The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 09

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The Accountant

By DDDave

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

(o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o)

Being a Junior Accountant at an obscure but well regarded college like The Institute of Technology and Science has been the dream of a lifetime. And the best job I’ve ever had!


It’s horrible! Mind-numbing, wretched, boring and pays poorly. Ugh. But here I am. I’d quit and go somewhere else but I don’t have the experience, don’t have the resume and it’s tough out there just at the moment. And I’m uncertain of myself in the best of circumstances.

At the end of another day I stopped at my favorite bench out side the Library and indulged in some girl watching. Over the past months that is the one thing in my life that has improved! I sat and watched as the co-eds ambled, sashayed and strutted by. There was more cleavage on display than ever before. And if not cleavage, then tight sweaters clinging to bouncing, bobbing, jiggling juggs! And I love big tits!

As I’m sitting there I see Melanie “Melons” Myjeski coming down the walkway. Melons, Melanie that is, is one of the administrative assistants in my section. She’s earned her nickname in the last few months. Prior to that she was so flat chested as to be unnoticeable. Not any more!

Some women might react poorly if their tits suddenly doubled in size and then doubled again! Not “Melons”! She bore her new endowments proudly, showing them off wherever she went. Tight, low cut, whatever she wore was designed to showcase her now massive boobs. Her waist length platinum blonde hair tumbled past her waist and shone in the sunshine.

She ignored me as she went by. I don’t think she even knew my name.

And as I’m sitting there, watching “Melons” parade down the sidewalk, I start to have a heart attack!

The light dims, the sounds fade away. I can’t feel my self. And I can’t move!

“Don’t panic, you’re fine,” says the EMT. ‘He got to me fast!’ I think.

“Naw, I’m not an EMT. You’re fine. No heart attack. No one will notice us here on the bench.” There IS no one else on the bench! What is going on?

“My name is,” the voice made a noise that could not be formed by a human mouth. “But you can call me The Boob God. I’m the one that has caused all the improvements that you were just admiring! One of the Professor’s here managed to resurrect me recently and I’ve been doing what I can to improve the lives of the ones who believe as I do. At one time I was a powerful force of nature. Now I’m constrained to this, much reduced, iteration. But I can still have an effect! And I’m going to bless you, Aloysius Thomas Rodman!”

Okay, now that was scary. No one knew my full, legal name. My license reads “Al T. Rodman”. No one, ever, calls me Aloysius! Everyone knows me as Tom. I was forced to consider that maybe this was real? Nah, not likely.

“I can tell you are not believing. I’ll have to prove myself. The next girl that walks by is going to show you her tits!”

And here comes a well stacked co-ed. Just as she draws even with me she drops her notebook. As she bends over to pick it up her tits fall out of her low cut sweater! Unhurriedly, while facing me, she tucks her self away and strolls off.

“Have fun, kid,” says the voice as the world around me come back into sharp focus. Some how I know that whatever had just happened had ended. I pulled myself together, went home and had a good night’s sleep.

Then the next day…

“Hey! Stop staring at my girl!” I felt my chair get pulled out from under me. I managed to catch myself from falling and turned to face Mac MacIntyre. Mac was the office bully, a mid-level manager who felt it was his job to make all around him as miserable as possible.

I had been gazing dreamily at the cleavage Melons, uh, Melanie, was displaying in her low-cut sweater before he had interrupted.

As if in slow motion I watched Mac pull his arm back to punch me. As he slowly swung I leaned back, out of the way. It was easy. My reflexes were much faster than his! Over balanced, he fell to the floor and in doing so, pulled me down on top of him.

I rolled off him and found Melons was kneeling next to me.

She pulled my head to her bodacious bosom and cuddled me there while she yelled at Mac.

“I’m not your girl! We went out three times and I never want to see you again! You are a horrid man! Now leave me alone. And don’t you dare touch Tom again, you monster!”

“I’m fine,” I told her. “I’m fine.” But she didn’t let me go. Instead she pulled me even closer. Her half naked tits were crushed against my face. Her hands cradled me to her chest. No sense fighting the inevitable, I decided. So I just stayed there, being held against some of the biggest and nicest tits I’d ever encountered!

