The Bet

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‘The doorbell rang at 7:30. Smirking, I turned the radio down a little. The fragrance of my hair followed my every move as the loose strands framed my face. I could just see your face through the small window in the front door. I didn’t expect anything to happen other than two friends hanging out, but there was always a chance that something would and that made me a little nervous – and a little hopeful. The conversation we had had about a week ago was still fresh in my mind and I wondered if you remembered it at all. Smiling, I opened the door and greeted you.

It seems like regardless of what you have on, you look edible. Your jeans fit loosely enough to be comfortable but tight enough in all the right places. The gray short-sleeved shirt immediately directed my eyes to your biceps and I had to fight with myself to look you in the face. You were smiling as you brushed past me and reminded me that although you had seen the outside of the house before, you still needed a tour of the inside. You raised your hand and showed a DVD you had brought to watch. After a quick tour of the apartment, I asked you to sit down in the living room while I got us both a drink.

Taking the drinks back into the living room, we started talking and fell into our usual back and forth banter. I let my hand brush against your arm in a flirty manner then pulled back a little when I saw the guarded look appear in your eyes. Resting my drink on the steamer trunk in the middle of the floor, I got up to put the DVD in. As I turned around, I saw you were stretching. You told me your muscles were a little tight and I offered to see if I could help make it hurt a little less. Getting a chair from the kitchen, I moved the steamer trunk to the side of the room and asked you to sit in front of me in the chair.

I started rubbing your shoulders and could feel the tension in them start to release as you let out a deep breath. Taking one arm and then the other, I massaged down from your shoulders to your fingertips. Pushing your head forward to rest your chin against your chest, I made small circular motions from the base of your neck to the bottom of your skull. I heard you let out a little moan of relaxation and smiled to myself. Placing my hands on both sides of your torso, I started massaging your sides and only stopped when I hit a very ticklish spot that made you jump and start laughing. I offered to continue but mentioned that it would probably be easier and more productive to do with your shirt removed.

You didn’t move to stop me and I slowly pulled your shirt up and over your head, lightly letting my nails drag along your skin in the process. I asked you to turn the chair around and straddle it so I could continue to work on your back. You did and I warmed some lotion in my hands before starting to work on your shoulders. You were resting your head on your arms on the back of the chair and I could feel every muscle I was touching release and relax. I risked placing a kiss on your shoulder and pulled back quickly incase you objected. Instead, I could just see a smile develop on your lips.

Continuing down your back to the top of your jeans, I paused canlı bahis every now and then to plant a little kiss here and there. I stopped suddenly and got up and went into another room. I heard you ask what I was doing as I was walking back in with a large blanket. I folded it in half and then asked you to lay down on it so I could continue with the massage. You lay down and I moved your hands off to the side. First trying to knell on the side of you, I started again to relax the muscles. Unable to fully get every inch of your chest, I straddled you and continued with the massage and kisses. You had closed your eyes and I was staring at your face as I worked.

I moved down a little on your legs to get your stomach and “accidentally” slid my fingers under the elastic band of your boxers while I was finishing the massage. You still didn’t open your eyes at all. I moved back up towards the center of your chest and leaned closer to your ear,

“You said you’ve never received a full body massage … want one now?”

All you could do was nod. I kissed below your ear, then your cheek, then your lips and then moved down your chin to your chest. Trailing my fingers down your chest, I undid your pants and slid both them and your boxers down your legs. Removing your sneakers, I took off every last article of clothing you had on. Being careful not to tickle you too much, I massaged both of your legs and leaned over and quickly licked the tip of your cock. You sucked in your breath quickly through your teeth.

Smiling deviously, I got up again and went into the kitchen. You hadn’t moved at all when I got back and I kneeled down beside you. I let a drop of water from the ice cube fall in the center of your chest and saw the ripple of your muscles. I told you to keep your eyes closed and reminded you that you could stop my anytime you wanted to. Placing the edge of the ice cube right below your collarbone, I ran it all over your chest, arms and stomach. I leaned over and started licking the trail that was left behind. Reaching just below your belly button, I looked up at you through my hair and saw the look of shock on your face. I asked if you wanted my to stop and you whispered no. Then I moved to kneel between your legs and took you in my hands. Sliding back the foreskin, I flicked my tongue over the tip while massaging your balls.

Teasingly, I took the tip into my mouth and licked around the head. I removed it from my mouth and then took it in again, a little further this time. Pulling in a little air, I swirled my tongue around the tip while varying the pressure of my lips about halfway down the shaft. Slowly pulling you out of my mouth, I licked the tip again for a few minutes before inserting your entire length into my mouth and moaning against you. You completely filled my mouth and I was glad that I don’t have a gag reflex as I slowly moved my mouth up and down on your cock, letting the head hit the back of my throat. I looked up at you and changed the pressure of my lips as I sped up a little. Groaning again around you, I pulled back a little less than half way and then quickly pushed you all the way back in. I could taste you starting bahis siteleri to cum and it made my go faster until I felt you explode against the back of my throat and I hungrily swallowed every last drop. Slowly pulling your cock out of my mouth, I licked up the shaft and caught the final drops of cum from the tip of your cock and savored them before swallowing.

