The Promised Land

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Today was all about getting there. We left right after work and drove relentlessly down the freeway, stopping only for a bag full of burgers and fries, continuing our rush to arrive at our first stop and a well-deserved night’s rest.

Finally, we pull into the hotel lot. A big sign outside proclaims “YES, WE ARE OPENED!” I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. We stop under the portico and you go in to procure our room. You are grinning when you come back outside and I am grateful there was no scene about lost reservations or mixed messages. We both worked a full day and then drove over 300 miles. All I want is a shower and a comfortable bed. Even the promise of spending a whole night with you in a strange place is diminished by the idea of a soft pillow and dark forgetfulness.

Parking, we unload just the necessary bags and trudged to the hotel door again. The lobby is welcoming; large, sinkable couches; a fireplace; soft lighting. It is a place to rest and refresh. But not tonight. Tonight I just wanted to drop my clothes in a pile and crawl into the crisp, very clean-smelling sheets, and sleep.

We don’t even talk as we walk down the long hall to the elevator. Or in the elevator. Or as we leave the elevator and walk the equally long hallway to our room.

25. It seems the room numbers never change and we continue down the longest passage I have ever seen. Finally, I find our number and turn to you, waiting happily as you activate the key card. The door opens and I push into the room, dropping my bags and rubbing my aching shoulder. Nice, very nice. A luxurious entryway; bathroom to the left, a closet on the right, open and ready for my things. I move further, the corner of the bed coming into view. Yes! The bed; the Promised Land!

You are holding back, watching me as I progress further into the elegant suite. The bed has claimed my attention. It is huge and welcoming. King-sized, yet appearing even larger. There are acres of a dreamy comforter delightfully awaiting me. The pillows are plentiful, the lighting softly seductive. It looks absolutely delicious. As I approach it, I can feel the tension leaving me, the anticipation of a night in that bed, just sleeping, coursing through my body. Sleep! I never would have believed that I could be in a room with you, with this bed, and only think of sleep!

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I see something that makes me stop and spin around. In the corner of the room, beside the bed, is a jacuzzi. It is huge, with various levels of steps around it. There are thick towels folded at one end, with bath soaps and oils in a pretty little basket. The lighting over the jacuzzi is dim, but enough to highlight the surprise. I turn to you and see the pleased look on your face as you watch me.

I am delighted. I rush to you and hold you close, suddenly encased in your warm arms and your familiar scent. You hug me and whisper that you wanted me to enjoy this night, to unwind from the day and be refreshed for our trip tomorrow. You kiss my forehead and move to the tub, starting the warm water and filling the jacuzzi. Then you step beside me and begin to undress me. It isn’t the sensual removal of clothes that is familiar. Instead, it is a nurturing, loving disrobing. When the tub is full, you take my hand and assist me up the steps and into the jacuzzi. You touch some buttons and the lights come on beside me; the jets begin to pulse. I feel tiny bubbles along my flesh, churning water all around me. You help me settle back against a few jets and dim the remaining lights in the room. I watch through half-closed eyes as you put away our suitcases, after unpacking the necessities for the night, turning down the bed and arranging the pillows. I am drifting away, vaguely aware of you and your actions as sleep is overcoming me. You slip a tiny bath pillow beneath my neck and encourage me to stretch out. I hear you saying you want to go get a newspaper from the lobby and will be right back. The door clicks softly behind you.

It is so peaceful and quiet, conducive to sleep. My heels find little grooves in the tub and slip into them. My legs are slightly drawn up and now fall open. The jets from the other side of the tub are shooting toward me, little bubbles caressing my bahis firmaları inner thighs and teasing my curlies. I find myself waking from my stupor as the sensual sensations continue. I look around the tub and discover that there are over 15 jets at various levels, all designed to relax and comfort me. Right now, I am anything but relaxed. I move my hands to my breasts, which are above water level, and find my nipples are hard and tight in the cool air. I continue to hold and massage them as I open my thighs are far as possible. The churning water is doing amazing things to my tired body.

I find myself wondering what the jets would feel like at closer range. I sit up and try to figure out the best way to discover this. I kneel against the side, feeling the pounding of the water against my mound, but not quite at the right level to massage my suddenly hungry clit. I move around the perimeter, trying each set of jets, but never quite getting the sensation I am seeking. Now, I am on a quest. Now, I am awake and needy and anxious to find some satisfaction. I have, I admit, forgotten you momentarily, in my desire to be satisfied.

Again, I stop moving and just examine the set-up, judging the various heights of the jets against my short stature. Finally, I sit back down, enjoying the pounding of the water against my back and sides as I contemplate the best choice for pleasure. Slowly, I move my bottom further, until my knees touch the opposite side of the oblong tub. The jets send streams of warm water against my folded legs and breasts. I love the various levels of pulsing water, thinking it would be possible to stimulate all sorts of essential body parts at the same time. This is really heaven!

