The Impregnation Destiny Ch. 02

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Judy pounced on Jorge the second she passed through the door. Jorge laughed as she wormed her hands underneath his shirt.

“Bad day at school?” he asked.

“You wouldn’t believe. Some bratty little shit decided to the paint the hallways using spoiled milk and surprise! The district had unplugged the security cameras the week before due to budget cuts.”

“Aww, poor baby.” His laughter was cut off by the hard pinch she delivered to his right nipple. “I mean adult woman whose house I’m living in.”

“Much better.” She settled her perfectly round bum on his slowly hardening crotch while she removed her shirt.

“I’m guessing the pregnancy test was negative again.”

“Hmm. . . what? I haven’t done another pregnancy test. It takes at least one to two weeks before it’d be able to detect anything. This is just to make sure we get that bun in the oven.”

Jorge reached upward to help her undo the lacy black bra confining her lovely round breasts. “And?”

“And I really just need a cock in my life right now.”

“Speaking of cocks, whatever happened to your husband?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care.” Her tongue flicking at his lips was the all important signal to shut the fuck up and do what she kept him here for. The last three weeks under his former teacher’s roof had been a crash course on how to read a woman correctly. His left ass cheek still stung from the hard slap she gave him for using teeth during oral.

He broke their deep kiss to start his tender descent to her cunt. Jorge loved the way she arched her back as he slipped her gossamer skirt to her ankles. Bright pink flesh separated the two lightly furred lips of her pussy. He was about to suckle the pretty little bud above her open entrance when she laid a hand on his head.

“I go enough oral this morning. Can you just do me now?”

“Okay,” he said, trying to hide the disappointment in his voice.

Judy smirked at him. “You can have me again tonight? Alright? Don’t pout or you’ll get frown lines.”

“I’m too old to pout.” Jorge rubbed his hardened cock between the folds of her pussy. “Ready?”

She nodded then gasped as Jorge shoved himself fully into her without a moment’s pause. Jorge grinded at the spot he knew would make her go wild, pleased to see her creamy skin flush a delicious red.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Judy cried.

“Now, why would I do that?” He pulled his penis out her melty cave, cock’s head teasing the entrance, before plunging back inside her being.

“Yes, there.” Judy’s legs wrapped around his midriff, her nails managing to scratch his back through his shirt.

Jorge waited till her hips lurched forward to meet his downward thrust to plant his mouth on her soft pink nipples. No matter how much she denied it after they fucked, Jorge knew this was her favorite part. Maybe his harsh suckling ignited the ravenous maternal spirit that forced her to seek an eighteen year old man when her own failed to give her a child.

Whatever the cause, he was more than happy to attend to their every need. He gathered them together to make it easier to give kisses between each sweet nipple. Jorge licked the perky small mounds like ice cream cones, forcing as much flesh as he could into his mouth during Judy’s deepest moans.

Her pussy tightening to a vicelike hold around his cock told him his time worshipping her magnificent bosom was done. Jorge joined her fingers at her clit to bring her orgasms to a crashing zenith. He made sure to bury himself to the hilt inside her as he emptied his balls.

Several fingers plugging her pussy entrance kept the cum trapped within her. He dotted her shoulders with kisses while they waited the requisite six minutes for the sperm to journey far enough towards her cervix. Jorge wasn’t certain where she got the crazy idea to do this from but it made her happy so he didn’t question it.

“You are going to make some woman very happy someday,” Judy breathed.

“I don’t make you happy?”

“Don’t do that. Remember our deal.”

“Yeah, yeah. I do make you happy though, right?”

“Very.” She pecked his chin then looked at the clock above the tv. “I think enough time has passed for the little swimmers to have done their job. I’m going to go take a shower, want to join in?”

“No, I think I’ll go after you.”

“Suit yourself.”

Jorge watched her ascend the stairs, noting the little bit of cum dripping down her legs to stain the carpet. He would have to clean that later. Right now, he dressed himself and took her clothes to the basement to add to the washer.

He reentered the living güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri room to a man, around Judy’s age, watching tv on the couch they had just fucked on minutes before. Comparing the man’s face to the photo on the tv confirmed Jorge’s worst fears.

