The Blackballoon Team

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Colonel James “Mack” MacKinnon reclined comfortably in his office chair behind his desk, a cigar in one hand, and a television remote in the other. His office was large, but had a sparse simplicity to it. There was very little furniture in the large office other than his heavy oak desk, and two leather chairs for guests to sit across from him. On the walls on either side there were a few flat-screen televisions which were muted, displaying various news channels, some domestic and some international. Mack flipped through the channels mindlessly, but couldn’t concentrate because his attention was dominated by the babe kneeling between his thighs sucking his cock.

Kneeling in front of the Colonel between his legs was one of Mack’s employees, Agent Aspen. True to her name, Aspen had platinum blonde hair that was snowy white, so bright that the shade could only be achieved by bleaching and highlights. Her hair was so light that it shimmered in the light and seemed to sparkle. Aspen’s hair was shoulder length, straight, smooth as silk, and was spilled around her right now as her lips were wrapped around the Colonel’s penis, sucking him diligently. Her full lips were glossy pink, but the more she sucked, the more the lip gloss was wiped away as her lips slid up and down the length of Mack’s long, throbbing shaft.

Mack was an older gentleman with a commanding, but charming presence. In his late 40’s, Colonel Mack’s hair was starting to go grey at the sides, giving him a distinguished salt Everything Sebastian was saying was true. He placed his cigar in his mouth and reached into his desk and pulled out thick file folder which was bound with a rubber band, and tossed it on his desk toward Sebastian. “Seb, we need a new recruit to temporarily replace Turtle on this one.” The Colonel then tapped his fingers on the file folder, “This is who I want you to track down and recruit.”

“Who is he?” the englishman asked.

“No, not ‘he’. She. It’s all in the file. Get to work, Sebastian. Time’s wasting.”


Katelynn Morgan sighed as she exited the conference room of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas where she had just attended a seminar. She had come to Las Vegas for HackerCon, an annual conference held in Las Vegas for both hackers and computer security professionals. The convention lasted the entire weekend and consisted of dozens of presentations and seminars on the latest security exploits, computer programming, and all sorts of hacking-related subjects. She came this year for two reasons. One is that she wanted to perhaps learn something new, and the other was to hopefully gain some contacts and network with people. Katelynn was a great computer programmer, did quite a bit of hacking and computer coding in her free time, had just graduated from MIT with a Masters in Computer Science, but despite all that, she was having an extremely hard time finding a decent job.

It was frustrating, but that wasn’t what she was frustrated about now. She had found that, coming to Las Vegas for this convention, almost no one wanted to talk to her as a colleague, instead she found almost everyone looked at her and assumed she was a stripper, or worse, a hooker! A handful of nerdy computer geeks asked her how much she charged per hour. She didn’t think she had dressed too slutty – just a nice blouse and a skirt. However, with a body like Katelynn’s, it was impossible to not draw stares, even in a town like Las Vegas where beauty was abundant.

Katelynn had spent most of her time growing up in front of the computer, not in a shopping mall. Her parents didn’t give her much attention when she was growing up either. Her parents had had one other canlı bahis şirketleri daughter before her, but they gave her up for adoption because they weren’t ready for parenthood. By the time Katelynn came along, they figured they were ready, but in reality, they weren’t good parents. She mostly raised herself. Katelynn didn’t have a lot of girl friends, or even guy friends, in fact most of her friends were other computer hackers online, so she was barely aware that she had blossomed into a beautiful woman after her awkward teenage years.

Now 22 years old, Katelynn was beautiful even if she didn’t wear much makeup or get dressed up. Her sandy light brown hair, and her lightly freckled skin gave her a cute girl-next-door look, while also having the kind of killer body that a lingerie model would die for. Without even working out regularly, Katelynn had the ideal figure, thin waist, nice hips, and a very voluptuous pair of tits. In fact, her breasts were by far her best feature. Even at a young age, she was wearing a bra size suited for grown women, and these days her breasts had blossomed into overflowing mounds that filled any blouse, and stretched any t-shirt she wore. Shopping for proper fitting clothes was always difficult. Growing up was even more difficult because she had been teased by other girls who were jealous of her breasts, which had a lot to do with why she never had many girl friends or turned into much of a girly girl.

