The Girls of Club Aphrodite Ch. 05

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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


After I came inside Lydia, she gave me a moment to recover, then asked me to hold still while she reached down to take hold of my cock, the condom intact. I carefully pulled out and lay on my back as she removed the condom and cleaned me up. She seemed unmoved, back to her previous flat-voiced self, handing me tissues and changing the bedding with nurse-like efficiency. When I left, she nodded at my ‘Goodbye’ with neither smile nor frown.

Even so, the encounter troubled me. I may be a man who paid for sex, but I still saw myself as fundamentally decent at heart. To discover that I could enjoy ejaculating into a woman who didn’t find me attractive was a disturbing revelation. Of course, none of the girls wanted me to come inside them – that’s what the money was for – but there was usually a kind of professional acceptance. Indeed, what I liked about sex workers was that they generally showed less revulsion for erect penises and talk of fucking than most women I’d been in relationships with.

A month passed. My daily website checks showed that Lydia worked about five days a week, so I told myself I couldn’t have done that much damage. I also noticed how seldom Sabrina’s name came up. I emailed Club Aphrodite to ask if I could book an appointment with her only to be told that Sabrina didn’t take bookings. Finally, a couple of weeks later, I saw her name under ‘Working Today’ and dropped everything to go there. This time, I was not disappointed.

‘Gentleman!’ said the blonde as she walked into the private room wearing heels and a negligee. She went straight up to me, put her arms over my shoulders and began full-on Frenching, with tongues and everything. I was surprised but returned the kisses enthusiastically. Things got intense, our hands on each other, and I pulled us both tumbling onto the bed. Sabrina threw back her head and laughed.

‘Good job we didn’t land on the floor,’ she said, her nose touching mine. ‘I would have been pissed.’

I smiled. She lowered her head and resumed eating my mouth. After a few moments, her hands grew impatient with my clothing.

‘Come on,’ she said, climbing off me. ‘Get that shit off and let’s fuck.’

We stripped and fell on each other, kissing, grabbing, our limbs wrapping and unwrapping around our bodies. At one point, I reached down and put my hand between her legs. Her shaved Venus mound felt rough against my palm. My middle finger felt for the soft place where the lips of her labia parted, but I held back from pushing it in. I looked at Sabrina, waiting for her to tell me how much this would cost. Sabrina looked back, eyes glittering.

‘Well?’ she said.

‘Aren’t we supposed to negotiate first?’ I said.

‘Okay, güvenilir bahis here’s the deal,’ she said. ‘You do whatever you want and if I don’t like it, I tell you and you stop. Okay?’

I looked down at her, wondering if she meant it. Then the primal part of my brain went ‘For fuck’s sake!’ and ordered the finger to push. It went into Sabrina’s deliciously wet vagina and two more fingers quickly followed the first. Sabrina groaned, grabbed my head by the hair and pulled it down between her legs. Before I knew it, my face was mashed against her juicy, fleshy cunt, and I was licking her out like my life depended on it.


We fucked for a solid forty-five minutes. Afterwards, Sabrina popped out to the toilet, which gave me the chance to pay for a second hour. She returned with two small bottles of water and a big smile on her face. She settled herself next to me, one slender leg slung casually over my body, and cracked open the bottle. I watched her drink water, a big smile on my own face. This was as different from Lydia as it could get.

‘What is it?’ said Sabrina, reading my expression.

‘I think you’re awesome,’ I said.

‘Sex is awesome. I’m just a woman.’

‘You’re not “Just a woman”.’

Sabrina stroked my leg with her foot and drank more water. I opened my bottle and took a drink myself, wondering at how natural this all felt. Sabrina shifted her body to get more comfortable and looked at me.

‘It’s been a while,’ she said.

‘A couple of months,’ I said.

‘Did you go all that time without sex?’


‘You are a bad boy!’ She moved her leg, inviting me to put my hand on her ankle. ‘Want to tell me about it?’

I realised that I did. Sitting up in bed with a naked woman draping her limbs over me, I talked about Lydia. I was careful not to refer to her by name, but as I described the whole encounter, Sabrina took a guess and nailed it in one. At the end of the story, Sabrina rubbed my leg with affection.

‘You really are a good guy,’ she said.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Because you’re worried about this girl! Most guys would have forgotten her by now.’

‘I still fucked her.’

‘Of course you did! You don’t come here to read poetry, do you?’

‘No, I suppose not.’

‘Listen, gentleman.’ Sabrina was wearing her serious face. ‘Every girl who works here has chosen to work here. That goes for Lydia too. We’re not children who got kidnapped and locked up; we’re grown-ups who made a decision. And now I think we’ve talked enough.’

Sabrina screwed shut her bottle of water and climbed across the bed towards me. She took the bottle out of my hand and her tits brushed my türkçe bahis face as she leaned across to put them on the bedside table. I had my hands on her buttocks and I gave them a squeeze. She smiled and leaned in for a long kiss. As we kissed, she moved so that she could reach down to my balls and cock. She smiled as they responded to her attention.

