack of files in his cubicle for him to sort through and catalog before they were sent off to the ‘Vault’. He did think that he had seen Mrs. Fletcher looking at him from her office a couple of times with a little more attention than she had given him during the week. She might have been 15 years older than he was but she was still an exceedingly attractive woman. But when she went off to her Friday Partners’ meeting without giving him a second glance, he figured he was just imagining things and went back to his filing.

But he wasn’t imagining things. Debra had quite enjoyed herself the previous Friday, seducing her partner’s son. She had been surprised to find out how inexperienced he was. She was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to forget their little sexual romp any time soon. But she didn’t want a problem with David in the office so she had made a point of being pretty stand-offish with him all week. She would have got around to seducing him again sooner or later. But when she heard him on the phone making a date with Gloria she saw an opportunity to enjoy a little sexual diversion with David and at the same time stick it to that snooty blonde bitch.

At 4:30 on Friday afternoon she buzzed David and asked him to collect a number of various files from the ‘Vault’ and bring them to her office. She told him she would meet him there. David groaned with irritation when he got the call. He knew it would take at least a half an hour to find all the material Debra wanted. For God’s sake! It was Friday afternoon and he wanted to get out of there, go home, and get ready for his date with Gloria.

He managed to get the material his boss wanted together by about 4:55 but when he delivered it to her office there was no one there. He was tempted to just put it all on her credenza and leave but she had said she would meet him and he didn’t want to get in trouble. He waited around, anxiously pacing around Mrs. Fletcher’s lavish office.

At about 5:15 she came in looking fairly displeased. When she saw David standing there and the big stack of files, she gave him a fleeting smile.

“Oh good…You’re here David!… I wanted to talk to you… Have a seat…” she said, nodding towards the leather love seat in the corner.

“Ahhhh…Mrs. Fletcher….If it’s alright with you, I was thinking I’d take off…”

Mrs. Fletcher didn’t say anything. She just held David’s eyes as she slowly peeled off her business jacket.

“I think I’ve found all the files you wanted…And since it’s Friday I had sort of planned to…I mean… ahhh!…if it’s O.K… with you… Ummm… that is…ahhh…” David stammered, totally loosing his train of thought as Mrs. Fletcher stood in front of bahis siteleri him, her jacket now dangling from her crooked index finger.

Debra was pleased by David’s avid gaze. That morning she had poured herself into a pair of black leather pants that sheathed her bubbly ass and shapely legs like a second skin. The three inch black heels were a perfect match for the pants. On top of that she had worn a sleeveless white tank top that was virtually transparent. She was braless and her mountainous breasts thrust arrogantly through the clinging material. David could clearly see her blood red nipples and dark, disc like aureole beneath the sheer nylon of her top. She had also worn her white, double breasted jacket but that had just been camouflage.

“David!…” Debra said softly.

David just stood there transfixed.

“David!…Would you hang up my jacket for me hon?… Can I get you something to drink?…It’s been a long week.”

“Ah!…Sure!…” David said, still mesmerized by Debra’s casually displayed tits as he took her jacket from her and carried it over to the closet.

“I mean no thanks…” he stammered, meaning he didn’t really want the drink that Mrs. Fletcher was already pouring for him.

“Too late…” Debra said with a smile as she poured two hefty scotches and brought one over to David. She stood very close to him as she handed him his drink.

“Don’t look so nervous David! I’m not going to eat you!…Cheers…” Debra said, her eyes sparkling merrily as she took a sip of her drink.

David was acutely aware of Mrs. Fletcher’s cushiony breasts brushing lightly against him as she raised her glass to drink. He was also aware of his cock stiffening at his groin in response to her undeniable charms. David raised his own class but he was so nervous that he accidentally took a much bigger gulp than he intended. A second later he was coughing and gasping as the heady scotch seared his throat.

“Sit down David!…Relax…” Debra said again, and David did sit down for a moment on the little couch just to catch his breath. He was even more anxious than ever to get out of there or he figured he was going to be in trouble in more ways than one.

“We haven’t really had a chance to talk this week have we David? And we probably should after what happened last Friday…” Debra said as she went over to her desk and got a small something out of her drawer. Then she turned and looked at David with sparkling eyes. Toying with the little packet in her hands, she walked over to him slowly but purposefully. She put one foot in front of the other, walking like a runway model in a way that caused her melon shape breasts to ripple and swing entrancingly with every step she took.

“Geez Mrs. Fletcher…Last Friday…That was so… so…great!…It was.. I mean you were… you are… amazing!… But when you didn’t hardly talk to me…all week…I mean…I didn’t know what to think!…” David stammered, trying not to stare at the underside of the conical tits that were looming above him.

“Aren’t you sweet! But I’m sure you realize that during business hours we have to be careful. That makes sense doesn’t it?…But now…since everybody’s gone..” Debra said as she moved closer to the wide eyed young man until she was straddling his knees.

David’s painfully engorging cock was half knotted up in his shorts. He had to put one hand down and lean forward in order to allow his swelling member to become disentangled and spring upright under his pants. It looked like he was making a lunge for Debra’s tits.

Debra’s hand darted out with serpent like quickness and entangled itself in David’s hair. She didn’t yank his head away from her chest nor did she pull him forward. She just held his face firmly in place, her creamy boob virtually brushing his lips as she stared down into his eyes with a smoldering look

“I appreciate your enthusiasm David, but we’ve got plenty of time…” she said softly, twisting her shoulders so that her amazon breasts wobbled arousingly in front of David’s open mouth.

