The Pills Pt. 02

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Part 2 – Sunday

I slept as soundly as I ever had Saturday night. But toward dawn, the pills started to kick in again. My dreams began turning sexual once more. I dreamed about Sarah and about Maggie, having the both at the same time. By the time I woke up, I was hard as a rock and my balls were starting aching. For a second, as my dreams faded, I had the sinking feeling that my encounter with Maggie had just been a dream. But then I realized I could still faintly smell her on my body. I grinned. It had actually happened.

I threw the covers off to find the tip of my erect member jutting out of my boxers, demanding attention. It throbbed with need.

“I’m not listening to you today,” I said to it. “You got me in enough trouble last night. I’m not cumming until it’s inside Sarah.”

I think it knew I was bluffing.

I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. “Well, you really stuck your foot in it last night. Or should I say your prick.” But for some reason, the shame and guilt weren’t there. I actually smiled a little bit at the memory of Maggie. I especially remembered what she said between kisses as he left for the night. “Just let me know if you need help with anything else this weekend.”

I heard the front door open. I pushed my cock into my pants and hurried out into the hallway, only to collide with Maggie as she hurried up. She knew where my wife and I kept the spare key – to let herself in while we were out. She was her usual self – an old baggy shirt and some loose shorts. She grabbed my face and started kissing me. I let it last a while then pushed her away.

“Maggie, last night was great, but it can’t happen again. I’m a married man.”

She looked down to see still erect dick straining the fabric of my boxers. “Yeah, I see it can’t happen again.” She reached out and circled her little hand around my cock, then leaned in and whispered into my ear. “I’ve been horny all morning thinking about you.”

She let go of me and hurried past, into my bedroom. I followed and found that she was lying on the bed.

“So is this where you and Mrs. Laurie do it? Do you give it to her good in here?”

I was trying to find some way to tell her to stop acting silly and get up. But as I looked at her, my words failed. She was on her back, legs apart, feet flat on the bed. Her shorts had slid down, revealing just a little more of her coltish legs. She’d pulled the shirt up to reveal her flat belly and cute belly button. Her hands were slowly rubbing her belly. She licked her lips as she looked at me.

“After I got home last night, I couldn’t sleep until I masturbated,” she said. Her hands circled lower. I just stood there, dumfounded. I couldn’t believe how dirty this little 19-year-old was.

“I’ve been horny all morning. I masturbated again in the shower, frigging my clit, thinking about you going down on me, thinking about you inside me. But I didn’t let myself cum. I got so close but backed off. I wanted you to make me cum.”

She pulled her shorts out from her belly with her left hand and reached down with the right.

“And I thought that we’ve only got a few days before your wife gets back.”

I finally said, “What happened to that shy girl who didn’t have anything better to do on Saturday nights?”

Her hand reached further down. “She got laid and found out she liked it. Liked it a lot.”

My swollen balls dragged me over to the foot of the bed. She arched her back as her hand found her pussy.

“You’ll have to tell me that story sometime.”

She grinned, then unbuttoned her shorts. She raised her legs and slid them off, revealing a tight pair of blue bikini panties that her perfectly accented the steep curve of her waist and hips. I knelt down on the bed between her legs and started stroking them, from the leg all the way up to the hip.

“That feels so nice,” she said. I paused at the top of her leg, rubbing her hip, then proceeded back down as I moved closer to her pussy. I could smell that intoxicating scent again. It was all I could do to take my time, not plunge my face right onto her. I kissed her knee, then worked my way inside her taut thigh. She bucked her hips toward me. Her hands left her pussy and moved up her chest, under her shirt to her breasts. I could just make out a hint of blue under the concealing shirt.

My kisses worked their way up until I kissed her pussy lips through the thin panties. Suddenly, I didn’t want to take my time. My tongue reached out and found her little clit through the material. She moaned and pushed her hips upward. My hand moved up and I pushed the strip of fabric aside, once again marveling at how pretty her cunt was. I slowly rolled my finger around the outside of her lips while I exhaled warm air onto them.

“You’re getting me so wet,” she moaned.

I rolled my finger across her opening and slowly inserted it. Her cunt was as tight at the night before and just as wet. My finger was quickly coated with her juices. I gently angled around, trying canlı bahis to find a sensitive spot without hurting her. A soft moan let me know I’d found one.

