The Popular Crowd Pt. 01: Alexis

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All characters featured within this fictional tale are over the age of 18. It shouldn’t have to be said, but sometimes you have to spell it out to stay out of trouble. Enjoy


Alexis had always been popular, it came with the territory of being good looking. In high school, being a girl, being hot, was like an automatic “in” with the popular crowd. It made life really really easy. Nobody gave you shit, nobody cared what you did or how you dressed (to an extent) because everyone wanted to be friends with the hot girls. She had always been an automatic entry into that club growing up. She had often been a part of the group that decided what challenge other girls had to go through in order to join the popular group, if they weren’t hot enough to be automatically in. Some of the things they made people do made Alexis glad she never had to go through it.

However college was a different deal entirely. Alexis foolishly thought that she could just join whatever sorority that she wanted. A flick of her shimmering long brown hair, a little shake of her narrow waist, and boom she would be hot enough to join whatever club she wanted. But this was college and things were different here. Everything was about being fair, and frankly the other girls were just as good looking if not even better looking than her. So she wasn’t about to get out of her hazing.

She supposed that she could always go to another sorority and try to join them, maybe there hazing trial wouldn’t be as embarassing. But Gamma Gamma Kappa was known as the hottest Sorority on campus, by a wide margin. Having seen the girls already in place, Alexis knew that this was the place to be to get invited to the best parties with the hottest guys. So if she wanted in she was stuck with this challenge.

She twirled her Iphone in her fingers, the circular mount on the back of her pink case kept it from falling, the text message from Niece the Sorority leader staring back at her on the screen. Alexis’ mission was to get a picture for Jake Farrow. Jake was absolutely the last person Alexis ever would have spoken too growing up. Perhaps that’s why Niece selected him personally for her little mission. Jake was the head of the campus Dungeons and Dragons club. Nerd to the ultimate degree.

Alexis sat not far from Jake now, observing him as she contemplated what she was to do. He didn’t look that nerdy to be fair, or even that bad. His hair was long for a guys, combed back, his glasses wheren’t extremely thick or made of dorky plastic. From what she could tell he was just an average guy, nothing special one way or the other, his only downside was his choice of hobbies.

Again Alexis thought about her goal. She was to seduce this guy, and take a picture of her holding his…special member. She didn’t have to go through with anything beyond that, but part of her felt really bad about it. She would have to lie and charm her way into his pants and then leave him hanging after she got the picture she needed. It made her wonder whether this was a haze for her or for him.

She debated about it for a long time, should she go through with this, should she not? Finally, she stood up and tucked her phone into her pocket to walk across the quad toward him. Fuck it, she figured, one embarrasing and awkward moment and then it would be over. She’d be in GGK and could spend the next four years forgetting it ever happened.

Jake was leaning over a drawing pad as she approached, coming up from behind him so she could see over his shoulder as to what he was drawing. Turned out he could really draw, the picture on the paper was really detailed for just a pencil drawing. It appeared to be some knight of warrior in shining armor with a sword in on hand and a shield in the other which was raised to deflect or block some sort of attack that hadn’t been drawn yet.

Alexis was impressed and that gave her a conversation starter to talk to him. “Wow,” she said moving around to the other side of the table so she could stand in front of him. “That looks really cool.”

Jake jerked as if she had shocked him. So into his drawing that he didn’t expect someone to talk to him out of the blue. His hand jerked away quickly from the paper so he didn’t mess something up. He glanced up at Alexis and blinked, clearly not expecting someone like her to start a conversation with him.

He turned a little red and nodded, “Uh, thanks. I’m drawing it for somebody.” He told her.

She gave an impressed look to him, “Not even doing that kind of work for a class. That’s pretty cool, do you draw all the time then?” She asked.

He shrugged, “Not all the time, but enough to keep improving I guess.” He glanced up at her, and Alexis saw his eyes take her body in quickly though she didn’t show him that she noticed. He wasn’t very good at hiding his gaze, but that was fine by her she found herself glad that he enjoyed what he was looking at.

“I’m Alexis by the way.” She smiled, holding her hand out to him.

Jake took her hand softly and nodded, “I’m Jake.” He said güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri slowly.

“So I have a confession to make.” She said, sitting down across from him. “I didn’t come here to just tell you your drawing was cool.”

