The Forfeit Ch. 3

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Judith woke in the early morning hours, stiff from not moving. She opened her eyes and saw John, close beside her, holding her, and sound asleep. She remembered the night, the tears, the comfort. Carefully, she slid from his arms and looked down at him. He did seem nice, he had been very kind and considerate with her last night. But that was last night. Her experience with men told her he would use this to his advantage, slipping into her life through this one lapse of judgment on her part.

She gathered clean clothes and her purse and went upstairs to the company gym. She worked out for about an hour, feeling the stiffness slip away, trying to work the pain out of her heart. In the shower, she stood for a long while under the hot spray, trying to cleanse her soul of Simon and his faithlessness. She dressed, fixed her hair and make up, and headed back to her office. Her secretary had already arrived and started brewing the strong coffee that Judith preferred. She entered her office to find John stretched out on the couch, sleeping peacefully. She covered him with a soft throw, watching him carefully, wondering if he could possibly be as nice as he seemed. Then she thought of Simon and her heart hardened against men. All men.

She tried to work, pulling up various contracts that she was negotiating. But her gaze always returned to John, his face soft and sweet with sleep. She thought of the kindness of his words, the warmth of his arms. She found herself smiling at him, and caught herself. “Men are slime. They want only one thing and when they get it, they move on. They are vile creatures and not worthy of my time. I don’t need or want to be with another man ever again!” These are the thoughts she forced through her mind, distancing and hardening herself against a sleeping John.

When he woke, John was lying full length on the leather sofa, a soft afghan thrown over him. The delicious aroma of fresh coffee filled his nostrils. He turned his head and saw Judith, sitting at her desk. It was as if last night had never happened. She was crisp and fresh, her clothes starched, her hair perfectly in place. The black-framed glasses shielded her eyes. She was busily typing on her computer, her back straight and stiff. When John moved to get up, she turned. “Good morning, John. I thought you might sleep the day away. Obviously, you are not used to long work sessions. You crashed long before we finished…..”

John shook his head, and looked at Judith. He well remembered the night before, and it didn’t involve any work. But for some reason, she needed to believe last night hadn’t happened. And she needed to believe that he would play along. He smiled at her, almost disarming her, and gave a low chuckle. “You are absolutely right. I am not used to all-nighters anymore. I hope I was of some used to you before I crashed.”

Judith watched him carefully. He was not smirking or acting like he knew a secret he was eager to tell. He stood up, stretched, and walked to the coffee pot. Pouring himself a cup of the aromatic brew, he turned to her and smiled. “Thanks for the coffee and the help last night. I will follow your advice and bring the amended contract in later today. See you, Judith.” He walked out of her office, moving down the hall to his own.

Once inside, he called his secretary and asked that his calls be held. Then he settled in his desk chair, staring out at the brilliant day, rerunning the entire night in his mind. He knew that Judith had been hurt badly. He could understand that she hated men right now and could not stand to seem weak canlı bahis şirketleri or vulnerable. So, he would try to adapt, try to be her ally. He couldn’t help feeling concern for her. He was willing to bide his time until she would trust him and want his friendship.

He spent the rest of his day in the office, reviewing and revising some paperwork. He had lunch at his desk and worked straight through until mid-afternoon. Noah stopped by and invited him to join the guys that night at a new club that was getting rave reviews. But John did not have the heart to spend the night with flirty, slightly drunken women.

“I don’t feel like going out tonight, but a few hours of squash sounds good. Interested? I am in the mood to smash something. I can leave now.” John stood and left the office, heading up to the gym with Noah. Once on the court, he found that sending the ball hurtling to the wall was very satisfying, especially if he called the ball “Simon”. He lost himself in the game, running and playing hard, enjoying the nearly painful exertion. Later, in the showers, his mind returned to Judith and how he could become her friend.

He stayed home that night. He was tempted to return to the office, but felt he should keep his distance from Judith for a few days, not push himself on her. Over the next few days, he made a point of saying hello to her, smiling quietly when their paths crossed. If they both worked late, he would drop in and offer her a sandwich or a drink. Mostly, he kept away, never insinuating that he was worthy of her friendship.

Judith noticed his reserve. She was pleased he didn’t push himself into her life, didn’t feel he had earned entry because of that one night. So, she melted a little. If he smiled in passing, she smiled back. Once she was the first to say hello. She began accepting his offer of food or a drink in the lonely late hours at the office.

It began slowly. It took weeks. But, little by little, they moved into a tentative friendship. Enough that John could actually venture speaking an entire sentence to her without fearing that cool disdain. Occasionally, they sat beside each other at meetings. They found they had similar strategies. They even laughed together once. John found all this very encouraging. He also found himself entranced by Judith. It might not be the fairytale story of Will and Amanda, but it was his story and he remembered it all carefully, wanting to tell his grandchildren what a challenge their grandmother had been.

It was clear to him that he was courting her, wooing her, gentling her. He noticed when they were sitting together that she had the scent of soft flowers surrounding her. Her skin was luminous in a way that only redheads achieved. Her eyes, when directed at him, glowed with an inner light that was a wonder to behold. More and more, he stayed home at night, writing his thoughts to Will, relieved to be able to express his feelings to someone. He certainly couldn’t tell Judith. It was too soon. He had to wait for the proper time, the proper place.

Then it happened. A transaction with a firm in Italy was on the table. They spent hours on transatlantic calls and teleconferences, but the final details would not come together. The only solution was to send a team to Italy, to meet and talk face to face about the conclusion of the deal. When the announcement was made, John was thrilled to find that he and Judith had been selected for the trip.