“You’re going to make me cum so fast,” she said. “My pussy’s on fire.”

I pushed forward and started licking her clit. It throbbed with her passion as I tongued it, nuzzled it and kissed it. At the same time, my finger was slowly working in and out of her.

“My cunt is aching,” she said. “Make me cum. Make me cum so hard.”

I went crazy, licking her ferociously, lapping at her lips, swirling around her clit, thrusting the finger as deep as I could. She pushed her hips up and I pushed them back down with my other hand, holding them on the bed.

“I can feel it!” she cried. “I’m so close!”

I pulled my finger out, then plunged two in. That did it. She cried out, her legs crossed over my back and she pushed her hips up again as she came. My fingers felt like they were swimming. Her vagina contracted and relaxed, contracted and relaxed. She kept cumming for almost 15 seconds, then cried out and pushed me away.

“Ok, stop stop! It’s too sensitive.”

I looked up, my face smeared with her juice. Her face was red and her eyes glazed. Every now and then, her hips would squirm a bit and I could see the lips of her pussy contract.

“Worth the wait?” I asked.

“Oh yes. I wish I’d saved my virginity for you. It would have hurt with you being so big. But it would have been worth it.”

I rubbed her flat belly, once again relishing the feel of her teenage flesh. It was smooth as silk. I started raising myself up, getting ready to enter her. I’d forgotten about my aching balls while going down on her. Now they were ordering release. My erect cock was now completely out of my boxers, pointing like a divining rod at her tender pussy.

“Not right now,” she said, pushing me away. “I’m still too sensitive. I’d go crazy. Lie down.”

I crawled up next to her and lay on my back, my cock jutting at the ceiling. She took a deep breath, then sat up. She moved between my legs and yanked off my boxers.

“I can’t believe I had this monster inside me last night. I thought my pussy would be so sore.”

Her hands wrapped around my cock. She put both hands around it. A couple of inches still jutted from the top. It throbbed in her hands.

“Aren’t you going to tell me how much you liked last night?” she prompted.

“Last night was amazing,” I gasped. My cock was now huge and full, waiting for some release. I tried to thrust through her hands but she let go.

“Tell me more.”

“I woke up this morning thinking about you. I was so hard. If you’d been here, I’d have fucked you into the middle of next week.”

She licked her hands and clasped me again. The moistness let her rub her hands up and down.

“Really? Little me turned you on that much?” She was mocking me as she teased my cock. My balls left me no choice but to indulge her.

“I never realized how hot you were.”

“How hot? What do you find hot about me?”

I gasped. “Your ass is perfect. All I could think about was how it looked last night, when I was in you.”

She leaned in and licked the tip, then crawled around to show me her blue-panty covered butt, the fabric clinging tightly to its surface. A little wet spot at the bottom told of her orgasm.

“What, this thing? You like it?” She sat back down and started licking my head again. I tried to thrust upward into her mouth but she backed off.

“Yes, I love it. I love your whole body. I could fuck you all day.”

Finally, I felt her lips began to close over the massive head. I closed my eyes as she struggled a bit to get it in, then I felt her slip a few inches into her mouth. Her tongue swirled on the underside.

“I’m not going to last long if you keep doing that!” I cried.

She pulled it out and said, “Don’t hold back. I want you to cum as fast and as hard as you can. Fill me up.”

She plunged her mouth back over me. I felt a few inches slide in and then my head butted against the back of her mouth. She started going up and down on me while one hand continued to stroke the bottom few inches of my cock. Her other hand started rubbing my chest. Once again, I felt it getting bigger and harder, filling with my impending orgasm.

“Oh, Maggie darling, don’t stop! I’m going to blow!”

She plunged me just a little deeper to the top of her throat and that did it. I felt my balls jump up and it was like my whole body emptied into my cock. For just a second, all I could feel was my swelling dick. Then I let go. Six blasts of semen rocked out, so powerful I moaned with each one. The cum filled her mouth and then overflowed it, running down the length of my prick. She slowed her strokes as my orgasm subsided.

I looked up just in time to see her lift her mouth off my cock. There was a faint trace of cum on her lips and my head and shaft were slick with my load. She wiped her lips with the back of one hand, then licked it off.

“I bahis siteleri usually swallow,” she said. “but you came so fast and so much, I couldn’t get it all.”