‘I want something,’ she said.


‘Anything?’ She smiled and came in close. ‘Okay, gentleman. I want you to fuck me without a condom and make me pregnant.’

My face must have gone through a whole series of expressions. Sabrina could barely keep a straight face. She put her hands on my cheeks and kissed me gently.

‘Joking,’ she said.


‘But you’d have done it, wouldn’t you?’ she said. There was a gleam in her eye. She leaned in close and whispered: ‘You are in my power…’

‘Yes…’ I said and kissed her with renewed ferocity.

Sabrina wanted me to fuck her as hard as I could. ‘Don’t be afraid,’ she said. ‘I’ll tell you if you go too far. But I’m a tough girl and I like to feel a man’s strength.’ So I took her at her word and went as extreme as I dared – violent hard fucking from behind, pinning her to the bed by main force and, at one point, making her bite my forearm and punishing her pussy when she did. She’d already had one orgasm when I licked her out and this brought on a second. Unless she was faking, of course.

Another forty minutes passed in this fashion and by the end of it I was aching. I hadn’t come myself, but that felt supremely unimportant right now. Sabrina lay on her back, her eyes closed, a huge smile on her face, and I found myself admiring her sheer womanliness. I felt so much gratitude – to her, to this place, even to the Universe for making the world the way it was.

Sabrina opened her eyes. She looked at me without moving.

‘Hello, gentleman,’ she said.

‘Hello, lady.’

‘Are you having a good time?’

‘I am having a wonderful time.’

Sabrina lifted her hand and I took it. She squeezed it and said:

‘So am I.’

My inner voice immediately started up: ‘She’s only saying that because it’s part of the job.’ I shut it down, kissed Sabrina’s hand and said:

‘Thank you.’

We lay next to each other, holding hands for a while. I shifted my gaze to the clock. We had just over ten minutes left. I felt her squeeze my hand.

‘Time to go?’ she said.

I turned my head to look at her.

‘I could stay another hour,’ I said. ‘But I think I’m done sex-wise.’

Sabrina smiled. She rolled towards me and I took her in my arms. Our legs intertwined and we lay like lovers, feeling each other’s breathing, smelling each güvenilir bahis siteleri other’s sweat. Lying there, I was hard pushed to tell the difference between this afterglow and how I’d felt with my last girlfriend.

‘I have a question,’ I said.

‘Go ahead,’ said Sabrina.

‘Would it be okay to see you again?’

‘You know where to find me.’

‘But you don’t accept bookings?’

‘No, I don’t.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because the excitement of fucking strangers is not knowing who is behind the door when I walk in.’

I looked up at the ceiling, pondering my reaction. Sabrina gave my shoulder a squeeze.

‘Have I hurt you?’ she said.

‘No,’ I said. ‘But I can tell my ego doesn’t like it.’

Sabrina gave me a kiss on the cheek, then settled in again, her foot against my ankle.

‘Listen,’ she said. ‘Being a sex worker is something I do part-time. My real job is in hotel management, where I spend most of the day walking around in heels and a business suit telling people what to do. I also have to deal with clients, mostly from Russia.’

‘You’re Russian?’

‘No, Polish. But I speak Russian, Polish, German and some Czech. And English, of course.’


‘Not just a dumb blonde.’

‘Never thought for one second you were.’ I leaned my head against hers. ‘So…’ I ventured. ‘This is kind of a hobby?’

‘Yes and no,’ said Sabrina. ‘It’s top, top secret, of course. Only one friend knows that I do this. But I like to blame my ex-boyfriend.’


‘Because we had a toxic relationship,’ she said. ‘And, after two years of shit, I finally kicked him out of my home. But he also had the most fantastic dick I’ve ever been fucked by and, two weeks after kicking him out, I was climbing the walls. I had to have sex, but I also didn’t want to call my ex because, in every other way, I was better off without him. So, I got dressed up and went to a bar. I was picked up by a good-looking guy, went back to his place … and had some of the worst sex I’ve ever had in my life. It was terrible! And I remember lying there on this complete stranger’s bed, thinking, ‘Shit! If I’m going to have bad sex from now on, I want to be paid for it!’ And that’s what led me here.’

‘My goodness…’

I lay with Sabrina in my arms. She lifted herself up and leaned on her elbow as she looked down at me. I looked back with undisguised adoration. She raised an eyebrow and tapped my breastbone with a forefinger.

‘Don’t get attached,’ she said. ‘I had fun, but I don’t want attachment.’


‘And one more thing. We’re supposed to charge extra for kissing and pussy licking, so let’s keep that our little secret. I don’t want problems with the other girls. Okay?’

‘I understand.’


Sabrina gave me a kiss on the mouth, then twisted her head to look at the clock. She turned back and sighed.

‘Gentleman,’ she said. ‘Our time is up!’

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