Still judging the various positions necessary for enjoyment, I lean back into the water, my head immersed over my ears. I lift my legs and drape them over the side of the tub, sliding my bottom all the way to the slanting side. At first, I am just bedazzled by the sensations of the water stream over my curlies, then I am thrilled to feel my lips swelling open and the pulsing vibrations sliding right along my slit. God, this is good. I tentatively lift my hips higher in an effort to get the sensations exactly where I want them….and I am overcome with delight. By lifting myself higher, I now have a different jetstream directed right on my ass. I am thrilled beyond words! I keep pushing closer, angling to get the maximum pleasure from the throbbing water. My head is still partially submerged and I can hear my own little moans of pleasure as the stimulation nears perfection. I lift higher, then move lower, seeking the exact position that will allow me to explode and get release.

My head is bobbing in the water and I am gripping the sides of the enamel, trying to get in the correct alignment. I have my eyes closed and suddenly my head is full of the image of you, my darling lover. I can clearly see your head as you move closer between my legs. I can feel your entire face diving toward my aching clit, attacking my open pussy, delving deeply into the swollen pinkness. I also feel your face as you push against my tight asshole, bombarding it with your mouth and tongue. My entire body is tight and poised. I need release so badly. I can hear my groans and ragged breathing, amplified by the water over my ears. I keep pressing against the porcelain of the tub, working to find the perfect position.

I am so involved in my activities, I totally miss your return. Suddenly, I am aware of you behind me in the tub, your body encircling mine, your legs supporting my back and assisting me. I can release my death grip on the edge of the tub and just relax against you. Your long legs are beside me, cushioning me. Your hands are moving to my breasts, the palms massaging and teasing my hard nipples. You pinch them lightly, scratch them softly, making me moan even more. With your body behind me, I can easily press against the jets while relaxing and enjoying the outcome. You are kissing my hair, whispering to me, words that I can’t quite understand, but the intent very clear to me. You massage my breasts, run your hands up and down my sides and over my belly, encouraging me to reach my goal. My heart is pounding, my breath is shallow and quick. I kaçak iddaa need to come!

Knowing me as you do, you realize that I am nearly there and you whisper encouragement to me, supporting both my body and mind as I reach the edge. Then I am coming, my mind filled with the red mist that always overcomes me. My legs have straightened and tightened and deep guttural moans fill the air. My nipples nearly double in size as I am wracked with spasms. You hold me, your voice the only constant as I lose all control. I hear you; I can’t understand your words. I don’t doubt the love I can hear easily. Slowly, I come back to reality, moving away from the pulsing jets, protecting my tender little clit from any more stimulation.

I turn in the tub as we lie full-length, seeking your mouth. I love your taste. You let me suck your tongue into my mouth, nursing on it as I touch your body with my very hot hand. I toy with your nipples, feeling them harden beneath my fingers. You are moaning into my mouth, enjoying the attention I am so happily showering upon you. The water is still warm, the jets pulsing busily around us, causing tiny bubbles to trace our flesh.

My hand slides down your body, over your wet chest, to your springy curlies. I toy with them, combing them with my fingers. I can feel your engorged cock throbbing against my hand, begging for attention. Ah, yes, your cock…..our cock. We share him and all the pleasures he brings.

I slowly run the back of my hand up the stiff shaft, stopping when I reach that ridge that separates the velvet head from the heated stem. I turn my hand and slide back down, tracing the distended veins that are so prominent, cupping your tight balls as I slip my hand even further between your legs. Your thighs spread for me, allowing me access to both your balls and the area under them. I massage you there, enjoying the way your hips begin dancing in the water.

I turn again, moving down your body, until I am kneeling over your groin, my butt right against a jet spray. This is perfect. I am getting pummeled by the insistent water while I lean over your erect cock, preparing to make love to it. I lick my lips as I move downward, my tongue darting out to the smooth tip, scooping the plentiful precome into my mouth.

I want to ignore the sensations against my ass, but I am so conscious of them as I prepare to tease your cock and make you moan louder. I slide my smooth lips over the head, twisted my mouth back and forth over you, causing you to move your hips even faster against me. Looking up at you, I smile and ask if you want to fuck my mouth. Your eyes are heavy-lidded and you nod, your fingers moving into my hair, gripping my skull, attempting to control me. I shake my head slightly, stopping all movements and you release the pressure, now just combing my hair with your fingers as you watch me intently. I close my lips over the head, and begin sucking on you. Your cock immediately hardens even more, and I feel pre-come flowing onto my tongue. I swirl around you, my tongue dancing lightly over that tender flesh, my fingers still massaging your tightening balls.