“I’ll forgive you.”

She moved up the bed and laid down next to me.

“Did you really mean what you said? Or were you just trying to get me to get you off?”

I turned my head and looked into her pretty puppy dog eyes.

“Maggie, this can’t go on. Sarah and I are starting a family. We can have this weekend but then . . . But for what it’s worth, I meant it. You turn me on like you wouldn’t believe. And I’d like to mount your ass on my wall, it’s so perfect.”

She grinned and slapped me lightly on the chest, then jumped out of bed. She skipped to the doorway, making her tight bikini-clad bottom bounce. I felt a little rumble in my balls, even though they’d just emptied. She stopped in the doorway and turned back. She grinned wickedly.

“Why don’t you take a shower?” she said. “I’m not done with you just yet.”


I had hoped that a nice shower would wake me up from whatever stupor I must be in to be carrying on like this with our teenage maid. Perhaps once the water hit me, the guilt would settle in. But it didn’t. I found myself whistling as I cleaned up.

I had almost finished when I saw someone in the bathroom through the shower door. The shape approached and pushed the door open and Maggie climbed in, nude once again.

She looked even better in the daylight. Her little nipples were already hard, jutting out from her small breasts. Her arms were just as smooth and graceful as her legs. She looked like an orgasm just standing there.

“You don’t mind if I join you?” she asked. She reached over and squeezed the hanging limp log of my cock.

“Not at all.” I moved aside.

She moved under the warm spray of water and let it coat her body. All I could do was sit there and watch as clear rivulets ran down her skin, many finding the tight cleft of her ass. She turned around. Her eyes were closed as she let the shower soak her hair. I could see drops clinging to her erect nipples. I felt my cock begin to stir.

“I thought you already showered,” I said mockingly.

“You can never be too clean,” she said, opening her blue eyes.

She reached down and picked up the soap, then began to rub it around her body. She wasn’t really trying to clean herself. She spent some time lathering up her breasts, then moved down to her belly. One hand moved the white bar back and forth over her belly while the other moved between her legs. She turned around again and bent slightly.

“Can you do my back?” she asked, handing me the soap.

I moved under the spray and started rubbing it up and down her back, going slowly over the hill or her buttocks, only stopping when I was just shy of her hot pussy lips. I looked down and saw my dick rising to the occasion, pulsating powerfully as it extended to its full length.

“Oooh,” she said. she spread her legs. “That’s nice. Just get down lower. I’m extra dirty down there.”

I knelt behind her and started soaping up her legs. There wasn’t an inch of flesh I missed as I moved slowly up, past her tight calves, to her muscular thighs and finally to her down-covered pussy. I nudged her clit with the soap, then rubbed it with one hand. Finally, I stood up. my dick was now at full attention, my balls started to issue demands, although not with the urgency they had a half hour ago.

She turned to face me, threw her arms around my shoulders and pulled me under the shower spray for a kiss. Our tongues wrestled for a while as I explored her warm mouth. My hands closed on her hips, enjoyed the steep curve toward her tiny waist, then rose up, over her breasts, pinched the nipples and found their way to the side of her face.

She broke from the kiss. “I want you inside me.”

I pushed up her up against the side wall of the shower, the spray now hitting both of us on the side. She raised one leg, exposing her hot pussy. I pushed in and rubbed my cock over her lips. She moved around a little, trying to get him toward the entrance. I backed off.

“Don’t tease me. Let me have it.”

I started rubbing it up and down her lips, hitting her clit at the top, parting the lips slightly in the middle. She started kissing me again. She reached down with one hand and pointed my dick at her lips, then tried to arch her hips forward. I pushed her back, letting my cockhead part her lips. Again, there was that sensation of stretching them out and she moaned into my mouth. Then I let a few inches slide in.

“I can’t get it all in at this angle,” I said.

“You’ll probably get more in me than anyone else ever has,” she gasped. I inched forward and felt her vagina spreading to welcome me. She was so hot in there, I thought she was going to melt my cock off. I pulled back and pushed forward again. The top of my cock rubbed against her clit.

“Oh, it’s so good. You’re so thick.”

I moved my hands up and began bahis şirketleri kneading her breasts. Her moans became louder.

“I love that. You’re going to make me cum so fast. I can’t believe you make me cum so fast.”

