The Girl at the Bar

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Since my first story got a positive response i decided to write another, this one is for a friend of mine, hope you enjoy! 🙂 – Thanks to Soma99 for helping out with some edits.


While I sat at the same bar I had been stopping at each Friday night for the last month I chatted with Tom the bartender. It was a bit sad to say but Tom was one of the best friends I had made since moving to the US from Britain. As Tom dealt with another customer my gaze wandered across the bar, before settling on one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen.

This beauty was wrapped in a tight little backless black dress that displayed her tantalizing long legs all the way down to her smooth thighs. The four inch open toed strappy heels hung from her beautiful claves. Pretty little toes, creeping out the edge, were adorned with a deep purple gloss that matched her manicured fingers. She clutched a tiny purse and the dress stopped just above her noticeably braless breasts. They were no bigger than a handful but perfect in their own right. Long silky blonde hair resting just past her shoulders framing the most gorgeous face I had ever had the pleasure to witness.

Her makeup was simple yet classy defining the most mesmerizing duo of glimmering golden hazel eyes paired with the same vibrant purple on her lips as her fingers and toes.

As she turned to sit at the bar I caught a glimpse of her magnificent ass forcing the material of the dress to stretch around it’s voluptuousness, as she made contact with the bar stool.

I hadn’t taken my eyes off her from the minute she sat down and it didn’t go unnoticed by Tom. She ordered a sazerac, which as it happens is my beverage of choice after a long day and also what i was currently drinking. Not really what you’d expect a pretty little thing like her to order which intrigued me further.

When Tom returned with her drink, she glanced back to me locking her gaze with mine. I held up my glass and she noticed we had the same cocktail and mirrored my movements. Her smile could brighten up the darkest depths of space. My heart melted as I glared back at her with the stupidest grin on my face, but I couldn’t bring myself to draw away my eyes from such a beauty.

I thought that there was no way in hell that a woman like this was here all by herself and convinced myself she must be waiting for someone. I waited sharing a glance every now and then but after 20 minutes passed still she was solitary and with one last sip her drink was finished. She looked as if she was going to leave, so I downed my fourth and gestured for Tom.

“The same, and one for that beautiful thing all by herself over there.” I asked.

“It’s about time, I thought you were never going to get over there.” he replied

“I was waiting to see if her boyfriend or someone showed up to save me the pain of another rejection.” I said grievously.

“Well it’s your lucky day my old friend, she just told me her date cancelled on her so I suggest you hurry up before she skates” Tom finished making the drinks and took one over. They spoke for a second and she smiled and glanced in my direction with a look of relief on her face.

I got up from my stool and made my way to where she was sitting.

“Thanks for the drink,” she said “I need it.”

“The pleasures all mine,” I extended my hand “Joseph.”

“Alexa” gripping my hand “Nice to meet you, Joseph.” she smiled.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl, may i?” i asked pulling the stool adjacent to her.

She nodded, “Is that a British accent? What are you doing all the way out here.” She said flashing me her amazing smile as i took a seat next to her.

“Moved here for work a few months back, just taking in everything the city has to offer.” I said

“And? What have you discovered so far?” She questioned.

“Well the women are definitely more beautiful, you’re proof of that.” I smirked “Which brings me to why someone, looking as you do, is all by their self on a Saturday night?” Making sure Tom was truthful in his confession.

“Well i was meant to be meeting someone…” Sadness was in her eye. “But, they just text and said something came up. I was about to leave then you came over.” She smiled again.

“Well they’re missing out, now i’m with the most stunning girl in the room.”

Alexa blushed “And you? Why is a handsome young man like yourself not dancing with all these pretty young girls?”

“I see no one as striking as you in this entire bar and i don’t expect to find one either.” I charmed her.

“It’s true what they say about the british then,” She said “Charming and cocky.” We both laughed.

We talked for what seemed like hours, drinking and laughing. Just enjoying one another’s company, it was just so fluent and easy to talk her about anything. Once we had a few more drinks in us the confidence in both of us was coming to fruition.

“Come Joseph, let’s dance.” She said standing and offering me her hand.

“Uhh… you don’t want to see me dance. Trust me.” I laughed.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do all canlı bahis the work, there’s too many people to see what’s happening.” She smiled with a mischievous grin.

“I like the sound of that.” I said, springing to my feet and taking her hand.

