Small Town Life Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – Don

Don sat in his chair and quietly banged his head on his desk as the phone next to him continued its shrill ringing. The sound of the front door opening just caused him to sigh and wonder what was next on this completely horrid morning.

The mayor of the town stood just inside City Hall and watched the Utility Clerk stop banging his head and answer the phone. Once Don had dealt with the phone, Mayor Ray addressed him, “So… busy morning?”

As Don opened his mouth to reply the phone rang again. With a mighty growl Don snatched the offending instrument and barked a mean good morning into it. He could see Ray chuckling to himself on his way out the door and his thoughts darkened even more.

Fuck Sharon for quitting yesterday! And fuck Wanda for taking today off to go fucking shopping! And then fuck the damn Mayor for laughing at him after Don helped him fuck his wife into shape last night!

That sweet memory though caused him to pause and reflect while blocking out the annoying voice in his ear. That memory led to the one of ass fucking Sharon yesterday too. A huge sigh filled him as he pushed it all aside to do his job.

The next time the door opened the vision that greeted Don caused all memories and thoughts to flee his mind. Long golden hair drifted softly down to a tiny waist. A soft pink sweater molded lush large breasts while a floaty skirt danced over nicely rounded hips and the longest legs Don had seen in a long time. As Don’s mouth started he water he jerked his eyes back to the face belonging to this knock out body. Huge green eyes that twinkled with an inner humor met his as full, pouty lips smiled.

Don stared, unable to speak, unable to react as this goddess walked around the counter. She quickly leaned over and answered the phone at the reception desk with a pert, “Good morning, this is Kathy; how may I help you?”

Don’s thoughts spun erratically as he watched that short, thin skirt sway over one hell of a sweet ass. Kathy from the library? The same Kathy that he drooled over every time he saw her? A Kathy that looked like no librarian he had ever known. He tapped his pen against his desk ignoring the phone that again ringed at his elbow.

When Kathy hung up the counter phone she turned to him. “Okay look, Ray asked me to help you out today but I’m not doing all the work, buddy boy.” She stared right back at him, daring him to say something.

“Ray sent you?” His lips pursed in thought as the front door opened to a customer, so he finally turned to answered the insistent ringing. He continued to watch Kathy as she dealt with the customer. Observing old man Finley leave with a sparkle in his eye and a bulge in his pants caused Don to become aware of his own partial stiffy.

It was a nearing noon before the two finally got a break from the every day business of running City Hall. Kathy had just stepped right in and went to work like it was something she did everyday. Customers had been surprised but very pleased to see her and everyone she dealt with and left with a smile. Especially the men.

“You seem to have worked in here before,” Don commented.

Kathy laughed, “Yes I have. Sharon’s had me in here when you were gone so I could help Wanda.”

“I bet that was fun.”

“Wanda is a little difficult, but I like Sharon and didn’t mind giving her a hand.”

Don let the image that had greeted him yesterday of Wanda with her face buried in Sharon’s muff pass through his mind. He wondered just what kind of “hand” Kathy had given Sharon in the past. And then he wondered what kind of “hand” he could convince her to give him.

“There’s something I’d like to ask you but it’s a bit personal. Would you mind?” Kathy nervously twisted a pen in her fingers.

“Not at all, ask away.”

Kathy took a deep breath as if to steady herself but this caused those very pretty breasts of her’s to push even harder against her sweater. Don just got a glimpse of rock hard nipples and the old man in his pants twitched again. “Sharon sent me an email yesterday that had a video attached that was very informative. And then when Ray called me this morning he just acted kinda weird, like he knew that I had received the video. Did you know Sharon was going to send it to me? It seemed like something she’d want to keep quiet, or personal maybe.”

As Don’s eyes hadn’t left the front of Kathy’s sweater so it took him a moment to process what she had said. A feeling of dread began to fill him. Without bothering to answer Kathy he jerked open his desk drawer and pulled out a key to Sharon’s office.

Jumping up, he headed over to the office door and opened it. After flicking on the lights, it took only moments before he located the camera. “Fuck!” he swore viciously, at the same time giving the bitch props for being so clever.

Hearing the front door open and Kathy greeting a customer gave Don a few minutes to think. He rounded the desk and booted up the computer. canlı bahis It took no effort at all to find the video, Sharon had left it in plain site. Pulling up her email he clicked open the “sent” folder and his eyes widened at what he saw there. It seemed Sharon had neatly informed a few different people of yesterday’s antics.

