The Hotel Chair.

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You have no idea what time you both got back to the hotel room last night. But it must have been late and you must have been drunk because it is now early morning and you are both still partially dressed.

Warm and tired, you are still in bed and blurry from a drunken sleep. He is sitting in a chair next to the bright sun lit window slowly smoking a cigarette and brushing his dishevelled brown hair from out of his eyes. He doesn’t notice that you are awake so you just lie there and watch him for a while, taking in his alluring features. Your eyes wander from his well-formed lips down to his strong chest and abdomen, which is visible through his unbuttoned shirt. He notices you eyeing him and gives you a cheeky knowing smile.

After a while, you get up and go to the window. It is raining heavily outside. The perfect weather for staying indoors. While you are staring out into the rain, he sneaks up behind you, grabs you and you are lifted slightly off the ground. Taken by surprise, you laugh and pretend to struggle. Back with your feet on the ground, you turn to face him with a fake annoyed look on your face. Then you smile and quickly kiss him.

You glance güvenilir bahis over at the polished wooden chair that he had previously occupied. You look him in the eyes, then at the chair, then back into his eyes. Your own eyes narrow and you bite your bottom lip as you formulate a plan.

Your hands are firmly placed against his chest and you push him backwards towards the chair. As you get closer your fingers run up the sides of his neck and you pull his head towards yours and press your lips firmly against his. You kiss for a moment, letting your hands run through his hair and down onto his shoulders. Then you force him down onto the chair.

You stand over him with your legs either side of his own. He runs his hands up your outer thigh and under your skirt. He looks up and smiles when he discovers that you are wearing no knickers. Now he runs his slender fingers up your inner thigh towards your warm vagina. But he doesn’t touch you there. Not yet. But the thought of being touched by him makes you gasp and moan quietly in anticipation.

Lowering yourself down onto his lap, you can feel his hardness pushing against your clitoris. Knowing how turned türkçe bahis on he is makes you feel hot and flustered. But it isn’t enough, you want to see how turned on he is. So you move down on to your knees and run your hands up his inner thighs, pushing them apart. You unzip his trousers and pull them down around his ankles. And there it is, his hard throbbing cock waiting for you. Aching for you to taste it. You take it firmly in your grasp, moving your hand up and down slowly. He groans as take him into your mouth. His hand is on the back of your head pulling at your hair as you glide smoothly up and down the shaft, taking him deeply into your throat. He asks you to stop because he doesn’t want to come yet.

You straddle him and he quickly removes your bra and cups your breasts. As you lean your head back and close your eyes, he starts to kiss and bite your neck and breasts. With your bodies pushing against each other eagerly, it is obvious that you cannot hold on much longer and you have to have him inside you right there and then. You tell him that you want to fuck him and moan with ecstasy as you feel his hard cock start to fill you, your warm sweating bodies güvenilir bahis siteleri locked together as you ride up and down. Pleasure runs through you with every thrust and you can feel your heart thumping so hard it feels close to bursting. It won’t be long before you both come and your faces are flushed red. You kiss passionately, searching for each other’s tongues, all the time moaning and gasping as you fuck harder and deeper.

Then it happens, the moment when you realise that, no matter what, you are going to come. So you let go of your mind and body and as you ride him, you feel the first waves of orgasm rush over you. He can tell by the rhythm of your body and sound of your breathing that you are going to come. So he starts moaning louder, grabbing hold of your waist and pushing his cock into you faster and faster. This is it, your whole body spasms in ecstasy as you come really hard. You moan loudly and feel as if you might go blind. But he is relentless and so turned on that he continues to pound you as he finally reaches orgasm. You watch his face, his eyes closed and mouth open. He holds you tightly as he comes inside you.

Exhausted, you enjoy the moment, kissing slowly and holding one another. Bodies tired and shaky from orgasm. An overwhelming urge to sleep overcomes you both and you retire to the bed where you lay in each other’s arms and drift off into a bleary sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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