It was Mr. Namstock.

The thick new beard he’d grown masked his appearance a little but there was no mistaking the man’s thick brown hair nor light golden skin. Jorge retreated to hide behind the basement door while he watched the man.

“What do you want for dinner Jorge?” asked Judy, stopping halfway down the steps. Water droplets speckled the shoulders of her robe from her short red hair. She cast an angry glare at her returned husband.”Get out.”

“Can’t believe you managed to replace me so quick.”

“Get out before I call the police.”

“I’ll tell them to check the deed. If I’m remembering correctly, which I am certain I am, my name is on it.”

Judy tightened the rope on her robe around her waist. “What do you want?”

“Don’t know but I got tired of living at a hotel. Who’s this Jorge fellow by the way? Is he here?”

“Fuck you Gideon. Just fuck you,” she sneered. “Jorge you can come out wherever you’re hiding. My future ex-husband isn’t going to hurt you.”

“Yes, Mr. Jorge! Please bless us with your presence.” Gideon returned her sneer.

Jorge just wanted to get to his room. He took a hearty deep breath then fled past the door at a full sprint for the stairs. Gideon was faster.

The younger man was almost knocked off his feet as a muscular iron grip enclosed around his arms. He found himself looking at six foot two inches of heated buff rage. Crisp brown eyes glowered singed his very soul while the man yanked Jorge closer.

“So since you can’t fill the cradle you decided to rob the cradle instead.” Gideon’s breath on Jorge’s skin sent his hair on edge.

“You let him go now or I’m calling the police!” snapped Judy.

Gideon pushed Jorge forward. “Fine, take your boy toy. I’ve got the game to watch.”

Judy guided the shaking Jorge to her room where she bolt locked the door. “I can’t fucking believe he’s back.”

“Maybe I should go,” said Jorge.

“Where? To the streets? Over my dead body.” She paced the floor, anger wafting off her in clouds. ” I knew I should have talked to a lawyer whilst the bastard was gone.”

“Is he always like this?”

“No, I wouldn’t have married him if he was. He was the nicest, sweetest, and kindest man you could have ever known. The guy who’d come visit you during a blizzard to make sure you were safe.”

Jorge studied his former teacher’s tense form. “You still love him don’t you?”

“Our marriage basically ended three weeks ago without warning. Your mind might be made up about him but your heart. . . it takes time to stop aching.”

“I’m sorry.”

She took a seat beside him. “Don’t be. This is his fault, not yours. Nobody told him to act like a big fat baby when the doctor told us the news.”

“I’m still sorry. No one deserves to go through what you’re going through.” He gave her a hug.

“Enough of your pity. What do you want to eat?”

They spent the rest of the day eating pizza in her bedroom while Gideon dominated the entire first floor.

Jorge brushed the stray hairs on Judy’s face away. She looked so soft and delectable asleep on his forearm. How could Gideon throw her away because he couldn’t give her baby. It was thoughts like these which stopped Jorge from sinking into sleep.

Loud canned laughter coming through the floorboards made it clear Gideon hadn’t gone to sleep yet either. Having the answers to his questions so close yet still so far was an irritant to his mind. Jorge wasn’t accustomed to doing nothing in the face of a problem. He wouldn’t have survived his chaotic upbringing if he had that attitude. Jorge lifted Judy’s head onto a nearby pillow.

“Mmm. . . Where are you going?” mumbled Judy.

“Bathroom. I will be right back.” He hoped. The absolute best case scenario was Gideon telling him to fuck off and the worst was too terrible to think about. Jorge descended the stairs on tiptoes to avoid rousing the larger man’s attention.

Gideon was splayed on the couch, naked except for boxers, nodding off to some ancient sitcom. The tv’s faint glow illuminated a body Jorge would never be able to get unless he abandoned everything for the gym.

Straight black hair formed an inch deep coat on the man’s body like he was a lumberjack from the ye olde times. Well-defined pectorals, abs, and thighs were all güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri forested with the stuff. It was easy to imagine Gideon breaking Jorge’s poor skinny frame over his knee. Every fiber in his being told him to return to Judy’s safe bed.