As he sat drumming his fingers on the desk, Kathy came in the room. “I uh, I locked the front door for lunch. Are you okay? I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Don shoved his fingers through his thick black hair and leaned back in the chair. His blue eyes staring at the computer screen, his mind searching for words to say that wouldn’t make him sound like a complete idiot. “I ah… had no idea she did that. Sharon kind of surprised us all yesterday.”

“Yesterday? That happened just yesterday? Wow. And in here too,” Kathy sat on the edge of the desk beside Don as she looked around the office. Her skirt rode up her thighs exposing creamy skin to Don’s gaze. “So where are Sharon and Wanda today? Why aren’t they here at work?”

Don couldn’t help himself, his hand went to all that warm waiting skin and settled on Kathy’s knee. “Sharon quit yesterday after her little session and Wanda’s out shopping for new clothes. What all did you see in the video?” His hand gently stroked the softness beside him, his fingers sliding and caressing Kathy’s leg.

Kathy unconsciously let her legs open slightly wider, “Umm… uh, just you and a woman that I assumed was Sharon. Her head was kinda cut off by the camera angle. But you were… oh mmm…” She moaned quietly as he hand slid softy up her thigh.

“God you have the most gorgeous legs. Why the hell are you a librarian?”

“Well, when I came back after college I needed a job and, uh Mary gave me one.” She was breathing heavier, her legs falling apart even farther.

Don continued his stroking of her leg letting his fingers glide higher and higher. He couldn’t believe how silky smooth her skin was; it fascinated him. He now had both hands on her leg, running them up and down. Kathy’s small, high pitched sounds made under her quickened breaths combined with the faint musky scent coming from under her skirt had him rock hard.

He glanced quickly up at her face, to check her reaction. Kathy’s head was tilted back, her eyes closed, she leaned back on her hands, causing her nipples to strain against the tight sweater. With her legs now wide open and her skirt riding up nearly to her crotch, Don decided to see how far he could take it.

Leaning forward, he laid his lips on her leg just above the knee. Kathy gasped and a soft, “oh yes,” could barely be heard. Don let just the tip of his tongue reach out to taste. Strawberries! Oh god she tasted like fresh strawberries.

“If you’re going to stop, me do it now,” he growled, fingers tightening on her legs.

His words seemed to bring Kathy back to awareness. Her green eyes snapped wide open and met his, full of swirling emotions. As Don’s thumbs made little circles on the inside of her knees, Kathy eyes cleared. She reached down and pulled her skirt all the way up, exposing her lack of panties and bare, shaved mound to Don.

“When Ray called and asked if I’d come in, I wore this outfit on purpose. And I didn’t wear any panties on purpose.” In one quick move she pulled her sweater over her head and dropped it on the desk. “And I wore my prettiest bra on purpose. That video of you made me so hot that I made myself cum twice last night just thinking about you doing that to me.”

Don quickly stood up and captured her lips with his. Tongues twisted and twined together. Kathy’s hands tangled in Don’s thick black hair, holding him close. It seemed that an explosive fire began to rage inside Don. This woman’s lips were causing electric currents to flash straight to his gut like none had ever done before.

When the kiss finally ended, he leaned back to look deep in those green eyes. “I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m going to have you.”

Kathy leaned farther back on the desk, giving him full access. As Don’s mouth assaulted her neck and shoulders, breathing and tasting that sweet berry scent, his hands came up to enclose her breasts. Big and firm, they felt so good in his hands. Nipples poked into his palms like little pebbles.

His fingers pulled down the thin pieces of pink lace and gently rolled and pulled on those pebbles. As Kathy’s moans increased, Don left a trail of kisses across her firm mounds in search of the pleasure giving nubs. Taking the berry in his mouth and sucking felt like coming home. His hard cock pulsed in time to his suckling, fingers massaging each breast as if milking them for more.

Kathy’s breathing had turned to ragged gasps, those quiet wails, encouraging. As Don licked his way across to the other waiting nipple, he wrapped his arm around her to help support her. Gently, oh so gently, he bit down and the small dark nub and swirled his tongue around her bahis siteleri aureola.

