The Boardroom

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Kate lay with her head on Sir’s chest; her fingers wrapped around his erect cock and their legs tangled together like a plate of spaghetti. They talked for over an hour detailing the specifics of what she liked, how his touch made her feel and things they could add to make the next time better.

She felt him draw in a long, deep breath; “I hope you enjoyed your first Yoni massage, now get dressed and prepare yourself for your Sir, please. I want you in a skirt, stockings and garter, panties and heels, you may choose the top. I’ll be waiting in the other room, when you are ready.” His tone changed and the delivery was precise, direct to the point.

“For the last two hours, I have shown you what I can do; it’s a perfect time to show you what I will do. Do you understand me Kathy?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.” This is the first time in over three years he called her Kathy and somehow she knew exactly how to respond. This is his protocol and it was new, exciting and completely arousing. Kate got up and dressed herself; she could not help feeling that his pussy needed more and she knew the night was just starting.

Once in the truck he continued; “Pull your dress up and put your heels on the dash board.” The windows were tinted so seeing inside at night was virtually impossible. “Pull your panties to the side, use two fingers inside my pussy and stroke my G spot. You are to edge and just before cumming, slip your wet fingers into your mouth and taste my pussy.” She was so wet and aroused her first edge was just moments after she started. “At no time are you permitted to allow güvenilir bahis my pussy to cum.”

“May I ask Sir?” His dominant manner was making her submission feel natural and true. Another edge moment, fingers in her mouth and then back inside his pussy; this was so damn dirty. Kate had an idea where they might be headed and the thought of what he had planned made her writhe.

Sir reached over and slipped his hand into her blouse. His thumb and fore finger found her nipple and he rolled it back and forth as he drove; this sent electrical pulses to her clit. “Very good girl, you responded correctly; please ask.”

The yoni massage had her body completely aroused and every couple minuets she had to stop and taste or she would cum. Each time, her fingers became wetter than before and Kate knew at some point, Sir was going to kiss her dirty mouth. “Are we heading to the office?” His question about the security cameras the other day seemed odd at the time but now it made perfect sense. Just the thought of this pushed her to the brink and she squirmed in the seat.

“That we are, I need to see where your dominate side lives.” Just the way he spoke to her; his phrasing and his demeanor made her submissiveness feel natural and whole. They pulled into the parking lot; Sir turned to her, grabbed a fist full of hair and kissed her mouth softly. “Let’s go inside and have a look around, shall we? Give me the nickel tour, please.” Sir, always the consummate gentleman; she was ready to cum.

Kate scanned in and she walked him through the building. As they approached her private office, türkçe bahis her pulse raced and she anticipated his next move. Her mind sped with thoughts of being bent over her desk and taken. She thought of being made to kneel under the desk and service her Sir as she played with his pussy. To her surprise, Sir did not say a thing; nothing. Her mind was bewildered and she second guessed his intentions. “Is that all,” he asked?

“That’s pretty much it, except for the boardroom room.” She walked him down the hall and felt a bit disappointed. In the room was a long mahogany table with leather chairs pushed under the sides. In front of each chair was someone’s name plate detailing where the team sits; at the end was Kate’s chair. There was a Polycom sound station in the middle of the table with small microphones that extended out to each end of the table.

“Lock the door,” his voice deepened and his tone became purposeful. Sir grabbed her hand and led Kate to the end of the table, to her dominate place. In that moment, she knew he had a bit more planned than she thought and it brought a smile to her face. He pushed the chair back and made her stand between him and the table.

Sir leaned into Kate and whispered in her ear, “Bend over, put your arms out in front of you; don’t move and don’t turn around.” He opened her blouse and exposed her tits; as she bent over and placed her torso on the table, Kate felt the cool wood against her bare breasts. Sir sat down and slid her skirt up over her ass. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her knees. güvenilir bahis siteleri “Spread your legs wide enough to keep these up.”

She felt his hands on her smooth ass, squeezing her firmly and sliding his fingers between her cheeks, each time lightly brushing against his pussy. She was so wet and aroused and moved back against his touch. He grabbed her hips and pinned her against the table, “DON’T MOVE.” That was delivered sternly and deliberately so Kate knew to comply.

Sir had Kate bent over the table with her tits out, her ass exposed and panties pulled down to her knees in the place where she had to be dominate and in control. “I believe you said you were going to the Pink concert with your friend. I want you to call her and confirm where and when you will meet; talk about dinner before or after, let her know how excited you are to be going to the concert. I want you on the phone with her as I play. CALL HER NOW.”

Her hands were shaking and she wanted to cum. She felt the pussy juice dripping and running down her leg. Each time she hit a number, Sir kissed his pussy. As the phone rang his tongue parted his pussy lips and when the voice on the other end said hello, Sir pushed his tongue deep inside.

I was difficult to talk, babble or do whatever she did. Her friend asked if she was ok and Kate said she was a bit tipsy and blew it off. Sir clutched her ass cheeks, spread them apart and used his tongue to rim her beautiful dark hole. Minuets turned into hours as she tried to focus. Finally Sir moved up to her ear and whispered “hang up.”

She ended the conversation and immediately asked permission; “Sir, may I PLEASE make your pussy cum?” Kate felt Sir press in behind her, felt the head of his cock part his pussy lips; she felt his hand knot her hair.

“Cum for your Sir…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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