The Birthday

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She couldn’t believe her luck. After so long without a man she now was blessed with someone caring and attentive. One day in particular stood out in her mind.

They’d only been together about six months. She’d met him and there was something in his personality that said he might be what she’d been looking for so long. It was her birthday and she had arranged to work just half a day.

Soon after arriving at work the rose came, one beautiful, red rose that said so much. She smiled when coworkers teased her a bit. They knew she was seeing someone but hadn’t known it was serious.

Then the emails started arriving, one word emails. One said, “kisses,” another said, “lick,” another said, “nibble” and finally one that said “Moist?” She laughed and hit reply. “Yes” she said. The response came quickly. “I’ll be waiting outside when you get off work. I have a special birthday present for you.” Her curiosity nearly got the better of her but she knew the only way to find out was to wait. The clock seemed to go slowly.

At noon she quickly canlı bahis gathered her things and walked out the door. As promised, he was in the car waiting. He gave her a welcoming kiss and said, “time for your surprise.” They drove downtown to the most deluxe hotel in town. He’d checked in already and as they entered the room she saw candles and a huge king- size bed with the covers drawn back.

He gave her a soulful kiss and said, “how about a massage?” She nodded. He slowly undressed her and took off all his clothes as well. He guided her onto the bed, face down. He took out some massage oil and warmed it in his hands before putting it on her back. The smell of sandalwood filled the room. He started the massage at her neck, then her back. His strong hands worked the muscles, bringing on a feeling of both energy and relaxation. Alternately he would ever so lightly brush the tips of his fingers over her flesh, producing a quiver and goose bumps all over her body. The massage continued as he slowly worked his way down her body, gently rubbing her bahis siteleri ass, then her legs. He kept going and massaged her feet. She was surprised at how sensual having his hands rub the soles of her feet and the hollows near her Achilles was. Somehow the feelings from her feet were felt in her vagina.

The juices were starting to really flow. He turned her over and started back up, using both his hands and mouth this time. The area around the knee, the inside of her thighs, the sensitive area between the vagina and anus, then finally to her pussy itself. He was patient and through. The pussy lips got attention and so did her clit. She was moaning now, producing more and more wet droplets, which he eagerly lapped up. She was well on the way to orgasm when his tongue buried itself inside her and curved upward. The tip of the tongue brushed over that special spot a couple inches in and on the top of her vagina. He kept it up, quickly, then slow, then stop, then start. Until that very moment she had thought the concept of female ejaculation was bahis şirketleri a myth. The truth became clear as she shot a stream of clear cum straight into his waiting mouth.

She was surprised but he was somehow ready for the torrent. Without missing a beat, he rolled up his tongue, thrust it as deep as he could and injected her own cum right back into her pussy. She whispered, “You know what I want in there now, cream me.”

He was hard and dripping, the tour of her body had left him set on “go.” He moved up to put his cock near the opening of her soaked pussy. “Hold it open” he said. She reached under her thighs and pulled her pussy lips wide. He stuck himself about two inches inside her and started pumping his cock with his hand. “Here’s your cream” he said has he let loose his whole load inside her.

Exhausted, he laid down beside her. She could feel their mingled juices started to ooze out of her sopping wet pussy, dripping down her cheeks and onto the bed. She didn’t care and loved the sensation. She’d told him early on “the wetter the better” and he’d never forgotten. She threw a leg over his body, rubbing her pussy against his thigh, making it slippery.

She smiled and thought to herself, “of all my 64 birthdays, this one is the best!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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