The Hammock Ch. 02

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I wiggle back against your groin, and feel that your cock is just the way I like it – hard, thick, and long. After a little while of you stroking your cock against my slit, causing drops of dew to fall on your skin, I flip over so that I am on top of you (your favorite way to pleasure me, as you can watch my eyes as you use my clit), and start to kiss a trail down your chest. I feel your breathing get a bit rapid, and I know that you are silently approving what I am doing. I reach your nipples, and alternatively nip, kiss, and suck on them both, bringing low growls from your throat. I look up, and can see that your eyes are getting darker and darker. I smile softly up at you, and continue my descent. I reach your stomach, and kiss all around it, flicking my tongue into the belly button once in a while. Again, another low growl emits from you, signaling that you are pleased at how I am pleasuring you.

My mouth finally reaches its destination – your bulbous head. I softly and gently kiss the tip, licking the pre-cum that has been leaking out. I can feel your hands lift my chin up, and whisper “yes little one”. With that, my mouth starts to lick the length of your cock, and at the same time, I can feel you tug on the chains that lead to my nipples. I may be pleasuring your cock, but you are controlling the pace that I am using – and in return, you are reminding me of the connection that the nipples have to the pussy. A few minutes later, your cock slowly enters my mouth, and I am totally savoring my scent on your skin. I can feel your hands start to go from my chin to the back of my head, which signals me that once again, I may be pleasuring you, but you are going to control the pace.

A few minutes later, your cock slowly enters my mouth, and I am totally savoring my scent on your skin. I can feel your hands start to go from my chin to the back of my head, which signals me that once again, I may be pleasuring you, but you are going to control the pace.

I growl softly as I feel your hands gently guide my head up and down on your cock, and as this is happening, I can also feel you getting longer and harder. I reach that part of your cock where it is its thickest, and I try with all my might to get that part into my mouth. After a couple of minutes, and with gentle encouragement, I feel that part of you “pop” in, and with that, I feel your entire length slowly descend down my throat. I don’t know who growled first – you or me – your growl being a reaction to the pleasures I was giving you, and my growl being a reaction to the painful pleasures that you were giving me.

Finally, after a while, I could feel your hands grip my head tightly, and I could feel your pace quickening – using my head as a vessel for your pleasure, fucking my face like a wild beast. With that, I also feel my nipples get harder and harder, and my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I need you and I need you NOW, I am screaming in my mind. I need to feel your cock pounding my pussy, stretching my walls, filling me up with as much as I can take, and then after you have driven me back and forth to the edge, finally feeling myself fly as high as I can, catching me as I slowly fall to earth.

The next sensation I feel is your cock slowly leaving my mouth, and then softly slapping against my tongue. I can feel every single texture of your cock – your veins, your rough spots, your soft spots, the sensitive canlı bahis spot under the head, everything. I love it when you alternatively stroke your cock over my tongue, and then tap it on top of the tongue. Yes, your little one is getting turned on even more, and her soft whimpers are signaling that she is nearing that part of the edge where with one swift move, she’ll be teetering on it, and the next move could possibly push her over.

You somehow sense this, and stroke your cock a couple of times more in and out of my mouth before slowly removing it. I am feeling empty and sad. You sense this, and whisper “little one I want you to climb on me so that I can play with your clit as I pleasure your beautiful body. I want to watch you go through every emotion – I want to watch your face as every orgasm leaves your body, I want to watch your eyes light up as each jolt of electricity bursts throughout your skin, I want to watch your chest get redder and redder as you move through each phase”. With this, I slide up your body, kissing my way up once more, and as I reach your face, I feel your lips touch mine, and with one slow stroke, your cock is inside my pussy.I love how my body feels when your cock is inside me – it feels like home, warm apple pie on a hot summer day, it feels “right”.

You slowly lift me up, and in doing so, I am positioned straight up on your lap, and you are lying underneath me. You reach up and pull on my chain, which causes a fire to blaze from my chest to my pussy. You see that my face is starting to turn a pale shade of pink, and you smile that wicked smile of yours – signaling that you love the fact that your little one is fully in the zone and you could send her flying at any time.

Whispering words of encouragement, I start to pump my body up and down on your cock as two of your fingers play with my clit. God, yet another act that you know will bring my orgasms screaming out of me – good thing that we are secluded from your neighbors, as well as the paparazzi that seemed to follow us everywhere today. I shake my head as I remember the last “pack” that were trying to get our picture – apparently, you are one very valuable “mark”, and I know that if I am ever photographed with you, my personal life could possibly come crashing down. But for now, I am enjoying letting go and allowing you to touch my body, my mind, my heart, my soul.

You start to rock your hips in rhythm with mine, and I can sense that your cock is at its full capacity – balls filled with cum, head engorged, the whole “package” purple and hard as steel. We are now moving as one, alternating between soft gentle strokes, and hard fast throbbing strokes. With each of them, you keep on pulling me back and forth to the edge – at one point, I do not know how you did this, but you literally flipped me over, and now you are on top of me, your cock piston in and out of my body, one hand expertly flicking at my clit, one hand alternating between my two nipples, and me growling with my need to cum. You can feel my pussy walls start to try and clench your cock, and this drives you closer to the edge as well. I feel your cock start to scrape up against my gspot, and again, low guttural growls emit from me – I am teetering so close to the edge… I want to cum… I NEED to cum… and you can sense in my eyes.