Jake sat back from her and gave her a weary look, as if afraid she was about to do something to him. “Okay?”

She shook her head, “Don’t worry it’s nothing bad. It’s just that I am trying to get into the drama club, but I was told that my character acting sucked.” She lied. “So I did a little googling and I came across table-top roleplaying.” Which wasn’t a lie, she had googled a bit about Dungeons and Dragons in order to help herself gain Jake’s trust easier. The quickest way into a nerd’s pants was through his hobbies. Unlike a jock, who’s quickest way into their pants was to simply ask.

She brought up the Dungeons and Dragons club page on her phone and showed it to him. “Turns out you run a little roleplaying game club on campus here already and I figured that maybe I could join for a while.” She told him, “You know to play a character work on my improv skills or whatever. Then I can take that back to the drama club and actually get into a play or something.”

Jake leaned forward, again his eyes roamed over her body quickly, he was really bad at trying to do it low key. “You, want to play….Dungeons and Dragons?” He asked in disbelief.

“Well I’d like to learn at least. Unless you have a better suggest for me to practice Improving a character.” She suggested.

Jake shrugged, “I don’t. I just….I don’t know, I never thought in a million years that someone as…let’s just say ‘unnerdy’ as you would ever try to sign up for a game.”

Alexis shrugged, “It honestly wouldn’t be my first choice either. But I don’t exactly have the cash to take an extra acting class off campus, this was the best free option I could find.” She gave him a pout, “Are you saying that I can’t play?”

Jake shook his head quickly, “No not at all. It’s just surprising, that’s all.” He nodded and leaned back again, probably considering this unexpected turn of events. “Alright…well do you know how to make a character?”

Alexis blinked, “A what?”

Jake laughed softly, “You can’t play until you make a character. I’m gonna guess you don’t know how huh?”

Alexis frowned, “No I don’t. Is that a problem?”

“Not really. I can teach you that on our own. When are you free next?” He asked, glancing at his watch. “I have class in thirty minutes so I can’t do it right now. But maybe this evening around five thirty or six?”

Alexis nodded, “I can do six. Where?”

“The club normally meets in one of the rec rooms over in Grand Hall. Room 3, I can meet you there at six and we can build you a character. It’s shouldn’t take more than an hour or so.” He explained.

“Okay that sounds good.”

“Great, oh and if you can you should go get yourself a set of dice. There is a hobby shop like three blocks from campus on Grand Street that can get you what you need.” He told her. “If you can’t do it today, no big deal but you’ll need them for the actual game.”

Alexis promised that she would try and then said goodbye. As she turned around she saw a couple girls from GGK watching her from the other end of the quad. She sighed and made her way over to where they were standing.

Jessica was a beautiful latina, with caramel skin and flawless features. She wanted to be a model, but her parents were forcing her to get educated first. Though thanks to Instagram, Jessica was doing both. Emma was as much of a midwest girl as one could possibly be. Blonde, blue eyes, innocent looking with a body men would kill for.

Both girls smirked at Alexis as she approached. “How goes the dick hunt Alexis, got a picture of the nerd-dick for us yet?” Jessica asked.

Alexis shook her head, “Not yet, I had to sign up for his club in to give myself an excuse to be around him.”

The giggled, “Seriously?” Emma asked, “Why didn’t you just ask to suck his dick in the bathroom or something?”

Jessica nodded, “Yeah why make it more complicated that it needs to be?”

Alexis frowned, “I don’t know, I just don’t think he is the type for that.”

“Please, every guy is that type, especially when a girl like you asks.” Emma said dismissively.

Again Alexis shook her head, “Somehow I don’t think so. A guy like that, probably used to getting bullied and would suspect a prank. I have to warm him up to me before pulling this stunt.” Alexis moaned and hung her head, “Oh God I have to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons.”

Jessica and Emma just laughed. “Tough shit girl. Get us the pic or find another Sorority.” They said and left.

Alexis bit her lip and sighed, no use getting out of it. She was stuck with this, unless she gave up on GGK. No way in hell, Alexis wasn’t a quitter and she certainly put other girls in High School through just as much shit as this, worse even.