She led me to the crowded dance floor, and we made our way through to the middle, seductively swaying her hips while she walked, my eyes transfixed on the spectacular behind in front of me the whole time.

Once we arrived into the mass of drunken dancers, Alexa spun around grabbing my free hand. Her beautiful brown eyes stared at me with pure lust. She leaned into my chest pressing her visibly hard nipples against me, easily felt through the sheer material of the dress, pulling my arms around her and placing my hands on her amazing ass, i gave it a firm squeeze and she gasped with pleasure. I could sense a smile creeping across her face as her lips brushed my earlobe,

“I’m so wet.” she whispered.

I responded by pulling her body into mine, pressing my now growing bulge against her dress covered mound.

“No bra was a bit risky.” I chuckled.

She gently rolled my earlobe between her teeth.

“No panties was even riskier.” she teased.

She broke free from our embrace and we both looked into each other’s eyes with uncontrollable desire, she turned her sexy little body and pushed back onto me, grinding her ass into my now rock hard cock causing me to groan with gratification. Leaning her head back on my shoulder, i placed my mouth on her neck, planting kisses all over her, exploring her tight body with my hands, her left hand rubbing my cock through my jeans the right gripping my hair, locking my head in place.

Starting at her breasts, i kneaded the soft flesh, my touch confined by the fabric. Trapping her fully erect nipples between my fingers and slowly rolling them back and forth, forcing a moan from her lips. I moved down over her taut stomach, not wanting to miss any part of her beautiful womanly curves, until i was met by the hem of her dress.

I rolled up the bottom of the dress just high enough to find my prize, making sure not to reveal her to anyone else. I cupped my palm over her moist sex, rubbing my fingers through the folds of her dripping pussy, i teased her for a minute before inserting my index finger into her hungry slit, as i did she squeezed my throbbing shaft tight in her small hands spawning a synchronized moan from both of us. Massaging the walls of her pussy with my finger combined with her grinding her protruding clit into my hand was having the desired effect and she was getting close.

Her breathing picked up and turned erratic, “I’m so close… don’t stop.” she cried, i curled my finger inside of her in search of the spongy surface of her g-spot, as soon as my discovery was made i felt the slippery walls of her cunt convulsing and contracting around me leaking juice all over my palm.

“Fuuuck…” she sighed, collapsing into me.

I withdrew my slick hand from under her dress and brought it to her mouth. She licked my fingers, tasting herself on me.

“That… was so… fucking… hot.” she panted, as i held her up to regain her strength. Everyone around us oblivious to what just happened, too busy in their own drunken trance.

Alexa lifted herself off of me and locked her mouth with mine, parting my lips with that sexy tongue, darting in and out, exchanging her wetness with me, i couldn’t wait to taste the real thing.

“I fucking love your mouth.” i confessed, breaking our kiss.

“I’d prefer if you were fucking my mouth, Joseph.” she purred with a devilish grin.

“Well let’s get out of here then!” i fired back instantly, “My apartments just down the street.”

Alexa just smiled. That gorgeous smile could cause anyone, male or female, to burn crazy with desire. She dragged me through the crowd and we hurried outside into the humid night air. Jumping in the first cab we could find, i gave the driver my address and within seconds Alexa was in my lap, rubbing her soaking wet pussy on my groin while our mouths had sex the entire way home.

We reached my apartment and instantly flew out of the cab nearly forgetting to pay the driver, i handed him a 20 and returned to the goddess waiting at my doorstep, i hurried over and buzzed open the door. Alexa ran inside as i followed close behind like a excited golden retriever, climbing the stairs to my door she stopped, looking over her shoulder and flashing me a sultry smile, winked and pulled the dress over her head.

There she was, the most beautiful woman i’d ever seen, revealing herself to me in all her naked glory. She bent over and spread her magnificent ass apart and gave it a hard slap. I was in awe, jaw on the floor, drooling at the sight before me, slowly she walked to my apartment door, spinning and gesturing me to come “I need that massive cock inside me now.” She demanded.

I raced to the door fumbling with the key to try and unlock it, i managed to turn the lock and flung the door open. I lifted her into my arms and she wrapped herself bahis siteleri around me, our mouths in a slippery dance all the way to my bedroom, my shirt flying off of me on the way there.

