Weight Loss Goals Pt. 01

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Let me start with a little background information before I get into the first part of this series. My wife and I had recently had our second child and put on some weight during and after the pregnancy. With the new addition to the family we found it a lot harder to find time to hit the gym and to stay motivated on any diets. I was especially having a hard time, I’m not a fan of the gym and just couldn’t get myself back into the swing of things. My wife would start and stop and we both knew that we only have success with diets and losing weight when we are both on board and push each other. It’s just way too hard to eat right when your significant other is eating a bowl of ice cream every night.

My wife knows that there is always one thing she can count on to motivate me. You guessed it, sex. She sent me an email one day while I was at work that expressed her desire to lose weight and the frustrations of dieting and working out without me. She offered up an idea. She said I should come up with a sexual themed weight loss goal list. Every time we would hit a certain amount of pounds lost there would be some sort of sexual reward to go along with it. I was very intrigued and thought it sounded like a fantastic idea. So, I went to work preparing a list of sexual rewards for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 pounds and sent it back to her for her feedback. I also instructed her to come up with her own list of rewards.

We both exchanged our lists and agreed on the request/rewards and made a few adjustments. So, we started our diet like every other one we start, a trip on Sunday night to the store for one last night of our favorite candy, etc. Monday morning, I surprised the wife with a nice healthy breakfast for us and the kids before starting with our days. Throughout the week we stayed on track, hit the gym a few days during the week and kept an eye on our calories. We pushed through the first weekend, which is usually the hardest for us. Family is always wanting to go out to dinner and usually kills the diet before it ever gets started.

Weigh in day. Sunday night we put the kids to bed and decided to hit the dreaded scale. My wife went first and she had lost 3 pounds. I congratulated her on her success and jumped on myself to see I had lost 5 pounds. Not a big surprise, as most of us have experienced for some reason güvenilir bahis guys seem to lose the weight a little faster. My wife punched me in the arm and gave me that, you’re a jerk, look. She had worked her butt off at the gym more than I had that week. I always feel bad for her because it does come so much easier to me. Unluckily for me part of the agreement was no sexual reward until both parties hit the milestone.

Throughout the next week we were both starting to really get into a good routine of going to the gym, spending more time away from the TV and eating really well. I was really looking forward to weigh in day and I think she was as well. We really hadn’t had a lot of sex during the first two weeks because we were sore and tired from starting up the workouts after such a long time off. This time I got on first and lost 2 more pounds. My wife jumped on and she lost 4 pounds, needless to say she was very excited. Not only had she lost 7 pounds in two weeks, but she had beat me this week. I didn’t mind, since the best part was we would both really enjoy our 1st reward since we had quite a bit of built up sexual tension.

The kids were in bed and we both ventured upstairs early. We decided to jump in the shower together. It felt so good to wash the day off of us and relax knowing we were about to have some fun. I couldn’t help but stare at my wife’s beautiful body as she washed her hair and body. I was getting pretty aroused and my wife noticed as she looked down and saw that I was starting to grow. We kissed a little and then decided to go to the bed. She went into the bathroom and put on some lingerie and told me that she wanted to give me my reward first.

My request was for her to dress in some sexy lingerie and provide me with a nice blowjob with me finishing all over your beautiful breasts. This is not something we usually do, we do enjoy oral, but when she is pleasuring me we usually stop short of an orgasm and move on to the main event. I also instructed that I wanted some lighting on in the room so I could enjoy the view.

She walked over to me and told me that she was extremely horny and could not wait to get me in her mouth. She pushed me up against our bedroom wall and we started making out like two teenagers. We were getting pretty hot and heavy and she started to make her türkçe bahis way down my neck and chest. She stopped for a moment to tease each of my nipples and then worked her way down to her knees.

I looked down to see her looking me right in the eyes as she slowly took the head of my cock in her mouth. The way she uses her full lips on my dick drives me absolutely crazy. She knows this and is working just the tip of me and getting me very excited. She pulls away suddenly and undoes the top her lingerie so her beautiful breasts are out and ready for me. She resumes her assault on me and is licking me from my balls to the tip in an ever so slow motion that feels amazing. Now she is playing with her breasts and nipple with one hand while taking me deep into her throat.

She knows how much I love when she deep throats me. She takes me almost all the way in and holds it in while looking at me and it almost make me lose it right then. She pulls me out and tells me that she loves my hard cock and loves sucking it. She tells me to shoot my cum all over her tits and nipples. At that request I start to stroke myself, she is now on her knees talking dirty to me, telling me how bad she wants to feel my hot, thick cum land on her tits. As I let out a loud moan, I give it one last stroke and I shoot stream after stream of my cum all over her tits. I aim at the right one first and then move to the left. She is moaning through all of it and looks down at her tits covered in my white cum and starts to slowly rub it all over her tits.

She tells me she wants her reward while my cum is still on her. Who am I to argue? Her request was for me to go down on her and tease her over and over again until she is screaming for me to make her cum. She loves when I tease her as part of our foreplay. I bring her to the edge and then back off and do this over and over again until she is begging me to make her cum. Usually she is laying on the bed while I go down on her, but I wanted to give her a little different experience where she could see what I was doing. I sat her down in the oversized chair we have in our bedroom. Which turned out to be a perfect spot. She slouched down in the chair it allowed her pussy and beautiful round ass (my favorite feature on her) to hang just at the edge of the chair so I would have full access to her.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri started off slowly and very lightly tracing my fingertips on her thighs and all around her lips, being very careful to get close but not to touch her pussy. She started moaning immediately and was asking me to lick her already. The idea of her going first had her at a very high erotic state. I ignore her requests and continue to tease her with my fingertips, stopping every once in a while to place a light kiss and lick on her inner thigh. Now she’s gyrating her hips trying to get my finger to touch her clit, but I am careful to not let her. I start to move a little closer to her pussy with my fingers and mouth. I’m now letting my fingers touch her lips as I circle ever so close to her clit. She is dripping wet and moaning for me to eat her. I trace a line with my finger from under her pussy over one side and am headed for her clit, at the last second I pull my finger up and don’t touch it. She moans out, “Please baby, I need you so bad, fuck me!”

With that last command I do the same move and circle all around her pussy and inner thighs with my finger tips and finally allow a slight graze over her clit, she bucks and moans and almost cums immediately. I then start to slide two fingers inside of her pussy, going ever so slowly. Her pussy is dripping wet and spread wide open in front of me and I lean in and take one long slow lick with my tongue from below my fingers up to her clit. She is at the edge and starts to shake and is loving every minute and begging for me to keep going. I stop and use my fingers some more, rubbing the top wall of her pussy, which drives her crazy.

She is begging me over and over again to make her cum. I decide I have kept her on the edge long enough and I start my assault on her ultra-sensitive clit. She is bucking and moaning, and I know she is a second or two away from cuming. I keep rubbing the inside of her pussy with one hand and I reach down and find her tight backdoor and slide my finger in her ass. As soon as my first digit enters her she screams and clenches my head between her thighs and has one of the most explosive and longest orgasm’s she has ever had. It seems to go on for minutes, wave after wave hits her.

She finally comes down and releases my head. I come up and kiss her lightly on her lips, not wanting to disturb her after orgasm glow. We both clean up and climb into bed and have some of the best sleep we have had in a long time.

I can’t wait to hit our next milestone, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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