He ignored their warnings as he settled himself on the floor, in a space a little in front of the couch. “Sup.”

“Wa-” Gideon’s sleepy eyes struggled to focus on Jorge for a moment then suddenly sparked to clarity. “You! Done sleeping with my wife?”

“She and I didn’t have sex.”

“Yeah, right.”

“No, we didn’t. Look, I’m her former student and she decided to take me in after my mom kicked me out.”

“Get lost before I do something I regret.” Gideon returned his attention to the television.

Now would probably be his best chance to run away but he persisted. “She misses you.”

“All those unanswered calls/texts I sent her say otherwise,” he muttered

Jorge almost jumped for joy at the small concession. Maybe this wasn’t completely hopeless. “You did destroy her nursery.”

“Our nursery and she told you about that?”

“No, I saw it. She also said some of the destruction was her fault too.”

Gideon laid the remote atop his thighs as he took a good long look at Jorge. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because if it weren’t for Ju- I mean Mrs. Namstock, I would be sleeping in a homeless shelter right now. I want to pay her back for everything she’s done for me.”

“Kid, I admire your gumption, but there are some things you wouldn’t understand.”

“One, I’m not a kid, I’m eighteen and two, what don’t I understand? There’s adoption. Sperm donation.”

“I will not raise another man’s child in my house!”

“Why not!? Would you rather raise another man’s child or see Mrs. Namstock with another man?”

“You are on my last nerve.”

“Hit me then.” Jorge, bolstered by adrenaline, pushed his face close to Gideon’s. “Go ahead. I want you to hit me so Mrs.Namstock can finally move on to someone who gives a damn about her.”

“What like you?”

“No! Like you.” Jorge stared deeply into the man’s crisp brown eyes and saw so much hurt in them. “Are you really willing to lose her to your pride.”

The man’s lips twisted themselves almost into knots as he tried to retaliate against Jorge. Gideon rose to a sitting position but didn’t move to attack him. Instead, he put his head into his hands. ” The truth is I’m a bastard.”

“I could have told you that b-“

“I mean a literal bastard. My father fucked the maid till she got pregnant. The woman who raised me never once let me forget.”

“Judy would never do such a thing.”

“How can you know for certain she wouldn’t? Or I wouldn’t? I can’t let another child live the hell I did.”

Jorge’s put his hands on the man’s knees to allow them to be face to face. “No parent, not a single one, can say they’ll be perfect. It’s just as possible you could have hated any kids you two created together. What matters in the end is whether you try to do your best by them.”

“Are you sure you’re just eighteen?”

“People say I’m mature for my age.”

They both dissolved into nervous giggles, neither able to look away from the others gaze. A strange intensity had replaced the antagonism between them.

Gideon’s laughter was the first to peter out. “I have a question for you, and be honest, did you sleep with my wife at all while I was gone.”

“You wouldn’t beat me up?”

“I fucking knew it.”

“Wait! She only did it because she thought you would never be coming back. I can gone within the hour if it means you’ll forgive her.” Jude hoped the last several times they fucked hadn’t actually ended up getting her pregnant. Otherwise, he wasn’t certain how they were going to piece this mess back together. He should have just kept his big mouth shut! Things were going so great.

“Married is married until the divorce papers are signed. If she got to step out then I should get to step out too.” His left hand gripped Jorge by the jaw.

The tender hesitant kiss was not the painful sucker punch Jorge was expecting. He acquiesced to the tongue’s probing request and allowed the thick organ to slip past his lips. Gideon’s beard scrapped Jorge’s chin as he directed the younger man onto his lap.

Jorge parted from the kiss with his hard need prominent against Gideon’s hard belly. “Mrs.Namstock isn’t going to be happy you’re doing this.”

“My wife can go cry me a river since she spread her legs first. Will you be happy if I go farther?” The squeeze güvenilir bahis şirketleri Gideon gave Jude’s pitched tent brought a desperate moan out the young man.

“I’ll only let you do it if you promise me you’ll go apologize to her for the way you’ve been acting.”

Gideon teased another kiss as he freed Jorge’s cock. “Alright. I’ll apologize.” He spun Jorge so that he was facing the tv while his ass ground hard against Gideon’s own hard lump.

