A Summer Job, 1970s Style Pt. 04

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This story is a continuation of my various and sundry experiences during one summer while I was in college. If anyone thinks that all of the education one gets comes in the classroom, they are grossly mistaken. All characters in the following story, whether real or imagined, were 18 years of age or older at the time of these events.

The memorable week when I encountered Hillary’s tennis friend, Beth, ended on a quiet note as I finished reading all of the water meters in that part of town, without any more spicy incidents I might add.

The following week Kenny, another college student, and I were assigned to repaint crosswalks downtown. It was another mindless task that made for hot work being out on the black asphalt street. We had to be mindful of traffic because just one distracted driver could injure or even kill the two of us. As we busied ourselves near the bank, I looked up and saw a red Camero convertible waiting at the traffic light and upon closer look it turned out to be Beth, the woman that I had had the sexual encounter with the previous week. She saw me, too, and when she was right next to where we were working, slowed and I managed to get a look at her in a yellow tube top and little white shorts. Knowing first hand the nice little body that she had, my manhood took a jump.

“You boys look awful hot and sweaty,” she said. “Why don’t the two of you stop by after work for a beer and a swim. You’re working really hard and earned it. Come on by at 5:30, OK?”

“Sure. That sounds good to me.”

Kenny looked at me and said, “Who was that?”

“Oh, just a woman I met last week when I was reading meters,” I replied.

“A beer and a dip in a pool sounds so great right now.”

“I know. I could use a dip right about now, too,” but my meaning of dip was not exactly what Kenny had meant. Still I let it drop.

When Kenny and I finished with the crosswalks we loaded the equipment into the truck and headed back to the town garage where we changed out of our uniforms and showered. We stopped by our houses to pickup swimsuits and then headed to Beth’s house. Kenny had no idea where we were going but when we approached the more affluent end of town his eyes went wide. I found Beth’s house and pulled into the driveway and Kenny’s mouth dropped. There was a car parked there, but it wasn’t a red Camaro convertible.

“This is impressive! I wonder what the pool looks like?”

“No idea. Remember I’ve only been here to read the water meter.” We got out of the car and made our way to the front door. Just as I was about to ring the bell, the door opened and there stood Beth and another woman, who I would guess was a few years older than us, but not by that much. Beth introduced the other woman as Amy and one quick look suggested that she also had a nicely put together body. Petite, slim hips, auburn hair, and a to-die-for smile. Beth was wearing a tennis skirt and a tank top while Amy was wearing white short shorts and a tee. At this point all I could think about was the last time I saw Beth and she was completely naked.

“Well, don’t just stand there. Come on in and we’ll head back to the pool.” Kenny and I looked at one another and both shared the same thought: “What’s going on here?”

“Why don’t you guys make yourselves comfortable while we find some nice cold beers,” suggested Beth who left with Amy in tow. Kenny and I sat down in some comfortable plush lounge chairs. Moments later the girls returned with some frosty cold Heinekens. We wasted no time popping the tops and taking long pulls to quench the thirst that had been building all day. As we sat there getting acquainted several of our burning questions got answered. For one, Beth was single and was living in her mom and dad’s house. He was a tennis pro and they traveled around the world going to tournaments. She had graduated from college canlı bahis with a communications degree but decided that being a tennis coach was far more interesting.

As for Amy, she had just finished college with a degree in chemistry and had just been admitted to nursing school. Beth was her tennis instructor. While Kenny saw that I knew Beth he had no idea of how, but one look at her and he had already become envious of me. When I starting thinking about Amy it just didn’t seem to fit that she and Beth had been playing tennis and Beth says, “Come on over after tennis because I have a couple of hot guys who will be dropping by for a beer and a dip in the pool.” Instead she might have intimated to Amy that there is this guy, Wes, who in her humble albeit correct opinion has a tongue that needs to be bronzed.

Anyway, we all finished our beer and decided that it was time to get in the pool. Beth directed us toward the cabana while she headed for her bedroom. Kenny and I went to change first and while the cabana room was small it had everything that anyone might want including a small bathroom complete with shower. After changing I went in to relieve myself of that bottle beer and snooped a little in the cabinet above the toilet only to find a half used box of rubbers and a brand new box of Tampax supers. The tampons I could understand, but my guess was that Beth was an oversexed well-to-do woman who had been shagged by more than just a few guys poolside.