We made it to the room and i threw her down atop the mattress, she sat up on the bed and pulled me towards her until my groin was inches from her face. She looked up into my eyes as she found my belt buckle and slid it out from my jeans. Next were the jeans, slowly popping each button and slipping them off of me, never breaking eye contact until i was standing barely an inch from her beautiful face, she averted her gaze and stared at my throbbing cock held back now only by the cloth of my boxers.

“Let’s see what you’ve been hiding under here all night.” she purred with intent.

She hooked her slender fingertips under the waistband of my boxers and sensually peeled them away, revealing my pulsing shaft inch by inch until all 8 inches were freed from their material prison. Alexa gripping the base, tracing her hand up the entire length of my dick to the head and back down again, admiring the impressive girth whilst it pulsed in between graceful fingers.

“Oh… my… god…” she gasped “Your cock is even more beautiful than i imagined!” she smiled with content.

Alexa looked up at me with those beautiful hazel eyes and slowly took the head of my throbbing cock between her sexy lips.

“Fuck…” I groaned with pleasure.

She continued to take every inch of me inside her mouth until her nose was pressed against me. This perfect specimen had my entire manhood pulsating down her throat without even the slightest hint of gagging.

“You’re fucking amazing!” I sighed.

Still her eyes were locked with mine as she leisurely withdraw my shaft from her warm mouth, trails of saliva followed her lips as they departed my cock and fell onto her chest, coating her sexy little tits with a mix of pre-cum and spit.

“I’m going to suck you dry until you cum all over me.” her eyes filled with lust, “Then you’re going to fuck me while i’m covered in your cum.” a devilish grin crept across her gorgeous face.

“I’d do anything for you, love.” I answered.

With that she slid my hardness back into her hot mouth, using her tongue to work the head of my cock while she teased me down her throat. I knew i wasn’t going to last long if she kept this up and so did she. Continuing to work me between her lips, deeper and faster, my hands found the back of her head, fingers intertwined in the gorgeous golden locks expertly bobbing backwards and forwards. As i pushed everything i had deep into her, fucking her throat, i felt the familiar tingle starting in my balls.

“Fuuck… i’m… i’m gonna cum!” I announced.

Alexa withdrew me from her mouth, slipping down off the bed before me awaiting her reward for the award winning blowjob she just administered upon me. Pulses of electricity flew through my entire body, gripping the base of my throbbing cock, i couldn’t hold back any longer exploding with the biggest orgasm of my life, the first thick rope shot out of me coating her chest followed by three more heavy jets of creamy fluid covering her stomach dripping down to the soaking slit below. I was in a state of pure bliss as i watched her massage my cum into her tits and mix our juices between her legs.

“Oh my god, that’s the biggest load anyone’s ever given me.” she looked up at me with a beaming smile.

“Were not finished yet.” i grinned.

Flicking off the rest of my clothes bundled around my ankles; i picked her up and threw her back into the center of the bed. I climbed on top of her sexy body and joined my lips with hers in a sensual unification, our tongues exploring each other. Breaking away from the kiss, i towered over her.

“I’ve been waiting all night for a chance to worship your spectacular body.” I whispered leering at her.

My lips found her neck before she could speak, her reply was instead a aroused purr of approval as i worked my way across every inch of her gorgeous skin, tracing the tip of my tongue over her collarbone and down to her perfect nipples, greedily taking each one into my yearning mouth, like a ravenous lion, flicking and swirling the rock hard flesh, gently biting and pinching down causing her to squirm beneath my touch. I continued my journey south, outlining her firm abs leading to her taut navel where a cutely trimmed strip of pubic hair brushed against my nose, now hovering inches from her soaking cunt i inhaled the beautiful aroma of her arousal, the desire to bury my face in her stunning pussy was burning a fire inside of me, but, i still wanted to tease her more yet. Overcoming the temptation to dive between her thighs i passionately kissed around her pretty lips, slowly moving to the other side exhaling short breaths over her protruding clit and carried on caressing her outer lips never once coming into contact with her sopping labia, removing my head from her sex, i travelled down her long, alluring legs planting loving kisses from top to bottom. I start at her thighs and then bahis şirketleri move down her knees, tenderly tickling her calves until i arrived to her sexy smooth feet. Massaging and dragging my moist tongue up her soles caused her to let out a long sigh of pleasure, as i sucked each of her deep purple painted toes into my mouth. I was enthralled by her flawless feet. Barely able to pull myself away, i went back the way i came and followed my actions on the opposite leg until i was once again face to face with her faultless pussy.