Mac stormed off, cursing and shoving anyone and anything that got in his way. He was one very unhappy man!

“Come on, let me help you up,” Melons said. I was fine but she insisted in canlı bahis helping me to my feet. In the process she managed to press her self and her substantial bust against me again. She kept one arm around my waist as she looked up into my eyes.

“Let’s get you home. You should take the rest of the day off. That horrid Mac is going to get in a lot of trouble for this, I can tell you!”

She insisted on driving me home. I confess I didn’t fight too hard. And the whole trip, while Melons chatted about this and that I had a front row seat to how her boobs rose and fell, jiggled and shook and generally put on a world class show! God, I love big tits!

“Here we are,” she announced, waking me from my revere.

She said that she was concerned that I might have suffered a concussion and she would not be satisfied until I was safely in my apartment. By this time I had given up on fighting with her. I was fine! But it was easier to just go along with her.

She made me a light rum and coke, she got me a couple of aspirins and then she sat down next to me on the sofa.

In that short, tight skirt and low cut sweater, she was the sexiest woman that had ever been in my apartment. By far!

“I think this might be a little bit my fault.” she told me. “I like to dress sexy and tease all the guys.” She faced me with a broad smile on her face while she plumped her tits for me. “I like it when they look at me. I like the look in their eyes when I flash some cleavage or wear a tight short skirt like I do most days.” She looked down at the revealed cleavage that her low cut sweater displayed for all to admire. “But I never meant for anyone to get hurt!”

“But Mac, he’s an idiot. We went out a couple of times. But he’s not any fun. He needs it to be all about him. And he gets mad at the least little thing and blows up! Not cool!”

“It’s fine,” I insisted once more. “Really, thanks, but I just need to get a good nights sleep and I’ll be great. Thank you so much, Melon, I mean Melanie.” Some how I got her to the door and back on her way. I thought at one point that she might object and try to stay but that wasn’t likely! I had probably misinterpreted her intentions.

I mean, I’ve never had much luck with the ladies. And despite the weird fantasy I’d had the day before outside the library, I sure didn’t think my luck would change with a hottie like “Melons”!

All of which leads up to what happened that weekend.

A couple of guys from the office invited me to join them for drinks at a local hang-out. Usually I declined and would spend the night at home trolling for porn on the Internet. But this time I said yes.

A couple of drinks later I head for the men’s room. On my way back I find myself face to face with the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen!

She says something to me but I’m so wrapped up in looking at her that I didn’t hear a word. Gorgeous eyes, a riot of reddish hair tumbling down her back almost to her waist. Cupid bow lips that look like they want to kiss something and her tongue darting out to wet her lips.

And from there down the hottest, sexiest body you could imagine! Breasts that made Melonie seem undersized, a wasp waist and legs that seemed to go on forever displayed by a tight skirt that is slit to the hip! Her stiletto heels raise her several inches above my 5′ 9″!

“I said I want to dance with you, Tom. Please say yes!” How did she know my name? Who cares? I allowed myself to be drawn onto the dance floor and into the arms of the sexiest woman I had ever imagined!

The DJ was playing something slow and she nestled right up to me!

Feeling those immensely large, soft bosoms pressed high against my chest I almost didn’t hear her as she husked into my ear.

“Tom, you’re just the man I was hoping to meet tonight! I want to take you home and rock your world! My name is Tina” she added. As she whispered this to me one hand was toying with the hair on the back of my neck while the other was cupping my butt and pulling me closer to her. I could feel her groin moving and rocking against my rapidly stiffening cock!

So, it turns out I’m easy! I stopped by the bar to let my friends know that I was leaving while they gaped at Tina who was holding onto my arm as if I was going to run away! Fat chance! She could have told me that after making love to me she was going to sacrifice me to what ever pagan gods she worshipped, I still would have gone!

When we got to her place she made us some drinks and we made some small talk as we got to know each other. Her hands were on my thighs and then running over my torso and arms. We kissed lightly, teasing each other with our tongues. She would nibble on my neck and I returned the favor! She smelled wonderful. I couldn’t identify her perfume but it was dusky and sultry.