A harsh groan emitted from Kathy and she suddenly started bucking her hips and shaking with an orgasm. Don raised his head in surprise but dropped a hand down between her legs and tweaked the moist clit he encountered. He was amazed at the amount of fluid that quickly coated his fingers. He had never in his life known a woman to orgasm just from sucking her nipples.

After a few short minutes, Kathy relaxed against him. Her head laying heavily on his shoulder he could hear her quietly whispered ,”oh gods.” He stroked her back, helping her calm down, simply amazed at this warm bundle of woman shivering in his arms.

“Does that always happen?”

Kathy shook her head. Looking up at him she said, “Something happened when you touched me. I just kind of exploded.” Inside her head, Kathy’s thoughts swirled. What had just happened here? No man had ever caused her to react like that. She felt like her body wasn’t her own anymore, just a raging, hot, wet mess that seriously needed to be fucked.

“Well normally, I’d be happy to give you several more explosions, but I’m about to have one of my own in my pants unless you could help me with that.”

A sly smile crept across those lush lips. Don felt a hand squeeze the front of his jeans and drew a deep breath to keep steady. “You do seem to have a slight problem down below.”

“Slight?” Don asked incredulously. At Kathy’s giggle he stepped back and jerked down his zipper to release the pressure of his pants. He made short work of the fastenings, but before he could reach in to pull out his iron stiff pole, Kathy’s dainty hands were pushing his out of the way.

Don’s cock was slender, but long. Kathy used both hands to hold his length and still didn’t cover the purple tip. “Oh sweet heaven,” she whispered before sliding off the desk and dropping to her knees. After taking a long swipe with her tongue from base to tip, Kathy slid the long pole into her mouth.

Dale had to grab the back of the chair beside him as his knees nearly buckled at the intense feeling. It felt like his guts were on fire. Reaching down with his other hand, he tangled his fingers in those long golden locks, gently encouraging Kathy’s wondrous sucking.

He marveled at this beautiful creature before him. As his gasps filled the air, he watched as she took more and more of his cock into her hot wet mouth. No woman he’d been with had ever managed to take all of him without gagging, but so far she appeared to have no problems at all in that area. With her hands massaging his heavy ball sack and thighs, Kathy sucked the last of his rod into her mouth, he could actually feel the tip edging down her throat.

Only a few more sucks and he was groaning, “I’m gonna cum. Oh god I’m gonna cum.”

Those words seem to spur Kathy’s sucking on even more, pulling him hard and deep into her mouth. As Don felt his balls grow hard, the eruptions began. He shot load after load down her throat, gripping the chair back hard as the spasms shook his whole body. Don wondered if he’d ever stop cumming as Kathy’s tongue slid and slipped its way around him. He could feel the movements of her throat as she swallowed every drop.

Finally,she drew back, carefully pulling him from her mouth, making sure she left no creamy fluid behind. With a last stroke of her hands, she stood again as Don collapsed down in the chair. He pulled her into his lap and buried his face in her fragrant hair.

It was a few minutes before he was able to think and speak coherently again. He gave her a soft kiss and ran his hands through her long locks. As blue eyes met green, Don suddenly realized that this woman, that he’d known only distantly, had touched him as no woman ever had.

“I uh…” Don started to speak but Kathy’s fingers gently touched his lips stopping his words.

“Lets go get some lunch, finish the day and if you want, we’ll talk tonight after work.” Kathy didn’t want this precious new thing between them analyzed too hard just yet. She’d never experienced love at first sight and wasn’t sure she believed in it, but something fragile was growing between them and she wanted to savor it for a while.

Don was stunned. A woman that didn’t immediately want to talk things over, dissect everything? And she seemed sincere enough that he didn’t even smell a trap! He couldn’t seem to form words into a sentence, so he just nodded his head and allowed Kathy to stand.

After they both put their clothes back in order, she took his hand and led Don from the building. They went to the local diner, grabbed a quick lunch and headed back to the office. Once there, Don opened the front door again and settled back at his desk.

They hadn’t spoken much more than to discuss lunch and how busy the day had been. Kathy acted like nothing unusual had happened. Don was more confused now than ever. As he stared at the back of Kathy’s skirt a sudden flash bahis şirketleri went through him as he remembered there was nothing underneath it except a smooth bare pussy and a generous handful of ass cheeks. Almost immediately his dick was rock hard again.

