Baseballed Ch. 03

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Jamie walked into the apartment and threw his keys into the bowl near the door. He immediately started stripping down as he walked toward the bathroom.

“Fuck, dude. You look like shit!” Anthony said, looking up from his phone. His hand rubbed over his hairy chest and then pulled at the waistband of the jockstrap he was wearing.

“I’ll tell ya about in a sec, bro,” Jamie shouted from the bathroom as he jumped in the shower.

Anthony finished going through his messages just as Jamie walked back into the room wearing only a towel. He plopped down onto the worn futon beside Anthony.

“Megan is crazy as shit, dude,” Jamie said, running a hand through his damp strawberry-blonde hair.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Anthony responded.

“Dude, I dropped by her apartment after batting practice and she answered the door wearing one of those see-through lacy things. She made me get in the shower and wouldn’t give me a towel. So here I was soaking wet wandering around her apartment. I find her on her back on her bed…no panties…and she’s begging me to eat her pussy, talking about how hot I looked with water dripping off my big muscles. She’s spreading her pussy, her wet fingertips petting her swole pussy lips and pretending I’m a red-headed fuckin’ Aquaman.”

“Fuck, dude.”

“So there I am…a freckled face wet with her pussy juice. I’m tearing that shit up, fucking her with my tongue. My teeth are pulling at her cuntflaps; my tongue rolling around her clit. Then she starts begging to suck my cock. I’m like stone rockhard, eating her like I was starvin'”.

Anthony reached down and adjusted his hardening cock as Jamie pushed absentmindedly at the slight tent in his towel.

“So, I pushed her further onto the bed and got beside her, her head in my crotch and she starts fondling my canlı bahis hard cock like she might break it. I’m so wanting her to take it between her lips, but she’s just kissing it real soft.”

“Yeah, that’s Megan all right,” Anthony said, his hand lying against the pouch of his jockstrap.

“Well, dude, I’ve still got her legs spread, so I start tapping my fingers against her wet clit like I’m petting a wet hamster. Then I start putting my fingers into her pussy…finger-fucking her wet cunt. I get three fingers pumping her puss, and she’s still just licking the head of my cock. I’m dripping pre-cum like a sumbitch, giving her a fine lip gloss; and she still hasn’t swallowed the head of my cock yet.”

Anthony slyly pinched the hard head of his own cock as Jamie continued his story. Jamie had his forearm resting on his own hard heavy cock.

“Anyway, I started talking pure filth, trying to make her really suck me instead of being such a tease. I mean, that dude you know…Kent…now that was some good fucking head. He needs to give her some fucking lessons.”

“I fucking know that’s right,” Anthony said, thinking about Kent taking his cock completely down his throat.

“She gets upset and starts crying. She sits up and wants me to leave, talking about how she wanted a romantic night of lovemaking. I’m like cussing her and telling her that I thought we were. Then she gets even more upset and tells me to get the fuck out. When I left, the bitch had locked herself in her bathroom.”

“Damn, dude,” Anthony said, running his hand openly over his bulging crotch. “I was hoping we’d maybe get a chance to double penetrate that pussy again, bro. I loved that feeling!”

Jamie’s hand had slipped under his towel and his fingers were softly running over the fat length of his cock.

“Me too, man. Both bahis siteleri our baseball bat cocks inside that tight pussy stretching the fuck out of it. Dude, I loved both our big cocks rubbing against each other as we pounded the fuck outta that snatch.”

“Yeah, dude, that was the fucking best. Two big cocks rubbing together inside that pussy.”

Anthony grabbed the waistband of his jockstrap and pulled it down, his engorged cock slapped against his thigh. He lifted up, pulling the jock completely off and throwing it into the corner of the room. He grabbed it with his hand, precum running down its length. He laid back on the futon. He pushed his hips up, his slick cock sliding into his tight fist as if it were a pussy. He looked over a Jamie and laughed.

“Damn, I want to be fucking that slit, dude. Feel you sliding in against my cock…bro-fucking that tight pussy together.”

Jamie pulled his towel off, letting it all to the floor as he stood up. He straddled Anthony and spit in his hand. He coated his big cock with saliva and then placed his hand over Anthony’s, feeling him slowly fucking his fist. Jamie’s cockhead pressed against the bottom of Anthony’s fist and pushed between it, sliding against Ant’s cock. Their hands formed a ‘pussy’ as their cocks slid tightly against the other.

“Fuck, dude, this is fuckin’ awesome!” Anthony grunted, his cockhead sliding against his buddy’s cockhead and tight fist.

“Yeah, bro, and no mouthy bitch complaining or carrying on,” Jamie muttered between moans.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum, bro,” Anthony growled, cum oozing out of their fists. “Fuck! Fuck! Ease up, dude!” Anthony said as he pulled his hand away, Jamie continuing with his thrusts against his buddy’s cock. Anthony patted Jamie’s side. “Slide closer to me…straddle my chest.”

“What? bahis şirketleri That’s awful close to your mouth, dude,” Jamie said, as he was sliding his round muscled ass over Ant’s hairy torso, chest hair tickling his tight nuts.

Anthony grabbed Jamie’s cock and pulled it between his lips, tasting his spunk and Jamie’s spit and precum on his tongue mixed with the just-showered scent of soap.

“Got-damn-fuckin’ shit, dude,” Jamie groaned as Anthony’s tongue swirled around his cockhead. He grabbed a handful of Anthony’s black hair and screwed his cock into Ant’s mouth until his buddy gagged around his cock. “Fuck yeah, buddy…takin’ yer bro’s big cock.” Jamie rocked his hips gently into Anthony’s mouth. “Fuck, I’m going cum, dude.”

Jamie pulled his cock out and shot his load across Anthony’s scruffy olive complexion. White droplets landed on Ant’s coal-black hair as Jamie’s body jerked in an ecstatic orgasm. Jamie got off Ant and reached for his towel.

“I’ll let you shower off first. I need to check and see if Megan has calmed down and messaged me.” He walked over and pulled his phone out of his shorts. He propped against a stool, scrolling through his messages. “Oh, your dad called me earlier. I told him you were having a tutoring session and had to turn your phone off. He wanted me to remind you about some paperwork or something.”

“Thanks, dude, I call him tomorrow,” Anthony said as he sat up, wiping his hand over his cum-coated face. “You wanna grab a hamburger or order pizza? I don’t wanna have to cook anything.”

“Whatever,” Jamie responded. “I’m going to run across the street and grab some beer after I get cleaned up.” His phone buzzed and he looked down, tapping at it. “Dude, you just might wanna order a couple pizzas. I just got a text from Robbie asking if we were going to do anything tonight.”

“Tell him to come on over. There’s an old Atlanta versus Chicago game on one of the sports channels tonight,” Anthony said as he hopped into the shower.

“Okay, cool,” responded Jamie, tapping on his phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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