I would like to say I am concentrating on you and your pleasure; but in fact, I am fully focused on my ass and the pounding jet of water there. I close my eyes for a moment and imagine it is you; that you are attacking my ass with your face and mouth and tongue. I feel you move closer to me, finding that tight bud and putting your whole mouth against it, pushing against me with your face and cheeks. I feel you. I know you are there, even as I suck your cock and know it is impossible. The water spray seems to alternate intensity; first hard and insisent, then a soft spray that seems to beg me open to it. I make an attempt to concentrate on you, on your hard dick, but all I can think about is that pressure against my ass cheeks, the inconstant throbbing against that secret spot. Without warning, I find myself coming. You look at me with surprise. You recognize the sounds of my pleasure, you see my face turn bright red and feel my screams even as I suck harder on your engorged cock. I wait until all the spasms end and then try to reposition myself away from the water jets. I want to focus on you, on your pleasure. But no matter kaçak bahis how I move, I feel the water pounding on my flesh, seducing me.

I look up at you and see you still watching. I want you so much. I move over your hips, straddling your body, your cock poised against my mound. I reach down very slowly, gripping the length of you, as I look into your eyes. I take your dick and begin to rub my hard little nub. I move in slow circles around my clit, the moat of slick fluid coating your head and making the movements even easier. Occasionally, I take your cock and stroke across my clit, like a light switch. The strokes vary in direction and pressure, but they are all good. I love to feel the head of your cock teasing me; my aching pussy is waiting for the moment you plunge into me, fill me, complete me.

I am breathing harder, grunting with the pleasure. You are watching me; your fingers reaching for my distended nipples and beginning to twist them slightly. I say your name over and over; asking, begging. You are lost in the red haze of sexual pleasure I am feeling. Your fingernails rake my nipples, the tender areolas. I throw my head back and take the ride. Your hips are pushing out of the water now, your cock reaching for me. I direct you to my needy pinkness and lower myself onto your cock. It slides in easily, until he is buried deep within me. It seems like seconds later that my legs tighten around your hips and I am coming again, screaming out your name. The throbbing continues for long minutes. Finally, my legs relax and the spasms slow.

You direct me to move from you, to turn to the jets at the far end of the tub. I move forward on my knees, pressing my belly against the porcelain, leaning over the edge. You come up behind me and move my legs, opening them, changing the angle. Suddenly, the jets are perfectly in place and hitting my clit, which is still slightly sensitive. I try to move, but you hold my hips firmly. I look over my shoulder to appeal to you, but you only lean over and kiss me deeply. The powerful water stream is taking me to the edge so fast, or maybe I never really left.

With your hands gripping my waist, you move closer behind me. I can feel your heat as you approach me, feel your cock separating the already swollen lips and slide inside. You move forward until I cry out, my pretty little pussy is getting tender from all your attention, but it is a good tenderness. Each thrust of your hips pushes me against the water jet, stimulating me even more.

Still you wait. Still you tease. I am straddling a powerful jet of water that is making love to my clit while your dick is pushing its way into me over and over. Your hands have released my body, but I don’t dream of moving now. I want this more than anything I can imagine. Your hands curve over my breasts, cupping them and massaging the flesh, occasionally lightly pinching my nipples between your thumb and first finger. I am losing control again. I hear my voice; I hear my breathing. I am begging you for release, striving to just get past the edge.

Your mouth is at my ear. You are whispering to me. Sweet words, sexy words, erotic words. I don’t think I can become more excited, yet I do. My body is straining for the release I need, and I can feel your cock pounding my pussy as the jetstream pounds my clit. I am lost in the haze and I feel my body explode again. I am gripping your cock tightly with my muscles, pulling him even deeper into me, encouraging your orgasm. Still you wait. When I start to relax, when I pull away from the water that is too intense for my sensitive clit, you hold me against you. You are still buried deep inside me and continue your thrusts. Now, I can give you my complete attention. Now I move against you, anxious to feel that explosion inside me.

You stop all movement. I can feel you tensing inside me, I hear your breathing stop. It seems like minutes before you come. Your hands are tightly gripping my upper arms, your mouth against my neck. Then it happens. Finally, I hear you breathing, feel you moving inside me, fucking me as deeply as possible. You seem to come forever, filling me.

You collapse back into the tub, taking me with you. Your cock is still inside me, gently throbbing as I massage you with muscles, milking you for the last drops. When you finally slip from me, we sit up and wash each other. You help me from the jacuzzi, drying me with a fluffy towel. You settle me in bed and curl up beside me, holding me close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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