The seminar she just finished attending was about security flaws in most modern operating systems. During the seminar, the other attendees kept looking at her, glancing over at her curiously. She knew what they were thinking… they were assuming she didn’t belong there, or that she didn’t fit in. It was a feeling she was used to her whole life… and she was frustrated. She wanted to be taken seriously. She wanted to belong, for once.

“Miss Morgan, I presume?” a man’s voice with an English accent said from behind her. She turned around to see a man dressed in a suit holding a folder with a rubber band around it.

Sebastian was leaning up against the wall, waiting for Katelynn Morgan to leave the conference room so that he could approach her. She looked just like her picture in the file that MacKinnon had given her. As she turned to face him, he walked over closer to her.

Katelynn didn’t recognize the man. How did he know her name? She looked down at her HackerCon name badge that was clipped to her blouse for the convention. The badge prominently displayed her name, so there was the obvious answer for why the stranger knew her name.

Sebastian stepped closer and noticed Katelynn looking down at her name badge, and he smirked. “Or do you prefer if I call you ‘Nightingale’?”

This caused Katelynn to pause. Nightingale was her hacker name that she used online – her anonymous alias that no one here would know. How did this man know that? After a pause, she asked “Who are you?”

“Let’s grab a drink.” Sebastian said as he pointed with his arm in the direction of the lobby.


Sebastian and Katelynn sat at one of the bars inside the Bellagio at a small table to themselves. Each of them sipped a drink as Sebastian laid it all out for her.

“I know a lot about you, Nightingale. I know that you graduated from MIT magna cum-laude. You won the World Hacking Super-Competition at age 15, and you’re the only person to successfully crack the IRS database. I know that you live alone, and you sit on your computer and write code every night, and that you go by the alias Nightingale, where you’re very involved in the computer-security circumvention subculture.” Sebastian canlı kaçak iddaa explained, the folder of information was open on the small table between them.

“Are you here to arrest me for something I did?” Katelynn asked nervously. This was followed by a rather large gulp of her martini.

“Quite the opposite!” Sebastian said. “I’m here to offer you a job. I work for a very elite, very secretive organization. We could use someone with your skills, and we have an immediate opening.”

“What’s the name of your company?” she asked.

“I’m afraid I can’t say. But I will arrange an interview with my boss tomorrow morning for you.” the Englishman replied.

Katelynn started to protest, shaking her head. “Wait, wait, this is all a little weird. I don’t know who you are, or who you work for.”

“My organization has many resources, Katelynn. We know quite a bit about you.” Sebastion picked up one of the pieces of paper from the open folder in front of him. “For example, I see here in addition to computers, you also enjoy writing erotic stories on”

Katelynn snatched the piece of paper away from Sebastian and begin wadding it up into a ball. “How did you know that? I didn’t even use the same username!” Her interest in this man and this organization was piqued.

Sebastian started to explain about her IP address and the access that his organization had, but after only a few sentences he trailed off, instead just asking her again to meet with his boss the following day. After another drink, Katelynn agreed, seeing no harm in an interview. Their conversation continued for another two hours, with Sebastian offering her very little information, but warning her that the job would be dangerous, and challenging. Katelynn was getting more interested, despite Sebastian’s clever way of telling her about the job without really saying much.

After a couple hours, and several cocktails later, it seemed everything was in order and Sebastian had successfully convinced Katelynn to meet the Colonel the following morning. Sebastian packed up his files slowly, and he had a naughty twinkle in his eye. Just before they stood up to leave, Sebastian leaned forward a little bit and whispered to her, suggesting they head up to her room and have some fun, in particular he wouldn’t mind roleplaying some of her favorite erotic stories. She would have normally fended off his advances, but after several martinis and the thrill of danger already making her wet, Katelynn agreed.


“Oohhh, I love your huge fucking jugs!” Sebastian whispered to Katelynn. They were up in her hotel room, her blouse and bra already on the floor, ripped off as soon as they entered the room. Sebastian was groping, squeezing, and kissing her with his hardon pushing at her through his slacks.