Begrudgingly, Alexis followed Jake’s advice and went to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the hobby shop he had told her about. It was a small store in the corner of a shopping center called Games, Dice, Action. The interior was much as she expected, walls of comic books, display cases fill with some kind of game game singles, and then there were dice. Little boxes of dice with several different shapes.

Alexis looked though the different colors for a while before a chubby man with a thick beard came up to her, “Can I help you?” he asked.

Alexis glanced up and then pointed at the dice in the case. “Are those the dice I need to play D&D?” She asked.

The man nodded, “They are enough to get you going yeah. One die of each side type used in the game.” He explained.

“Great, can I get those pink ones?”

Shortly before six Alexis was back on campus with her bag of goodies. The clerk had been nice enough to also print her out several pages that he called “character sheets” so that she would be ready to sit down and immediately start making a character with Jake. Along with a set of pink dice that had three different shades of pink in their color scheme.

She actually beat Jake to the rec room and found herself an empty table near the back of the mostly empty room so set up. She laid out her sheets and took out her dice, laying them in a row based on their total number of sides, and a little mechanical pencil. While she waited for Jake to arrive she googled basic D&D character creation rules but was giving a online book with nearly 200 pages and her eyes went wide. Did she have to learn 200 pages of rules? Who the fuck would play a game that required so much work. Wasn’t it just supposed to be a bunch of dorks playing pretend around a table?

The door to the rec room opened and Jaked walked in, holding a book under his arm. Alexis waved to get his attention and he began walking her way. “Wow,” he said, looking at the laid out paper and dice in front of her. “I gotta say, I didn’t think you would go so far.” He told her, sitting across from her.

She smiled and leaned toward him, purposefully giving him a glance down her top and get a good look at her cleavage. Alexis was proud of her perky just barely C-cups, and Jake took the chance to take the peek she offered. “Now why is that?” She asked teasingly. It was time to turn on the flurting. First meeting wouldn’t have worked, but now that she had him mostly alone, she could start to give it to him and build not only his trust but his libido as well.

Jake tore his eyes from her gapping shirt and blushed, “Look hot girls don’t just ask to play D&D. It simply doesn’t happen. I thought you were setting me up for a prank or something.” He explained.

Alexis smiled, “I know you did. That’s why I got all this stuff on my own. I want you to see I’m serious about at least giving this a try.” She gestured to her set up.

Jake nodded, and set the book on the table. Alexis saw that it was the same book that the internet had proved her and the pit of her stomach dropped. Dread filled her as she began to fear all the rules he was about to dump on her.

“Okay let’s start by doing this….” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of scrach paper. Then he reached over and grabbed her six sided die. “Roll this four times…”

And so began the process of Alexis making her first Dungeons and Dragons character. All her fear about the massive book turned out to be a waste because she ended up not needed more than like ten pages of the book in total. Jake made everything really simple and while she did roll her eyes a couple of times at the dorky terminology she found herself grasping it pretty easily.

By the end of the sit down with Jake, Alexis’ had her character sheet completely filled out. She had created a sneaky demon-like girl called a Tiefling Rogue and named her Shadow Heartly. Working with Jake turned out to be a lot of fun, and it made Alexis forget how dorky she always thought this would be. He helpped her create a back story for Shadow, together they crafted this back story of a demon born of noble blood who’s demonic appearance forced her parents to give her up so she didn’t hurt their reputation. Angery at being abandoned, Shadow began to steal mastering the art of pick-pocketing, before being grabbed by the thieves guild. The guild taught her to be unseen, and began using her for missions that asked her to sneak into dangerous locations. She learned to make herself valuable despite her demonic appearance.

Alexis felt like she was going crazy, because she actually found herself eager to try playing Shadow in a real game. As they finished and stood up together, Alexis threw her arms around Jake and hugged him, purposefully pressing her chest tightly to his.

“Thank you for this, truly.” She told him smiling as she stepped back. “I didn’t think for a second it would be as interesting as you made it, but now I’m really glad I actually asked about this. I look forward to güvenilir bahis şirketleri playing.” She paused and gave him a look, “When do we play?”

Jake smiled, his face a little red after that hug. “I’m glad I was able to shatter your expectations. Let’s see I have a new game starting with a group of players on Friday night at seven. So it’s actually a perfect game for you to join in and try your hand at it.”

