The Good Neighbor Ch. 05

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The object of this story is twofold. The first is to try to improve my writing in English and the second is to put my vivid imagination in print. Any help you, the reader, will be greatly appreciated.


David left his wife, his house and the city he had lived in for most of his life. His reaction to Maggie’s betrayal shook him to the core. She said he could pick up his things but he never did. There was nothing he wanted from his former life. He wanted a clean and complete break. He moved almost a thousand miles away and bought a new house and could hopefully start a new life.

His new house was in a new neighborhood. The development was just a couple of years old. This house met all his needs so it wasn’t difficult to decide to buy it. The backyard had a swimming pool, but even more importantly, the yard was protected by high solid walls. No one could see when he swam laps or just relaxed in the adjacent Jacuzzi. His new house gave him the peace he needed to write.

And write he did – he wrote everyday for hours. His work habits had one slightly adverse side effect and that was he seldom knew which day of the week it was or what time it was. Knowing these things wouldn’t have changed his routine but it sometimes made the breaks awkward. One time pangs of hunger forced him to stop working and get something to eat. When he went to the kitchen he found that the cabinets were bare and the refrigerator harbored only two bowls hosting healthy cultures of mold and a piece of dried-out cheese that looked far from appetizing. The hunger pangs gave him no other choice but to go shopping. He grabbed his keys from an empty fruit bowl in the hall and went out the front door. He was surprised to see that it was dark but knew that the local grocery store was open 24-7. As he drove to the store he heard the time on the radio and was surprised to hear that it was two a.m.

The parking lot had a few cars in it but he could still park his relatively close to the entrance. He was soon browsing the aisle for food. As he turned into another row a blond woman caught his eye. Her hair was the most striking feature that caught his attention as it was both full and lush, extending well below her waist, but as he watched her bending over the frozen foods, her shapely ass caught his appraising eye. He couldn’t see her face very well, as it was for the most part stuck in the freezer, but the rest of her was very appealing.

David had sworn off women and planned to continue to do so. They made life too complicated and that was something he didn’t need at this point in his life. Never-the-less he was a man and men, even resolute men, looked occasionally. With a sigh at the thought of what might have been, he continued his shopping and went home.

A few days later he was taking a package of books at the door from a courier when he spotted the same blond hair as in the supermarket. He still had no good view of the woman’s face but he knew the hair was the same, and with further inspection he spotted the shapely ass he had admired a few nights earlier. He followed her and was surprised to see that she went up to and into the house next door. He knew none of his neighbors and the fact that she was apparently one of them took him by surprise. He went back in the house with a smile on his face and the thought of her long hair and firm ass in his mind.

Over the next few days he finished another book and started working on a new idea. The world outside his door was no longer a distraction to his life and his creative juices flowed like never before. He stood up from his desk and stretched. A swim to clear his head and loosen his cramped muscles suddenly appealed to him. He pulled off his shirt as he headed for his bedroom. Halfway down the hall, the doorbell rang. He dropped his shirt on the floor and went to answer the door.

As he was reaching for the doorknob the bell sounded again. He opened the door and his visitor was so startled that she took two steps backwards and almost tripped over her own retreating feet. David first noticed the long golden hair and then his eyes took in the rest of her. This inspection took less than two seconds but in his mind it seemed to happen in slow motion. His mind took in everything in the blink of an eye. The face that had always managed to elude him was a pleasant surprise. She had an angelic face with a cute nose and deep blue, intelligent eyes. This was proudly atop a long neck and well postured shoulders. Her breasts weren’t overly large but stood out proudly and seemed to welcome the attention they obviously received. Her hips were flared enough to give her that woman shape that all men wanted to see and her legs were long and her ankles slim. He already knew that her derriere was poetry in motion. It was generally his experience that most women had at least one or more physical flaws but with this woman he could see not a one. Maybe her teeth are crooked, rotting or missing he thought. But the spontaneous and canlı bahis open smile that stretched her lips revealed beautifully straight white teeth; not a cavity or space to see.

