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Madeline entered her flat, dropped her bags, set down her coffee, then rushed across her living room, intent on reaching her phone before the answering machine picked up. But she was too late. As she waited panting, she heard her own greeting followed by the ubiquitous beep.

“Hey, Baby,” said a voice as the device began recording. “Are you there and just ignoring me or what? Call me.”

Madeline recognized Daryl at once and was relieved she hadn’t reached the phone in time. He only called her lately when he wanted something, and that something was usually sex. Madeline figured she’d get a new boyfriend when she had the time. Until then, well, Daryl wasn’t that bad in bed; but she’d do the calling.

With a sigh, Madeline pressed the NEW button and the machine began to speak.

“Message 1. Tuesday. 10:12 A.M. ‘Hello? Is anyone there? I’m trying to reach Madeline Atkins. Hello?…’ “

Stupid telemarketer, thought Madeline, hitting the NEXT button.

“Message 2. Tuesday. 5:12 P.M. ‘Hey baby. It’s me. Call me.’ “

Madeline shook her head as she pressed the NEXT button again.

“Message 3. Tuesday. 7:46 P.M. ‘Hi, Maddy. This is Bryan. I found a website I think you should see. Give me a ring when you get a chance. Seven-two-eight, eighteen eighty-two. Bye.’ “

What website could that little twerp have found that would interest me? she wondered, and pressed NEXT again

“Message 4. Tuesday. 8:03 P.M. ‘Hey baby, where ya been? Did you get my first…’ “

Madeline rolled her eyes as she hit the NEXT button.

“Message 5. Tuesday. 8:57 P.M. ‘Hey, Baby. Are you there and just ignoring me or what? Call me.’ “

There was a brief pause before the mechanical voice announced, “End of Messages.”

Madeline picked up the phone and tried to recall Bryan’s number. With some hesitation, she pressed the buttons then held the receiver to her ear and waited.

Several rings later, a low, squeaky voice answered. “Hello?”

“Hey, Bryan. It’s Madeline. You said something about a website?”

“Maddy! Hey, how ya doin’?”

“Fine. The site?”

“Oh; yeah, that. Might be nothing, but I thought you’d want to see it. Just in case, well, you know, it might not be nothing.”

“E-mail it to me.”

“It’s kind of, well, a different kind of site,” stammered Bryan. “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea or anything.”

“Just send it already. I’m kinda busy.”

“Alright,” Bryan agreed. “But call me afterwards. I don’t want you getting the wrong idea or anything.”

“I will,” Madeline said. “Call you, that is.”

“Ok, I’ll send it in a few minutes.”

“Thanks, Bye.”

“I’m just trying to be a good friend,” Bryan insisted. “Don’t go getting the wrong idea.”

“I won’t,” Madeline snapped, not even pretending to disguise her impatience.

“Ok. Bye”


Madeline shook her head. Poor Bryan. Ever since he helped her through freshman biology, he’d tried any excuse to stay in touch, like the pathetic little puppy that keeps bringing a stick back to its master.

Of course, guys had been falling in love with Madeline at first sight as long as she could remember. Her figure was as near that of a Barbie doll as any real woman gets. Her chiseled face was even better. She kept her hair wavy, long, and dark. If she’d been a few inches taller, she might have made an excellent modeling prospect; but, then again, she had her sights a little higher than being just a runway queen or pin-up girl.

That Madeline had taken freshman biology in her fifth year said much for her academic shortcomings. But she had been a drama student, what did she care about fish guts? Now that she had at last landed a leading role, she hoped to never crack a book again. Sure, the part was in a Victorian melodrama at the Atrium, a cultural backwater favored by elderly couples and managed by a conservative group; but it was a lead role, a start. That was all she imagined she needed, the break that would launch her career.

Madeline picked up her latte and made the short trip down the corridor to the spare bedroom and her computer. She opened her e-mail and downloaded the fifteen new messages, the last of which was from Bryan.

Nonchalantly sipping her coffee, Madeline opened the message. The communication contained but a single line, a web address that she double-clicked without even bothering to read it. Her eyes flew wide as her browser displayed the title:Little Girls Sucking Big Cocks.

The cup fell. Coffee splattered all over the keyboard. The light brown fluid continued to drip as Madeline waited with dread for the images to load. There it was on her screen. Or, more precisely, thereshe was on her screen. It was all there too; on her knees licking his balls; a foot-long cock sticking halfway out of her mouth; then her face covered with his frothy load; and a smile too, as if she liked it.

