Getting Off on the Train Pt. 02

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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


The man sitting next to me was just under 30 and relatively good looking. Normally I’d be thrilled to have someone to stare at and imagine dirty situations with, but the fact he sat next to me now was interfering with my plan to cum at least three more times before I got to London.

The highlighter I had shoved up my pussy was still there, my panties still tucked away in my bag and my cunt was pulsing from my last orgasm but still begging for more.

It took all my self control to keep my hands away from my swollen lips and sensitive clit. I just wanted to rub it so badly I could cry.

Well there was nothing I could do. I would just have to wait until i got home so I could find something more serious to fuck myself with. In the meantime I would just have to try and ignore it.

The man next to me had opened up his laptop and was typing away so I got back to my book. I wasn’t going to find a distraction from my need there though, it seemed the sex scene was far from over and just seemed to be escalating. A new character had entered the scene and the horny young heroine was bravely licking and sucking down one throbbing cock as another cock pistoned in and out of her from behind. The graphic descriptions in the book made it impossible not to imagine myself in that position, being spit roasted on two swollen penis’ and just being fucked so thoroughly.

My traitorous hand made it back up to start pinching and squeezing my nipple through my tank top. To my surprise i suddenly felt the lightest brush of fingertips on my bare thigh. I looked up and found my train partners arm draped on the seat rest between us, his hand leaning far enough down to güvenilir bahis accidently brush my bare skin. I looked at his screen and saw it was turned off. Nothing showing on screen but my own reflection of my hand still grasping my breast and my hard nipple clearly sticking out through the flimsy fabric of my tank top.

I knew that at this point it could go either way, i could move my leg away and pretend nothing had happened or i could embrace it. I’ve never been used by a stranger before and the rush of wetness that accompanied this thought made the decision for me.

I spread my legs, moving my thigh closer to the outstretched fingers, i was rewarded with a firmer stroke on my naked skin.

I carried on pretending to read my book but i quietly tugged the neckline of my tanktop down to slip my breast out and carried on playing with it. I could see my hard nipple being tugged and twisted in the reflection of his laptop. This action was rewarded by the man confidently placing his hand on my bare thigh. He was squeezing and stroking my thigh rhythmically, I put the book i was pretending to read down so that I could start playing with my other breast. I was showing off for him, roughly palming my tits, pushing them together to show how big they are and tugging at my rock hard and overstimulated nipples.

Thats when he moved his hand further up my thigh and found the already wet skin sitting just under my skirt. His hand paused, he turned away from the reflection in his macbook and finally looked at me directly. I licked my lips and kept my hands where they were. He leaned towards me and huskily whispered in my ear

“You’re a real slut aren’t türkçe bahis you?’

I nodded in agreement, letting out a quiet whimper as his hot breath hit my neck. His mouth latched on to my neck licking and sucking as he brought his hand up to replace mine on my right tit.

He devoured my neck as his hand explored my chest. He alternated pinching and tugging with gently holding and stroking. I couldn’t do anything but sit there trying to hold in my moans.

His hot mouth moved down and latched onto my nipple as his hand returned up my skirt. I wonder if he was surprised to find my pussy drenched wet and completely bare. He ran his fingers between my swollen lips and i let out a whimper as he stroked my swollen clit. His mouth was still working on my breast as i felt his fingers slide down and dip into my sopping cunt. His mouth stilled as he felt the hard plastic of the highlighter I had shoved into my pussy before he got on the train.

He moved his mouth back up to my ear, my now very wet nipple being exposed to the cold train air once again.

“Were you fucking yourself before i got on the train?”

His voice was low and his breath on my ear sent shivers down my spine. I couldnt speak so i just nodded.

“i bet you like to fuck yourself in all sorts of public places” he growled in my ear “i bet you like to keep your pussy wet and ready for anyone who is willing to push their fingers in to you” whilst he whispered in my ear, I could feel him working to get a grip on the highlighter. “do you like it when strange men suck on your nipples? Is that why you’re not wearing a bra”

I was panting as he finally pulled the highlighter out güvenilir bahis siteleri of my tight cunt. He stared at it in disbelief for a second before turning back to me.

“I could tell you were a slut but I didn’t know you were such a desperate whore” he said as he brought the highlighter up to my face.

My, now empty, pussy was throbbing and I was absolutely a desperate whore. “Please, I need you to fuck me” I managed to say. the first actual words I’d spoken.

He looked pleased at my begging. “Tell me you’re a dirty slut and ask me again.”

“Please fuck me with your fingers, I’m a dirty slut and I need something to fill up my pussy” I begged, moving my own hands down to my pussy.

I thought he was going to stop me but he let me slide two fingers right up my pussy and i started pumping them in and out frantically. He reached down and tugged my skirt up completely exposing my cunt to anyone who happened to walk by as he watched me fuck myself. The sound of my wet pussy and my whimpers sounded so loud to me that I wondered if anyone else on the train could hear them.

I could just feel my orgasm start to build up when he grabbed my wrist and pulled my wet fingers up to his mouth. Sucking my wet juices, he pushed the highlighter he was still holding into my mouth to muffle my moans and then decisively pushed his own fingers into my pussy. His fingers were longer and thicker than mine and it was only the dirty highlighter in my mouth that stifled my moans. He finished sucking on my fingers and move back to my nipples as he fucked me roughly, adding a third finger. i was so close

he pressed my clit with his thumb and I exploded, with a thumb on my clit, three fingers in my pussy, a mouth on my tit and a highlighter between my lips.


Authors note: please let me know if this made you horny, i love reading your comments, they usually make me very wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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