She immediately regained her composure but looked like she had forgotten why she was there and was searching for words. “Excuse me for coming to your door unannounced but I live next door and I thought it was time to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

David was still recovering from the surprise of this unexpected visit and the bubbly good cheer her opening words conveyed. “Thank you… Would you care for cup of coffee? “Remembering that he was standing there without a shirt, he added, “I was just thinking of taking a swim but your visit provides me with a pleasant alternative.”

“Well… Let me first introduce myself.” She extended her hand and said, “Hi… I’m Demaris… Demaris Thompson.”

David accepted the offered hand and replied, “Pleased to meet you… I’m David Lawton and the invitation for coffee still stands.”

“I’m happy to meet you but I have an appointment in town and really don’t have time for coffee.”

“Well if you have the time sometime; I have the coffee.”

They both smiled as she returned home and David closed his door. He could still smell the fresh sweetness of her as he went down his hall and picked up his shirt. He didn’t swim that day but returned to his desk with renewed inspiration.

A few weeks later David was again at the grocery store when he ran into Demaris. They both had full shopping carts and were heading for the cash registers. She looked preoccupied but was struck again by her beauty. “Hi neighbor; have you thought about our coffee date?”

She seemed not to have seen him and as she looked up at his face her eyes seemed to come slowly in focus. “Excuse me… I was a million miles away. What was it you asked?”

“I asked if you had forgotten our coffee date.”

“Oh, no. If you would like, we could put our groceries in our cars and have a cup of coffee at the coffee shop next door.”

“That sounds like a great idea!”

When they were comfortably seated with two steaming mugs of coffee, Demaris asked, “You seem to be home quite a bit – what do you do for a living, David? I can’t imagine that you are unemployed.”

“No, I’m not unemployed but I can understand how someone could get that impression. I’m actually a writer. I’ve written almost twenty novels so far.”

She showed her surprise and the twinkle in her eye was both admiring and mischievous. “I am embarrassed that I didn’t recognize you. What kind of novels do you write?”

“There’s no reason that you should recognize me, so no reason for embarrassment. I write mainly historical novels. Some people don’t like that genre so my books aren’t as well sold as, say, an author like Stephen King.”

“What have you written?” she asked as she took a sip of her coffee. Her eyes locked on his and seemed to be searching for a portal into his soul.

The intensity of her stare caused him to feel slightly flustered but he managed to gather his thoughts and answered her. “I’ve written books featuring Benjamin Franklin, J.P. Morgan, James Buchanan and I’ve just finished one about Jessie Benton.”

“I’ve heard about the first ones but who was Jessie Benton?”

“She is best remembered as the wife of John C Frémont. But she was quite a remarkable woman in her own right.”

“It sounds fascinating… I guess I have some reading to do.”

The meeting passed pleasantly and David offered to sign any of his books she decided to read.

Demaris was 27 and married to Brian Thompson. They had just had their fifth anniversary and for Demaris it marked her fifth year in Purgatory. She thought she had found her love and soul mate when she met Brian. He was a year ahead of her at Auburn University and after a whirlwind romance; they made plans to marry after she graduated. She saw herself as the perfect bride embarking on a perfect union.

Little did she know – and even less was she prepared – for what was soon to come. Shortly after the wedding, Brian decided that they needed to move away from the only place Demaris had ever lived. “We’re now married and we need to find our own way. I don’t want parents and in-laws looking over our shoulders,” he explained as he studied a map; searching for their future home. It didn’t take Brian long to act. He had them whisked away from home and installed within six months of their nuptials. He slowly but steadily tightened an iron chain around Demaris. He worked as an architect in a successful firm. When she applied for a position at a management company, he told her that no wife of his was going to work outside the door of his house. Although it was true that Brian made more than enough money, his statement came as both a shock and surprise, as he had encouraged her to get her degree in business. She was sure his encouragement meant that he supported her desire to have a career. Now he wanted bahis siteleri her to stay home and clean.