You didn’t move for a minute and then your eyes slowly opened. I was still fully dressed and kneeling between your legs. You propped yourself up on an elbow and asked if you were the only one who was going to be naked. In reply, I stood up and helped you sit and lean back against the couch. I changed the music on the radio and started to slowly dance in front of you as I took of my clothes. You smirked and asked what I was doing. Innocently, I reminded you that you said no one had ever done a strip tease for you, so I was going to take care of that. The song finished and I was left wearing a pair of black hi cut bikini panties and a black strapless bra. You reached out and caught one of my arms before I could take off those final pieces of clothes.

You gently pulled me down beside you and pressed your mouth to one of the cups of the bra. Blowing hot air into it, you slid one hand over the front of my panties. Your other hand reached around my back and unclipped my bra, letting it fall from my body so that only the cup you had your mouth on still covered my. One of your fingers peaked under the side of my panties and pushed into me. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan. You fully removed my bra and sat up while using the fingers inside me to direct me back onto the blanket. I felt your thumb press at the top of my pussy and you commented on the fact that I was fully shaved. I started to answer and you took the answer with a kiss. You slid another finger in me and I groaned into your open mouth. You bit my lip a little as you broke the kiss and licked down my neck and started nibbling on first one breast and then the other. I felt you remove your fingers and then slide my panties completely off.

Placing both of your hands on either side of my breasts, you ran them down the length of my body and over my thighs. You moved between my legs and placed a chain of kisses down the center of my chest and ended with a quick tongue flick into my wet pussy. You moved my legs so that both knees were bent and slid your hands under my ass as you kissed all around my nether lips before opening me up with your tongue and re-entering two of your fingers. You hit the spot and I could feel you smirk when my body jumped. You added another finger and slid them in and out faster while you hummed into me, licking and slurping the whole time. Right as I was about to orgasm, you pulled out your fingers and completely buried your face in me, licking every wave that passed out of me. Moments after the shudders had left my body, you got up and went into the bathroom to clean up a little.

When you came back out, I was still lying on the blanket, but had moved to the side so that you could also fit. You lay down beside my and I reached over to take your cock in my hand. Asking if you were bahis şirketleri ready again, I told you that the next thing was your pick. You kissed my neck a couple of times before suggesting I get on my hands and knees so you could think some more. Grinning at you, I did as was asked and handed you a condom. I could feel the heat from your body against the back of my legs before I felt your cock slide slowly into my swollen, wet lips. Your cock completely filled me while you pushed deeper and deeper into me. With your hands you reached around and cupped my breasts while you continued to fuck me doggy style. Tweaking the nipples, the rhythm of your balls slapping against me added to the erotica of the situation. The closer I came to cumming, the harder I pushed back against you until it didn’t seem that there was any space left to push into. With one final thrust, you came while the two of us rocked back and forth.

I collapsed back onto my side as you reclaimed the space beside my. I lay there gently running my fingertip over your arm and just looking at you. Without warning, I leaned forward and kissed your armband tattoo and then left a trail of kisses to just below your ear. I whispered in your ear and asked if you were spent yet. Laughing you rolled over on your back and looked down. Following your gaze, I answered my own question by sliding a new condom on your eager cock and straddling you. Clenching my pelvic muscles as I slid up and down on you, you sat up beneath me and wrapped your arms around me. I wrapped my legs around your back as you gently bit my earlobe and I dragged my fingernails down your back as I felt the tingles of another orgasm start to build. Rolling over still intertwined, you moved one of your arms under one of my legs and slammed into me over and over again. The moans that were coming from both of us were only muffled by the kisses we placed on each other’s lips and bodies. Completely spent, we lay there for a few minutes with you still inside my dripping pussy. Unable to stay that way any longer, we separated and you again went to clean up, with me taking your place in the bathroom as soon as you were done.

When I came out you were sitting on the couch with another blanket wrapped around you. I could still see your clothes on the floor and knew you were naked underneath the blanket. Looking at you for a few minutes, you asked if we were going to watch the movie. I laughed and you opened the blanket to take me in under it as well. We sat there and watched the movie … … well, we watched most of it, luckily we had both already seen it so the parts we missed didn’t really matter.’

You finished reading the story and looked up at me from the couch.

“Is there a reason I had to read this while you were watching me?”

I smiled innocently, sat beside you and took the papers from your hands.

“Well, the hockey game ended in a tie, something neither of us thought about making a condition for. Since neither of us won the bet and you agreed to hang out anyway, I thought you should still get a story. But, I decided there should be a little twist on my part. I wrote a story for you, you’ve read it and can keep it … … and now I want to act out the story. Any objections?”

You smirked at my and the glitter in your eyes made my blood run hotter. Leaning back on the couch, all you said was,

“Tell me a story.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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