The Girl Next Door

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Eric and Tonya had moved in next door a few years ago. They had been married about 14 years but couldn’t have children. Eric was a little older and Tonya seemed to have a wild side that he just couldn’t tame.

We did the neighborly thing and had them over when all anyone else would do is just look through their windows. They were a great couple but something seemed a little “off” to me. I did not say anything to my wife at first, but sensed that she noticed it too.

After they had lived next door for a few years we noticed that they became a little more with drawn from us. Declining invitations, rainchecks here and there and a lot of traveling for Eric. At first I just took it as something new in their life they were adjusting to. But there was more to it than meets the eye.

One evening we decided to go out and just star gaze on the back porch. We had our glasses of wine and were just kicked back behind the fence where nobody could see us. We heard Eric and Tonya’s garage door open and decided to just pop our heads over the fence to say hello. What we saw was both bizarre and intriguing at the same time.

It was Memorial Day Weekend. We had 4 families in the neighborhood gone on vacation. The peace and quiet was very nice. As I peeked over the fence, I saw something right out of a porn site before my eyes.

Tonya was in a leather corset. She wore high heeled boots that reached her knees and a black policeman’s hat. She had on a jacket over the corset, but it was unbuttoned and her breasts would peek out from time to time. She had a riding crop in one hand and a dog leash in the other.

On the other end of the dog leash was another woman dressing in a maid’s outfit. She wore stockings, high heels and lots of petticoats. She had on a white maids hat, long gloves and wore a ball gag. There were locks on the shoes that glistened in the pale light. Her hands were in handcuffs and there was a thick leather collar around her neck where the leash attached.

“Hey Tonya” I said loudly.

I started both the girls. “Sorry… Didn’t mean to scare you, just hadn’t seen you or Eric in so long…” I apologized.

“Hello Ben” Tonya replied.

The maid said, “Hello” in a husky female voice.

“How’s Eric? Haven’t seen him in quite a while…” I asked as they rushed into the garage.

“He’s fine” Tonya replied in a rushed but pleasant voice. “We are running late, so… ” she tapered off and disappeared into the garage.

My wife was in disbelief and never said a word.

WE never said a word about it. We waited a few weeks to make contact with Eric or Tonya. I still had a pair of hedge trimmers of his, so I decided to take them back on a Saturday afternoon.

I knocked on the back door and heard footsteps inside. I heard Tonya’s voice from inside. “NOOOOWW!!” she yelled.

I heard more footsteps.

The door lock clicked.

“I SAID NOW ERICA… OPEN THE DOOR!!” Tonya yelled again.

“Erica?” I said to myself.

The maid from a few weeks ago opened the door. She wore the same uniform, eye glasses and the collar. No gag in her mouth this time. No handcuffs.

“HELLO… I was looking for Eric. I wanted to return these clippers and just catch up with him.” I said – completely surprised. “Is he home?” I asked.

“I told you!!” Tonya’s voice said from behind the door.

The maid cleared her voice. She looked back over her shoulder.

“I will add another MONTH Erica!!” Tonya’s voice scolded her maid.

“What a bitch…” I thought to myself.

What happened next I was not prepared for.

The maid looked at me and said “Thank you Ben… I wont be needing these anymore, you can have them.”


I tried to contain my surprise. My face gave it all away and Tonya giggled from behind the door.

“Eric?” I asked in disbelief.

The maid nodded.

“That’s NOT how you respond to another man Erica!!” Tonya scolded again.

Eric looked out the corner of his eyes and cleared his throat, “Yes Sir… Its Erica now.”

I was in disbelief of what was in front of me.

“its very brave of you to embrace this side of things.” I managed to say.

Tonya opened the door and exposed herself to me. She wore a body stocking and high heeled shoes. She hid nothing from view and my cock appreciated it.

“Erica has a lot of chores to do today. None of them will be outside. We are going to hire a gardener to take care of that… and a few other things around here.” Tonya said flirting with me.

She reached out and touched my shoulder. She KNEW I was looking at her body. She knew I peered over the fence to watch her lay out in the sun during the summer too. We just never addressed it.

“You can keep these on ONE condition… ” she led me into a conversation.

“W-what would that be?” I asked turning to her.

She looked at me with hungry bedroom eyes and said, “Any time you use them, you have to be shirtless… “

“That’s kind if silly…” I replied.