Jorge didn’t really get what was driving this new lust for cock, especially the cock of the man who’d threatened his life only hours before. Was it a really a need to thank Judy for giving him a warm bed to lay in? Had he been suppressing a desire for man meat this entire time?

A tearing sound startled Jorge back to reality. Gideon had split open a sizeable hole in Jorge’s boxers and had grabbed Jorge’s now dangling balls.

“I could have taken them off if you’d just asked,”

“This is better.” Gideon pulled Jorge’s balls to their maximum elasticity. “Keep your eyes on the tv unless you’d rather this be unpleasant.”

“You aren’t going to hurt me are you?” Jorge gulped.

“No, no. Why would I ever do such a thing to my wife’s cute little boy toy.” His breathy tone teased his ears as much as his words did.

Jorge decided he was just going to have to suck up whatever Gideon did to him. He just prayed Judy would stay asleep until her husband was done.

Gideon expanded his exploration of Jorge’s body to the younger man’s rotund buttocks, squeezing the taut flesh. “Strip.”

A finger placed firmly on Jorge’s waistband warned him not to change his position too much. Jorge removed his shirt, pushed his ruined boxers down to his spread knees, and almost toppled over in the process. Gideon used his non-exploring hand to pin his captive fuck to his muscular chest.

“Oh,” whimpered Jorge. Gideon’s left hand had meandered to the untouched territory that was Jorge’s cock. His erection didn’t falter at the new sensation of a man’s hand around it though Gideon showed no interest in being gentle.

The man’s meaty maw started at the cock’s wide base before thrusting itself forward to the narrow leaking head. Jorge followed the hand’s direction, his body becoming needier after each journey to the top. “Gideon, I can’t hold it.”

“Judy must you run you through the ringer if you can’t even handle this.” He slapped Jorge hard on the ass. “But I’m not going to take any pity on you. I get to come first.”

Hot sloppy kisses marked the curve of Jorge’s back as he lowered the younger man onto his cock.

“No. Oh no. You’ll tear my asshole open.”

Gideon yanked Jorge’s head backwards by the hair then forced the scared teenager into a deep grasping kiss. He plunged his tongue inside Jorge’s mouth, again and again, like he could fuck the youth’s mouth as he would a pussy. Jorge was left too dizzy from the forceful kiss to offer another protest.

Thankfully, there was no need for that or a trip to the hospital. Gideon nestled his throbbing cock between the ass cheeks he’d been exploring earlier. Jorge marveled at how hard yet velvety the cock felt over his asshole. It almost made him wish Gideon had risked the potentially hazardous plunge into his ass.

“Ah,” Jorge cried as Gideon twisted his nipples.

“Move your hips fuckboy. I’m not going to do all the work here.”

“Yes, sorry.” Jorge tried to remember the way Judy’s hips moved the few time she’d ridden him before. He started a slow rhythmic rocking on his knees, the cock sliding easily across his pre-cum slicked hole. It seemed Gideon was a bit of a leaker.

Gideon left one hand on Jorge’s hip to control his movements while the other sought his cock. His grasp was rather tender this go around.

Feather light touches turned his stalwart penis to a leaky straining mess. He couldn’t thrust into Gideon’s hand without leaving the man’s cock behind entirely. Gideon must have realized the problem too, for he raised his hips farther up to allow Jorge more mobility.

“I. . . I’m too close! Can I cum? Can I cum please?” Jorge used his hands to trap Gideon’s cock between his ass cheeks as he rammed down his hardest.

“Damn it. You fucking whore, you can cum all you want.” Gideon’s hand on Jorge’s member hardened, rubbing faster than he ever did before.

Jorge’s orgasm sprayed bright white spots on the carpet’s rosy threads. Gideon released his own cum all over the younger man’s buttocks, strangled cries almost rising above the studio audience’s laughter at the tv characters on screen antics.

Unable to hold himself up anymore, Jorge sank against Gideon’s hairy chest. The two languidly watched tv in a sex-induced haze.

“You are going to go apologize to her right?” Jorge asked.

Gideon twirled a lock of Jorge’s hair around his finger. “Sure, kid. I’ll do it first thing in the morning.”

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