Brian was never a tidy person. His dorm room looked like a tornado had just passed through it. She was surprised that he found clean clothes to wear in that battlefield he called a room. Once they moved he had a complete metamorphosis and became a sanitary stickler. When he came home from work he would check the house and closets to make sure she had cleaned to his standards. He would inevitably find fault, and when there was fault there was retribution.

“Can’t you do anything right? Look at the dust bunnies under our bed,” he said on one particular day. He grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head under the bed to see the offensive bunnies. He pulled down her pants and underwear in one motion and slapped her extended ass. When she was allowed to come up again, she was facing his extended cock. He grabbed her hair again and face-fucked her until he ejaculated. As he walked to the bathroom he left a trail of clothes to mark his way. Demaris looked at the bright red hand print on her white ass and then pulled up her pants and started to pick up her husband’s clothes.

Demaris spent her most of her time trying to please her husband. She cleaned, washed, ironed and dusted but he would always find something. When he wasn’t inspecting her housekeeping he would constantly remind her that she was worthless for everything except as a sperm receptacle. After her first anniversary, thoughts of suicide were a regular visitor. At night she would lie awake listening to her husband snore and fart in his sleep. She would often get up and do the grocery shopping just to get a reprieve from him.

When she first saw David at the supermarket in the middle of the night she thought he might be a kindred spirit. She had recognized him as the man that had recently moved in next door. As she drove home she thought about him. She was still thinking about him as she sat in her car parked in the driveway. He came home slightly behind her and took his two bags of groceries into his house. She remained in her car long after he went inside as images of him invaded and flooded her thoughts.

She thought:

He meets her on the street and helps her carry her groceries inside. She offers him coffee and as they talk and laugh about everyday things their eyes and eventually hands carry on a completely different conversation. It starts as a touch and soon radiates throughout her body. She watches his lips move but doesn’t really hear his words. As lips move and his tongue plays hide-and-seek with his teeth she knows that he wants her as much as she wants him. When she goes to refill his cup their faces come close together. Like a magnet is attracted to iron their lips find each other. His tongue tentatively explores her mouth sending shockwaves through her body. He mouth starts an overproduction of saliva but that isn’t the only place juices are being overproduced. She feels her crotch moisten as their lips pulsate and move together. His hands run through her hair, not grabbing and controlling but gently and lovingly. Her hands aren’t idle either. She runs her hands up his back and caresses his neck. She feels his strength and the hot pulsing blood that flows through his veins. His hands move to the base of her neck and lift her heavy hair from her neck. Cool air caresses her neck sending an electric current through all parts of her body. One part of her wants him to strip her bar and touch everything on and in her; including her soul. Another part wants him to slow down and stretch this feeling of unadulterated intimacy forever.

His hands finally desert her neck and travel downward. They follow her spine and pause halfway down her back. Here they move laterally and caress the bulge of her compressed breasts. They delicately dance over her sensitive body; sending more frantic messages to other parts of her being. Her moist crotch soon becomes uncomfortably drenched in her love juices. She can smell herself and that smell screams ‘take me… I’m yours for now and forever.’

The hands under her armpits soon move to explore other yet uncharted territory. They again travel down the road of her spine and finally stop at each of her cheeks. With a sudden grasp he lifts her lightly from her feet. Her legs spread slightly as if to say, ‘the path is open… I am open to you and only you.’ She feels a droplet of love juice race down the inside of her left thigh, slowly stopping at her inner knee. There it seems to burn her skin as it dries in the cool air. The embrace is making her lightheaded as their breathing, heart rate and emotions are rising to new and unbelievable heights.