I pulled her head to my shoulder and started licking her ear. That appeared to send her over the edge. Her hands turned into claws as they gripped my back and she started grunting into my ear.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming so hard.”

Her pussy clamped down on me like a vice as it got hotter, wetter and deeper. She was holding her breath. Then she relaxed

again, exhaling loudly into my ear.

“You just made my fantasy come true,” she gasped. “This is what I was thinking about this morning. I wanted you so bad.”

“I was dreaming about it,” I said. “You’re such a little firecracker. I’ve never been with anyone who came so fast.”

“Really? I thought that beast of yours would have any woman coming her brains out in seconds.”

I didn’t reply, just started slowly moving my cock back and forth again.

“You haven’t cum yet,” she said. “You want to try another way?”

I pulled out and she put her leg down.

“From behind,” I said. “I love having my hands on your ass.”

She grinned and moved under the spray again, bending at the waist, bracing herself with her hands on either side of the shower. I moved in and lined my big pulsating cock with her dripping pussy once more. In the daylight, she looked even more tantalizing. My cock still looked too big to fit in her. But I knew better. I parted her lips with the massive head. This time, eight inches sank quickly into her until I butted against her diaphragm.

“Oh, that’s so perfect,” she said. “Don’t be gentle. Make me cum again.”

I started stroking, taking seven inches out, then ramming it back into her. My cock abutted against her clit again.

“God, I’m so full. This is what my pussy was meant for. To have you in it. Fuck me. Make me cum again. Fill me up again.”

I didn’t need to be told. I quickened the pace of my strokes. After a minute of fucking, her pussy deepened and I was balls deep in this tight girl again. Her pussy started to spasm, growing wetter and hotter. My balls were slowly filling up but with the draining she’d given them, they weren’t close to emptying just yet.

I kept going. After another minute, she cried out again and clamped down on me.

“I’m going to cum again!”

Now was the time to give her a taste of her own medicine. I slowed my pace.

“Don’t stop!”

“Is this the best cock you’ve ever had?” I teased, withdrawing until just the tip was in.

“Yes. It’s twice as big as anything. Keep going. I’m so close!”

“And how many cocks have you had. Who else has been in you?”

“Five. Put together, they weren’t as good as you,” she whined. “Please, Tom, I need to cum. Keep moving that big fucker in me. I need it!”

To be honest, I couldn’t keep teasing her either. My cock was screaming to be plunged back into this very willing 19-year-old. I pushed in and she exploded. Her legs wobbled, her pussy clamped and relaxed and some of her juices seep out onto my balls.

I kept going. My cock was like a machine now, sliding in eight inches, sliding back out, butting her cervix every now and then. I reached around and squeezed a breast. Five minutes, then ten, then twenty, then thirty. I was amazed at my stamina. I’d never lasted this long before. She came twice more while I was inside her, screaming out my name both times. We were both nearing exhaustion holding this position and the water was starting to turn cold when I finally felt my balls jump.

“Here I go!”

Once again, I squeezed her supple ass in hands while thrusting all nine inches as deep as I could. My cockhead stopped right at her diaphragm and blasted away at it, millions and millions of sperm gushing out, only to be stopped dead in their tracks. I fired away, howling as I did. Six more big spurts. Most of it was backing down her cunt, coating the side of my cock, leaking out over my balls.

She reached up and turned off the shower, which was rapidly getting ice cold. We held that position for another couple of minutes, each of us enjoying the aftershocks. Finally, I pulled out. I could see a little dollop of cum in her entrance. As she stood, it fell out, making a thick wet drop on the floor.

“Wow! I am going to be sore after that,” she said. She put her arms around her neck and kissed me again.

“Sorry if I was a little rough.”

She grinned. “That’s Ok. I like it rough sometimes. I’ve definitely been in the mood to get it good all morning.”

I opened the door and reached out for a towel. I started drying her off, enjoying the feel of her flesh, lingering teasingly over her ass, her pussy, hips, belly and breasts. She squirmed at the touch, then sighed.

“Thank you. That felt so nice.”

She returned the favor, spending much more time than needed drying off my deflated cock, now hanging like a limp sausage again.

“Even soft, it’s bigger than any I’ve had before.”

When finished, she hopped out. I watched her perfect ass make figure 8’s as she walked away. I knew we weren’t quite finished yet. I had two more days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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