Walking the Dog – Karen

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The best part of walking your dog in this neighborhood is that you meet other people out doing the same thing. Almost everyone is friendly and we all stop to chat, but two stand out. Leslie is a tall, thin blonde with a crazy white boxer dog, and Karen has an enormous malamute. They stand out because they don’t just stand and chat – they flirt.


The more I see Karen, the more I’m attracted to her. We always wave from the cars, and when we’re both out walking the dogs, they sniff each other happily while she and I talk. Her eyes always have a sparkle, and her yoga pants always hug her curves in a very appealing way.

I’ve met her husband half a dozen times when the guys get together, and the word that comes to mind most readily is “weenie”. He is a freelance writer, and from what I gather, that isn’t the most lucrative profession-at least for him. I’ve read some of his work online, and it’s pretty ordinary. Watching him get a buzz on after one light beer is an extra annoyance-he gets giddy and starts shooting off his mouth, then having to walk it back. Not my favorite person.

Knowing all that, however, makes it hard to imagine that a smart, successful woman with a killer body would end up married to him. He wasn’t making a lot of money, and he seemed to have a chip on his shoulder about that. He was disparaging about his own kids, which drives me nuts. He never had a nice thing to say about anything. Karen always used a slightly regretful tone when she talked about him, and I have imagined for years that he wasn’t much use in the bedroom.

Karen wasn’t a blunt-talking, highly sexual flirt like Leslie (the other dog-walker), but she was warm and friendly, and never seemed to mind when the dogs getting tangled brought us close together physically. One sunny but cold afternoon, we met at the end of the cul-de-sac. The houses there are set back and screened from the road, and it was a very private spot with no traffic. The dogs circled each other happily, and we stood in a patch of sunshine talking about nothing. She shared that her husband Ned had actually taken the kids somewhere for once-they had a half-day of school, so she encouraged him to take them up to the Science Center. I didn’t want to trash-talk him overtly, so I said, “That’s good-must be nice to have some peace and quiet!”

She took a half step closer and turned toward me. “It is nice,” she said. “I never have time for what I want.”

There was a long pause, and then she looked directly into my eyes and asked, “Where are your guys?”

I explained that my wife was working late and my son was at practice.

“That’s what I mean,” she said. “The kids don’t do much after school, and Ned is always around when I want to be alone…” Her voice trailed off. “And it’s hard to do what I want…”

“What is it you want, Karen?”

“I want you to walk back to my house with me,” she said. “I want you to come to my house right now while Ned is away and the boys are away and there’s nothing I have to do, and I want you to…”

Her voice faltered again. I knew what she wanted from me, and I knew how her husband was, so I finished her sentence for her before she ran out of courage. “You want me to come to your house right now and make love to you, Karen…is that right?”

She nodded, looking at me with a mix of anticipation and nervousness. I quickly dispelled the nervousness. “I want that, too, Karen…you’re so beautiful, and I’ve wanted to be alone with you for ages,” I said with a smile.

She blushed, then muttered, “Me, too.”

“Let’s go,” I said. With a decisive step, I tugged my dog’s leash and turned toward her house. She did the same, and our steps quickened as we walked the thirty yards. We crossed the lawn in silence, both intent on getting inside and out of sight. Their backyard fence was tall and solid, and I opened the gate, let her in, and then latched it behind us. I unclipped both dogs from their leashes, and they circled the yard happily. Grabbing her hand, I smiled at Karen again and then tugged her toward the sliding glass doors.

Now I said before that Ned is a weenie, and I was sure Karen needed something different. The opposite of weenie, however, is not canlı bahis “pushy, arrogant jerk” so I proceeded very thoughtfully.

When the doors were closed, it was cool and dim in the house. “Karen,” I said, “you’re so beautiful…I’m so glad to be here with you…”

Stepping closer, I tilted her chin up and gave her a soft, lingering kiss-no tongue, no groping yet. With steady hands, I unzipped her jacket and peeled it back off her shoulders. That brought me up against her full breasts, and I dropped the jacket on the floor and wrapped my arms around her. We kissed again, and this time, she kissed back more fully, her mouth coming open with a sigh against my lips. Our tongues touched briefly, and her body relaxed against mine.

Then she smiled, and I saw no hesitation in her eyes-just eagerness. She stepped back, looked at me critically, and said, “Too many clothes!”

I shed my jacket in a flash, then kicked off my boots.

“That’s better,” she said, kicking off her own shoes. “Come on.” With that, she turned and led me off through the living room and down the hallway.

The doorway to her bedroom stood open, the queen-sized bed neatly made. She stopped next to it, and turned to look at me expectantly.