Don sighed and resigned himself to an uncomfortable afternoon. As the hours passed, Don’s thoughts were deep. Back in high school he had been heavily into sports and so getting girls had been relatively easy. Also, in college, on a sports scholarship, he enjoyed many romps with many different girls. Even now, he had retained enough of his looks and form, that getting his “itch scratched” wasn’t difficult to do.

But just one touch from Kathy had him spinning out of control. What was it about her that was so different? And why was he so bothered by the thought that what happened between them was meaningless? (it was just a bit awkward) She was so warm and responsive, so soft and sweet. And that ass… oh my god that ass!

Just at that moment, Kathy dropped the pen she was using on the floor and bent to pick it up. Don had a quick flash of rounded white cheek and had to stifle a groan. That skirt should be outlawed, he thought to himself darkly. Then, just as darkly, wondered why he should care if her skirt was too short.

Tapping his pen on the desk, he considered the day’s events. Sure, he’d known Kathy for some time now, but he’d never actually spent time with her like this before. As the memory of the taste of strawberries drifted through him, he decided that he wanted more. More time, more tastes and certainly more getting to know each other.

Casually he rose from his desk and went to the counter to stand beside Kathy. Grinning at the customer and joking about the weather, Don slowly let his hand settle on the round firmness of Kathy’s ass. Feeling the slight jump under his hand told him that she was also quite responsive to his touch.

Very carefully, so as to not draw attention to what he was doing, Don began to bunch the thin skirt up, drawing it up inch by inch. Kathy dealt with the customer and wished him a good day as another came in the door. Don kept on raising the skirt, not allowing anything to show on his face what he was doing.

A few short moments later, his fingers felt bare skin. Kathy’s voice cracked a bit as she chatted with the customer, but Don felt her legs part very slightly. Letting his fingers draw little patterns on her creamy smooth skin, Don leaned against the counter and prepared to enjoy. Kathy thew him a discrete glare and he only smiled in response.

For once fate seemed in his favor as customers continued to come in, just frequently enough that Kathy couldn’t move away. At this point Don’s hand was completely under her skirt and creeping slowly down between her legs. He could see that her nipples were hard points under her sweater and she would bite her lip in concentration to do the computer work.

If this old bat doesn’t leave so I can kill him, I’m going to reach across this counter and bitch slap her. Then I’m gonna bitch slap Don,Kathy thought to herself as her pussy got wetter and wetter due to Don’s wandering fingers.

Don shifted against the counter so his hard on wasn’t trapped against the hard workspace, and nudged Kathy’s hip into his crotch. This also let his fingers dip into that dark musky crack. He could feel Kathy lean her hip into him and shift her legs father apart while still managing to keep her thoughts under control even though her breathing had quickened.

His fingers found the tight puckered little hole they had been seeking and gently stroked. He heard Kathy’s quick gasp and took over speaking to the current customer so she wouldn’t have to. As he gently assaulted that sensitive spot, Kathy’s hips began to move with his fingers.

As soon as the customers had cleared the office, Kathy rounded on Don and grabbed the front of his pants, stroking him. She leaned in and pressed those firm breasts against his chest, rubbing up against him. He quickly discovered that the turn-about play went straight through his system as the heat flash shot through him.

“You are a bad bad man. Until it’s time to lock this door, get back to your desk,” she panted.

“No.” Grabbing her hand, Don jerked Kathy around the corner out of sight of the public and pulled her to him for long hot kiss. Pushing Don back against the wall, Kathy raised one long leg and wrapped it around his waist, grinding her hips against his. As the two wrapped around each other, oblivious to the world, an embarrassed cough was heard.

At Kathy’s jerk, Don moved quickly to keep her held tightly against him. They turned to see who had invaded their stolen moment. A few feet away, shuffling his feet and staring at the floor to hide a huge grin was Fred, the Street Supervisor.

As Kathy’s head dropped to Don’s shoulder to hide, he growled at Fred, “Dude, I got a freaking hot woman in my arms and we have maybe 5 minutes before the next group of old farts comes in, what the hell do you want that can’t wait?”

Fred’s shoulders were shaking with his struggle not to laugh. “I was just gonna turn in this paperwork to Sharon. Didn’t mean to interrupt.”

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