Madeline had done it her sophomore year, when her budget couldn’t quite cover canlı bahis tuition and rent. Beforehand, she had thought of nothing but the money. Afterwards, it had worried her to no end that someone, anyone, she knew might find out. As time passed though, and nothing happened, she had begun to assume it would remain one of those dirty little secrets everyone collects during the course of their life. Now the secret was hers no longer.

Don’t get the wrong idea?Madeline fumed. What other idea was there to get?

She was certain Bryan had wanted her for years. Now the little puppy dog had the stick. And she knew it. How long had the devious little maggot kept his precious bombshell, waiting to drop it at just the right moment? Calling the same week that she had landed her first major role, that couldn’t be a coincidence.

No, everyone read the newspapers, even Bryan. Surely, he’d heard of the Atrium as well. He knew if those stodgy benefactors discovered her indiscretions, they’d dump her like yesterday’s garbage, especially this early in the production.

Madeline looked at the pictures again.One doesn’t find a site like that looking for a chicken soup recipe, she thought. With a sneer of contempt, she pictured Bryan’s face. The nerdy glasses hiding beady little black eyes. The disheveled hair. The spotty complexion. Did he still carry a pencil over his ear? Hadn’t that gone out of style before her parents were born?

Don’t get the wrong idea? Madeline could just scream. She cringed at what the little geek would have her do to buy his silence. But he had her over the proverbial barrel; if she wanted to keep her job that is. With a grim sigh, she went back to the kitchen, picked up the phone, and hit redial.

I suppose if he only wants what’s in those pictures, she began as though to console herself,at least that won’t be too bad. I did a stranger for a grand, surely I can do Bryan a couple of times to keep my job. Right? How hard can that…

Bryan’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “Hello?”

“What do you want?” Madeline snapped.

There was a pause before Bryan replied, “What do you mean?”

“I saw the website. What do you want?”

“Is that you?” Bryan asked.

“Yes.” Madeline wanted the admission back before it had even fully left her mouth. What an idiot I can be sometimes, she lamented as her eyes clamped shut.What a total fucking idiot!

“Did you know that was there?” asked Bryan.

Madeline considered the question for a few seconds, but she soon concluded the proverbial cat was already out of the bag. “Yes. I did it four or five years ago when I needed the money. I guess I always knew it was out there somewhere.”

“Ok,” said Bryan. “I just didn’t want stuff out there like that if you didn’t know about it.”

Madeline waited before prompting, “And?”

“And what?”

“What else did you want?”

“Nothing,” Bryan shrugged, though no one could see him. “That’s it.”

“That’s all?”

“Sure,” replied Bryan. “What else would there be?”

“You,” Madeline began, “aren’t going to tell anyone?”

“Nope,” Bryan replied. “It’s your business. I just wanted to make sure you knew. That’s all.”

Madeline issued an extended sigh. “Thanks.”

“You bet,” said Bryan. “What are friends for?”

“So you really aren’t going to tell anyone?”

“Which of the three words confused you?” Bryan asked.


“It’s your business.”

“Oh,” Madeline said. “None, I guess. I was just, well, thinking and- what are you doing visiting sites like that anyway?”

“I’m twenty years old and I don’t have a girlfriend. Do the math.”

“Never mind. It’s your business.”

“Exactly,” snapped Bryan.

“Ok. Bye.”


* * * * *

Part Two: The Discovery

Several weeks passed and Madeline began to forget her brief foray as an Internet porn star. The twice-daily rehearsals took up almost all of her time. She’d seen Daryl a few times in those weeks, and on each occasion it had been, wham, bam, and not even “thank you, ma’am.”

That arrangement suited Madeline just fine. She’d begun not returning his calls, and he’d at last taken the hint that she’d call him when she had the time.

That all changed when Madeline hit the NEXT button as she arrived home from rehearsal late one evening.

“Message 4. Wednesday. 11:41 A.M. ‘Hey Baby. I stumbled on some pics of you online. Looks like you been holding out on me. You never sucked my dick like that. Not yet anyway.’

Daryl paused to chuckle before continuing, ‘Have you quit your day job yet? Bet you will if your boss sees these pics. Or you could just give me a call and maybe we can work something out. Looking forward to it. Bye.’ “

Madeline collapsed into a chair at her kitchen table.How did Daryl manage to find those? she wondered for the ten seconds it took her to put two and two together. Bryan! Her eyes narrowed.But why? To cause a break up so bahis siteleri maybe he’ll have a shot with me?

