Mom’s Friend’s Daughter

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I am 19 and without a girlfriend. That is an unacceptable state of affairs’ for mom. It’s not that she want me married necessarily but she does want me married to a good Catholic girl when I do. So for month’s now she’s been to playing cupid working hard to find me a suitable mate.

I was growing tired of her incessant barrage of names of who women she thinks I should marry. I can see where she is coming from, though because as a 2nd. generation American many of the old way from the old county were instilled in her as a girl onward because that’s what parents did in the old country unions were made whether the united pair liked it or not. Though mother had married for romantic love, my reluctance to find a mate meant that it was her duty to find me one.

Finally to end the aggravation I took the bait one day. I asked Hilary Manson to go out. Don’t late the name fool you, her real family name cannot be pounced in English. Her grandfather changed the family name to Mason in the effort to Americanize the family so they would fit in to their new culture. They were Maltese.

I had known Hilary since we both had attended St. Marks as kids. Hilary was very pious back then. She would have attended Mass three time a day if the Church offered it. She never missed a Church service of any kind if it were possible. She wore drab clothes with skirts that were two inches below there at least two inches below the knees and to my knowledge never wore make up even though all the other 8th. grade girl at lest applied some but not enough to be called out by one of the nuns and be forced to wash it off.

I went to public high school and she went to Catholic high school so we never ran into each other except at Mass and though she bloomed during the intervening years, she still wore clothes and acted like she were a nun. In fact everyone had her pegged to enter the convent. She didn’t.

So one Wednesday evening I made my way to the Mason’s house knocked on the door and asked if Hillary was available. She was and in a few minutes came down stairs as drab as ever.

“Hey Hilary. Long time no see.”

“Hi Don. Its nice to see you to.”

“Are you free for a date on Saturday night with me say at 8”

“Sure. I did like that.”

“Okay you pick out a movie you’d like to see and after that a snack.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“See you then.”

Damn she was pretty. Her captivating eyes were something else and “O” that olive colored skin against her raven black hair and dark brown eyes. My mind was wondering how far she would let me go. Hmm.


She picked out a romantic comedy, no surprise there.

When I picked her up she was wearing a white skirt with roses on it and a pink blouse. To my surprise she had on some make up.

“Did your mother put you up to this?” That was her first statement.

“Partially but I wanted to see what was the mystery girl really like.”

“Mystery girl!”

“Yes. canlı bahis şirketaleri I knew you were very intelligent and those dark eyes you have were intriguing. I asked myself, what was she really thinking of me!?”

She laughed.

“You do not want to know.”

“Ah! So they were naughty!”

“Some were, yes.

“Other thoughts were about being like the other girls and wearing nylons and pantyhose and make up and having my hair styled.”

“Your hair is nice already. I wouldn’t need much toying with.”

“Thank you.”

We got to the theater and “got seated. When the lights dimmed the question popped up. “How far will she let me go I began by holding her tiny soft a hand. Even that piece of her aroused me some how. Then I began stroking her arm with my finger tips then pulled her over for a kiss. She didn’t resist.

Would she let me touch her sensitive parts. I put my arm around her and lightly touched her breast. She moved it away.

“Be nice or take me home.”


I didn’t try any more and I kept my hand to myself. But she did take my hand and held it in hers.

When the film ended and we got outside she asked if I liked it.

“Well it was good but excellent being with you.”

“You didn’t like it. I knew it wasn’t a boy’s film buy I waned to see it.”

“Hilary tonight is about you, it is about what you like.”

“You are only the 2nd. un-chaperoned date I’ve ever had, it’s nice but also scary.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is nice being with you because I’ve has a secret crush on you for sometime and I was hoping you’d ask me out some day. “But I’ve heard guys want sex when they take a girl out. But I am not ready for that.”

“It is okay. This is about you not me.”

“Thank you for understanding.

“Actually I didn’t mind you trying to fondle my breast. Actually I rather liked it.”

“Where is the old country for you family?”


“I’ve heard it is scenic there.”

“Some places are.”

“May I kiss you?”

“You have.”

“No, I mean a full hugging on the lips kiss that would drive your dad mad if he saw us do it.”

She giggled.

“Don’t make fun of my daddy; but yes I would.”

Her lips were succulent and I took another kiss then another. I felt her body responding to to my advances as her breathing became more rapid and her body beginning to submit. Suddenly she pulled way.

“I did like it Don but I felt myself letting you having your way with me.”


“Don’t be. I really liked it and want you to kiss me like that again and soon.”

We stop at a Greek restaurant and get two gyros to go. At the park we find a table then begin to eat.

“Hilary, hoe do you attack this sandwich, head on, side swipe from the bottom?”

“You’ve never had one?”

“No but it smells good so I want try one.”

“Watch me.”

The sandwich was something I had never canlı kaçak iddaa before but it was delicious. Hilary said it was lamb. So I wasn’t angry when Hilary offered me what she couldn’t eat.