“Really? They’re all yours tonight.” Katelynn replied.

Sebastian squeezed Katelynn’s enormous melons, and watched as his fingers sunk into her beautiful flesh. Titflesh bulged up between his spread fingers as he squeezed and released them over and over. He cupped them in his palms, squeezed them together, and mashed them like her breasts were toys. The girl’s fuck-pillows squeezed together wonderfully and Sebastian leaned his head down and wrapped his lips around her right nipple. Katelynn’s areolas were nice and wide, just shy of two inches wide, and the dark skin was pebbled as it lead up to her firm nipples which were the perfect size for sucking on.

Sebastian could feel his new recruit’s hard areola pressed to his lips as he tugged her nipple into his mouth and began to nurse on her. He sucked hungrily, with a passion that turned her canlı kaçak bahis on as much as it did for him. His tongue began to circle around Katelynn’s hard nipple and soon his saliva had wet her nipple so much that a string of saliva clung from his bottom lip to her nipple, and a little drip started to trickle down the underside of her breast, trailing down the sensitive flesh.

Katelynn raked her fingers through Sebastian’s hair as she looked down at him eagerly nursing on her titties. After a few more minutes, her new lover switched to her other nipple and tugged it into his mouth, sucking and feeding on it just as eagerly. Sebastian had a sweet way of enthusiastically sucking on her breasts, without being so rough that it would hurt her. She would have normally been too tentative to hook up with a man she just met, but after all that happened tonight, and the sense of danger that Sebastian promised her, she felt a rush of excitement from everything, and a thirst to take it all on.

By now, Sebastian’s cock was throbbing hard inside his slacks and he was eager for more. The corporate man loosened his tie and then reached down, unbuckled his slacks, slid the zipper down, and his pants dropped to the floor easily. Katelynn helped with his boxer shorts, and she was greeted by a nicely sized, perfectly shaped cock that sprung up to meet her, already oozing with precum and eager for attention.

“Do you want me to suck on your cock?” Katelynn asked as her hand was already starting to wrap around Sebastian’s man-meat.

Truth be told, Sebastian really wanted to fuck her right now. He was eager to shove his dick inside her little pussy and fuck her amazing body, but turning down a blowjob would be just plain wrong, so he said he’d love it.

Katelynn dropped to her knees on the floor of her hotel room, her knees padded with her blouse, bra, and his trousers. She had a soft touch that Sebastian noticed and appreciated. She didn’t seem like she did this often, so every motion and caress she made was deliberate and adulate. Her hands reached up and began to caress Sebastian’s shaft by gliding her fingers up and down the entire length of it. She didn’t even need to lick the tip of his cockhead to get it wet, because there was already a lot of clear precum oozing from the tip which had been smeared around. A few new beads of precum dripped from the tip as she stroked him. She wrapped her fingers around Sebastian’s cock and squeezed him nice and tightly, and watched as several drips of precum drizzled out of the slit in the front of his cock, and the drops splattered down onto her breasts just below.

Without teasing any more, Katelynn leaned forward and her full lips encompassed the entire head of Sebastian’s cock. Her lips closed around him tightly, creating a tight seal and she sucked in, swallowing the precum that freely oozed out of him. The more she sucked, the more she allowed her head to move forward, sliding her lips further down toward the base of his shaft and allowing more of that fuckmeat inside her mouth.

Sebastian groaned which was his way of letting her know how great it felt. “Katelynn, that feels wonderful.”

The busty computer geek took her lips off his dick for a moment, long enough to reply, “I don’t normally do stuff like this.” It was true, this was her first time having sex with a man she just met.

“You’re doing great, baby! Keep sucking my cock!” Sebastian closed his eyes in bliss.

Katelynn was sucking her new lover very feverishly now, and she didn’t care that she was messy about it. She was so messy in fact, that saliva oozed from the sides of her mouth and trickled down to the very base of his dick, making the entire shaft wet and slick. As time went on, more of her saliva started streaming down her chin, and after a few minutes, a steady flow of her spit was trickling off the edge of her chin and splattering in a wet mess across her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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