At some point she slipped out of my arms and went to get into something “more comfortable”. It had to be more comfortable. There was practically nothing to it! She returned wearing a low cut bra that exposed most bahis siteleri of the largest breasts I had ever seen and a translucent little nothing of a negligee. I could see almost all of her, and all of her was just freaking amazing. I’d never been with a woman so sexy, so alluring! My dick was rock hard, all five and one half inches of it!

My whole body was tingling as we resumed necking. With Tina’s encouragement I was running my hands all over her boobs, her waist and hips. Her immense tits felt like velvet to my touch. Smooth and silky, heavy and some how both firm and soft at the same time. Breasts this big should have sagged to her hips but they didn’t. They stood proudly out from her torso, larger than my head with erect nipples sticking out another inch. I was caressing and fondling with both hands!

She, in turn, was unbuttoning my shirt and running her hands over my chest and stomach. From time to time she would dip lower and caress my hard-on thru my pants. She was licking my nipples and kissing her way down my abdomen. As she worked the tingling got stronger and stronger. I’d never felt anything like it!

She finally unbuckled me and pulled the zipper down. She sighed as she ran her hands over my underwear encased dick. I was watching as she slowly pulled my underwear down and then off my throbbing erection! I’d never seen it so stiff! It was bouncing in time with my heart beat.

“Oh, how pretty! So strong, so stiff! I really like it,” she told me while holding my dick head on her lower lip. She leaned forward and took my whole shaft into her mouth. I could feel her tongue as it slithered back and forth on the underside of my erection. Felt SO good!

It was about this time that I took notice of something that really should have freaked me out! I’d always been a good ten or fifteen pounds overweight. Okay, twenty five! But I’d always said I was going to go to the gym and loose the extra weight. It looked like I’d finally done that! My abs were now toned and taut.

I suppose I was too caught up in the feelings, the tingling, pulsing, throbbing feelings, to over-react to my suddenly athletic build. I noticed that my arms were toned and muscular which was also a change!

As Tina drew my pants off my legs I saw that they too were more muscular than ever before! Overall, I looked like an Olympic swimmer or gymnast! Lithe, strong and ripped!

My attention returned to Tina as she cupped my balls in one hand and drew my cock into her mouth. She took it all in one smooth motion. Her lips were pressed to my ball sack while her tongue resumed caressing my shaft.

She smiled into my eyes as she bobbed up and down a few times.

“You have a lovely cock, Tom! I really like it! But I know that you can do better, so much better!” she told me.

Still smiling she started to glide up and down my dick. Stroking me with one hand as she worked, I again felt those tingling feelings crest.

As I watched my cock grew thicker and longer under Tina’s ministrations. Thick enough that she could no longer touch fingers and thumb around my circumference. Long enough that there was several inches rising above her hand when she took it out of her mouth as she stroked up and down!

Still smiling at me she took the newly improved me back into her mouth. The head of my dick was touching the back of her throat and there were still several inches between her lips and the bottom of my shaft! Minutes ago she had been able to take all of me into her mouth. Now my dick was too long for her to do that!

I know that I should have freaked out! Cocks don’t expand like that! They don’t double in length and girth in a matter of a few minutes! Maybe there was an operation that could produce similar results. But this was happening right before my eyes! And it felt good!

So I just lay there as my dick expanded, lengthened and grew thicker and thicker! Happens all the time, right? No need to get alarmed! I told myself!

Tina drew back. “Now THAT’S what I call a cock!” she announced gazing in admiration at my rampant dick. “You have to be ten inches long and as thick as my wrist!” She held her arm up agains my cock and, indeed, it was as thick as her wrist. At least!

“Now for the taste test!” she announced. She bent back to her task, sucking and licking, kissing and stroking my wang until with a stifled yell I blew the contents of my now massive balls down her throat and over her chest as she giggled and laughed, stroking me faster and harder to get me to unload every drop I had.

“Delicious! I love the taste of your cum! I’m going to want to drink you down again. But first I want to see what this big boy feels like in my poor neglected cunt!”

She rose up over me, dropped her tits onto my face and socketed my dick into her pussy. She was dripping wet and with a little effort she was able to drive my dick head between her pussy lips and into her cunt,.