We walked a bit after eating and I took her hand. As we walked on I had the desire to kiss her she didn’t resist even as I push her breast tight against my chest feeling her nipples poke into me as I did kiss her. Even when I cupped her ass cheeks she and pulled them apart and squeezed them she said nothing. But when I tried to raise her skirt she stopped me: Don’t go any farther Don.

“Hilary, if the weather is good why don’t we hit the beach next Saturday?”


“I’ll pick you up at 10 so we beat the crowd.”

“Fine with me.”


Saturday arrived.

When I parked in front of the house she came carrying two bags, wearing a one piece, a sun hat, and carrying a blanket. Go out to help her. The car is packed and off we go.

“Stop paying all your attention on my legs. Keep your attention to the road.”

We stop for ice, her flip flops and more sun screen lotion.

“Stop looking like you ready to pounce on me and tear all my clothes off.”

“You are so pretty.”

“Thank you Don.”

When we get in the country more she says, “Honey pull seat down and the back lower the back and lower it.”

She takes a garment out of her beach bag, “Now don’t look.”

I hear her rustling around. After a bit she says “Raise the back and move the seat forward. You can look.”

“Wow. Damn woman your are a goddess.”

She was in a dark blue shimmering thong bathing suit.

“Stop looking like you are going to rape me.”

“Cannot help it, you are so captivating and a rousing.”


When we park I can finally get a good look at her in the swim suit. Her nipples are covered but the rest of her breast is open to view and caressing.

She sees me googling her, she smiles then says, “I am getting out of the car so you can get a good look.”

She comes around to my side modeling it for me. It’s stunning, to me at least. her butt is just exposed enough to highlight her best features.

“I see your boy toy is coming back up.”

“You arouse me Hilary. What can I say.”

“So I am just a one-night stand for you?”

“I’ll admit that the first time we dated was at my mother’s badgering me But last Saturday I got shocked because I liked you and began developing feelings for you.

Yes, I wanted you sexually but there was a another factor, I felt an emotional bond with you.”

“You really do. Your are not lying because I see it in your eyes.”

“I am being up front with you.”

“I know. Let me tell you a secret. When I got home my panties were soaked so much that I checked my skirt to see if there was a stain. “


“As serious as I can be.”

“So you wanted me to take you.”

“No. Well yes. canlı kaçak bahis I wanted to give my body to you but not loose my virginity.”

“You do know you have another hole I can use.”

“Don are you serious?”

“Yes. I’ve never done it but I hear that after the initial pain, the woman does feel pleasure.”

“I’ve have to think about it. Let’s go before we do something in public.”


We haul our stuff out of the car we moved down the beach where families with kids rarely go. We found a place where the trees and bushes came nearly to the waters edge. We laid the blankets on the sand then Hilary arranged the her beach tote and the food tote to her liking at which point we lay together.

I take her hand in mine. The urge begins to grow in my mind. I roll over and kiss her letting my hand work its way down to her pussy which I caress through her bikini bottom. She moans, “That feels good Don. She lays her hand on mine moving it to where she wants it. We’ve been kissing but now the kissing is more intense. Lust is over coming both of us.

To my astonishment, Hilary moves my hand under the waist band of her bottom moving it to her vagina. “Finger fuck me baby,” I slide two fingers into her then begin to thrust them in and out of her love cavern for at least 5 minutes I think till our revelry is interrupted by the sound of laughing come up the beach toward us and as they pass we both wave.

“You got me very hot and wet.”

“You enjoyed every moment of it Hilary you know it and I know it.”

“Don, I wasn’t complaining. I was just stating how aroused I got. Damn it that those kids cam by spoiling our fun.”

“They sure did you were ready to submit to all my desires.”

“You wish.”

We lay sunning ourselves, “Hey Hilary want me to apply some sunscreen to you?”

“Yes please.”

I begin at her calves working up when I reach her upper thighs. Only a tin piece of cloth was between me and her pussy or ass. After rubbing her back I begin to rub her butt cheeks. I slid my hand between them then touch her anus.

“What did you just do?”

“I touched your anus.”

“An electric shock just went through me.”

“Want me to touch it again?”

“Yes, it felt sort of good.”

I touch her brown hole again. “That felt good, but come here I’ve got something to show you.” up by her. I get up close to her wondering what she had, when she got into a subject she was through, so I wondered what her research discovered.

The Church was against what we wanted to do together but it was against sex before marriage to so what is a horny couple to do. As she was going through the stuff she had collected, I pulled her face to me and kissed her lips.

“Hilary, what it amounts to in the end is this, if I respect you and your family with its Maltese heritage or if I don’t. I do respect you, your family, your heritage and its customs. I am willing to take cold showers twice a day if I have to preserve that preserve that for you because I love you and we’ll have plenty of time to fuck after we tie the knot. Hilary I love you.”

She mounts me pouring kisses and tears on me.

“Now I know you love me.”

The End

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