We Meet at Last

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I welcome any honest feedback. I’m still new at all of this.


Kim and I have been chatting with each other online for a few months now. I have recently broken up with my girlfriend, and she was there to help me through it all. Through this process, we grew to know each other pretty well. We have now decided it was time to actually meet each other face to face. St. Louis was our destination.

We had done some flirting in our chats, but we were meeting just as friends. I arrived in St. Louis before she did, and checked into the hotel room. We are planning on spending two days and nights together here, and I booked a room with two queen size beds. I didn’t want there to be any worries that I may be expecting anything from her in this meeting.

As I am unpacking my things, I get a phone call from her telling me that she is 5 minutes away from the hotel. I tell her that I will meet her down in the hotel lobby. I spruce myself up a little and head down to the lobby. When she walks in, I instantly recognize her, as she does me, and she give me a smile. All, I can think to myself is WOW, this woman is beautiful. She is wearing a simple summer shirt and jeans, but she looks wonderful. I walk over to her to finally say hi in person, and she gives me a big hug. I grab her bag from her and we walk together up to the room, chatting about our drive to St. Louis.

When we get to the room, she notices the two beds, but doesn’t say anything about it. She asks what I had in mind for tonight, and I told her I had already made reservations at a restaurant nearby, and we can decide what to do from there. She excuses herself to freshen up for dinner and I grab a seat on the bed waiting for her.

When she illegal bahis comes out of the bathroom, my jaw nearly drops. She is wearing a simple black dinner dress with a low neckline which shows off her beautiful assets. She see’s me staring and asks if I like what I see. As she says this, she slowly turns around so I can see all of her. I am still speechless and she giggles at me. She extends her hand towards me and says “Come on handsome, take me to dinner.”

The restaurant is only about a mile from the hotel, and as it’s a beautiful August evening, so we decide to just walk. As we walk side by side, I can’t help but notice the sway of her ass in that dress. I can feel myself start to get excited so I quickly avert my gaze and try to focus in on our conversation. If she caught my gaze, she doesn’t lead on to it.

We arrive at the restaurant and she is surprised to see that I have three roses waiting at the table for her. She smiles, picks them up and smells them, telling me thanking me. I scoot her into her seat and I take a seat across the table from her. With dinner, I order myself an old fashioned, and she orders a glass of sweet red wine. Conversations starts pretty light, but we are soon talking like long time friends. I can tell we are becoming more comfortable around each other as we start to laugh more and we feel we can talk about anything. Dinner was very nice and as it’s still early so we decide to try a local bar we saw on our walk.

I open the door for her and we walk up to the bar and order a round of drinks. It seems that we have come on a night they are doing karaoke. I try to encourage her to sing a song for me, but she down right refuses. I’m not going to let the opportunity pass, so illegal bahis siteleri I sign up to sing a song. We are really enjoying our conversation when the KJ calls me up to sing. She has no idea what I’m about to sing, and I think I surprise her by singing “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes. As I’m singing the song, she is watching me very closely. I can really see her paying attention to the words, and I notice a change in how she is looking at me.

When I finish, I walk back over to the table and she tells me she had no idea I could sing so well. I smile and kind of blush a little. She can see the attraction between us but also realizes I might still be too shy to make a move. When I sit down next to her, she turns her stool to face me, looks me in the eyes with a desire I have not seen in a long time, and she leans in to kiss me. The kiss is soft at first, but electric. It soon heats up a bit more then she stops. She stands up, grabs my hand and says it’s time to head back to our room.

We are holding hands and walking very close to each other as head back to the hotel. As soon as our door is closed she starts to kiss me again. She’s unbuttoning my shirt as I move to cradle her face in my hands. As soon as she has my shirt off, she grabs my belt and pulls me back towards the bed. She has my pants undone and off before we get to the bed, leaving me standing there in my boxers. As she makes a move to pull them down as well, I grab her hands and tell her it’s my turn. I grab the hem of her dress and start to slowly lift it up and over her arms. As I reveal more and more of her body, I can see the black lace thong and bra set she is wearing. Right now, I can think of nothing else but how I want to please this canlı bahis siteleri woman.

I lean her back on the bed and we start kissing again. She reaches down my body searching for my hard cock. She gasps as she feels the size of it through my boxers. Her hands quickly work to slide my boxers off and I take this opportunity to remove her bra. Her nipples are standing at attention and I can’t help but take one, then the other into my mouth. At this point, she is so turned on, she shakes her panties off and tells me she wants me more than anything right now. I start to kiss her again as I position myself between her legs. She starts to moan when she feels the tip of my cock enter her very wet pussy. I keep sliding myself into her until I am all the way in. Her head is thrown back with pleasure as she feels as full as she’s ever been. I slowly ease myself out of her until just the tip remains inside. I then start to slowly side only an inch or two in and out. I love teasing a woman but I can tell she’s in no mood to be teased right now when she says “give it to me hard!” And I do. We start getting into a frenzied rhythm together and she is thrashing around on the bed. Her moans are becoming more frequent now and louder. I can feel her pussy start to tighten around my cock, and I know she’s close. I’m glad she’s close because I’m about ready to finish myself. She starts to scream out and her pussy clamps down on my cock. This is more than I can handle and I shot five or six jets of cum deep inside of her. When I am finished, I just stay inside of her while we both catch our breath. I slowly slide out of her and roll over along side of her. I look at her and see the satisfaction in her eyes. She leans over and kisses me again. As she does this, she starts to softly stroke my now soft cock, which surprisingly starts to rise already. The look in her eyes change and a smile forms on her face. “Are you ready to really have some fun now?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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