Tonya canlı bahis şirketleri smiled and reached for the clippers. “I’m sure Roger would not mind borrowing them under the same conditions…” she teased me by moving closer.

Tonya was now standing beside me arm in arm and her body was pressed against mine. She turned and looked at “Erica” as she rubbed my chest with her free hand.

“Why don’t you go back to cleaning the bathroom, Erica?” she said slowly.

Erica disappeared.

Tonya turned and looked at me, inches from my face. “My life is changing Ben. I am going to be in need from time to time. Good company and…” she paused.

With her free hand she reached down between my legs and rubbed my aching cock though my shorts. I was already hard and pulsing.

She smiled as her hand rubbed my cock. She knew how and why I was already hard.

She rubbed it a little longer than a few seconds. She continued to rub it and turned back to my face. “Good God… Kathy is a lucky woman.”

She leaned in and kissed my lips and grabbed my cock giving it a firm yet playful squeeze. She moved her hand up and gave me a full body hug, pressing her hips against mine and gyrating against my hard cock.

“I want that cock in me soon…” she whispered in my ear.

Her nipples were hardened through the stocking and she knew I wanted her.

I was dumbfounded. Speechless.

“Kathy still going to Rhode Island for Labor Day?” Tonya asked.

I nodded.

“We’ll invite you over for supper one evening after she leaves…” Tonya teased. “You are gonna LOVE what I have for dessert… Very sweet.”

She broke the embrace and let me look at her. She blew me a kiss and slowly shut the door.

I was in disbelief.

I wiped my lips (lipstick) and must have thought of everything under the sun to get my cock to go down. I walked slowly and tried to find something to distract me. I walked into the garage to put away my new clippers. My cock was still throbbing when my wife walked out and found me at the workbench. She glanced at my cock and smiled.

“Someone is happy to see me…” she teased.

Kathy looked at the clippers and asked, “I thought you were taking those back?”

“They are going to hire a gardener… so Eric let me keep them.” I said.

“And THAT gave you a hard-on?” she asked.

I looked at my wife and said, “You should feel it when we go to Home Depot…”

She laughed. She moved closer and in a lower voice said, “Then maybe we should just put the bed out here…”

I started to respond but she ran her hand across my cock and let out a sinister “MMMMM”

I picked her up and sat her down on the work bench. I grabbed her head and kissed her passionately. I fumbled with her bra and finally got it unhooked. I pushed her shirt and bra up in one motion and started sucking on her hardened nipples. She gasped for air and moaned with warm approval as I moved from nipple to nipple. She ran her fingers through my hair and held my head in place to enjoy what I was doing a little longer in each spot. I unbuttoned her shorts and lifted her ass into the air. She took the hint and slid them down (bunching her panties along with them in the process).

I moved down to her hips and gently kissed her around her pussy. I stroked the top of her thighs and listened to her heavy breathing. She KNEW what was coming. She KNEW she was going to enjoy it. She KNEW I was going to make her orgasm.

What she didn’t know is that I was going to make her wait for it a little longer than normal. What she didn’t know was that I was going to make her suck my cock like a wanton whore that needed my cum in her belly to cure her aches and pains. She THOUGHT this was going to be a quickie… She THOUGHT this was not going to last very long.

I pushed her thighs up and spread them apart. Her head was resting on the wrenches I had hung on the wall. My tongue found the mark and she gasped for air. Her hands held my head in place while my tongue massaged her throbbing (and swollen) clit. She let out a hiss and a sigh… “Ohhh My GAWD Ben… I have needed this all week.” she panted.

I pressed my face against her pussy and reached up to pinch her nipples.

“Ohhh SHIT… OH… OH… Beeennnnnnnn… oh SHIT… AAAAHHHHHHHHH…” she grunted out.

I continued to lap away at her pussy, swallowing the juices that were seeping from her clit. I let her thighs fall onto my shoulders and it was like a trigger that started another orgasm. This one was a complete surprise to me AND Kathy.


I worked a finger into her pussy and continued to eat her pussy. She was soaking wet and would be begging for my cock any second. I knew this woman… I knew what made her tick.

“Lets FUCK!!” she said.

I shook my head no and continued eating her pussy. She continued running her fingers through my hair.

“Bennie… I want it in the ass!!” she pleaded.

