Welcome Home, Baby

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Alice had spent the Saturday cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. Despite the chilly winter weather, Alice had on only a flimsy tank top with her breast falling out of the sides and a particularly tight pair of yoga pants showing off her round ass. He boyfriend Sam was preparing for a big presentation on Monday so he was working late. So she spent the day getting chores done around the house.

When she was finally satisfied with the cleanliness of the apartment she ordered some take out. She ordered from her favorite restaurant and since it was a Saturday night she knew they would send, Brad a recent college graduate as the delivery man. A few months ago Alice had mistimed her shower and had to receive the food wearing only a small towel. Sam came through the back door just in time to see Brad checking Alice out. Sam was surprised by how turned on this made him and as soon as the door shut, he and Alice fucked like they never had before. Since then, whenever Brad delivered their food, Alice liked to tease him by exposing different parts of herself to him but making it seem like an accident.

Even though Sam was at work she wasn’t going to let it stop her from playing her little game. She loved knowing that Brad found her attractive and wanted to scope out her body. When the Brad arrived she opened the door and was greeted by a blast of cold air. Her nipples reacted instantly and could clearly be seen through her tank along with a good amount of the rest of her breasts.

Feeling a little bold, she chose not to adjust her shirt at all or try to hide herself. She proudly held her chest so Brad could see her breasts. As he reached the door, his eyes went straight to her chest and he didn’t try to hide it. He continued to stare as Alice reached for the food. He hesitated for a moment until he snapped out of his trance. He handed over the food and the receipt for Alice to sign along with a pen. Alice intentionally dropped the pen and bent over as slowly as possible allowing her baggy tank to make both breasts entirely visible through the neck of the shirt. Before standing back up she locked eyes with the delivery man and winked. She finally stood up and returned the receipt and the pen. Before turning to leave Brad said, ‘One of these nights, you and Sam are going to invite me in and I’m going to blow both of your minds.’

‘Only if you’re still standing after I’m done with you.’ Alice said as she went inside shutting the door behind her. She and Sam had never discussed having a threesome but Brad’s comment had her considering it. It also had her feeling quite turned on. Alice thought about reaching down to play with herself but was hungry so she pushed the thought aside for the time being.

Alice ate a quick and quiet dinner and then got settled into the couch to watch a movie. After spending ten or so minutes browsing she settled on a steamy drama. She was still a little turned on from her interaction with Brad and wanted something to fuel the fire.

The movie began with a passionate love scene and Alice began to feel her nipples harden again, for a different reason this time. At the same time, she felt the space between her legs start to tingle. She subtly began to rotate her hips to help relieve the aching. Unable to reach ecstasy by herself, she wished to herself that her boyfriend Sam were here to take care of her. She eventually grew canlı bahis frustrated and gave up and decided to finish watching the movie. She only lasted about 30 more minutes until she drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

Sam had come home to a sultry love scene on the screen of the TV and both of Alice’s breast falling out of her tank. She must have fallen asleep while watching the movie. After he put his things down, he thought of scooping her up and carrying her to bed but thought better of it and decided to give Alice a pleasant awakening.

He knew from past experience that Alice loved being awoken by foreplay. He began by tracing her nipples with his thumbs. Her breasts were a sight to behold, natural and full with the most beautiful brown nipples he had ever seen. They were the perfect size to fit in his hands. They were not too big and not too small. He began to cup and gently massage them, careful to not yet rouse Alice.

His left hand continued to play with her left breast while his right hand wandered down Alice’s stomach towards her pussy. Sam lightly began to rub Alice’s lips, carefully monitoring her face to see when she would wake up. Realizing it would take more Sam mischievously began tweaked Alice’s nipples. She stirred by still didn’t wake up.

Curious to see if Alice was responding to his teasing he smoothly moved his right hand under the waistband of her yoga pants and under her black lace panties. Just as he expected, he found her lips moist already.

He began to play with her pussy lips with a little more pressure than before. It was then that she began to stir. Sam pulled back and took out his dick while Alice took a second to orient herself to what was happening. She quickly realized that her shirt was completely exposing he full tits including her incredibly hardened nipples. She immediately noticed that the tingle and the aching from earlier were back and much stronger.

She heard a zipper open behind her so she leaned back over the arm of the couch. They lock eyes and Sam gave thanks for Alice’s insatiable appetite for his long thick cock. They didn’t break eye contact as Sam slipped off his jeans, boxers, and socks and walked over to the arm of the couch. Still leaning back arching her back, Alice’s eyes and more importantly her mouth were at the same level as Sam’s beautiful cock. She smiled to herself as Sam hit her lightly hit her face with just the tip of his cock. ‘Hello there sleeping beauty. It looks like you’re ready for this cock.’ Sam said with a tantalizing tone.

Not missing a beat Alice replied with, ‘I’m always ready for your cock.’ She then stuck her tongue out and started flicking the tip of his cock. He quickly inhaled as he started to harden. Feeling emboldened by the early reaction of his cock, Alice continued to lick down the length of his cock stopping occasionally to kiss and suck until she reached his balls.

In a swift motion she reached back to cup his ball sack which made him exclaim ‘Shit, baby. I love how you know just what to do with me.’ She smiled and gave him a mischievous look before taking him into her mouth. Just the first couple inches at first. She used her tongue and made a bobbing motion with her head as Sam began to moan. He was losing control and couldn’t resist the urge to take control.

He stilled Alice’s movements and sternly said, ‘You’re doing a great job but bahis siteleri I’m in charge. I’m going to fuck your mouth and then any other part of your body that I choose.’ He followed through on this edict as he started to slowly thrust into her mouth. She struggled to accommodate both his girth and his length but it helped that Sam knew to go slowly at first. As he observed her getting more comfortable he quickened his tempo and thrust deeper each time until Alice was taking his entire length. Sam was so aroused he couldn’t help but roughly grab Alice’s breasts while quickly thrusting.