“You have the most beautiful pussy i’ve ever seen.” i said as took her sex between my lips.

“Fuck… i’m already so close babe.” she moaned.

I got to work, wanting to make her cum as quickly as possible. I was magnetized to the heavenly sight before me, high off of nothing but her scent and uncontrollable lust for this angelic creature bestowed upon me. I placed my tongue on her asshole, and dragged up over her dripping slit stopping at her throbbing clit, extending my tongue and playing with the fleshy button. I repeated the previous move only this time pushing inside of her hole finally tasting the scent i’d been longing for, i caressed her vaginal walls using my tongue whilst my fingers sought after her clit. She was on the brink of cumming, playing with her nipples while i worked her cunt. I switched my hands with my mouth inserting two fingers deep inside her, thrusting backwards and forwards i could feel her pussy walls start to convulse around me, i curled the tips of my fingers and rubbed against the spongy flesh rediscovering where i left off on the dance floor.

“I’M GONNA… FUCK… I’M CUMMING!” she screamed.

Her head pushed down into the pillow, arching her back into the air, she locked me in place with her legs wrapped around me, her hands gripping my head forcing me into her pulsating hole. Cumming into my mouth, i continued my assault on her clit within seconds she writhed with pleasure, coating my face with her juices as she exploded into a second orgasm, stronger than the first. She went numb with ecstasy, her arms and legs releasing me from her constrictions, allowing me to make my way back up her body to her lips, sharing her fluids with her. My now rock hard cock pressed against her slick mound, pleading to enter. Alexa broke contact and gazed into my eyes.

“Enough… i need that fucking beautiful cock inside my cunt, but… you’re going to obey my every command.” She demanded.

That devilish grin reappeared across her face as she wriggled out from under me, sitting back to the headboard, me on my hands and knees in front of her drooling like a hungry dog. She lifted her foot to my face and gently pushed me away, holding me from her.

“Since you think you can tease me that much without any consequences, you’re going to sit there and do exactly as i say, got it?” she said with a stern look in her eye.

“Yes.” i whimpered.

“I said, do. you. understand!” she pressed her soft sole harder into my face.

“Yes Alexa!, i’m yours to toy with all you want!” I pleaded.

“That’s more like it, now lie back and stroke that hard cock for me.” she said, pushing me backwards with her foot.

I fell onto my back and gripped the base of my throbbing cock, rubbing my hand up to the tip and back down the entire shaft while Alexa watched on playing with herself continuing to give me orders.

“Faster!… but don’t you dare cum.” She commanded.

I obeyed her, stroking faster and faster watching her finger her wet slit.

“How badly do you want to fuck this pussy?” she said spreading her lips for me to see.

“You don’t even understand how much i want to fuck you.” i moaned.

“Beg for me… Beg and i might let you have exactly what you want.” she replied

“Please Alexa, please let me worship your body, please let me inside of your gorgeous pussy… you can fuck me all night, i need my throbbing cock pulsing inside of you!” I begged.

Alexa didn’t say anything; she got onto her hands and knees and crawled towards me smiling like an evil little kitten. She placed her palms on my thighs and i stopped stroking my aching shaft, she licked from my balls to the tip of my cock and kissed the head. She lifted herself over me standing on her knees and hovering the entrance of her dripping pussy above my cock, she took hold me and rubbed my cockhead against her slippery folds. As much as she needed my cock inside her she still wanted to tease me like i had her, and it was torture.

“Fuck… please Alexa… please let me fuck you.” i cried.

“Aww can’t handle a little teasing?” she replied with a giggle, “I suppose since you’ve been such a good boy… i’ll give you a one last command.”

“Anything! Please.” I implored.

“Fuck the shit out of me.” she said in the sexiest way imaginable.

With a seductive look on her face she lowered her tight cunt onto me and impaled herself on my aching cock, i was in heaven, she was so tight but so wet and horny it was easy to take my whole hardness inside of her. She bottomed out on my stiff member, looking into my eyes with a look of absolute lust and hunger she leaned down and kissed me, pressing her stiff nipples into my chest sending a shiver through both of our bodies locked in a loving embrace.

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