While I motor-boated like a mad man she plunged her self down and then rose back bahis şirketleri up my dick. She rode me like a rodeo cowgirl until I clamped onto her tits with both hands, drove my hips upward and impaled her as deep as I could while I dumped my second load into the very deepest part of her pussy! It felt amazing! I had cum twice in a row! Each load was as large as any I had ever produced!

Tina had cum at the same time. Now she was slumped over me. I was buried underneath her basketball sized hooters as we both caught our breath.

“I’m not done with you yet, stud!” she told me. And true to her word her questing hand got a grip on my cock and refused to let it get soft. In a few minutes she was kneeling in front of me in the doggie position, encouraging me to fuck her as hard and as deep as I could!

I could see her immense tits swinging wildly under her as I slammed myself into her as fast as I could. There was no subtlety, just power fucking that drove her breath from her lungs as I pounded away. She didn’t object. Instead she encouraged me to fuck her harder and harder. She, in turn, drove herself against me time and again.

I was giving her ten inch strokes time after time! She was loving it! She was pushing back at me as hard as she could!

Watching her butt cheeks ripple under the repeated slamming of my groin against her was exciting. Feeling her cunt clutch and grab at my shaft as I worked brought me to a third climax faster than I would have thought possible! Tina spun around to take this load in her mouth again.

“More,” she gasped, “I want more! Come here!” she demanded.

Lying on her back under me she drew my cock between her titties and gave me what had to be the best tit-fuck ever!

“Pinch my nipples, Tom! I want to feel your strong hands on my boobs while you fuck my tits for me! Cum between my huge hooters! I want to feel you spray your next load all over me!”

My next load, I wondered? Where was all this coming from? I’d never been able to ejaculate more than twice ever before! And here I was, having cum three times already and about to add number four to the record books!

And I did! Only a few minutes later my dick was spraying cum all over her face and into her hair until she moved down enough to be able to take my dick head into her mouth to clean me up! Amazing!

“You’re a great fuck,” she enthused as she kept stroking my dick. She was using both hands to squeeze the last of my cum out of the shaft while licking up the harvest from my cock head.

She moved one hand down to cup and caress my balls, which felt amazing! Her hand was only just able to cup my testicles. My balls felt as big a pair of apples

“Oh, you’ve still got more for Tina, don’t you?” she challenged me.

“I’m not sure,” I responded. “I’ve never been able to cum more than twice in the past. And I’ve already had four ejaculations with you! You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met! You keep getting me all excited and hard and then you fuck and suck until I’ve given you everything in my balls! How many times have you cum? Eight? Nine? More?”

I was genuinely curious. She seemed to be able to cum time and again and was always ready to go again. The fact that I had been able, so far, to keep up with her was just amazing to me!

“I”ve lost count,” she admitted. She giggled. “It doesn’t matter. You’re hard again and I want to have you put this big hard rod to work in my greedy little cunt. Now!”

She was laughing and giggling as she tugged me into place between her thighs. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled my dick into her cunt.

I knew what to do! I plunged myself into her as hard and as fast as I could. This time I counted as I worked. She came at least three times before she made me empty myself into her cunt.

After that we cuddled for a bit. She felt amazing as she snuggled up to me. But it seemed that we were done for the night. I was exhausted as I put my clothes back on and we parted ways.

So now I know what it means when people say they have had their brains fucked out. I forgot Tina’s name! She had to remind me which was embarrassing!

And then I went home.

When I woke up the first thing I did was to see if my memories were accurate or if I had suffered from some sort of a hallucination.

I took a quick glance in the bathroom mirror and confirmed that I looked like an athlete in the peak of condition. Abs like a cheese grater, muscles where I had had flab the day before. In the shower, as I re-ran the events of the night before I sprang a hard on. Not my usual five or so inches! No. this stiffie was a magnificent, iron-bar hard ten incher that quivered and pulsed while I stroked myself until I covered the far wall of the shower stall

Things were different in the office too.

Mac came storming thru about 10 am screaming and yelling about some unimportant crap. His usual management style. Fear and intimidation.

Unlike in the past it just went on by me without leaving any residue. I don’t know where it came from but I stood and went up to him.

“Mac, can I have a word with you?” I asked interrupting his tirade. Just the fact that I interrupted him surprised him enough that he listened to me.

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