I canlı kaçak iddaa looked up at her. Surprised and dumbfounded all the same. She held up some Petroleum Jelly that I used for assembly work. She handed it to me with the lid off.

I ran my index finger through the middle and started applying it to her asshole.

“MMMMMMMMMM…” she moaned.

“I can’t wait…” she panted.

Her ass was TIGHT. We never did anal – and I wanted to do it more than she ever did. Her WANTING anal was a treat and I was NOT going to disappoint.

She bit her lower lip as she watched me gently massage her asshole with my finger. I eased the jelly all around and worked the hole slowly. Once I was able to work my finger all the way in, I started eating her pussy again.

She came instantly, pulling my face into her pussy and her ass clamping down on my finger hard. This made my cock twitch. (Panting hard) “Holy SHIT!! That was intense!!” she said under heavy breathing.

I looked up at her and smiled. While looking in her eyes, I slipped another finger into her ass. She threw her head back and moaned deeply.

“OHH Baby… put your cock in me… I don’t care if it hurts…” she whimpered.

“Oh NOO… I am going to fuck your tight little ass the right way…” I replied.

I continued, “I am going to slip my cock all the way into your tight little butthole… I WANT to pump your ass and feel my hips against yours. I want to know what it sounds like to have your ass cheeks slap my hips when I start pounding your tight little slave ass… and I want YOU to feel my balls bouncing against your pussy while I pump your tight little ass full of cum… ” I commanded to her.

Then I started licking her pussy again. She LOVED dirty talk and with two fingers in her tight little ass, and my tongue against her clit, she was REALLY worked up. IN the heat of the moment, she became a little defiant.

“Ohhhhh BAby… PLEASE fuck me… I need your cock in me…” she pleaded.

I pulled my fingers out of her ass and picked her up off the work bench. I put her on her knees in the middle of the garage floor (on some rubber work mats). I stripped my shorts off of my legs and then grabbed her by the hair and stuffed my cock into her mouth. She started to protest, but I held the back of her head and fucked her face slowly.

She swirled her tongue under the head of my cock and I felt like I was going to explode. I pulled my cock out and fed her my balls.

“LICK!!” I commanded.

She took my balls into her mouth and used her free hand to pump the shaft of my cock slowly.

I located the jelly on the bench and pulled my balls out of her mouth. I helped her stand up and took her over to the bench. She faced the bench and I stood behind her. I used my shirt to tie around her head blindfolding her.

“OHHHHH… I like this…” she said.


“Hey…” she protested

SMACK!! On the other ass cheek…

Silence. She didn’t say a word.


“Yes Master.” she replied.

I pulled some zip ties out of the drawer and secured her wrists to the workbench. She still had enough flexibility to brace herself against the bench, but she wasn’t going anywhere (this time).

In times past, we “tried” anal and she always chickened out. When she did muster up enough courage, she usually passed out from too much alcohol or we just couldn’t get things to work. NOT ANY MORE.

I grabbed the jelly and lubed her ass a little more.




I lubed my cock with plenty of jelly. My head was spinning. I am sure she was light headed too.

I wiped my hands with a clean rag and then pulled the makeshift blindfold off of her head. I did not say a word. She knew what I wanted. She knew what was expected of her. I didn’t have to remind her that I had been disappointed for the last time.

SHE KNEW where this was headed.

I positioned myself behind her. I placed the head of my cock against her asshole and reminded her to breathe…

“Inhale SLAVE.” I commanded.

She drew in a ragged breath

I pressed the head of my cock against her ass and she let out a little air. I pushed the head of my cock in a little ways and her tight ass resisted me.

I pulled out and she relaxed. I placed the head against her again and pushed in a little further. She drew in a breath a little too late and hesitated exhaling.

Again, I pulled out and let her relax.

I pressed against her a third time and let her get her breath in. I pushed my way in slowly and got the head completely IN her ass.

Her forearms clamped down on the bench as the head of my cock stretched her ass. I did not pull back. I left my cock in place for a long time letting her get used to the shape and size. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I pulled my cock out and gave her a little time. I applied a little more jelly and grabbed her hips firmly. She drew a breath in and I pushed canlı kaçak bahis the head of my cock into her ass. I stopped where the head had been before and she let the air out of her lungs. She drew another breath in and I pushed my cock in deeper.