Judith was less than thrilled. She was concerned. Her feelings for John had been changing over the weeks. She didn’t see canlı kaçak iddaa him as a threat anymore, rather as an ally. But he was allowing her space and time to feel comfortable with him, and traveling thousands of miles with him would jeopardize that process. She spent many hours thinking over their relationship and realized he was a good man, and would certainly know how to handle this situation also. So she decided to trust him.

At the airport, he was helpful and friendly. On the flight, he sat beside her, but did not invade her personal space or force her into conversation. If she talked to him, he listened attentively, but never really initiated chat. They rode in companionable silence to the hotel and he assisted her to her room, making sure she was comfortably settled before leaving her for his own quarters.

In meetings, they worked well together. Their minds ran in the same lines, they almost said the same sentences, and grew adept at finishing each other’s thoughts. They were able to complete the transaction in just a few days, leaving them some time for sightseeing before the flight home.

Judith knew she would have to make the first move. That night, after a celebratory dinner with the Italians, she and John walked back to the hotel. She slipped her hand onto his arm, walking beside him, matching his long strides. They took the long way, seeing for the first time, some of the lovely city. “Tomorrow, we could go sightseeing, if you like, John. I have never been here and I know there are many beautiful buildings and museums. We could even go shopping, if you need to buy something for your special someone.”

John took his time considerintg her suggestion. Then, he smiled and accepted. “You could help me purchase something she might like, I hope. I want the gift to be something she would really want. Judith, that sounds perfect. Thank you.”

Each was silent then, just walking together and enjoying the beautiful city. John was thinking that Simon must have been incredibly stupid to let Judith get away. She was a delightful mix of intelligence, charm and loveliness not often found in one woman. He liked the fact that she was able to hold her own in any group and could take the lead if needed. It didn’t hurt that she was tall and willowy and beautiful.

Judith was remembering his kindness that first night months ago. She quickly thought of all the days since then, and could find no fault with his behavior. Perhaps John was the one man who wasn’t a creep underneath, perhaps he was the one man made for her. If that was so, she intended to find out. She was dismayed that he so quickly accepted her help for his “special someone”. She had been hoping there was no one in his life. If he had someone, she needed to stay clear of a romance with him.

At the hotel, they each returned to their empty rooms, to dream about love that was true and a partner to soothe their lonely hearts.

The next morning, they met for breakfast and began their day of sightseeing. Without discussion, they both had dropped their corporate demeanor and decided to just be American tourists on vacation. It was a great day. They walked, took pictures, bought souvenirs and ate delicious local food all day. Judith seriously helped him search for the perfect gift to take home. John watched her carefully, knowing the gift he wanted was for her. Finally, at the end of the day, in a tiny store, they found it. In almost the last case of jewelry, just before they turned to go, Judith spotted an antique ring. The stone was a replica of her singular green canlı kaçak bahis eyes, the setting simple, elegant. She slipped it on her long slender finger and it looked perfect against her pale skin. John felt his heart bump. He wanted the ring and he knew she loved it. It was perfect. After that purchase, they walked back to the hotel.

They had one day left before they flew home. Walking slowly, their bodies moving in unison, they talked easily about how nice the day had been. Judith seemed to be allowing him closer, letting down her cool reserve. John basked in the warmth of her friendship.

Initially, they had planned on going to their rooms. But once at the hotel, the sounds of a jazz band in the bar lured them. They stood in the doorway for a few minutes, enjoying the music, and then agreed to meet in an hour for a drink and some entertainment.

In her room, Judith ran a tub of scented bubbles. She slowly slipped down in the tub, allowing the warm water to relax her tired muscles. Her mind raced, thoughts of Simon and his faithlessness intertwined with thoughts of John and his “special someone”. Wouldn’t she be just as bad as Simon if she allowed something to develop tonight with John? He belonged to someone, someone who made his eyes light and his smile glow with thoughts of her. Judith vowed to be a good woman, and just remain friends with John, not allowing her burgeoning feelings to surface.

She was still dwelling on this promise as she began dressing. The lacy demi-bra made her breasts nearly spill forth. The matching panties allowed her red curlies to show through. Then she approached her closet. She reached for the emerald green “just in case” dress she had packed. It was slim, appearing to mold to her body, her creamy breasts escaping the low neckline, the abbreviated skirt showcasing her long, shapely legs. Even in the strappy heels, she knew she would not be too tall for John. She liked that. Growing up long and lanky, she had towered over most men. But she seemed made for John, and enjoyed looking up at him. She pulled her long hair into a shiny clip, letting small tendrils frame her face. Before leaving, she walked through a cloud of her favorite scent, wrapping herself in the flowery perfume.

John was already in the bar when she arrived. He stood politely, his face lit with appreciation and happiness. He took her hand and pulled out her chair, making sure she was settled comfortably before sitting down himself. The jazz was great, perfect. He ordered a bottle of wine and expertly poured her glass. They toasted their successful negotiations and then sipped the delicious liquid. Judith felt the warmth spread through her, felt her cheeks flush and, suddenly realized, felt a tingle between her legs.

After a few more numbers, the bands changed. Now the group played music from the 40’s. Soft, romantic tunes that people sang to their lovers. John asked her to dance, standing, offering his hand. She slipped her slender one into his, allowing him to lead her to the dance floor. For the first time, they nestled their bodies together, feeling how well they fit, how nicely their bodies matched and meshed. Judith rested her cheek on his chest, listening as he softly sang along with the lovely music. He seemed to be singing the words to her. She felt her heart lighten and beat faster, felt her breath catching. His arms felt so right around her, she wanted to stay here forever. Then, she thought of the ring and his face as he spoke of his special woman. She couldn’t be like Simon, couldn’t destroy a relationship. She pulled away from John, looking sad and lost. “I have to go, John. Thank you for the wine and the dance. I will see you in the morning.”

She quickly turned and walked away, leaving behind the man she had grown to admire and love.

To Be Continued…

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