Madeline snatched the receiver and pounded the digits of what she thought was Bryan’s number.


“Hey Bryan, remember that website?”

“The porn one?”

“Yeah. My boyfriend found it. Any idea how he might have done that?”

“No,” replied Bryan. “But not like it’s hidden.”

“Seems a coincidence that you and him found it a few weeks apart.”

Bryan issued a subconscious shrug. “Not really. Looks like the site just started using your pics for advertising. That means a lot of people will be seeing them now.”

“A lot?”

“Yeah. A lot. More than ever before. Anyone surfing free porn sites could stumble on them.”

“Really?” asked Madeline. “Anybody?”

“Sure,” said Bryan. “Why? Hope he didn’t get mad at you over it. I mean, that was a long time ago.”

“Yeah, he’s pretty upset,” said Madeline. “I think he’s going to use them to get me fired?”

“Where do you work that would fire you for that?”

“The Atrium,” Madeline replied.

“What’s that?” queried Bryan. “Oh, is that the new building with all the fancy Asian flowers they have down by the zoo?”

“No!” Madeline snorted. “It’s a theater.”

“Plants. Theater. All the same to me. Why would they fire you over this?”

“They’re very conservative.”

“Well,” snorted Bryan. “That sucks.”

“Yeah,” Madeline agreed.

“Let me see if I can figure something out,” offered Bryan. “I’ll call you back in a few hours.”

“What do you mean?”

“You want me to do or tell?”


“Ok,” agreed Bryan. “I’ll call you later.”

“Uh, ok. Thanks”

“You’re welcome. Bye.”

“Yeah. Bye.”

Madeline hung up the phone and just sat for some minutes. With reluctance, she picked up the receiver and dialed Daryl’s number, hoping he wouldn’t answer.


“What do you want?” asked Madeline.

“Hey!” Daryl repeated. “About time you called. For starters; I want some of what that guy got.”

“What’s that?”

“A good blowing,” Daryl declared. “Looks like you can get alot more dick in your mouth than I ever would have thought.”

Madeline sighed. “Let me think about it.”

“Ok. Start thinking.”


“I want you over herenow,” Daryl announced. “You can do the rest of your thinking with your mouth full.”

Madeline sat, considering the ultimatum.Just like before, she realized.Put out or get out. Except this time it’s not just my rent, it’s my career!Her head began to move in a slow pivot. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Maybe I should just…

“It’s up to you,” Daryl continued after the woman failed to respond. “I know we’re done as a couple anyway, so no skin off my ass if you lose your job. Come on over tonight before I fall asleep if you want to make a deal. Otherwise your boss gets an e-mail in the morning.”


Madeline deliberated for an hour before tucking her proverbial tail between her legs and heading for the car.

A quarter hour later Daryl opened his door wearing a broad, self-satisfied grin. “Hey, what kept you? I was starting to think you were making a bad career move.”

“What do you want?” repeated Madeline.

“You know what I want. You. Naked, of course. And on your knees in my living room. Now!”

Madeline closed her eyes.You can do this, she told herself. You did it before, remember? It’s not going to be that bad. You’ll thank yourself for it years from now. You will!

Daryl watched with glee as the woman did his bidding, removing every stitch of clothing and assuming the indicated position. “That’s a good girl,” he crowed as he walked to her and unzipped his fly. He pulled his semi-rigid cock out and held it toward her mouth. “Start sucking.”

With a sigh, Madeline parted her lips and accepted his crown into her mouth. In an instant, her tongue detected an unexpected flavor. Her features twisted, registering her corresponding disgust.

“What’s the matter?” asked Daryl, petting her head like a dog’s. “Don’t like the taste of another woman? Did you think your pussy was the only one in town? You act like it is. Now start sucking for real or get out.”

Trying in vain to disguise her loathing, Madeline did as Daryl ordered. Soon his hips began to rotate. “Oh yeah,” he crowed. “That’s better. I’m gonna love watching your face as I fill your mouth, Baby. Be a good little cum slut and don’t spill any now.”

Daryl continued to gloat as the pace and force of his motion increased. “I hope you like the taste of my dick. And of my new girlfriend. You’ll be tasting both a lot. I checked your play’s schedule. Your theater is closed on Sunday. Go figure. So every Sunday noon, you’re going to be over here on your knees doing exactly whatwe want you to do, understand?”