Alice moaned and reached back and began to massage his balls again. Still upside down, the blood was rushing to her head. She signaled that she needed a break and Sam reluctantly let her get up. Her tits bounced as she turned around on the couch to sit on her knees and face him. The sight of her breasts still exposed and freely bouncing triggered a primitive response and he could no longer hold back.

He growled as he pounced, ripping her shirt off of her and quickly freeing her of her yoga pants and panties. She squealed and said ‘That’s it, baby. Take what’s yours.’

He made quick work of removing his own shirt. Sam’s eyes flashed with passion as he positioned Alice so she was sitting normally on the couch. He then spread her legs wide open exposing her perfect pussy freshly shaven and slightly glistening. He admired it as he said, ‘I see giving me that blowjob turns you on. That’s a good girl.’

She beamed with pride as she bit her lip and began to rotate her hips trying to entice him. It didn’t take much as Sam was dying to taste her. He dove between her legs and began by licking her lips from top to bottom even lightly flicking her asshole. She moaned and threaded her fingers through his hair. Sam pulled back just enough to get two fingers inside her warm pussy. She groaned as his fingers explored her insides while his tongue continued to assault her clit. A warm tingling feeling began in her toes and began to travel up her body. Sam could feel her pleasure building as he smiled and said, ‘You’ve been wanting this, haven’t you? You’re already almost ready to come.’

He continued to tease her verbally, ‘That’s right, I want you to come on my fingers, babe. God, you’re so sexy. Can you come for me? That’s it, baby, I can feel how close you are. Come for me.’

He lowered back down to her pussy and circled her clit with his tongue with more pressure this time and quickening the pace of his fingers going in and out of her pussy. Alice suddenly cried out, ‘Fuck, Sam. That feels amazing!’ Her hips involuntarily began to grind against his face. Seconds later she came on his face as her body convulsed.

Sam loved nothing more than seeing Alice orgasm. He felt his own cock stir and he waited for her to come down. A moment later she bent over the back of the couch and wiggled her ass invitingly. She turned around and looked him in the eyes as she innocently said, ‘Are you going to fuck my pussy now, baby?’

Same turned her around just enough to be able to reach her lips with his. They connected for a rough kiss, their tounges rapidly playing.

Once they parted, Sam didn’t hesitate as he once again pounced pushing her head down low and trying to position her ass higher. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, ‘I don’t think you understand how turned bahis şirketleri on I get when you tell me that you’re mine.’ He dipped fingers into her pussy again although this time only long enough to scoop up a little of her wetness to lube up his cock. He stroked his cock a few times and then forcefully pushed his entire length into Alice in one movement. She gasped as Sam said, ‘Sorry babe, I couldn’t resist, I needed to feel your warm pussy surrounding my cock.’ He began to thrust slowly at first to help Alice adjust to his huge cock. She moaned with each stroke and loved how full she felt with cock stretching her pussy.

Sam’s pace quickened and as it did, Alice was brought close to another orgasm. Sam realized this and reached around to play with clit, ‘You are so sexy babe. I love when you cum. Can you do it again for me?’

Between Sam’s playful torture and his dirty words, Sam was on the brink. Sam pounded into her from behind and continued to verbally tease her, ‘That’s right be a good girl and cum for me. You can do it. Show me how good my cock feels in your pussy. Make your pussy come on this cock.’ Alice began to grind as Sam pounded her pussy.

All she could manage to say was his name as she came for the second time. This time, Sam didn’t let her recover. He wasted no time in laying down and lowering Alice’s beautiful pussy onto his cock. She trembled and moaned but she began to slowly rotate her hips and her hands found her nipples and began to play with her breasts. Alice’s ability to keep coming was such a turn on to Sam.

Sam put his hands on her hips and guided them so he could make sure to hit her g-spot. Sam was fighting to keep this going for as long as possible but he was losing control and was going to cum soon. Alice noticed this too and began to give it her all. She wanted to feel his cum shoot into her and than drip out of her pussy for the rest of her night. She began to bounce on his cock and he groaned with pleasure.

Alice lowered her face down to his and kissed him passionately while still bouncing on his cock. She then leaned over and whispered into his ear, ‘I want your cum baby. Can you fill me? Please baby?’

As soon as that last sentence came out of her mouth, she began to ride Sam’s cock with a passion he had never seen before, grinding and sliding and bouncing. She even twerked for a little bit and Sam thought to himself that he had never seen a more beautiful sight. Alice could feel Sam about to unleash so she continued the movements of her body and reached behind her to play with his balls.

Sam cursed, ‘Fuck, babe. Don’t stop!’ His moaning loudened until he finally grabbed her to keep her from moving. She could feel his cock twitch as it unloaded a full load of cum into her pussy. She reached between them and played with her clit and it took less than a minute until she quietly came a third time. This orgasm was much smaller than the other times but enjoyable all the same. Sam felt himself softening inside of her but made no motion to move and neither did Alice. They loved holding each other after fucking.

Finally Alice rose to go clean herself up so she wouldn’t mess up the couch. She quickly returned and snuggled up to Sam on the couch, grateful for his warmth. She felt content and safe as she purred, ‘Baby we need to talk. I think we should think about having a threesome.’

Sam didn’t hesitate before saying, ‘I love how much you love sex, baby. We can look into whatever turns you on.’

He leaned down and passionately kissed Alice for a few minutes before she pulled back to purr, ‘Welcome home, baby.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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