I was the first to return to poolside and shortly thereafter Beth re-emerged from the house wearing a stunning black one piece with a bra that was likely one size too small because her ample boobs that were straining to be liberated from their restraint. Kenny wore a rather boring pair of swim trunks and I had a speedo that didn’t hide much and that being the case was expecting to be the focus of some attention. The last to emerge was Amy who had to have had the perfect bikini figure—modest boobs, no hips to speak of, and a bikini bottom the displayed the cutest camel toe.

“Enough of this talk. It’s such a hot day so the last one in the pool is a rotten egg,” said Beth taking a dive from the edge. I was next followed by Kenny with Amy last because she walked in from the shallow end of the pool.

“Oh, Oh, look who was last,” noted Kenny.

“Sorry, but I was worried that my bottoms would come off if I dove right in,” she offered as an excuse.

“Excuses, excuses,” I teased all the while thinking that that would have been a very pleasant sight indeed.

Beth then piled on, “Well Amy since you were afraid that the bottoms would come off, the simple solution is that you could just go ahead and peel them off now.”

Amy was a little embarrassed but was not about to be intimidated. She put her thumbs into the waistband of her bikini bottoms and in one continuous motion slid them down and off revealing the cutest smooth shaved pussy. “There, what do you think?” she asked as she flung them up on the patio.

“Sweet!” said Kenny as he dove under the water to check things out more closely.

Beth who had been watching the whole escapade decided that Amy shouldn’t be the only one revealing her feminine parts, so she slipped the straps off of her swimsuit and then worked the one piece totally off. She boosted herself up onto a corner of the pool, the rivulets running off but her wet body glistening in the early evening light. “Wes and Kenny, it looks like Amy and I are showing you what we have so it’s your turn now. Who’s going to go first?”

Without any hesitation I quickly pulled off my speedo and boosted myself up so I could sit on the edge of the pool across from Beth.

“I bet that’s a lot more comfortable,” noted Amy reaching around and unfastening the bra to her swimsuit. She took it off her shoulders and it was the first that I saw her perky bahis siteleri little tits their dark pink nipples standing erect. She didn’t have much cleavage, certainly not when compared to Beth, but her tits were inviting just the same. I couldn’t help but noticing Amy checking out my man-package and while our eyes didn’t meet it was evident that she was enthralled with what she saw.

Kenny realizing that he was the odd man out wasted no time taking off his swim trunks. I guess because Beth had not only already seen my manhood but enjoyed it as well, she devoted her attention to Kenny. Soon he had swam over to her and remaining in the pool had his face at perfect pussy height. I couldn’t hear the conversation because it was muffled but judging from Beth’s smiles things were going well. She parted her legs slightly, which afforded Kenny a better view.

In the meantime Amy had gotten up and walked over to me. She sat down on the edge of the pool and we made some small talk which clearly was a bit of a diverting tactic because if you followed our eyes we were each surveying each other with more than a modicum of attention.

“I think I want to dry off,” I said, “Do you know where the towels are?

“They’re in the cabana. I know where they are. Come on and I’ll show you,” she replied getting up. I did likewise and followed her into the cabana. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Beth and Kenny were equally absorbed with one another and did not appear to notice that Amy and I were no longer poolside.

Inside, Amy said, “The towels are in that cupboard over there. Right now I have to go pee.” At that she disappeared into the bathroom as I proceeded to get out two towels. As I was using one to dry myself off, Amy emerged from the bathroom. I handed her one, she took it and then cast me a sexy smile and said, “Thanks, although I was hoping that things could stay a little wet.”

When I replied, “Me, too,” she grasped my manhood with both hands.

“Beth said that you were impressive and she was right,” said Amy as he dropped to her knees without losing her grasp. Needless to say, she had my undivided attention and I was as erect as I had ever been. She held me firmly and kissed the tip of my penis running her warm, moist tongue across it.

Just as I uttered “Oh, Amy,” she placed her lips around it and sucked it into her mouth at least three inches. The sucking continued as she moved her lips allowing for an in and out motion. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I had heard guys talk about getting blowjob but had no idea that this was in the offing this afternoon. Amy had great technique. This girl was driving me crazy and it wasn’t all that long that I could feel an ejaculation building.

