Prison Island Ch. 10

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Francesco preferred to keep his eyes on Karl as they dressed up. He could feel Mouse’s eyes on him, but it wasn’t like he cared to look into them and read the truth about himself.

“Looking for a fight?” Karl asked him as he pulled his t-shirt on.

Francesco’s nostrils flared. “How the hell did you know we were here? Did you follow me?”

Karl grinned and patted his cheek. “Do you think I’d let you run around, getting fucked or worse by whatever’s on this island?”

“Whoever’s on this island,” Francesco corrected him.

Karl’s grin faded. “Do you think you’re smart or something?”

“He is smart. Your Cesco,” Mouse said, and Francesco could taste the irony in those words, “used to be an A-plus student.”

“Really?” Karl chilled and smiled again. “I knew you were the best bitch in here.”

“Stop calling me a bitch.” Francesco closed his fists and stared at Karl with murder in his eyes.

“All right. You’re my wife, that’s true. I should treat you right,” Karl pulled him close and squeezed his ass, “and fill all your holes with my cum.” The last words were whispered in his ear.

“Fuck off.” Francesco pushed against Karl’s strong chest, but he stood no chance. “I’m not your wife.”

“Hey, hey,” Karl cooed and licked his neck playfully, “I’m letting you have your fun with your little whore. You should be more respectful. I’m an open-minded husband.”

“Gotta go.” Mouse grabbed Francesco by the shoulders, pulling him slightly away from Karl, and kissed him on the lips with a loud smack. “See you tonight.”

Karl followed Mouse with angry eyes as the redhead sauntered away and lost himself in the thick forest. Francesco was happy Mouse didn’t judge him.

“What’s that stupid grin about, eh?” Karl asked. “You in love with the cum bucket or what?”

Francesco grinned more. “The fuck are you jealous for?”

He gasped when Karl grabbed the back of his neck suddenly and squeezed hard. Their eyes met. Cold fury was there, in the blue eyes. “You’re mine, Cesco. No way I’m letting you fall in love with that slut.”

“Are you really a homo, Karl? Dudes don’t fall in love with other dudes,” Francesco said out loud, mostly out of self-preservation than conviction. He didn’t know what he felt, but he could still feel the taste of Mouse’s lips on his.

And Karl’s hand on his ass, possessive and relentless.

“Let’s fuck again,” Karl said.

Francesco squirmed in the hard hold. “No way. You screwed me enough for one day.”

Karl took his hand and dragged him to a patch of soft grass. “Get naked and lie on your back. Present that fuckable hole in ten seconds or I’ll kick your balls.”

“What the fuck, dude? Does your dick never sleep?” Francesco complained.

He watched warily as Karl undressed again. Then, the asshole forced him on his back, pulled away his pants and climbed on top of him. Francesco grunted as Karl found his way inside him in one go.

“So nicely lubed with cum,” Karl commented and pushed inside.

The asshole was angry, and despite all the jizz inside his ass, Francesco could still fill his hard cock punishing his hole. To make it easier, canlı bahis he raised his knees, and Karl hummed in appreciation.

“Fuck, just like a girl,” Karl whispered. He straightened up and held Francesco by the legs while he pumped in and out. “Damn, look at it swallowing my cock,” he said. “I’ll put my babies inside you.”

“You’re so fucked up,” Francesco said through small grunts of pleasure. “Can’t you see I’m not a chick?”

“Too bad. I’d fuck you if you were a chick. I’d fuck you if you were a chick with a dick, too.”

“If you’re not specific, why don’t you go fuck someone else?” Francesco grunted again. He was too wasted to control himself, and his cock slapped against his belly like a happy camper.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid, Cesco. I know you’re not. It’s you I want to fuck, and you only.”

Francesco closed his eyes and looked away. Why wasn’t the fucker finishing already? His ass was starting to feel the abuse, and the pleasure was getting too hard to bear.

“Take it, bitch,” Karl whispered and pulled out.

Francesco winced as the fucker came all over him. At least, it was over. There was cum hanging on his eyelids and on his lips and even in his nose.

“Cesco, you’re a champ, taking my cock. I just wonder how many fingers I can fit inside you. Maybe the whole hand?”

Francesco pulled his knees together, but it was too late. Karl pinned him down with one hand on his lower belly and used the other to push three fingers inside him. “Let me go.” He squirmed, but Karl didn’t care for his protests.

“I wanna see you cum,” Karl said stubbornly.

Francesco let out short gasps and grunts, as Karl worked in another finger. “Do you want me loose, fucker?”

Despite his protests, having so much in his ass felt great. It stretched him even more than Karl’s cock, and that sensation from earlier came back. Karl curled his fingers and used his knuckles to work his prostate. Before he could get another word of protest in, he was shooting so hard that most of his cum landed on his face.

He came back to Karl’s annoying laughter. “You should see your face. You gave yourself a facial, dude.”

Francesco rolled away and got into the water. “Go away,” he told Karl who was behind him, grabbing his shoulders.

He jolted at the gentle kiss on the back of his neck.

“The more you want to fuck him, the more I want to fuck you,” Karl said.

“And if I don’t fuck him again,” Francesco replied, knowing fully well what the asshole was talking about, “will you let my ass go?”

“No way, baby,” Karl cooed. “You’re mine.” He cradled Francesco in his arms and kissed him again on the neck and shoulders. “On this little trip, you’re stuck with me.”

“Good thing we know it’s not forever,” Francesco added. “At least I have something to look forward to when this shit’s over.”

“It’s still a long time till then, though.”

Francesco rubbed his face, wincing at the cum that had gotten in his eyes. That fucking thing stung. “Karl, aren’t you afraid that I might tell on you and your dick once we’re out of here? When you’re all settled with wife and kids, and bahis siteleri I come along and remind you how it was to fuck my ass?”