Alexis groaned inwardly. Seven on a Friday night? Was he serious? She had a party to go to on Friday night. She didn’t want to stay inside to play this game when she could be getting her party on. But she realized that she couldn’t go to the party until she brought GGK what they asked for. So she smiled and nodded, “Alright Friday at seven. Where at?”

“Oh we play in my dorm. I have a full ride and that came with a full sized dorm room with no roommate. So I have people come over there since it’s private and I have the space.” He explained.

His place?

Alexis grinned, it was too perfect. All she had to do was wait for the game to end and everybody to leave and Jake would be all hers. “Great!” She replied. “I’ll see you then I guess.” She started to walk away, “Oh, what dorm number?”

Jake smirked, “224.”

“Thanks Jake. See you.” She smiled and darted off.

First thing in the morning Alexis went to the sorority house and explained the situation. Niece, the sorority leader, a buxom fit girl with long black hair and haunting blue eyes, glared up at Alexis from the love seat. “I don’t know what you are going through all of this for. He’s a nerd and you are way out of his league, just seduce him and be done with it. Why torture yourself?”

Alexis didn’t have a good answer really. She explained that Jake was too nerdy for that, and he would assume she was up to something if she just tried to pounce on him right out of the gate.

Niece just scoffed and gave Alexis a dismissive wave, “Oh please, look if you went to his dorm tonight wearing nothing but a sexy set of underwear or a robe with nothing underneath, there is no way in hell he turns you away. Unless he’s gay, is he gay?” Niece asked questioningly.

Alexis shook her head, “I gave him plenty of chances to look down my shirt today, he took them all, so I don’t think that’s a worry.”

Niece smiled and nodded, “Great, then go get your picture. Why play games with him?”

Alexis shrugged, she didn’t have a good answer. Jake had been a really nice guy, and totally different than the dewb she had expected him to be. She just couldn’t bring herself to be such a bitch to him for no reason. She didn’t want to just leave him with his pants down, so to speak.

It was then she had a chilling thought. If she was warming him up to her, did that mean she intended to give him actual head or something? Would she go that far just for a simple dick pic? Surely that wasn’t what she was preping for? But if she wasn’t then why not just take Niece’s advice and go blue ball the poor guy?

Alexis couldn’t think of a true answer. And that worried her. She shook it off, figuring she was just horny. After all she hadn’t gotten any since she and her boyfriend brok up over the summer. He didn’t even want to try a long distance relationship, and frankly Alexis couldn’t blame him. It had left her with an inch to scratch though. Not that she would consider scratching it with Jake. Hell no.

* * * * * * * *

Friday came quickly and Alexis decided to bring a couple of pizza’s to Jakes dorm room for the game. It always nice to be a good guest, that’s what her folks taught her, and being a good guest meant bringing snacks or drinks for whatever get-together you were going too.

So there she stood at his doorstep with two hot pizza’s burning into her palm. Still she stared at the door for a while. Was she really going to try this for real? To get Jake alone so she could take a picture of his ramrod? It shouldn’t mean this much right? Why was she scared, the worse that could happen was she upset him and no big deal. Then again, why did she make sure to put a condom in her handbag. That probably worried her more than anything else.

Finally she knocked, Jake opened the door quickly. He smiled as he saw her and the pizzas, “Hey you made it. And with pizza! Wow you are officially my new favorite.” He reached out and took the boxes from her before stepping aside to let her in. “See guys this is how you impress your DM.” He said showing off the boxes.

“You mean the food or the girl?” A male voice asked inside.

Jake snapped at him, “Hey you better not start. I warned you, I want Alexis to feel welcome here.”

There was a fairly small circular table with four people around it. Three of them were guys that very much embodied the typical guys that Alexis always pictured playing this game. Very overweight, thick glasses, beards that seemed to encompass their heads, they were total stereotypes. Alexis felt her stomach pitch with regret coming to this whole event.

The other player at the table was a girl. But much like the boys she was far from what anyone would call attractive, overweight though not nearly to the degree the boys were, no sign of make-up, limp lifeless dirty blonde hair. She smiled at Alexis and waved her over, “Welcome Alexis, Jake told us you were maybe coming, glad you could make it.”

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