“Perfect,” I told her. Then I whipped my sweatshirt off over my head. She did the same. My T-shirt was next, and she matched me by peeling off her tank top. She stood there in yoga pants and a bra, while I was bare-chested in jeans. I stepped close again, feeling the thrilling warmth of her bare skin against me as I kissed her. After a moment, though, my hands moved up and unsnapped her bra. She moved her body back far enough to let it fall off her arms between us, then stepped back in. She was tall, and her hard nipples and full, warm breasts were pressed against my chest. I heard her purr and wrapped my arms around her tightly for a while.

When it was time to move on, I took a knee in front of her and kissed her belly. My hands reached for the waistband of her pants, paused briefly to make sure I had her panties as well, and then drew them down steadily. She put her hand on my shoulder for balance, and stepped out of them without question. Then she straightened up. Kissing me again, she dipped her head down to kiss and nip at each of my nipples, making me shiver. Her hands unbuckled my belt and eased the zipper down over my straining cock.

Matching what I had done to her, she tugged both my jeans and my boxer briefs down to my thighs, and my cock sprang out to smack against my belly. She nicely paused to kiss its tip before pushing my pants down more. I lifted one foot and then the other and she got them out of the way. Then a quick tug on each foot and my socks were gone.

My cock was level with her face, and her hands wrapped around it instinctively, one gliding up and down while the other cupped my balls. “Oh, God…” she said, “it’s so nice! It’s been a long time since…”

Unable to finish that thought aloud, she acted instead, taking four inches of my cock into her mouth. One hand gripped the base and tugged, while the other cupped my balls. Clearly, she knew what she was doing, so I just enjoyed the moment, letting her fill her mouth over and over. As she grew in confidence, she set up a steady rhythm, taking me as deeply as she could, pausing at the bottom, and then moving back up to suck the head briefly.

Sensing that she needed some reassurance, I said to her, “God, that feels amazing, Karen. I love the way you do that!” She paused to smile, then resumed.

As much as I wanted her to keep going, I promised to make love to her, not give me a blowjob. “Karen,” I said gently, “I want to taste you as well.” She looked up at me and nodded.

I helped her up, then turned her so that her back was to the bed. I kissed her neck, and she sighed hungrily. My hands caressed her full breasts. I took each nipple into my mouth, sucking hard and lashing it with my tongue. She wrapped her arms around my head and shifted her feet. I knew that sign, so I let one hand trail down across her hip, then down her belly, trail through her pubic hair, and come to rest cupping her pussy. Heat was radiating from her, and when my fingertips explored her opening, they came away bahis siteleri wet.

With that signal, I pushed her gently back to sit on the bed and then knelt between her feet. My hands moved to her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples. My tongue spread her labia and lapped at her pussy, spreading her moisture all over, opening her up to my attentions. She kept her hands on my shoulders at first, then started stroking my hair.

“God, you taste so good, Karen!”

She smiled shyly down at me and said, “Ned doesn’t really…”

“Well, I do!” I said firmly. She giggled a bit and I went back to work, this time focusing more attention on her clit. My hands moved to her hips, then I pulled one leg up and over my shoulder to spread her open more. She went with it happily, using her foot to pull me tightly into her.

When I felt her breathing start to quicken, I moved my hand from her ass to her inner thigh. She was beginning to twitch as her orgasm approached, and I increased the pleasure by slipping one, then two lubricated fingers into her pussy, curling them up to rub her G-spot while my tongue flicked across the hood over her clit.

The words “Oh, God, yes…” escaped her lips when I did that, so I starting fucking her slowly with my fingers while keeping up the tongue-lashing.

Her hands tight in my hair, she bucked her hips into my face then, and I felt a rush of liquid coat my fingers as she clamped down tightly on them. I pulled them out and lapped her from bottom to top, gathering all the sweet juice that I could, easing her back down slowly. When her hands relaxed, I kissed her clit one last time, which made her jump.

I stood up to kiss her, and she moved her mouth around almost frantically, kissing and licking all around my lips, clearly enjoying the taste of herself on my skin. When she stopped and simply kissed me deeply, our tongues twined together like lovers do. My cock was between us, slick with precum, and she started stroking it without breaking our kiss. Soon, it was fully hard again, and her hands continued to glide up and down sensually. When she looked up at me with wide eyes, I knew it was time.

“Are you ready, Karen?” I asked her. She nodded.

With firm but gentle pressure, I eased her back onto the bed. Her arms reached up for me, and I could tell she wanted what I had originally promised…she wanted me to make love to her, not just fuck her. Eagerly, I moved between her open thighs. My cock strained for her glistening pussy, and after a quick trip up and down, I eased it all the way inside her with one smooth stroke. Karen groaned in response, and I let my body descend on hers, warm skin to warm skin.

“God, I feel so full,” she sighed.

Her arms went around me, and as we kissed, I moved steadily and and out of her body. My hands were pretty well stuck in place supporting my weight, but hers moved over my back, my shoulders, my arms, and my ass.