With a mutual reluctance they eventually part. This temporary retreat is a necessity to free themselves from their imprisoning clothes. They begin by mutually attacking each other’s buttons. She unbuttons his shirt with well trained precision. Her long slender fingers dance their way bahis şirketleri through their task but his thicker digits are trying to keep pace. Losing the race, he tears the last two buttons open in frustration. They both shed their shirts and he reaches around her to undo her bra. She lifts her arms above her head to make his job easier. She feels a near desperate need and desire to be free and expose herself to him. A split-second of doubt clouds her mind that he wouldn’t enjoy her first hidden treasure as much as she wanted him to. Her eyes find his and observe them as he frees her from the constraining garment. She knows that they would tell her the truth and her mind is in turmoil as she so wants him to love everything she has to offer but is afraid that he would share Brian’s low opinion of her worth.

She has nothing to fear. That first split-second show him that he likes what he sees. Her nipples are hazel brown, small and, at the moment, very hard. A low moan escapes his lips as his eyes dance over his new discovery of her first present to him. A second moan erupts as his mouth smothers her right nipple and she soon echoes his moan as she feels his tongue lightly flick over her quivering breast. She feels his mouth suck her like she knew a baby would do and closes her eyes to watch his actions in the privacy of her imagination. She follows and mentally encourages him along as his mouth, tongue and lips desert one mound, descending into the valley and, after a short reprieve, assault her left knoll. One part of her mind is screaming to continue and another is pleading to let this last forever.

She feels his hands continue their downward journey and momentarily pause at the waistband of her pants. His thumbs probe inside and discovering the elasticity and slowly lift and pull her pants from her hips. When he gets them to her knees, she helps by working them the rest of the way with her legs. His hands move from her hips to her butt and he then runs one finger from the top of her crack down between her legs. Her sopping crotch signals him of her passion and he probes the edges. She wants it. She wants him. She wants to be invaded by his fingers. She wants to be taken by him completely.

As his finger touches her swollen vaginal lips she groans with pleasure and shakes in anticipation. She hastily undoes his belt and pants, letting them drop around his feet. She moves closer to him and crushes her breasts against his chest. She is consumed with a desire to touch his entire being with hers. She wants to feel him with every pore of her body. He continues to test her moist sensitive vaginal lips and clitoris. His manipulations cause a new wave of juices to erupt from the deepest depths of her body that cascade down her inner thigh.

He kicks his shoes off and step out of his pants. Free of the restraining clothes, he picks her up in his arms and carries her down the hall. She indicates, with an indistinguishable grunt, the first bedroom. Even in her agitated state of passion the thought of consummating her heart’s desire in the same bed she shares with Brian is unthinkable.

He gently lays her on the bed and gives her a quick but passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss he hastily removes his underwear and socks. As she watches him she thinks: ‘That’s it… That is how I want it…’ That is how it should be; completely naked and exposed to each other. He rushes to the foot of the bed and removes her wet underpants. She curses herself that she hadn’t foreseen this event and put on one of her few sexy strings; instead she has on just ordinary white cotton ones.

Her self-condemnation lasts but a few seconds as she feels her still flowing juices drip down her vaginal valley to her anus. He starts his travels again from the toes of her left upturned foot. Sucking each toe, beginning with the big one and working outward, he leaves the stamp of his cooling saliva as he moves on to the next. With his tongue he retraces the stream of her now drying juices; stopping occasionally to savor the taste of her passion. The trail leads him past her inner knee and she spreads them to aid his advance. Licks, butterfly-kisses, accompanied with small noises of appreciation and passion bring him to her hairy pubic triangle. With the desperation of desire he delves between her widely spread thighs.

His first contact with her wet swollen lips causes a lightning-like bolt down her legs and her toes to curl under in an involuntary cramp of desire. New bolts and sparks are sent to every part of her body as he continues his homage to her most sacred gift. With his nose nestled in her thatched triangle she can feel each intake and exhale of his breath. Hers soon matches his and she feels sure their heartbeats are also in perfect unison.

He finally moves up face to face with her and invades her in one determined shove. She sucks in a deep breath and when he starts moving slowly in and out of her; she momentarily forgets to exhale. As she feels her passion build she also feels her consciousness slipping. As her vision goes black, her breathing resumes and he is still rhythmically pumping in and out of her pussy. Her passion reaches a summit as his seed floods her womb.

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