She squealed out loud. She inhaled and exhaled rapidly. I held my cock in place. I gripped her hips firmly and she squirmed and groaned but she did not tell me to quit and she did not tell me she couldn’t do this. I was proud of her.

I was IN her ass. It was amazing. So tight and warm… so wrong and taboo. Before now, we had failed all efforts to reach this point. I was proud of her… but this was far from over. After a few minutes she stopped squirming as much and I started moving in and out with really short strokes. The jelly was doing its job. I was doing my job. She was the job.

She lifted her head up and let out a groan…

I started using longer strokes and her breathing was getting faster and faster. I was going slowly but remained “firm” on the task as hand. After a few minutes of deep slow strokes, I pulled out.

“HHHHHMMMMMMMMMM… ” she grunted.

Her butthole puckered. I rubbed more jelly on her ass and even fingered inside of her butthole.

“Ooohhhhh… Master that feels GOOOOOD…” she hissed.

I rubbed more jelly on my cock and wiped my hands off. I was close to my orgasm and I was going to FILL her ass with my cum to mark the occasion.

Without a word I turned to her ass, aligned my cock with her asshole and pressed the head of my cock into her ass. I slipped in easier this time around.

I pushed my way in until I could feel her wet pubic hair against my balls. I looked down and I could see my cock buried inside of her ass. I gripped her hips and pulled her body into mine.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM…” she moaned.

I moved in and out of her ass slowly. Each stroke got a little easier and a little looser.

I reached up with my clean hand and grabbed a handful of hair. I pulled her head back and started going a little faster.

“OHHHHHHHH… Shit… ” she whispered.

I saw her push back against the workbench and straighten her body out. I let go of her hair, gripped her hips firmly and started moving faster (and harder).

She let out a giant whimper as I picked up the pace. The sound of my hips slapping her ass cheeks filled the garage. THAT sound excited me and I started going harder against her. I pounded her ass and she let out a few more whimpers but never protested.

A few more hard strokes against her and she started grunting… then moaning… then she started screaming, “Ohhh SHIT… Oh… oh… OH SHIT… OH SHIT… OHHH FUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!”

“POUND MY ASS BABY… IM GONNA CUM FOR YOU!!” she screamed out.

I took the hint and started going harder and faster. Within a few strokes her ass clamped down on my cock and she howled out my name, “BEeeeeennnnnn!! Pound me HARD… tear that ass up… OOOOOOOOoooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh… MMMMMMMMMMM… ” she chanted. Over and over she grunted and groaned… Her back heaved and swayed as she struggled against the zip ties.

Her knees buckled. She later confessed that she thought she was going to faint.

I held her up and pumped her ass a few more hard strokes before I screamed out HER name and as I buried my cock in her ass I shot a load of cum that made me see stars as it rocketed into her rectum. I grunted and growled between pulses. My cock pulsed and twitched inside of her for what seemed like minutes.

She straightened her arms and stood as upright as the zip ties would allow. Her knees were wobbly and shaking. I bent over and nuzzled the back of her neck and kissed her shoulders lovingly with my cock still buried in her ass. We were both panting. I was sweaty and exhausted.

I gently eased my cock out of her ass.

I quickly cut the zip ties from her wrists. I held her in my arms and leaned against the work bench.

“You did it.” I broke the silence.

“I cant move…” she replied

She continued, “That was the strongest orgasm I EVER had… I feel so alive right now but I just want to pass out.”

I helped her to the bathroom and we took a hot shower together.

We got dressed and went to the kitchen. We opened a bottle of wine and snacked on left overs.

As we worked on our second glass, I told her about Eric (Erica) next door.

I didn’t say a word about how Tonya was dressed, the body stocking or what she had said to me.

“Oh my GOD…” Kathy said.

She needed some time to process this news.

“ERIC was the maid we saw the other night?” she asked in disbelief.

I answered, “Yes… saw him at the door this afternoon when I tried to return the clippers. He was in the SAME outfit, same shoes and – according to Tonya – had a LOT of work to do.”

“I wonder if she is going to cuckold him or just feminize him?” Kathy asked.

Kathy sat in silence and sipped her wine.

She looked at me and asked, “Is THAT what gave you the hard-on in the garage?”

“NO… of course not!!” I replied quickly.

Kathy smiled. She said nothing.

“So if I got one of those little maid outfits…” she stopped.

“I would make you clean the house…” I jested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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