“Oh God!…” David croaked.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Fletcher…Debra!…I’d love to stay… really…It’s just that I’ve made some…Ahhhh!…” David groaned as Debra slowly sat down on his knees.

The little packet she had taken from her desk was a condom. She was holding it up in front of David’s eyes and smiling at him wantonly as he looked back at the little package in dismay. Without taking her eyes from his she put the condom into his breast pocket.

“You’ve made some plans have you sweetheart? Well that’s understandable..” Debra said as she reached down and started to undo the belt of David’s pants.

“It’s Friday night and a handsome young man like you…” she purred as she slowly ran down his zipper…”probably has the young girls lining up…” she murmured, reaching in and fisting his throbbing flesh through his shorts…”and so we only have time for…” she said, pulling his cock out and giving it a couple of quick, fierce bahis şirketleri strokes…” a quickie!…But that’s O.K, isn’t it?…” she finished, squeezing David’s straining tool hard in her now unmoving fist.

Debra loved the feel of David’s throbbing erection in her hand. He was so hard it was like squeezing a piece of rubber coated steel. She knew she could make him do anything she wanted when she had him like this. Being a little late for Gloria was going to be the least of his problems. But he didn’t know that yet! Debra was really looking forward to the next hour or so. When she was done with him there wasn’t going to be an ounce of anything left for that scheming little blonde. She was going to make sure of that. And with David, it was going to be like taking candy from a baby.

“Isn’t it sweetheart?…” she asked again, her eyes dancing as she deliberately pulled up on his rigid tool like she was trying to lift him right off of the couch.

“Nahhh!…Ahhhh!…Mrs. Fletcher!…Sure!…Ohhh Goddd!… Yeahhh!…” David enthused. He knew he shouldn’t but he couldn’t help himself! With all that incendiary woman flesh writhing in his lap, with Debra’s wringing hand manipulating his cock, he really didn’t have any choice in the matter. He couldn’t pass this up. His hands reached out and he groaned excitedly as he grabbed Mrs. Fletcher’s torpedoe shaped tits.

“I thought you’d be up for it…” Debra snickered as she slowly stood up, peeling David’s sweaty palms from her chest as she did so.

“I want to show you something…” she whispered, turning, spreading her feet slightly and then slowly bending forward at the waist. The heart shaped globes of her ass rose up in front of David’s face like the rising moon.

“Oh Goddd!…You are… amazing!…” David enthused, as Debra nimbly shifted her weight from foot to foot. His hands came up to caress the leather clad spheres that jiggled so enticingly in front of him.

“Have another sip of scotch David!…” Debra suggested, looking around her shoulder into her young lover’s wide eyed face.

As David took a hasty sip of his drink, Debra purred… “Now here’s what I wanted to show you!…”

She dropped her head so that she was regarding David through her spread thighs. Then she reached up through her parted legs, found an almost invisible tab that was hidden just below her belt line, yanked it down and ripped away a velcro edged strip of leather that secured the crotch of her leather pants.

“Oh my!…” Debra cried, her eyes twinkling back up at David. She covered her mouth with her hand in feigned surprise as she bared her luxurious cunt and dimpled anus to David’s amazed eyes.

“I seem to have exposed myself!…”

“Oh fuck!…You are just…just…too much Mrs. Fletcher!…” David gasped, his eyes locked like laser beams on the obscene display in front of him. He had never seen anything as erotic as this. Debra’s bared crotch framed by her black leather pants. The vertical slit of her vagina bulged enticingly through her hairy bush. And the puckered little star of her asshole was faintly fluttering in front of his spellbound gaze, just like David’s racing heart.

Debra smiled with pleasure as she watched David’s avid stare. His upright cock was a livid scarlet color and swaying at his loins like a cobra poised to strike. She could hardly wait to feel it snaking its way up into her womb. She reached back around her leather clad hips and pulled her ass cheeks apart with both hands. She rocked backwards slowly and said…

“Eat me!…You know you want to!…”

David only hesitated briefly, his eyes darting down anxiously from Debra’s cunt to her face. Then with a strangled moan, he grabbed her hips and jammed his face into the lewdly offered valley of his boss’s ass. His mouth opened wide under her swiveling crotch. He strained forward, his tongue darting madly up and down through Debra’s juicy trench.

“Ohhh yeah!…Such a good boy…Lick it!…Unn Hnnn!… Ohhh!… That’s it!…Ummm!… Yeahhh!…” she whispered, grinding back on David’s vigorously nodding face.

“Unn Hnn!…Unnn Hnnn!…You’re going to make me all sloppy, you naughty boy!…Unn Hnn!…Don’t stop!… Don’t stop David!…” Debra enthused.

In fact she was quite impressed. Despite his youth and inexperience David was doing an excellent job of eating her out. Eagerly she ground herself back onto his flicking tongue.

“Unnn!…Unnn!…Unnn!…” David grunted gutturally, as Mrs. Fletcher’s honeyed juices coated his chin and his cheeks. He burrowed deeper, the cool leather of her pants against his cheeks contrasting sensuously with the steamy press of her cunt against his lips and tongue. He could feel the come churning for release in his balls and she wasn’t even touching him.

Debra too was ready for more. But there was one other thing she wanted to do. Still holding her ass spread luridly with two hands, she opened her stance a little further and stood upright, suddenly presenting her star shaped anus to David’s swollen lips. She looked back at him over her shoulder, standing there in front of him expectantly.

David stopped his frantic mouthing and looked up at Mrs. Fletcher questioningly.

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