After a few minutes of this slow, intimate pace, however, I needed to shift positions, so I pulled one of her knees up. Lifting her leg, I moved to lay behind her, forming a classic spoon position without ever leaving her pussy. I tucked my bottom arm under her neck, and with the other, I reached over to play with her beautiful, firm breasts. Her ass was moving rhythmically against me as I continued my pace inside her.

When I kissed her neck, she groaned again: “God, yes…make love to me. I want this so much!” No problem there!

“Karen,” I responded, “I will make love to you for as long as you want!”

Spoons is a good position for staying power-there isn’t much motion required, the penetration is deep, and her whole body was mine to play with. I kissed her neck. I pinched her nipples. I caressed her stomach. I pulled her hips back into me. Finally, I let my fingers trail through her pubic hair again and find her clit. She raised her leg to give me space, and I made slow circles there in time with my thrusts. Soon she was panting again, pushing back against me, and starting a chorus of “yes…yes…yes” with every revolution. Faster than before, I felt her muscles tighten up, and then she froze against me, every muscle rigid with pleasure, her hands clamped tightly on my arm, her bahis şirketleri pussy a warm vise gripping my cock. With just the gentlest of nudges deep inside her, I held her tight and let her ride the waves of pleasure she was feeling for a long, long time.

As she relaxed, I kissed her neck some more, moving inside her just enough to keep myself hard. She was sweaty now, and had a flushed smile on her face. Craning her neck to kiss me, she whispered breathily, “You make me feel so fucking good!”

I smiled back at her. “You feel amazing yourself, Karen. I love being inside you, and I love making you feel good. You’re so beautiful, and you’re so hot…” My voice trailed off, but I quickened my pace just a little bit, hoping she would get the hint.

Once again, Karen did not disappoint me. “I want you to feel good too-I want you to cum inside me and fill me up. Make love to me however you want and cum for me…I want to feel it!”

With a quick move, I was back between her thighs, face to face, kissing her deeply.

“I want to feel your arms and legs around me when I cum, Karen,” I told her. “I’m going to cum as deep as I can inside you, and I want you to hold me there when I do.”

“I will,” she said with intensity.

Now that we were on the same page, I started stroking her deeply, pulling all the way back until I could feel her lips just holding me, and then sinking all the way in until our pubic bones collided. Her arms and legs were back around me, urging me on, relaxing and then tensing in time with my thrusts. When I felt things start to get critical, I pulled her legs higher, raising her hips to a new angle and driving my cock straight down into her, increasing my pace.

Her eyes went wide, and a gutteral, “Oh, God!” escaped her lips.

Then she started fucking me back. With every stroke, she drove her hips up to meet me, and her legs tightened even more.

“Karen…God…I’m going to cum, Karen…I’m going to cum inside you!” I told her in time with my thrusts.

“Yes,” she said, “cum for me…cum for me!”

With that, she kissed me hard, pulling me to her with lips and tongue, arms and legs, even squeezing me with her pussy to draw my orgasm from me. With a sudden rush, it washed over me. My body went stiff as I buried myself fully, holding my breath as my cum splashed over and over against her cervix, filling her already slick channel with my hot sperm.

“Yes…yes…” she said, “give me everything…fill me up…fill me up…”

When my spasms subsided, I sank into her arms, letting her take my full weight for a little while as I relaxed against her breasts and belly, still wrapped in the warmth of her arms, legs, and pussy. With a flushed smile of my own, I gave her a lingering kiss as my breathing slowed to a more normal rate. My softening cock slipped out of her, and I rolled to the side, keeping the rest of our embrace intact and leaving my leg between hers as we lay there, face to face.

“Karen,” I said softly, “that was amazing. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a woman so beautiful, so passionate, so fucking sexy!”

Her smile said it all, but she answered back in kind: “I’ve never had someone make me feel that good!” She paused for a minute, then went on more shyly. “Ned is the only guy I ever made love to…we’ve been together since high school.” Well, that explained that!

Since she was thinking of him, however, I’m sure guilt was rising up inside her. She even defended him a little: “We’ve always had a good time in bed, but this…” she trailed off. “This was what I thought it was supposed to be like. Is that bad?”

“No, Karen, it’s not bad,” I reassured her. “You love him, and you guys have a family, and nothing is ever going to change that. We just spent an hour making love because we both wanted to. You maybe wanted to try something new, and I was so caught up in how shy and beautiful and sexy you were out there on the street that I was happy to end up right here!”

With that, I kissed her on the nose to lighten the mood. She smiled more happily, and kissed me again at the door after we were dressed.

“I don’t know if I can do this again,” she said somewhat shyly.

“That’s OK, Karen-I’m just glad we had this chance. I’ll keep walking the dog, and maybe someday Ned will take the kids somewhere again!”

With that, I grabbed my leash and went out to collect the little mutt who led me into such a wonderful situation.

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