Daryl’s hand, the one that had been stroking her hair, curled within her locks and gripped them tight, holding bahis şirketleri her head in place. “This Sunday,” he began, “You get to savor the pleasure of my new girlfriend’s pussy firsthand. I can tell from the look on your face that’s going to be fun. Of course while you lick her cunt, that ass you never let me touch will be conveniently available to accept my cock.”

Daryl licked his lips. “Yeah, what more could any guy want than a babe like you to suck his cock and take it up the ass; all on demand. I’ll have to figure out some way to get you over here more than once per week.”

As the man expanded his plan, his cock expanded too. Soon the shaft was leaking a constant stream of pre-cum. Madeline knew the moment she dreaded was near. Like most women, she had experimented with a man ejaculating into her mouth and, like most women, she didn’t care for it. The mere thought of soon having to swallow Daryl’s semen made her stomach wretch. A tear emerged from the corner of one eye and made its way down her cheek.

“What, are you crying?” asked Daryl, “I’ll give you something to cry about.” With that, he increased his grip on her hair and forced his cock as deep into her throat is it would go. As he had expected, her gag reflex tried to expel his member. Her eyes overflowed; tears began streaming down her face.

“Yeah, you like that? Too bad, because I sure do. Oh yeah!” Daryl released her head. “But now I’m ready to fill your mouth. Finish me off like a good little cum-drinking, butt-fucking bitch.”

Cum-drinking, butt-fucking bitch? The words ricocheted within Madeline’s head. A look of grim determination gripped her features.I am not going to be your bitch, she resolved. Even if it means my job! Clenching her jaws, she brought her teeth to bear on the unwelcome invader.

“Yow!” Daryl shrieked as the shock and pain registered simultaneously in his brain. He tried to pull away, but Madeline’s teeth held his member tight. “Let go!” he cried, almost begged. Hands that had moments before pulled her head now tried in desperation to force it the opposite direction. “Get off!”

As much as Madeline wanted to sever his cock, she decided she didn’t care to be the topic of a thousand sleazy morning radio programs. She released his throbbing member, backed away, and stood. “What?” the brunette queried in a tone dripping with both spite and sarcasm. “Did I giveyou something to cry about?”

“You bitch!” screamed Daryl, cradling his wounded cock as he tried to assess the damage. “Say goodbye to your acting career!”

“You had it right the first time,” Madeline retorted. “I was a whore to make those pictures. But I’m never going to be a whore again; that’s the career I’m saying goodbye to.”

Madeline threw on her pants and blouse, barely fastening them before heading for the door. She wept as she drove home, knowing that Daryl was most likely already sending the porn site link to, not only her boss, but also to her family and anyone else he could think of that they both knew.

I wonder where I’ll work now, the young woman mused. Fast food again, maybe? Her face seemed to melt as she considered that possibility.Oh, I hate what that does to my skin, nevermind the hours and the pay! What have I done? Can that possibly have been worth losing my career? The ends of her mouth began to curl upward as she recalled Daryl’s surprised yelp.Yes, she concluded with a nod.Whatever happens, my pride is worth more than my job.

The answering machine was flashing when Madeline arrived at her apartment. With heavy sigh she pressed NEW and got ready to hit ERASE so as not suffer Daryl’s sadistic ranting.

“Message 1. Wednesday. 09:13 P.M. ‘Hi Maddy. It’s Bryan. I think I fixed your problem. Give me a call when you can. Bye.’ “

“Message 2. Wednesday. 09:32 P.M. ‘You bitch! I bet you think that was funny teasing me like that! You already knew the site was gone, didn’t you? I hate your lousy bitch guts, you fucking whore! Bitches like you make me…’ “

Her brows low over a bemused smirk, Madeline left the machine ranting and walked down the corridor to sit at her computer. Opening the e-mail Bryan had sent her a few weeks back, she double-clicked on the site address therein. She awaited the vile portraits of herself and the man whose name she had long forgotten. Instead, a few simple yet divine words filled her screen: 404 ERROR: PAGE NOT FOUND.

Madeline sat back in her chair, mouth gaping. “Bryan,” she whispered. “Did you really do that?” She swallowed once, then raced for the phone, punching in the numbers in a giddy frenzy.


“Did you get rid of the website?” Madeline inquired at once.

“For now,” Bryan replied. “They might put it back, but I doubt they’ll bother.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I gave them a little something to think about,” Bryan explained. “Left a little message saying they’d made enough money off my sister and if they didn’t want their site to be down again tomorrow, they best find some other girl to display. It’s a five-year old spread and they were just using it as an advertising hook anyway. I wouldn’t expect them to push their luck even if they fix their security.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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