You chuckle, and slow down the pace yet again. I look up at you, knowing that bahis siteleri you are enjoying this slow tease… this slow seduction – you have me right where you want me, and you are not going to let me release until YOU are ready to. I giggle as you swat my ass, telling me to remember who’s “in charge” at the moment. I am beginning to melt and puddle, and you are enjoying this immensely. It’s a favorite thing of yours to watch a woman puddle – the entire act turns you on, and you have no qualms telling me that.

After a while, you begin to pick up the pace once more, sending me literally sprinting towards the edge this time. I arch my back up in an attempt to get your entire length bottoming out in my pussy – god how I love feeling that! You emit a low growl, and alternately nip and bite my earlobe. I do the same to you, and this sends you spiraling as well. You whisper in my ear “so, does my little one want to cum, or does she want me to continue this assault?” All I can do is growl and grab your ass, signaling that I need to cum and I need to cum NOW! With that, you whisper in my ear to CUM NOW!!, and I do… I am not sure how long this first orgasm lasted, because at one point, you sent me spiraling back into the zone, and started to build up yet another orgasm. I chuckle to myself, remembering the first time I shared that little piece of information with you – I think that you nearly threw me on the bed and took me!

For what seems to be the next 30 minutes, you send me spiraling – orgasm after orgasm leaving my body… at one point, I think you rolled me over and started to take me from behind as your hands pulled on my chains, causing the orgasms to increase in intensity. I feel your balls start to slap against my ass, and I start to purr again like a little kitten, as I know that you are going to start to open me up and take that one last hole. My mind goes back to the first time we had anal sex – you warned me that I may not be able to “handle” your cock, yet you were amazed when after expertly opening me up with a well lubed-up butt plug that we found at a sex shop in West Hollywood (thank god for discreet storeowners and disguises!), I was able to “take” your cock there. I think the mere sensation of having a woman under you who “could” take your cock made you cum quite hard, as you knew that women of that stature were few and far in-between.

You reach under the hammock, and dig out from your slacks a bottle of lube, which you expertly slather all over two of your fingers, and then start to work the lube into my ass. I start mewing, and feel your fingers going deeper and deeper inside me. I arch my back, which causes my ass to be raised up even more. I hear you chuckle, and then whisper in my ear how much of a naughty little one I am, and that you are going to enjoy not only fucking my ass, but also cumming in my ass. That last statement caught me off guard, as I thought that this time was all about me. I wonder what made you change your mind, and figure that you wanted it to be, of course, mutually satisfying for us.

I then feel you start to lube up your cock, and with that, I reach behind me and start to stroke you, keeping your cock hard as a steel blade. I look around, and notice that it is now completely dark outside – you cannot see anything except the moon and stars in the sky. I smile back at you and sigh – you look like a statue… your chest bahis şirketleri fully expanded, your head thrown back, your teeth clenched, and your hands on my hips, starting to rub your cock up and down my ass crack.

I grip the hammock string tightly as I feel your cock start to gently enter my ass. After a couple of tries (and your voice guiding me), I can feel your cock make it through my puckered hole, and make its way into my anal cavity. I then feel one of your hands leave my hips, and grab my hair, pulling me back even further. You turn my face, kiss my lips hard, signaling that you are claiming ALL of me this time – no questions asked!

After a lot of grunting and groaning (as well as short strokes), I can feel your cock start to travel down my anal cavity. I then feel your other hand leave my hip, and rest itself on my clit. I growl softly, as I know that you are going to make me cum very hard – between your cock fucking my ass and your fingers pinching my clit, I would not be surprised if I squirted! I whisper in your ear that if you keep this up, I AM going to squirt – hearing this makes you growl so loud that I thought you not only scared your neighbors, but also might have scared some of the animals that lurk in the area.

Finally, you say those words that I absolutely love to hear: “CUM NOW LITTLE ONE! CUM HARD! CUM FAST! CUM NOW!” And with that, I am sent spiraling over the edge, floating in my zone, not knowing what is real and what is fantasy. I can feel my orgasm in intensity as your fingers continue to assault my clit very hard – pinching, stretching the hood, rubbing, you name it. I also feel your cock totally explode inside my ass, the cum shooting up and all over the place – some of it seeping out, some of it staying in.

After a while, I can feel your strong arms envelop me as my orgasm starts to dissipate – your soft voice guiding me back to earth, your lips gently kissing my back, my shoulders, my neck, my jawline, my face, and finally my lips… you whispering words of encouragement as I tumble into you, totally sated, wiped out, but feeling quite satisfied.

The next thing we notice, it is the middle of the night. Our wine bottle is still unopened, our clothes still crumpled on the ground, and our bodies intertwined. You tickle me, and then chase me into the ocean, where we wash ourselves off, and then start splashing around.

After a while, you capture your little butterfly once more, toss her to the sand, and then make love to her once more – this time tenderly, this time slowly, this time with all the passion that you can handle.

The next thing we see is daylight rising over the Pacific Ocean. We grab everything, scamp back to your beach house, and tumble into bed. I don’t think we left for the remainder of the weekend, having pleasured each other all over your house – your bed, your dining room table, your kitchen counters, the island in your kitchen, your coffee table, your desk in your office, and finally on the hood of your car.

And as we said our final goodbyes at the security area, you lean in and whisper that on Monday, you will be clearing your calendar for a fun-filled weekend in my neck of the woods – perhaps the Keys, or maybe Sanibel Island, or even the beaches of Pinellas or Sarasota Counties. But, no matter where we will be, we will be there together…

As I write this story while jetting back home, I am filled with wonderfully wicked memories of a weekend spent with a man that has gotten inside my mind and body – my soul is still sealed off, as I need to make sure that he really is “for me” before allowing him there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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