“Amy, I love what you’re doing, but I should warn you that I’m absolutely going to have to cum soon.”

Amy took my organ out of her mouth long enough to say “That’s fine. Don’t worry because I like to swallow.” At that she put her lips once more around my organ and the sucking continued even more aggressively.

“Liked to swallow? Really?” I asked myself. Moments later I shot an amazing amount of cum into her mouth. She swallowed some of it, but there was so much that I had caught the poor girl by surprise and she had to gag. She looked up at me with her sexy blue eyes as a dribble of cum dripped from her lips.

“You are amazing. That was wonderful and I just love the taste,” she said taking her towel and wiping her face.

“I didn’t do anything. You worked your magic and look what I produced.”

“Yes, you did, but now that you have demonstrated to me what you can produce, you’re going to have to do it again. Here, put this on,” she said handing me a rubber that she had brought from the bathroom. Despite having just gotten a blowjob, the prospect of fucking this girl had my organ once again bahis şirketleri standing at attention. I so much wanted to give her a really memorable fucking so I wasted no time in tearing open the package and then took out the rubber and rolled it down over my shaft.

“The challenge will be whether I can fill this and satisfy you.”

“Oh, you will. I am really confident that you will,” she said as she spread one of the towels on the floor and then assumed the missionary position with her legs spread wide. The lips of her pussy glistened from the natural juices that her body was producing.

Before putting my organ inside I fondled her titties and then leaned over to kiss her. “Ever wonder what your cum tastes like?” she asked kissing me and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. Bet you never did that before! Do you like it?”

“I do when you do that,” I said placing my organ at the entrance to her vagina and giving a gentle push. She might not have been a virgin, but that little pussy of hers sure was enjoyably tight.

“Hmm. That feels great. Beth said that you were well hung and she wasn’t kidding. Now let me have all of it.”

At that I thrust myself all the way into Amy and admittedly was a bit worried that I might be too much for her. She, however, proved that notion wrong and wrapped her legs around me, her warm moist pussy feeling great as it surrounded my penis. Amy started gyrating her hips and that combined with an in and out motion made me ready to cum once more. Once the spasms started Amy seemed to relish each one more than the previous. It was like she could not get enough. While the rubber had been one of the lubricated ones with a reservoir tip, it was plain to see that she probably needed the extra lubricant. It felt like it was a copious cumming and I more than filled the tip. After withdrawing from her pussy I peeled it off, knotted the end and held it up for to both of us to admire.

She marveled at how much my body could really produce. “Impressive! Thank heavens for rubbers!”

“I’ll drink to that.”

“Come to think of it, all this sex has made me thirsty. There are more beers by the pool,” Amy explained. We exited the cabana, still naked I might add because we had left our swimsuits poolside when we went inside. Looking around both Kenny and Beth were nowhere to be seen and it did not take a genius to figure out that they were likely intimately occupied in the house, most likely Beth’s bedroom.

I took two more Heinekens, opened them and handed one to Amy. “To late afternoon dips,” I offered as a toast and then took a swig.

“I’d be happy if you would take a dip with me anytime you want,” Amy replied. “I really enjoyed you being in the deep end and not worrying about getting wet.” I knew that she did not mean the deep end of the pool either and while I didn’t say so I thought “and the pleasure was all mine, too.”

“Getting wet is never a problem. Besides I was always told to wear my rubbers,” I said which elicited a little giggle from Amy.

Eventually we realized that we should probably put our swimsuits back on and had no sooner done so when Beth and Kenny emerged from the house. Both had apparently retrieved their swimsuits before disappearing to wherever they had gone inside. Whatever or wherever that was apparently was enjoyable, at least as far as the expression on both of their faces was concerned.

Amy looked at her watch and proclaimed, “Oh my gosh, it’s nearly 7 o’clock. I’ve got to get going,” and retreated to the cabana to change. As soon as she came out, Kenny and I went in and changed. We bid our farewells and expressed our thanks for a pleasant late afternoon beer and a dip.

Amy departed first and then Kenny and I went out to the car. We weren’t even halfway down the street when Kenny looked at me and said, “This was a great afternoon. By the way, did you know that Beth likes the flavor of raspberries?”

I nearly ran off the road laughing. Kenny hardly knew why and gave me a quizzical look. Being a gentleman, I don’t think I should ever explain that either.

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