Karl laughed. “I’ll worry about that when it happens. But, now that you told me, if you ever come knocking, I don’t think I’d have an issue bending you over the kitchen table or fucking you silly in the living room.”

“No shit. With the little wife watching?”

“Maybe. I don’t know yet. Come on, don’t be a spoilsport now. And just so you know, I really followed you so that you don’t get jumped by assholes while alone. You and Mouse were both crazy to get freaky in an open place like this. Anyone could walk on you and fuck you.”

“So, this is the part where I say that I’m happy it was you?”

“No, this is the part when you say, ‘Karl, hubby, thank you for watching over my hide.’ That’s what you should say.”

“It’ll be a cold day in hell when I call you that, you fucked up asshole.”

Karl’s warmth on his back wasn’t unpleasant, but he shook the other off.

“Let’s head back. I’ll give you something to do so that you don’t get horny and want to fuck whatever crosses your path.” Karl held him by the neck and guided him out of the water.

“For your information, I like Mouse. I like him a lot.”

“Thought you said you were no homo,” Karl said.

“So? There are no girls around. And he’s the prettiest.”

“Your eyes are fucked, Cesco. He’s the ugliest. He’s ugly,” Karl insisted, clearly riled up by Francesco’s words.

“Maybe to you. For me, he’s the most beautiful.” Francesco whimpered as Karl suddenly grabbed his cheeks and had him look into his eyes.

“Don’t play with my feelings. It’s all I’m saying,” Karl warned.

“What feelings? You’re a son of a bitch who only cares about getting off.”

He had to blink hard and stare at Karl for long moment until the wounded expression in the guy’s eyes finally disappeared and the fucker let go of his face. Francesco could feel the shape of his fingers still imprinted on his cheeks.

“I don’t. I’ll prove myself to you,” Karl promised. “And yeah, I like getting off, just like any other dude with a cock. But I mean it when I say I’m your husband.”

Francesco snorted. “You’re not going to say now that I complete you or shit like that, right?”

“No. I’ll let my actions speak for me.”

“Famous last words, fucker.” Francesco dared to flip the bird at Karl, and he was met with a smirk.

“Keep it up, Cesco. I like the fiery type. Tired of bitches lifting their tails and showing off their holes at me.”

Francesco shook his head. There was no way to win with that asshole, at least for now. And he had a bunch of things on his mind, starting with how the hell Mouse knew so much about him. That was something he had to explore.


At least, while they were at the camp, Karl was leaving him the fuck alone. He offered his help to Leon, and the gentle giant accepted it with a pleasant smile. It was a bit hard to focus while working with him and Ollie, and Francesco kept stealing glances at Leon’s strong arms and torso. Since it was so hot and the rocks they carried heavy, the bahis şirketleri guy had taken off his t-shirt.

Francesco couldn’t help wondering how it would feel to rub his face against that hairy chest and inhale Leon’s masculine scent. Ollie was so lucky to have a boyfriend like that.

“How are things with you and Karl?” Leon asked.

They stopped for a short break. The stone wall they were improvising was coming together nicely. Francesco couldn’t quite understand the logic of having a wall that was easy to jump over, but since the others didn’t comment on it, he decided to wait and see.

Francesco shrugged. “It’s ‘kay, I guess.”

“You don’t have to take shit from him,” Leon said.

Ollie sat on Leon’s lap and they kissed shortly. Francesco looked away, not wanting to be caught staring.

“I’m not. It’s what it is,” he replied.

“It can be good,” Leon continued. “Like Ollie and me.”

“Yeah, you two are good together,” Francesco admitted. “It’s just not who I am.”

“Then did they make a mistake?” Ollie asked.

Francesco was surprised to hear him talk. Ever since they had gotten there, he couldn’t recall hearing the beautiful boy saying a word. His voice was low and sexy, and enough to make anyone look at him with different eyes.

“What mistake?” he asked, although he had a feeling he knew what Ollie was talking about.

“Everyone here is gay,” Ollie pointed out.

Francesco looked down. “I’m not.”

“Then do you want me to tell Karl to get off your back?” Leon asked.

“No. He’d just… it doesn’t matter. We won’t be here forever.”

Leon surprised him by placing a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. “That’s true. And thanks for keeping Karl in check for everyone.”

Francesco felt his stomach clenching in a funny way. “Why do you say that?”

Leon sighed. “We don’t know much, but he’s some big shot’s son. The people who threw us here, they can just forget about us. But because of him, they cannot.”

“He’s smitten with you,” Ollie said. “That means that as long as you ask him, he’ll not leave anyone behind.”

Francesco frowned and looked at the two boyfriends. “That’s why you told me that when we were still on the chopper?”

Leon nodded. “I was afraid Karl would just take off and think of no one else but himself. But it looks like you gave him a reason to play the leader with us. That’s for everyone’s good.”

Francesco let him head down. Leon patted his back.

“That doesn’t mean that I’ll let him treat you bad. Anything happens, you come to me. I’ll straighten him up.”

“He’s coming,” Ollie whispered.

Francesco stared at Karl who was marching toward them with a small frown on his face.

“Are you girls tired already?” he shouted.

“We were just taking a break,” Leon replied for all of them and stood.

Francesco noticed with satisfaction how easy it was for Leon to tower over Karl. The fucker was holding his own, but he knew he wasn’t as strong as the other guy.

“Good. Now get back to work. I’ll have the traps ready by tonight.”

He walked away, without looking once at Francesco.

“Traps?” he asked.

“Territory defense,” Leon explained. “Karl is good at it.”

Francesco stared after his tormentor for a while. Why did Karl know about that? He was hardly any older. He had to ask Mouse about that.


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